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Class of 2025

All Inclusive Illinois,N.W. Indiana & Southern Wisconsin Top 100 Class 2025

This is the initial 2025 class list and this is the beginning stages. There are many kids who deserve to be on this list but I haven’t seen them thus far, there are also several prospects who could be a little higher on the list or a little lower but this is an early stage for the class. Jrhoopselite will be in constant contact this fall & Winter. The list is designed for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and I will not include on the list until I have actually seen them play. I will be out at various tournaments and school games through out the fall and winter. Again I want kids to understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you play in person. Feel free to give me a call or text sometimes I omit a kids name while in the process of moving them up or down on list by mistake. Again I will say, use for motivation and keep working. Kids get better at different stages. If you are playing somewhere and want me to come check you out feel free to text or DM me. I’m out 6 of 7 days looking at kids all over. Again I do not put a kid on the list until I have seen them.

Thanks & God Bless

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Ewell Clinton Jr.
Damian Porter Jr.
Noah Gorman
Tai Coleman


  1. Ewell Clinton
  2. Damian Porter Jr.
  3. Jeremiah Fears
  4. Elijah Griffith
  5. Christian Cummings
  6. Emmanuel Mosley
  7. Aleksander Ryan Alston
  8. Tim Winkler
  9. Jaiquan Holman
  10. Tai Coleman
  11. Damajay Richardson
  12. Makai Kwame
  13. Keshaun Vaval
  14. Noah Gorman
  15. Demareay Davis
  16. Dontae Bell
  17. EJ Breland
  18. Elijah Lovemore
  19. Jaydon Watts
  20. Khalil Jones
  21. Chris Thomas
  22. Jaylin White
  23. Dominique Murphy
  24. Armon Augustus
  25. Marlo Moore
  26. Cal Mckay
  27. Joshua Smith
  28. Isaiah Pickens
  29. Joshua Pettigrew
  30. Terrion Benson
  31. Ian Miletic
  32. Caleb Burgins
  33. Kelvion Brown
  34. Taven Brunson
  35. Michael Zaleski
  36. Amarie Edwards
  37. Lashaun Stowers
  38. Donovan Starr
  39. David Johnson
  40. Sammy Toomer
  41. Mark Sanders
  42. Kristian Flowers
  43. Sabastian Mesa
  44. Milli’on Riley
  45. Jornell Carpententer
  46. Shawn Mason
  47. Jamal Carson
  48. Carlos Lemond
  49. Marcus Bond
  50. Erick Hughes
  51. Kendall Wilson
  52. Davion Teague
  53. D’Monte Meeks
  54. Ryan Jackson
  55. Fernando Rodriguez
  56. Marcus Jackson II
  57. Cornell Peterson
  58. Tristian Saunders
  59. Marco Gonzales
  60. Willie Stephens
  61. Brian Sercy Jr.
  62. David Riverton
  63. Kelly Williams
  64. Keshaun Smith
  65. Joseph Blade
  66. Kijohnna Brown
  67. James Watson
  68. Booby Watson
  69. Alex Marshall
  70. Morris Alexander
  71. Phillip Mark
  72. George Collins
  73. Austin Lathrop
  74. Frank May
  75. Shawn Wilson
  76. Tavares Spencer
  77. Daniel Jervier
  78. Kendell Webb
  79. Charles Howe
  80. Kenton Brown
  81. Dennis Small
  82. Torrence Small
  83. Ricky Peters
  84. Lamont Hinton
  85. Marcus Bell
  86. Thomas Swartz
  87. Phil Johnson
  88. Malik Wilson
  89. Parker Towns
  90. Alphonso Homes
  91. Keshaun Williams
  92. Michael Page
  93. Julius Penny
  94. Da Marcus Jordan
  95. Erick Mills
  96. Laurence Smith
  97. Michale Jagielski