Spring/Summer AAU TRY-OUTS

“Mr. Get It Done!!!!!”

 Prospect # 1

Tyler Cochran Bolingbrook H.S./ HoopersAAU 2019

There are players that sometimes college coaches miss out on because they peg a player into a certain position or peg a player into a certain body type of projection at the next level, sure the 6/6 wing or 6/2 point guard are attractive to the eye, so is crazy athleticism or jet burst speed, but there are certain players who just flat out get it done. Yes Tyler Cochran (Bolingbrook High School)is one of those players, he is a kid who can do virtually anything on the floor and is a prospect whom College Coaches need to start knocking on the door right now!!! I watched young fella give Mac Irvin Fire and the more celebrated players 30 plus and be the best player on the court easy, I’ve witnessed young fella lock up big time college recruits 2 years his superior. The Kid Should Have Offers and College Coaches are missing the boat. The way I see it is they can’t see all the intangibles and talent young fella possesses, he is not a numbers chaser or stats guy, nor does have that ultra athletic body, but he is a winner a player that does everything for his team, a player that plays both sides of the floor and a player if you’ve only seen him once you may over-look or under appreciate. He has that combination that sometimes only a coach who knows the game understands. He has some of that Chris Singletary(Former All-State(Farragut) and Kent State All Conference) in his game the fact that he can be a big guard and can also go inside and rebound among-st the trees, He also reminds me of former player Reggie Johnson( Former All-State(St. Joseph) and (Miami Ohio/ Hampton- All Conference and European Pro). This past weekend at the Team Rose Tourney. I personally watched young fella bring his team back in the semi final game. The Hoopers were down 5 points with about 55 seconds to go, young fella gets a defensive rebound dribbles down the court and buries a 3pt basket 3 feet beyond the nba 3 point line in a defenders face,(the player looks at his coach and shakes his head) now the crowd going crazy (the gym standing room only) the opposing player brings the ball up the court with his team up 2 and 15 seconds left. Looking to stall the ball the guard attempts a cross over gotcha!!!!  Tyler times the dribble perfectly and picks the pocket of the opposing guard at half court and lays the ball up to tie the game. A time out and an unfortunate turnover gives Hoopers a chance to win with 3 seconds left and having to go the length of the court had everyone thinking the game is going into over-time. Tyler says I’ll take it out, he throws a length of the court pass to his teammate right at the basket for a game winning layup WoW!!! Yep young fella has done it again, come up with the game winning plays at game winning time. Coaches let me reiterate this kid has that on the court game, go watch him, invite him to your team camp, get to know him, he is a bonafide prospect that College Coaches are sleeping on. As it stands right now Tyler Cochran 2019 is one of the top 20 players in the class, no doubt in jrhoopselite a player that can make a significant impact on the next level. In our series of of College Coaches Get To Know. We would like to to introduce prospect number # 1 ” Mr Get It Done!!!!” Tyler Cochran 2019… 

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