CLAss Of 2029


  1. This is the August 2023 Update for 2029, there are many kids who will emerge on the list as time goes by, there are many kids this young who have not been seen and we do not include kid unless we have seen the kid play. We will be out at School games , Club games and tournaments throughout the Fall and Winter, The list is designed for Promotion Of kids and should be used as Motivation and inspiration, Since this is the initial list it will be done in groups and the individual numbers will be put up after a little more observing in our next Update. There also are times where I mistakenly do not put a kid on the list, feel free to contact me. Again, this is for Motivation “I’ve Coached Numerous Pro’s including Robert Covington, Jevon Carter, Sterling Brown and even more D 1 players including Jeremiah Williams, Perry Cowan, Alonzo Verge Jr, Xavier Pinson, Elijah Joiner & many many more who were not in anyone’s rankings in middle school or this early stage,  you are preparing yourself for down the line. Stay focused continue to work and get better
  1. Keiwon Gulley
  2. Da’Kylen Heard
  3. Jalonny Billingsley
  4. Andre Tucker Jr.
  5. Ronald Johnson
  6. Cody Rader
  7. Dekari Nesbitt
  8. John Starks
  9. Travis “TJ” Jamison
  10. Zayden Johnson
  11. Denym Wallace
  12. Quran Davis
  13. Bennett Short
  14. Kenton Dismuke
  15. Isaac Smith IV
  16. Kumasi Jones
  17. Lazavion Kelley
  18. Javeon Williams
  19. Joshua Carter
  20. Logan Redditt
  21. Malik Royster
  22. Derrell Jackson Jr.
  23. Davis ” DJ” Black
  24. Johnny Udoiwod
  25. Larry Upshaw Jr.
  26. Marquiese Hull
  27. Joshua Brown
  28. Prentiss Gates III
  29. Tyler Harris
  30. Louis ” Tre” Johnson
  31. DJ Moore
  32. Larry Ellis III
  33. Kaden McClellan
  34. Landon Hurley
  35. Drake Gensler
  36. Caleb Byrd
  37. Deon Osborne
  38. Ryder Bradford
  39. Jasiah Young
  40. Al Cooper Jr.
  41. Thud ( DK) Kenon
  42. Kalob Hayes
  43. Shaquille Henry
  44. Prentice Hopson
  45. Mari Patterson
  46. Tre’ Walker
  47. Prentiss Gates
  48. Isaac Levin
  49. Elijah McKinney
  50. Brenton Brown
  51. Elijah Cooper
  52. Michael Harper
  53. Larry BoothIII
  54. Luke Baumann
  55. Jaydon Alford
  56. Orlando Bohlen
  57. Lucas Olingou
  58. Theonte Robinson
  59. Lucas Hollie
  60. Mehki Gillis
  61. Titus Payton
  62. Breyon Luckett
  63. Zion Dawson
  64. Gerry Cocroft III
  65. Noah Young
  66. Jeremy Thornton
  67. Keyon Millison Jr.
  68. TJ Stewart
  69. Carlton Wood
  70. Brenton Brown
  71. Fitz McDermott
  72. Lj Thomas
  73. Lawrence Burnett
  74. Evan Lemons
  75. William Keogh
  76. Alliance Willis
  77. Jayson Benton
  78. Jaden Harris
  79. Grant Ritchner
  80. Ty Beebe
  81. Jeremy Thornton
  82. Mason Spicier
  83. Jayden Lucas Wolfe
  84. James McCullom
  85. Ashten Powell
  86. Drew Schnurman
  87. Kayden Anderson
  88. Prince Williams
  89. Aidan Yazdan
  90. Terrence Whitfield
  91. Jeff Tibbs
  92.  Penn Miller
  93. Travis Gladney
  94. Kevin Hunter III
  95. Deshawn Clay
  96. Derrion Johnson
  97. Marcus Wells
  98. King Meyers
  99. Marion Northern
  100. Cameron Spurlin
  101. Julius Hill
  102. Ahmad Grayson
  103. Joshua Pickens II
  104. Ricardo Pirales
  105. Mitchell Williams
  106. Jaivyn Walker
  107. Mustapha Kuth
  108. Patrick Waters
  109. Mike Powers
  110. Reign Kayode
  111. Andre Bradford
  112. Hollis Scott II
  113. Jaden Harris
  114. Isaiah Douglas
  115. Joshua Piper
  116. Nyland Powell
  117. Andre Braswell
  118. Austin Payne
  119. Brad Boyd
  120. Justin Holmes
  121. Greg Glassman
  122. Eric Johnson
  123. Tajari Dean
  124. Collin Hall
  125. Cody Jackson
  126. Felix Powell
  127. Jason Trip
  128. Teddy Dana
  129. Alex Morales
  130. Rieyecon Brown
  131. Tony Vueciviic
  132. Paris Hunter
  133. Nikola Kyres
  134. Trae Echols
  135. Maxillino Appleton
  136. William Triplet
  137. Jayson Howard
  138. Dylan Patterson
  139. Milton Crosby
  140. Jason Hughes
  141. Michael Carter
  142. Will Childs
  143. Penn Miller
  144. Mark Bell
  145. Isaiah Sertich
  146. Julius Peterson
  147. Ken Hollister
  148. Juan Mercado
  149. Demarion Jenkins
  150. Payton Washington
  151. Kenny Smith III
  152. Laquan McHenry
  153. Fillipe Lopez
  154. Greg Triton
  155. Will Armour
  156. Oscar Meadows Jr.
  157. Martin Trotter
  158. James Taylor
  159. John Bell
  160. Ravid Henandez
  161.  Antione Taylor
  162. Kenneth Smith
  163. Malcolm Smith
  164. Lenard Whittier
  165. Chris Terry
  166. Oscar Grimes
  167. Marcus Smith
  168. Torrence Hardin
  169. Dupree Scott
  170. Marcus Bell
  171. Kaz Sturgis
  172. Odie Grinder
  173. Torrence Smith Jr.
  174. Pierre Parker
  175. Eric Matthews
  176. Jason Petroli
  177. Khalil Scott
  178. Ideas Walker
  179. Alex Garcia
  180. Amari Sturgis
  181. Jordan Hughes
  182. Phil Parsons
  183. Khalil Small
  184. Jefferey Smith
  185. Milton Columbus
  186. Trent Walker
  187. DiNico Splitter
  188. Felix Tronaldo
  189. Al Young Jr.
  190. Julius Morales
  191. Carlton Wells
  192. Broderick Stephens
  193. Bernard Clayton
  194. Michael Spears
  195. George Hughes
  196. Milton Dobson
  197. Franky Morales
  198. Ken Brown
  199. Jayson Small
  200. Joe Dawson
  201. Will Thompson
  202. Donnie Parker
  203. Brad Moses
  204. Fernando R

29 thoughts on “CLAss Of 2029”

  1. I know this kid jaylan swinney who attends kipp academy chicago who is a floor general on offenses in can really dominate the court on both end. Last year his Kipp made it all the way to the semi finals against Brown in Kipp starring point guard was not there and this ways jaylan’s first time starring in Jaylan finished the game with 7 points shooting 1-1 from the 3pt line 2-3 from the feild he also snagged 4 boards in got 11 assists in this year jaylan will be apart of the same team in he will definitely be apart of the starting line up his first game this year will be played at ORR high school on Chicago’s Westside at 7:50 I really want you guys to check this kid out

  2. Hi, I’m coach wright and I got this kid that you should really check out his kid name is Gregory Anderson class of 2024. He is a shifty 5’4 playmaker who plays on Colin Powell middle school team and he should at least be ranked #60 or higher

  3. Hey I’m a coach at michelle obama school in park forest I have a all-around big that you need to check out he should at least be ranked #80 or higher our first game of the season is nov.4th at Michelle Obama.

  4. There is a kid named Quentin McCoy that I think should be top 25 on this list is not top 15 but for some reason he is absolutely nowhere to be found. He plays for the Mac Irvin Fire and attends Beasley Academic Center. I think you should put him on your list and go check him out if you need reassurance.

  5. Bryce Musgrave – Christ the King, Springfield, Illinois. Complete package, PG/SG. Good court vision, athleticism, and scorer. Team is undefeated and beating the city teams.

  6. And my son David jr should be ranked 40# best center in then school at Coolidge Middle school in Phoenix IL he do have a there at school Tuesday Dec,10 5:00 pm go check him out on Tuesday he score 12 to 20 points a game and there record 7-1 lost vs prairie Hills my son is 6’7 in 8th grade about go to high school he is going to Marian Catholic School please go check him out

  7. I know this kid named TreShawn Harris has good defense and can score under pressure u should check him out he play for TG ELITE CALUMET CITY

  8. You should check out Isaiah Hankins class of 2024 this year, he will play for Proviso East high school and he will play for North Lawndales AAU team, he can play the 2, 3, and 4, he Has made alot of improvements he wears two jersey numbers, 6 and 10 be on the lookout

  9. You should check out Isaiah Hankins class of 2024 attending proviso East high school, he plays power foward and center but he can shoot and handle the ball, kid has improved a lot!

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