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Top Prospect #49

“Walked Em  Down”

Alvin Robertson Jr. (2028) – UWWWWWWEEEEE, Chicago has itself ” A Hot Prospect. The Prospect I Label, ” He Walked Em Down” Young fella has been one of the most intriguing prospects for a few years. He is 6/3 ish and growing by the day. He is the kid who has gotten better and better growing up playing with his neighborhood guys. He was not the most celebrated or known early, he just played for the love and his community, LIKE I SAID BEFORE ” YOUR GAME IS YOUR GAME REGARDLESS OF TEAM OR WHERE YOU PLAYING” Young Fella  has the most versatile game in the class, as he can dominate in the post, he can facilitate at the point, he can knock  it down with ease from deep, as evident this past weekend. 5 deep 3’s in a row and he can create his own shot off the bounce equally as impressive. That Equals Hottest Prospect Walking!!!!. But what impresses me is young fella’s attitude is second to none, A couple years ago 6th grade, young fella entered the rankings in the teens, even though I knew he would move up and surpass many of his classmates to me it was a matter of time before ” He Walked Em Down” I stuck him there for motivation and to see how he would react similar to what I did with Morez Johnson when he was at this age, I knew he was a great prospect but didn’t want to give him something too early.  Young fella never whined, he just got in the gym and progressively got better. Fast forward to 7th grade I moved him up slightly but not yet in Top 10. He still had that same smile on his face, i said to him one day at event. Young Fella You Want Me To Move You Up?” He said ” I don’t want you to give it to me, I’ll earn it”  I said to myself, I like this kid here FRFR, and that’s just what I did, I held off moving him to what I really felt he projected to be at that time. Enter this year, he squeezed in Top 10, But I still felt I needed to keep him hungry. Again He never complained always had that same smile. Well son, I can not hold off any longer, while this class is deep and one of the better in recent years, You are very deserving and have one of the highest ceilings in the class, you have made it clear and Walked Down Name After Name On That List!!! add to that you are a team first kid who plays for his guys, you never got caught up in playing with the bigger names or bigger name programs, you have stayed the course. You made your name and helped your team make a name.  Now you are arguably the Most Sought After Player In The Class, Currently  8 on our 2028 class rankings  It’s more than over due as you will be moving inside the Top 5 Prospects at a rather high mark. when updates are made Thanksgiving Week. To one of my favorite players in the class, Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge Alvin Robinson Jr. as our Promising Prospect #49 Walked Em Down” 

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Top Prospect # 48

“I See It Coming”


There are many talented players in the class of 2028, Some are stronger, some are bigger, but let me tell ya, many don’t have what  Jaivyn Winchester has and that’s Real Game!!. He is the kid I call  ” I SEE IT COMING” I’ve witnessed young fella slice and dice his way through defenders and score in traffic, I’ve witness young fella orchestrate comeback wins with Big Shots, But what impresses me most is he is a as a leader, he is a kid who does whatever needed and makes his teammates better, he would prefer to get the assist and they look good as opposed to it just being about himself. To the average eye, some don’t understand his value because he’s not a numbers kid, or a play for the crowd kid, ” He’s A Winner!!” He’s a kid a College Coach will understand right away Yep!!! He One Of Them Dudes!!!”  Here is the player I say  “I SEE IT COMING” young fella is a kid I’ve watched since 3rd grade and he is the kid who always excepts the challenge, He hasn’t played on stacked teams but he has never not more than held his own against anyone. Add to that he is a good respectable kid who I’ve watch value coaching . Yesss Suhhh!!! I’m Putting My Stamp On This One, D1 Barring Injury Mark It Down Right Now,  People doubted me when I called Ryan Boatright(UCONN) Kevin Miller (Wake Forrest) & Jalen Griffith( Jacksonville) in 6th Grade.  saying Rick “how can you see that when they so small and it’s so early?” . Well I say this ” I SEE IT COMING” young fella has gifts and skill set that some kids 3 years his superior can’t match, he wants too to be good, puts time in the gym and his gene pool speaks he won’t stay small forever, he is definitely a Promising Prospect  I say to young fella, “Be Patient”  You Like That,  things about to get scary for people real soon. ” I SEE IT COMING” young fella is currently a Top 10 Prospect In Our Jr Hoops Elite Class 2028, look for Jaivyn @ The Top Prospect Showcase Aug 20th where many of the Top Players in Midwest Will be In The Building. We Would Like To Acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 48 “I See It Coming”

Ricky Moore


Top Prospect # 47

” Second To None “

Davion Thompson

There is a kid who has been terrorizing people for years, a kid who is probably the most decorated kid I’ve ever witnessed at this stage of his very young career I call him ” Second To None”, He goes by the name Davion Thompson. When I tell you he is an athlete supreme that could be an understatement. Several years ago I’m at a youth basketball ball game scouting for talent and here comes a kid running into the gym dashing to get to the start of the game. I watch young fella go for 25+ putting the team on his back, hitting jump shots, slashing through defenders,  scoring in traffic, rebounding over bigger, splitting double teams and willing his team to victory in a championship game I was sure they didn’t have a chance. I say instantly ” WHOA, YOUNG FELLA IS ONE OF THEM DUDES” I ask a parent and they say. ” He Just Left His Football Game, He The Star QB” I’m like ” What you gotta be kidding “, with all that energy and passion I couldn’t believe it. YEP!!  That was just the beginning. Fast forward to now.  I’ve witness young fella score 30 pts+, leading his basketball team to victory on multiple occasions and I’ve witness young fella score 4TDs on the football team leading both to championships. No Doubt About It. Young Fella is a ” Dog Amongst Dogs!! . He is a 2 Time National Football Champ,  Back To Back State School Champion In Basketball, AAU Basketball Nations Top 5, and has won and been in more big games than anyone in the State when it comes to competing and coming out on top he is ” Second To None. While many kids will have a hard time adjusting to playing with and against elite players we feel Davion is a kid who will not have a problem adjusting to the next level. He has played alongside Jaxson Davis to form one of the best backcourts anywhere, he has played against high level competition, he has leadership qualities and is a coachable kid who has always been very respectable. Currently ranked in our Top 5 players in 2027 we see a kid who is Destined To Be Good and we would like to acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 47 ” Second To None”

Top Prospect # 46

” He Waited His Time “

Howard Williams Jr. 2027

Howard Williams 2027 – Here is a kid who I’ve seen for years a kid who has always did whatever asked of him on the court, a kid who can Dominate The Game in So Many Ways!! I’ve witness games where he has had 25 & 10 I’ve witnessed games where he has barely gotten in games and what impressed me the most is the kids demeanor never changed. He would just sit there and Patiently Wait His Time. Here is a kid who lives the gym, he is constantly working on his craft, I’ve witnessed in short amount of time a player transform from playing the 5 to being able to play the 2/3. This is a kid who has next level ability, a kid I would say D1 barring injury. When everyone else was doubting young fella and what he was doing, I was seeing a kid who was ” Slow Cooking His Meal ” , taking baby steps in order to get it right. I’ve witnessed early in his transformation several games where he would make mistakes , sometimes his father would yell or scream, people would run up to me and say ” He Not This Or He Not That” What impressed me the most, Young Fella never got discouraged, he never got mad at coaches, he took all the criticism from dad (unwarranted you ask me) never blamed and injury or being over worked, he just took it in stride, got back in gym put in the work and “Added More Seasoning To The Dish!!”, Fast forward to this year and young fella has shown every skill imaginable on the court, he has been the lead guard making plays for others off the dribble, he is knocking the ball down with consistency and accuracy, he is still using his size when needed to win inside and his midrange game is off the charts, as he is able to get to his spots near the elbow and rise over the smaller guards. I’ve witness him make like 8 in a row including game winner. This is the kid who when everybody was rushing and worried about each and every game, each and every win, how their stats looked etc. “The kid and dad were more focused on developmen  “I witnessed it first hand Yes Suhhhh!!!”. Well it seems to have worked because my phone has been ringing off the hook for the last 4 months at least 10 calls a week, asking me what I think of Howard Williams Jr.  Yep!! I can’t think of a kid who is more deserving, he is polite, respectable and one of the more coachable kids I’ve witnessed, everything about this kid speaks ” A Coaches Dream” He is a total package and someone you want representing your school. Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge young fella our current #1 rated 2027 as our   Promising Prospect # 46 “He Waited His Time” Lets Go Young Fella

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Promising Prospect #45

” He The One I Want “

Rajan Roberts

Let me tell you Rajan Roberts has some gifts YES INDEED!!! YES INDEED!! He is the kid on the court when I look at playing and say it’s a no brainer “HE THE ONE I WANT HIM” that’s’ the kid I want with the ball in his hands. ( My Dream backcourt 2026 Rajan & Andre Tyler)  Here is a kid who slithery off the dribble, can create for others, finish at the rim in traffic,  thread the needle in traffic, lock up on defense, has the size to see over smaller guards, rebounds in traffic and has a good genetic pool. Hell He Checks All The Boxes!! I’ve watched young fella carry his team to an undefeated record putting them on his back, Scoring 30, and leading team to victory I’ve witness him set up his teammates for open 3’s and make them better when he’s being double and triple teamed to get the victory. Yes he’s young and has things to work on like they all do, but when I say Tools, Sheesh  He has Them. Yes that’s the kid I say “HE THE ONE I WANT HIM” there maybe others who are in the gym more working out, but that’s even more of the beauty, young fella is ” Still Being A Kid and just having fun. Imagine when he decides if he decides to work on his game. I’ve coached Naturals like Alonzo Verge Jr. where they could just walk on the floor 2 weeks without picking up a ball and be best player on court, It’s called God Given Talent & Young Fella Has It. Fast forward 3 years from now, when young fella is 6/4 Uwwww!! people are in trouble!! I said same thing about my player Xavier Pinson when he was in 8th, I see it. Mother is tall, brother is 6/4 now, yep he will grow and athleticism will kick in, people said I was crazy calling X D1 well I know talent and translation. While there have been classes where I’ve said 30 plus kids were D1 players in 8th grade, this is a class where I say there is a lot of wait and sees( Growing, Skillsets, Transition to position etc.)  there aren’t many you can just declare D1  players at this stage. But I would be comfortable right now in saying maybe 5 are D1 Talents and no doubt about it Rajan Roberts is one of the 5, Marquise & Stephen Brown (D1 in some sport) are kids I’d say are also pretty safe bets barring some sort of injury or just un-desire to play sport. While young fella I believe will need to continue to work, Improve and keep his grades up I see young fella as an ” Impact Freshmen On Varsity Day 1″  sorry coach for the pressure but you got ” One Of Them Dudes!! . A Top 5 Player in Our Final Rankings Released 9/1.  We would like to acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 45 ” HE THE ONE I WANT”  Keep on working young fella your time is coming!!!

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Promising Prospect # 44

“The Table Setter”

Ok All The Kids Are lined up 50 of the elite prospects. My First Pick, Give Me Him( everyone looks around puzzled and confused, but not knowing what I’m knowing) who Rykan? yep that’s my pick. Rykan Woo is a coaches dream. He plays the game with and understanding second to none in Middle School, he will do whatever a coach needs to get the win and he is the Ultimate Table Setter!! There are no better guards in Middle school at getting in the paint and causing havoc. Young Fella is the guard who can get the old school assist, he gets around his man off the dribble, defender steps up and he spoon feeds the bigs!! ,Yep He is a ” Table Setter” young fella is  the kid who understands how to set up his shooters with the subtle movement and then cross court a pass-through traffic for the easy shot. He’s is the kid when the coach instructs him to do something all you hear is Yes Sir Coach!! while there are many kids who can play, there aren’t many who make players better.  I’ve witnessed none better over the course of 2 years lead a team to as many wins or keep his team in contention as an underdog as Rykan, This past weekend I watched young fella lead his team to a NY2LA CO- Championship as they beat several teams including Indy Premiere where no one thought they had a chance. I got text after text and call after call saying. “: Man You Was Right, That Rykan A MF” all I said was yep I told he can play. The qualities he possess are all things that speak well down the line, add the fact that he is one of the best on ball defenders at his position in the class and the ability to knock it down from deep at a high clip let it be known you have a player. As I’ve told many people in Area, I think the class is a little down, there aren’t many who I would want on my team, but I know one thing I’m starting my team with Rykan Woo ” The Table Setter” Because I know one thing, he will do everything possible to get the win and he the ultimate teammate he wants all to succeed. there have been times where he may have sat on the bench for various reasons unwarranted, but he never sat and sulked, he never complained, he cheered and rooted his teammates on. Game Recognize Game and young fella has it, it’s not where you’re from, who you play with, who you know that makes me say a player is good, it’s you game and impact on the floor.  So Again If I have first pick give me Rykan Woo because he will make all the players around him better and they will all go through a wall for him and want to play with him. We would like to recognize Rykan Woo as our Promising Prospect #44 The Table Setter”

Ricky Moore 4/5

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Promising Prospect #43

” He Something Different “

Maaaan if you haven’t seen Jaxson Davis 2027 you are missing a treat, I rarely write a Promising Prospect Article about a kid in 6th Grade. I wrote one for Amari Bailey, Patrick Baldwin, this early and that’s saying something yep ” He Is Something Different”. Young Fella is a poised combo guard who has been on the scene having equal success playing up a grade or two. He was the man in control of our past pound for pound number 1 team 2026 Illinois Ice who had won everything locally for 3 years and competed nationally very well. Young Fella has some Jalen Brunson( Dallas Mavericks) in his game. I”m not saying he is a pro, all I’m saying is at this stage he has the similar type qualities and impact as the former McDonalds All American. It’s remarkable how a kid so young can play with so much poise. He is a knock down shooter, a crafty ball handler who gets in the lane with his change of pace and he is as clutch as they come at the free-throw line under pressure. I have never with my own eyes seen this kid miss a free and I’ve seen this kid play over 50 games yep ” He Is Something Different”. A couple of weeks ago at National Tournament young fella poured in 51 in a highly contested game & believe me he was very efficient as young fella is very unselfish and looks for his teammates, I’ve never seen him force shots. You can Mark it down right now D-1 barring some sort of injury or illness. Yes I said it, and he is in 6th Grade. Yea for a guard that small it’s very rare to make a statement like that, but young fella has that ” Special In Him” right now he is clearly a top 3 guard prospect regardless of class and currently rated our number 1prospect in the class of 2027. We would like to scknowledge Jaxson Davis as our Promising Prospect # 43 “He Is Something Different”

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Promising Prospect # 42

” Silent Killer

Melvin Bell

Sometimes you see a kid and say ” He Fits The Bill ” Yep Young fella is a kid you look at and say ” Next Level” I watched Melvin Bell ” Silent Killer”  tear up the youth league while in 7th grade playing up a grade against several of the premier 8th grade AAU teams last year. I said ” Young Fella Is NIIIIIIIICE”  too coach Tommie  look “you got one of them dudes!! ain’t too many better than that”.. Melvin was controlling the pg and getting anywhere he wanted on the floor and he did it effortlessly he was destroying opponents without saying a word. Fast forward to this year and I see young fella has grown like 5 inches and filling out I said Whoa!! young fella has gone from being nice to one of the Top Prospects in the class. I watched Melvin hit consecutive 3’s in Championship game in Indiana, after watching young fella finish at the rim in traffic several times the game before while others were talking trash, young fella let his game do the talking. Then The following week he showed he was virtually un-guardable as he shoot over the lil guards, went around the slower wings and had counter dribble moves against the long and athletic wings giving them people a quick 20 without a sweat. I said here is a kid who will enter high school and play Varsity Day 1. This is a kid 2-3 years from now you will see finishing plays on people’s head, a kid who blends ability to play 3 positions on the floor and a kid who appears to have room for several more inches of growth.. This is a kid while others are peaking out, he is exploding upward with a ceiling that not too many in his class have. Young Fella is currently rated a Top 5  Prospect in 2025 class rankings and could very well be the most sought after prospect in his class when it’s all said and done. This Ultra-Smooth Combo Guard is the Truth and has been giving teams problems, while all the kids are chirping and looking for attention, young fella is in the gym getting better. I know one thing, he doesnt talk trash with his mouth, he talks trash with his game young fella is a Killa on the court and we would like to acknowledge Melvin Bell as our Promising Prospect # 42 “Silent Killer”.

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Promising Prospect #41

“It’s His Time”

Bryce Heard

Two years ago this kid came to showcase a relative unknown, I had gotten a call from Coach Tony(Illinois Intruders) saying he had a kid I had to let register after the event had been closed. I get these calls all the time and usually can do nothing for them, but Tony insisted that this kid was gonna leave an impression on me. There was two levels playing and Bryce was in the younger division as I had 70 or more D1 Prospects playing in the older division and 50 plus high school coaches there watching along with all the heavy hitter AAU you programs lurking to snatch a kid. Bryce was extremely active and tore his level up, leading his team to a  Championship &  walking away with the M.V. P. I then looked at film a day later to make sure what I had seen was what I thought it was. Yep!! This kid is an athlete, he has speed, agility, coordination and upside I said Whoa!! We Have A Prospect. Then the very next day I get a call from  Hall Of Fame Coach “Anthony Longstreet” (who during his time @ Crane produced as many Pro’s & D1 Players as anyone) Rick who was that kid on the Black Team? shiiit!! I came to watch the older kids and he had me following all his games. I said yea,” he gonna be a problem  he only in 6th grade”, Coach said hmm;. “He a kid I think I’ll be making some calls for in the near future”. I immediately did a stock risers on Bryce and thrust him into Top 10 in the class. All I heard was “Rick You Crazy” He Play For Intruders, Why This, Why That!!” I just laughed and said to myself, this kid has some gifts  I don’t care who a kid plays for Game Recognize Game, they  will see. ” His Time Coming!! I then watched several of his middle school games the following year in which young fella had struggles at times and his team lost several games they could have won. Some in crowd were saying ” Rick He OK BUT!!! When I saw that those games I had a whole different view, I said to myself y’all just don’t get it ” His Time Coming”  its better for him too have lost that way while not playing at his best as opposed to winning and he gets too comfortable feeling relaxed. Bryce is fiery and a competitor, to me I thought this would propell him to get in the gym and work that much harder. Well as of today I have personally witness this kid transform from a Center who just clogged the lane and got rebounds, to a kid I look at and say Next Level Wing. Young Fella has sharpened his skills and can get it done at every level. He scores on, through and over people, he knocks it down from long range effortlessly and fluently, he is a big guard who shoots it over the smaller gaurds, he is capable of putting it on your head if a rebound comes off the wrong way, he has the frame to defend 4 positions on the floor and he covers more ground quicker than any player in the class. Here is a another kid I say “Mark it Down D1″ barring injury or illness this a kid (I’m Sorry H.S Coach) we fill will be able too step in High School Day 1 and get Varsity Minutes. A kid whose ceiling is so high and has as much potential as anyone in the class. When you have the tools, the foundation and the support system this kid has it speaks towards success. Yes Indeed!!! there were many who have had the limelight early, others have held down the Number 1 spot in the class!!! We would like to acknowledge Bryce Heard as our Promising Prospect ” It’s His Time!!” as our updated class rankings come out tonight, young fella will be slotted as the Number 1 player in the class 2025.

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Promising Prospect #40

“Natural Progression”

Antonio Munoz

Sometimes you see a kid and you just know he will be good, young fella was one of those kids who the first time I saw him I said uwwwweeee!! They will see!!  Playing for My Guys!! Coach Pray & Coach Johnson of Hoopademix at the time Antonio was raw, sometimes he would make a move or shoot a shot and things didn’t go well but again I looked and said “He will get it “. Entering his 6th grade year young fella’s was starting to show plenty of progression as he was playing for coaches who would allow him to learn on the fly and make mistakes while still staying on the court, yes his team wasn’t the greatest (they won some and lost some) the important thing was young fella was developing. Antonio who was the biggest player on the team, was still allowed to handle the ball and make decisions, he was never limited to playing in the post. Boy Oh Boy!!! In 7th grade is when I really said this kid here has a chance too be ” One Of Those Dudes!!” While still playing for Hoopademix playing 7th & 8th Antonio was starting to show what we call Natural Progression!!! it wasn’t any training or individual workouts that he was getting, it was him getting better off confidence and reps with the ball in his hands in games. Playing in a league where he was playing up against some of the Top Players In The State A Class or 2 above him!! and no one  knowing who he was, he was forced out of his comfort zone yet that didn’t rattle him. Young fella took it upon himself to show he could play with anyone as he was coming at everybody head in the gym. After one game of dominating the older kids me and Coach Ced Mcullough looked at each other and gave that look like He The Best Prospect In Here Regardless Of Class!!!. He showed he could handle it, knock the shot down with ease, score in traffic taking hits in the face and chest and he ran down two kids and had LBJ type blocks at the rim, no he doesn’t do that every game, but the skill he showed means that he is capable of doing that. Some people get that confused, it’s what someone at their best is capable of is what they look for at the next level. When you look at Antonio he checks all the boxes of a prospect, he has the size @ 6″3 plus, he has the slender frame, the wing span, the athletic ability and maaaan the upside. Then factor in he is a great kid who wants to get better and by Natural Progression Alone you have a D1 player. Yes there are things that Antonio can work on, but he has the tools to work with that many many many wish they had. He is gonna walk into High School College Height from day 1. Currently a Top 5 prospect in the class and possibly moving up tomorrow,  Antonio has as much upside and potential as any and  we would like to acknowledge Antonio Munoz as our Promising Prospect ” Natural Progression” and yes he has evolved into “ONE OF THOSE DUDES”

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 38

Morez Johnson

” By Leaps & Bounds “

There is a kid whose game has grown so much as a player in the past year it’s crazy, I mean his game has expanded “By Leaps & Bounds” a kid who played in my league over a year ago whom I said ” He Has A Chance, He Has The Right Tools!!” yet young fella didn’t seem to have the desire, or assertiveness I knew he needed. Young Fella was teasing me with one or two moves a game and that would be it. I watched several games where he just ran up and down the floor and was a non factor on both ends, yes he looked the part but wasn’t living up too what ” I Knew He could Be” Our rankings came out I had young fella in the mid 30’s people would ask me, is he a 30’s player? I would say no he can be as good as everyone in the class  he is a Top 5 talent in the class, but this will motivate him, I’m Not Giving Him Anything, He Will Earn It With His Play..  I never mentioned that to young fella ,” I said it too a couple of coaches and shoe company affiliated AAU Coaches When They Asked. I told them that number aint accurate he is the player you need”. The Funny thing is Morez never took it as slight, he was honored too be on the list of 250 kids. Young fella used it as motivation and as a tool of   ” I’ll Get Better & has young fella been on a mission, every month he was in the gym getting better and adding to his game. He has gone from a big kid who could run the court and use his length on defense too a kid who can shoot it from deep, take his man off the dribble, score in traffic, defend the post, brings the ball up the court in transition and can either dish it off too a teammate or ” PUT IT DOWN ON YOUR HEAD!!!” I’ve witness young fella climb the ladder in the rankings destroying any and everyone on the court, a kid whose confidence is through the roof and this after being on teams where he was either looked over or sat behind players. Young fella didn’t pout, he got in the gym and got better and is Jr. Hoops Elite Player Of The Year & now currently our #2 Player In The Class Of 2024. We would like to acknowledge Morez Johnson as Our Promising Prospect ” By Leaps & Bounds

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 37

” If You Don’t Know You Will”

James Brown

There are times you look and say this kid is gonna be good, I knew that from the first time I laid eyes on young fella, but what I couldnt understand was how limited amount of playing time he would get and how limited his touches were because the team was guard heavy. Yet the kid never complained and did what was ever asked of him on the floor. As the team kept coming to my league I told a Coach ‘ He Is The Best Prospect In The Gym” coach says “ You Got To Be Kidding!!” I said “you will see” Hmmm!! If He Don’t Know He Will ” I saw a kid who could run the floor had good coordination a kid with good soft touch, a kid who was eager to learn and willing to be coached. There was a week at the league where the team didn’t have all the players and young fella was forced to play the whole game. James Was A Force!! He knocked down shots, he ran the floor and finished, He Dominated The Game At Both Ends!!!.  I said yep, my eyes knows what it see’s. Here is My Number 1 Prospect In 2024. While others will say he is not like that, he is just learning how to play. I will say he is a High  D1 player barring injury, you can see the upside, you can see the work ethic, yes young fella is just getting started, but there is no doubt in my mind the best is yet to come!! Young Fella is Dominant without Taking Every Shot.  Before all the hoopla and and the recognition, remember you heard it here first. What some don’t understand early is the bigs are reliant on the guards getting them touches. My Eyes See’s He’s Not Getting The Touches He Needs!!. But because the kid is so nice and team friendly he doesn’t cause a fuss. But don’t get it twisted He is the Most Impactful & Most Important Player on the court and we would like to recognize James Brown as Our Promising Prospect # 37 ‘ If You Don’t Know You Will!” 

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect 36

” He Nice With It “

Carlos Harris

There is a player when I see him he makes me say ” He Nice With It!!” a player who has a much talent as anyone in the class, ” Yes Sirrrr, He One Of Them Dudes”  yet young fella is a team player and plays the game to win so sometimes to others it may look like he isn’t being dominant that just because he is so unselfish and isn’t out here forcing things or playing for the crowd he is mature in his game. Carlos Harris is a coaches  and teammates dream he is all about the team. I’ve watched young fella put on a show and carry his team to victories scoring 25 & 10 on numerous occasions in the games against the strongest competition, the bigger the game the better he plays, he’s not the kid to put up false numbers he is the kid who lets all his teammates eat and when its time to takeover he has that “it gene” to do just that yep ” He Nice With It!!. When I say multi- skilled Carlos fits the bill, he can shoot from deep, he can facilitate for others and he is the best finisher through contact in the Class Of 2024.  Young Fella is also a leader on the floor he knows how too put his teammates in position too succeed, he gives them confidence and I’ve yet to ever see him down on any of his teammates  even after a bad play he is always encouraging. This past weekend young fella was on full display including several games where it was  Standing Room Only Highly intense game with several of the elite players in the class, he left no doubt he is a Top Player In The Class and one of the kids that has my phone ringing off the hook, one of the kids that can lead to a program resurgence or turn around and  one of the kids who has D 1 talent. Jr Hoops Elite would like too acknowledge Carlos Harris Jr as our Promising Prospect ” 36″ ” He Nice With It.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 35

” The Kid Is Special “

Antione Glasper 2024

The average eye can’t see it, the normal basketball fan might miss it, but the people who know basketball will understand right away ” ” The Kid Is Special!!!” There is a player walking around right now who is unassuming, quiet and sometimes bashful. But the kid game is The Truth Introducing  !!Antione Glasper  remember the name the kid  has all the tools, he can shoot it from deep, finish in traffic, mid range game is off the charts, has a burst with the ball in his hands  like no other in the his class, vision top tier and has the combination of instinctiveness and  elusiveness that makes you say ” Damn, That Boy  Don’t Know What He Just Did”. All while moving effortless like it’s just a day at the office, I’m telling you ” The Kid Is Special” . What makes young fella that much more special is he has no selfish bone in his body and he has never been a me first kid, he is equally as happy if his teammates are doing well, even tho his talent maybe superior he never tries too overshadow anyone. I’ve witness Antione  score 30 in a game in spectacular fashion, I witness young fella make moves where he makes his defender fall and then knock the shot down making the packed gym crowd go crazy, I watched young fella in standing room only game hit the game winner as time expires and everyone storms the court,  I watched the kid make players 2 grade levels above look like 5th graders, Yep!! ” The Kid Is Special”. Guess what, not in one instance has he gloated, cheered, talked trash, or even made a kid feel inferior, hell I didn’t even see him smile he just walked off the court like ” Business as Usual. Here is a kid we say barring injury will be playing D 1 basketball in a few years, young fella is currently rated in our Top 5 Prospects Class Of 2024 and will be in the building  the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd. We would like to acknowledge Antione Glasper as  Promising Prospect #35 ” The Kid Is Special” 

Promising Prospect #34

” My Eyes Tell Me Different”

Javonte Taylor

So I get a call from Coach Cordell (Ariel Coach) the number 1 middle school team in Chicago, ” Hey Rick I got a transfer big fella he pretty good” I say “yeah yeah, what’s his name? where he been? How come I haven’t heard of him? you don’t need him, you loaded with the best players around, I’ll see ya Saturday” So I do my homework, ask around, everyone say yeah he ok but he raw. The very first play of the game, young fella handles the ball, but turns it over. I look over to the guys standing on the wall and I say He Is The Best Prospect In The Class! WHAT says a parent, ” You Crazy As Hell, Shorty Just Started Playing Ball” I say” what does that have too do with anything” I tell him, I’m looking at a High Major College Player.  “Rick there you go, shorty had 10 points, it was 3 players on the court better than him what you looking at? ” I laugh and say ” My Eyes Tell Me Different!!’ and I tell him, that’s why they call me the Trained Eye!! So instantly after the game I go up too Coach Cordell, I’m sorry coach, but get ready for the heat, in my next update Javonte Taylor will be the number 1 player in the class. He says you kidding right? ” AWWW Ish” Yep despite the lack of playing all around the country and being on one of those elite aau programs in 5-7th grade it doesnt make any difference, despite only seeing him for 1 game it didn’t make no difference, here is a kid whose upside is through the roof, here is a 6’5 kid who has some KD like potential. Yes young fella is in the early stages, but there’s no denying he has what others don’t and that’s upside and the fact that he has just recently started playing against elite competition makes it even that much more remarkable. When I look at all the classes from 8-12th grade, young fella is “one of the top 5 or 6 prospects regardless of class here in Illinois. Yes that’s a big statement and others have argued he isn’t even a top 5 player in his own class I just laugh and say ” My Eyes Tell Me Different”  Young Fella handles the ball like a true wing,  has range outside the 3pt line, has a pull-up game and he is improving playing in traffic. Here is a kid who will go from 1 year of Middle School Ball to Playing Varsity as a Freshmen.  All I’m going to say is in a few years when you see his name on ESPN list, you heard it here first and we stand behind it. Javonte Taylor is big time he  is easy our Number 1 player in the class of 2023.  We would like to acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect ” My Eyes Tell Me Different.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 33

” He Has What They Don’t!!!”

Jalen Griffith

I said it two years ago to several of my ” Breakfast Club Members” when he was in 6th grade, ” shorty the truth!!! and if he was in 8th grade he would be one of the Top pgs right now, I don’t care he two grades younger”. Yep I saw a young kid who played with a poise and understanding of the game that just doesn’t come around often. Jalen Griffith is the best pure pg I’ve seen in Middle School in last 5 years. Yes there have been guards who played the point but they were more combo guards to me. Young Fella plays the game where he makes everyone around him better, he has the ball on a string, he has the best vision in the class, he can break any defender down off the dribble, he makes plays where all his teammates have to do is hit a layup because he has collapsed the defense and he has those crafty Kyrie Irving finishes, Yep ” Pg Supreme!!”I’ve witnessed young fella put the team on his back scoring in bunches like 20 in one half and I’ve witness young fella put the team on his back by leading and creating easy baskets for his teammates the ladder of which makes him different and special. Yep ” He Has What They Don’t!”Here is a kid that faces the pressure, never shies away, he is built for the moment and more times that not comes out on top. Yes some are go- getters when they are the favorites and stacked and some go getters because they want it and want the challenges of playing on that big stage. For my money, game on the line give me this kid here. ” He Has What They Don’t!!” I’ll Put My Stamp On, Barring Injury Mark It Down D 1!!” The only thing I see is a debate on, is what D1 level and the only question I have with that is the final height because he has pg skills that mirror  some High D 1 guards right now, Jalen was born to play the position, young fella has the talent too walk in ” ANY HIGH SCHOOL and be on the floor. Young Fella has that ” Special” in him, he has that confidence with the ball in his hands and he is able to see the play before it happens. In watching young fella over the past few years, the think that I’m impressed with is that despite all the attention he gets he still plays for his teammates and it’s all about the team, Yes young fella is truly emerging as a leader. Rated as a Top 3 prospect in the class and moving up by Jr Hoops Elite, we expect to see big things in high school from young fella and we are proud to  acknowledge Jalen Griffith as our Promising Prospect # 33 ” He Has What They Don’t” Look For Jalen The Top Prospect Showcase Feb 23rd where many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Ricky Moore


Promising Prospect # 32 ” Skilled up!!!! “

While others were getting all the headlines, there is a young fella who has been working on his game. Yes Sirrrr!!! Jalen Washington (AKA) ” Skilled Up!!”  has went from being a big, long, lanky kid who you would say ” he look like he gonna be good”, to one of the most promising prospects coming out of middle school. Talk about making a gigantic leap, look no further to see what confidence and hard work can do, there is no doubt about it young fella has gotten  ” Skilled Up!!”. Here is a kid who entered our rankings over a year ago in the mid 30’s, he looked at opponents saw what was needed and has competed, worked and progressed his way up our list.  I witness young fella on several weekends in a row show his outside perimeter shot knocking down 3-4 long range shots per game, then again at Midwest Mania a couple of weekends ago I witnessed in succession a jab step pull-up, followed by a two dribble spin-off reverse pivot move where he put the big in the basket with ease, then two possessions later he drilled the 3 from the baseline and followed it up with a back-down strong move through his defender that solidified me saying ” He right up there!!!” Young Fella was out there looking like a “Baby K.D” out there no defense could stop his good offense Standing 6/6 plus young fella is a serious problem. As of now there is not any prospect in the class that I would say I’d clearly take over Jalen. This kid has shown he has as much promise and potential as anyone. Yes there are others who had the early attention, but young fella has caught and on the verge of passing many of his classmates. If there was a draft he would be in consideration by many as a top pick candidate Currently a Top 5 prospect on our 2022 class rankings. Look for young fella to move up even further in the updated rankings coming out June 1st. To be such a talented kid on the court, I’ve yet to see Jalen taunt  or glow after destroying his opponent, he just quietly goes about his business Ala Tim Duncan Like, young fella appears to be a good kid that’s very coach-able which also speaks well to his upside and potential, as I’ve seen him take instruction and show a willingness to be coached. Jr. Hoops Elite believes Jalen Washington has a very bright future, a kid barring injury is D 1, no doubt in our mind and we would like to acknowledge him as our Promising Prospect ” Skilled Up!!!” 

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                                                     Promising Prospect # 31

                                                                               ” He Has The Answer!! “

Dalen Davis

There is a young talented 2023 pg walking around that is ready to take this city by storm, a kid who has all the tools to be in the conversation as best in the class Yep!!! No matter what you do on defense ” He Has The Answer!! “. At his grade level he is virtually unstoppable. A smaller guard sticking him he over powers them and finishes with ease, a zone defense he knocks it down from deep 24ft effortless, man to man defense he slices his way around his man and spoon feeds his bigs for a basket, he has one of the best stop and go’s that keeps his defender off balance and I’ve yet to see someone be able to stop him from getting where he wants to get on the floor. ” Move Your Feet, Yells coach, Step Up Yells Coach” I shake my head and say to myself it don’t matter he can’t stick him ” He Has The Answer!!”  Young Dalen Davis 2022 is a talent that speaks D1 no doubt in my mind, while many guards at 7th Grade are wait and see ” I’ll Put My Stamp On This ONE, Barring Injury Mark It Down” While the talent is there sometimes the effort, appearance to play hard or maybe the disinterest sometimes gets the best of young fella. While still young and things to work on,  I say this is a kid who will flourish in high school and you will definitely be reading about. All City, All Conference, All-State hmmm, up to young fella and how hard he works “He Has The Answer!!”. While there are talented guards in the 2023 class Dalen and his talent match up with anyone, I’ve been watching young fella for 2 years plus and he has been handling his own against players 2 years older, it appears the light has clicked on and young fella is on a mission, right now he is nothing to play with and looking to destroy. Players Beware!!! In the updated class rankings coming out Mar 1st young fella will again be a Top 5 prospect and a candidate who definitely is in the conversation as one the best. Look For Dalen to put his talents on display at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. Young Fella isn’t just one of the better players in his class he is one of the elite players in Middle School period. Add to that Dalen is an Honor Student who has grades and test scores that will enable him to get into any high school in the Chicago-land area and you have one well rounded kid. Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge Dalen Davis as our Promising Prospect, Yep!! ” He Has The Answer!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect #30

” A Problem Causer “

Andre Casey Jr.

Somebody is walking around the Chicagoland Area, that is getting better and better by leaps and bounds. Drop Step Basket, Mid-Range Jump Shot Basket, On the break watch ya head a Power Dunk Basket, beat your man off the dribble Block Shot Against The Glass, uh oh young fella is  “A Problem Causer” here is a kid  whom people thought would be good in a few years just last year. Well everybody young fella  is ahead of the curve and becoming dominant right now. While I tell people the little guards are always better at an very early age, they have the ball in their hands, they dribble in the basement and hone ball handling skills early, they are quicker at understanding their bodies they look more fluent and polished. The bigs do not have all the early luxuries, but boy do they have all the potential and upside. Introducing Andre Casey Jr a player who has taken his game from a support player who can protect the rim into a feature player who shows all the skills of a future All- State and Division 1 player. I witnessed young fella a couple of weeks ago score 20 plus several games in a row, showing explosiveness to the rim and knocking down the perimeter shot, then this past weekend in the Championship Game at Chicago Jam-Fest I witnessed young fella score 27 being physical and finishing through contact at the rim and consistently knocking down contested jump-shots under pressure in leading his team to the victory and earning MVP. Young Fella is impressive and what makes things even scarier is that “AJ” upside and potential are starting to surface, he is not done growing and still getting use to his body, along with getting better his game and skills are getting smoother. Young Fella is now taking one step and dunking it like kids 4 years his superior, add the fact that young fella is  a great kid whom has always been respectable, polite and very coach-able and you now have the formula for something down the line that’s definitely “Problem Causer” While Jrhoopselite has Andre Casey Jr. as our #2 rated prospect in the class of 2022 he is one of several who has a chance to be special down the line and a kid whom I get 5-10 calls per week inquiring about. We would like to acknowledge Andre Casey Jr. As our Promising Prospect #30 ” A Problem Causer”

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


 Promising Prospect # 29

                   ” The Tools Are There!!!

Isaiah Barnes

There is a kid in Romeoville, Illinois  who every-time I see him walk in the building I look and say ” EasyD 1″ ” THE TOOLS ARE THERE!!!!!”, while most kids in middle school are wait and see how they develop type players there are several whom I say ” done deal!!!  (barring injury or sickness). Well my eye tells me Mr. Isaiah Barnes fits the bill. Here is a silky smooth shooting guard who stands 6/3 with long arms, big hands and upside as high as just about anyone in the class. Young Fella has a game that translates on all levels, he is one of the top shooters in class. He can knock it down off the catch, he can dribble too a spot and rise up and he gets his shot of with ease making everything looks effortless. Right now his size over the smaller guards make him virtually un-bother-able on his shot. I’ve personally watched several games where young fella hit more than 5 3point shots shots in a game, I’ve witnessed  Isaiah put the team on his back and carry them to victory scoring 30 plus and I’ve witness young fella set his teammates up dishing the rock when he saw them with the hot hand. When looking at things on a prospect level Isaiah grades off the chart as he has excellent size, length, frame and a skill set. Young Fella has been recovering from an injury and currently ranks as JrhoopsElite # 6 prospect in newly released rankings coming out 4/16.It will be interesting to see how things play out because here is another kid who will put coach in a tough situation Yes Indeed!!! as young fella if completely healthy could be vying for varsity minutes rather quickly. Boy Oh Boy Romeoville has a lot of talent and Mr. Isaiah Barnes is definitely one of them. JrhoopsElite would like to congratulate young fella as our promising prospect ” THE TOOLS ARE THERE!!!!” 

Ricky Moore


Promising Prospect # 28

“Next Level”

Patrick Baldwin

When I see a player like this he makes me shake my head and say “WOW!!!” I’ve been around many players, high level college and N.B.A. whom I’ve seen when they were in Middle School  and it’s hard to remember one being as polished at this stage as young Patrick Baldwin Jr. Here is a 6ft 5 plus wing that has incredible talent. He does so many things that college players are doing now. I’ve witnessed young fella play in the mid-post like a pro, reverse pivot step back off the glass bucket!!! MJ STYLE, curl the screen, catch and shoot from 24ft. swish!!! looking like Klay Thompson. bringing the ball up the court on smaller defender he gets to his spot and raises over the player like “he’s a chair in a drill !!! Shaun Livingston, All I can think is this kid is so far ahead of everybody in his class with his skill set and understanding of the game he’s Next Level!!! He & Amari Bailey are best 2 Prospects from 7-12th. Yes I said It A Pair Of Middle School Kids. You heard it here first Pro Prospect. When you look at Patrick it’s easy for me  to imagine him putting up impressive stats in College at a high level in a few years. He is the one kid who has the size that equates to the position(sg/sf) he projects in College right now. While young fella has all the tools and skills, there are some who will mistake his skill set and poise and say he needs to get that “so called dog in him” too them I say “you are confused the kids usually being called the dog are more often than not the ones whose skill set is just that high motor, high energy, grit and grime”. It’s crazy how that is so misinterpreted. I tell people all the time ” you want the kid with the skill and game !!!” all that, he is a dog and plays hard-nose wears off quickly after middle school. Young Fella is “The Truth!!!” He has a sweet stroke and if there are 2 better shooters in his class I haven’t seen them, I’ve watched games where he knocked down 3 of 4 or 4 of 5 like they were free-throws and with his size and high release, it’s like the defenders were helpless. The thing that also impresses me about young fella is he is such a quality kid, he never comes off as the ” I’m a superstar kid” He is all about his teammates and he is always looking for ways to improve, spending countless hours in the gym. Add to that he is an honor roll student and does community service and you have one well rounded young man. Hey High School coach be ready to move somebody over, you have a 4 year starting wing coming in the door day 1 no need to play around he will be ready. Patrick Baldwin Jr. is JrhoopsElite #1 rated prospect in 2021 class, and we would like to acknowledge him as our Promising Prospect “Next Level”  The Top Prospect Showcase is Feb 25th and we look forward to watching many of the top players in the Midwest.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 27

” He Can Do It All “

Amari Bailey

If you haven’t seen this young player play you are definitely missing a treat, I suggest you call around, get a schedule and make it your business to go see a “once in a few year player” yep the name is Amari Bailey and he one of the players that I’ve seen at a young age and I give that label ” He Has That Special In Him” a kid who plays the game with the poise of a senior in High School, not a 7th grader. I’ve watched young fella countless times put his team on his back and carry them to victory or lead his team to a close game against an opponent they had no business being in the game. At this level they don’t come around this good that often. I stated last year when young fella was in 6th grade I thought he was one of the Top 10 kids in middle school and had as much potential as anyone and people thought I was crazy. Well young fella is a as poised as they come with the ball in his hands, he always seems to make the correct play, he can set up his teammates, he can get to the paint and finish in traffic and he is knocking the 3 down with incredible accuracy from NBA range. Give me this 6ft 2 point guard to run my team and I have a chance against anybody, I saw Shaun Livingston at the same age and what I thought about him then is the same thing I think about Amari-” Future Big Time College Prospect!!!! “Amari  is special nothing seems to faze him, I’ve seen players try to ruff him, I’ve seen teams put 2 or 3 defenders on him, I’ve seen him in hostile environments where parents and players were going crazy and he never lets a situation take him out of character, Young fella is so so good but you would never know it by how he carries himself on and off the court. I was at a game where everyone in the building were on their feet, Amari and his team were down close to double figures with about 4 minutes to go, young fella took over the game hitting a 3 pointer, knocking down 2 midrange jumpshots, then finishing with a lay-up and a free throw. Then on one of the final possessions his teammate appears to take a bad shot when Amari was open, he missed bad and the opposing team called time-out, with everyone in the gym yelling at the kid “why didn’t you pass the ball”, Amari walks up to his teammate as they were walking to the bench and shook his hand and patted him on his back saying something to the effect don’t worry about it, you could see in his teammates face the way he felt after Amari talked with him, it was just another moment where he displayed to me his leadership and showed he wasn’t above everyone else. Now don’t get being calm as lack of competitiveness spirit because thats in no way the case because young fella is the ultimate competitor as  he excepts the challenge of carrying his team and putting them in position to win and never backs down. Young Fella currently rates as JrhoopsElite# 1 rated prospect in the class of 2022 and as we see it now one of the Top 5 prospects regardless of class.  Shooting, Rebounding, Passing, Leading and Competing ” He Can Do It All “I haven’t seen many doing at this level the way he does it and we would like to acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 27.”Keep up the Good Work !!!”

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


                                                            Promising Prospect# 26

                                                                                                                                         ” Mr Bucket Getter”

” Shorty Got Game” ” His Mid-Range Game Is Next Level” Rick where he from?”  Yep introducing 2021 Luka Balac. I call him ” Mr Bucket Getter” the most asked about prospect in the class. When I say every-time I’m in the gym people are asking me a question about young fella that’s an understatement. Young fella is a powerful guard who scores in bunches, 23, 21, 19, 24. These are a few of the point totals young fella has put up over the past few weeks. Young fella is a player who has spent time in the gym, He plays the game with a purpose, sometimes its as if he is playing by himself he makes it look so easy. Get to the elbow pull-up jump-shot, spin off pull up jump-shot, jab step 2 dribble pull up jump shot, and this is no fluke,  young fella has been doing this for more than a year. I first saw him last year playing up on an 8th grade team while he was in 7th. Yes he was playing with and against elite players in the 2020. When I saw him then, he was one of the better players on the floor easy, add  a year  of seasoning and you have one of the more prolific scorers in the class. Young fella is currently Top 10 Class of 2021 JrhoopsElite rankings and looks to be staying there in the updated rankings be released next month. If he has the ball in his hands and you are asking defender to stick him you are in trouble, he is relentless at attacking the basket, having a variety of finishing moves where he can finish on either side of the basket, he is strong as a player 2 years his superior. Being able to finish on, above and through defenders with ease. Put it this way young fella is one of maybe 5-7 players in the class that you need a game plan to stop him from getting 20. There better be some double teams, denying from touching and some schemes or you are in trouble. Luka is also a player who welcomes a challenge, he wants to play against the top talent, he understands that competing now only helps him develop. Yes there are areas of his game that he is working on just like any other 8th grader he is not a finished product, but if he continues to progress and keeps the work ethic and love for the game he has now people are in trouble in a few years. One thing that stands out also is that young fella is a good kid and very coach-able, add to that Luka is a kid who doesn’t show his opponent or anyone up. He can give you 25 points, make it look easy and you would never know, its the same facial expression, in a era where everyone is all me me look at me!!!! The attention that young fella gets is not sought after it’s all, he is the perfect example of Let your game do the talking!!!! and talking it does as everyone is constantly whispering and chattering about young fella as he plays.We at JrhoopsElite look forward to seeing how young fella continues to progress. We also hope to see young fella at the invitation only Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. Where over 160 of the top kids in the Midwest will be in attendance. So congratulations to our Promising Prospect # 26  ” Mr Bucket Getter”

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


                                                          Promising Prospect # 25

                                                                                            ” It Don’t Matter”

Timia Ware

Here is one of the hottest prospect in Middle School right now!!! Introducing Timia Ware from Legacy Charter Yes Indeed!!!! That’s Teresa baby girl. When you look at a prospect who has been tearing it up on the court look no further. Timia has not only been tearing it up, she has been doing this while playing with the boys. Coming from the Westside of Chicago, there are not a lot of options for girls to play competitive basketball as much as she likes, so that forced her to play with the boys and when I tell ya she is a player, that would be an understatement. Playing in probably the most competitive fall league in the state right now (Best of The Midwest), with at least 30 of top 100 boys(Jrhoopselite rankings) in the league, this young lady is turning heads left and right. With games of 17, 15, 14 and 12 pts she does things with the ball that most can’t believe, forget she a girl, “game recognize game” “crossover, step- back- bucket” “split the double team, wrap around the back, underhanded bounce pass- Gotcha!!! Crowds goes crazy. Triple threat, jab step, quick dribble to the left pull-up gotcha!! TIME OUT!!! says the coach. “Who got her?” Next play down, cross over- stop on the dime 25foot 3 pointer— basket!!!! Uuuuuuwwweeeee!!. Coach calls another time out and says “ she a girl, what’s yall problem, yall can’t stop her?” Let me tell ya something coach.” It don’t matter!!!” Tamia is a player; forget the fact that she is a girl, if you don’t recognize and recognize quick, you are in trouble. Barring injury or just plain I don’t want to play anymore, you can mark this one in the book Division 1 easy. This young lady has all the tools and is more technically sound and fundamentally sound than 90 percent of the players in Middle School regardless of gender. Gym after Gym, game after game, people are definitely taking notice. Referees, High School Coaches and Parents are all wondering and asking the same questions, “What’s her name? Where is she going to school?” All I know is that this young lady, has a lot of that “special” in her game and if you haven’t seen her you’re missing a treat. So before you start seeing it in the newspapers, on all the blogs and websites. Go catch a game of Legacy Charter  this season with the up and coming first class coach, “ Coach Troy” he also worth the price of admissions. Jrhoopselite  looks forward to seeing Tamia at the Girls Top Prospect Showcase for girls coming this Winter after the holiday and school season. We would also like to acknowledge Timia Ware as our Promising Prospect “ One thing I know, there is a baller out west who is one of the elite players in the state, Yes she happens to be a girl, but you know what ” It Don’t Matter”.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect #23

                                     “Step Right In”

Destin Whita (2)
There is a prospect that is quietly emerging as one of the best in his class. He is a super smooth 6ft 3. shooting guard/wing forward out of the Western Suburb of Romeoville, Illinois. When you scream prospect, this is clearly an example of what a coach on the next level looks for. Destin Whitaker has been playing up a grade level for over a year, recently dropping back down to play with Team Manimal 14U last weekend. I first remember seeing young fella play more than a year ago  and saying he is going to be pretty good and that’s when I thought he was in the class of 2019. I recently watched young fella knock jump-shot after jump shot with defenders on him using step backs and nice pull-ups off the dribble, young fella was the best prospect I saw at the State Tournament. This young kid here is ultra-smooth and has a skill set that most his size just don’t have right now. Many people will get mad and say” why is he shooting the 3?  He should be down there banging in the paint, he is the biggest player on the floor” I say good move and or shot because I see that young fella is playing the way he will be used down the line. Let me say it here first” Destin is clearly a Division 1 prospect” and don’t get it twisted because he hasn’t been talked about or as hyped as others in his class. He will definitely be thrust into the Top 10 prospects in JrhoopsElite updated rankings 2020 being released June 9th.  Young fella is also an excellent kid, from the first day I met him he has always been humble and very respectable. He has never wanted that attention of the so called best players in the state. Well young fella I held my tongue as long as I could. The secret is no longer a secret. There are only a handful of prospects in the 2020 class that will be able to play varsity the day they step into high school. It is my believe that Destin is one that will be able to STEP RIGHT IN!!!! I’m sorry to whomever will be his high school coach to put this pressure on ya, but somebody gonna have to make room, young fella need some minutes. JrhoopsElite would like to acknowledge Destin Whitaker for all his hard work as a Promising Prospect.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 21

Adam Miller

“ A Rising Star “

There is a young player who is making quite a statement with his game over the past year and many need to get used to hearing how promising of a prospect young fella is. Adam Miller is showing that he clearly has established himself an elite prospect and seems to constantly be getting better and better A STAR IS RISING!!!!. This silky smooth guard has that “IT FACTOR” about him. He is the kid who takes the challenge of wanting to get better each and every time he steps on the court. A few months ago Adam came to the Top Prospect Showcase and put on a show, showing every imaginable skill and intangible. He was completely unstoppable and left JrhoopsElite # 1 prospect the class of 2020. Since then young fella has done nothing to dispel that, in fact he is creating more of a separation. A couple of weekends ago I witnessed young fella playing 15U with the Mac Irvin Fire at NY2LA and he played well, then this past weekend I watched young fella playing at the Toi Baylor tournament in Romeoville and not only did I watch young fella playing up in age play well, I saw him actually taking over for stretches in close games. His team down 1 in second half he nails a long three, then makes a steal and feeds the ultra- athletic combo guard Markeese Jacobs for a layup, on defense he grabs a long rebound, dribbles up court in which he splits defenders and riffles a no look cross court pass to big Spence Boeheim for a lay-in, then follows that up with a basket in traffic. Yep!!  just like that an 8 point lead and the game never got any closer. I’ve been around a lot of young players and there is just something about young Adam that says special!! He lives in Peoria, Illinois and many in the State were not aware of just how good he is. That’s probably a good thing, he didn’t get all the attention early and it seems to have kept him hungry and even more determined. Being from the Central part of the State there are many players who do not get as much attention as some of the Chicagoland Area. Having said that young fella is making a case for JrhoopsElite to get down that way more often. Adam has represented himself quite well in all fashions. Having sat down and talked with young fella a couple of times he one class young man, who is humble and appreciative of everything he seems to take  nothing for granted A STAR IS RISING!!!. I look forward to watching young Adam for years to come and would like to acknowledge him as a Promising Prospect.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 19

                                 “Lake County Finest”

Kimahri Wilson

There is some basketball being played in the northern part of the state outside of the city that many people are sleep on, the area that has produced some talent in recent years. ” MY OH MY” do they have a youngster in the 2021 class that is surely to be turning some heads in the near future, his name is Kimahri Wilson and boy oh boy is this young fella talented. Kimahri is an ultra smooth floor general who has the ball on a string like a yo-yo, passes it with a flare and is virtually unguardable off the dribble. This young player is a kid who can carry a team in so many ways, but what I like about Kimahri is he never is rattled and he never seems to be playing for himself, he would rather get the assist as opposed to getting the basket, he would rather go scoreless and get the win.  Even tho he may have the most talent on the court he never gets bigger than the team or never appears to have the me first attitude. I just witnessed young fella lead his undersized, under-manned 2021 team to a victory over a high powered Mercury Elite 2020 team in which young fella easily stood out as the best player on the floor. Send 1 defender- no wait- send 2 defenders it doesn’t matter young fella is a magician with the ball in his hands, the more pressure you put on him the better he looks. Kimahri  is also a super kid, even though his game speaks volumes young fella is a quiet and humble. He is also the pg in his class that can play in any environment, you want “up and down run and gun” NO Problem, you want to “slow it down run the pick and roll” NO Problem, you need a play ran the right way and executed No Problem!!!!Kimahri or Kemo (as he known to some) is pg I’m calling on. Kemo played last year at the Top Prospect Showcase and had several of the staff asking me”who is that? Well it’s time everybody get to know the name. ” Young fella is currently rated #11 prospect in the class, look for Kimahri  top 5 in JrhoopsElite updated rankings being released mid- week. Here is a kid that definitely has a huge upside. Mark it down right now, this is a kid who will make smooth transition to the next level, a 7th Grader now who has the game and poise of a junior in high school. A D1 prospect no doubt!!  We also look forward to Kamahri matching up against some of the top perimeter players Feb. 27th at the Top Prospect Showcase. JrHoopsElite   would like to acknowledge Kimahri Wilson as our Promising Prospect.


Ricky Moore- 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 18

” On His Way Up”

Introducing DJ Steward the most versatile player in the class of 2020. This young man here can play 1 thru 5 in middle school and can affect the game in so many ways. After first noticing DJ a couple of years ago I thought to myself he is going to be nice, at that time I saw him playing more underneath the basket because of his length, Last summer young fella was invited to attend the Top Prospect Showcase and went head to head with Lamontray Daugherty the current number 1 rated prospect by JrHoopsElite. DJ had coaches calling me left and right. He left the showcase with a buzz. This school and travel season I have witnessed young fella take his game to another level, having to play the point guard on his middle school team and basically do all the facilitating on his travel team (due to his former players moving on to high school) DJ has blossomed and his star is shining oh so bright!!! Young fella has a handle on the ball and vision like many of the elite point guards in his class, he can defend at any position on the court, this is a kid who will only get better in high school and everything he does translates, while others will stay stagnant or have reached their peak he is emerging, he has range that extends well beyond the 3 point line and he is the ultimate teammate. DJ has elevated himself into the one of the TOP 3 prospects in the 2020 class in our updated rankings that will be released later this week. Young fella has some unique skills; he has definitely been impressive and a force on the court, leading his team to a couple of championships in the past few weeks with his superb all- around play. Look for DJ to showcase his skills at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th. Mr. and Mrs. Steward deserve a round of applause for this well-mannered young man as he is an excellent student in the classroom as well at Brooks Middle School in Oak Park. If there is one player in the class you are looking for to do a variety of things on the floor and do them well,” look no further” DJ is a player you will be hearing a lot about on the next level, ” I Promise You That!!” . For all of your work JrHoopsElite would like to say DJ STEWARD is ON HIS WAY UP!!!! and acknowledges him as our Promising Prospect.


Ricky Moore- 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 17

                                              “Game Speaks Volumes”


There is a young player who has been tearing it up on the basketball court for the past few years in the Western Suburbs whom everyone now it’s getting a taste of how good this young fella is. His name is Kyonte Thomas and he is from Bolingbrook, Illinois a hot-bed for talent in the sport. Kyonte has been playing up in grade for several years, not because of age but because of game. He last season led his undermanned school team (Humphrey) winning Sectionals, Super Sectionals and down state and to a final 4 finish. Kyonte is a point guard who  makes everyone around him better, he is the kid who when he steps on the floor you know he is going to give your team a chance to win no matter who the other players on the team are. Young fella is a “Warrior”, I have seen him carry teams on his back and win games that his team had no business even being close, I have witnessed games where he has had 10 assist or more and beat teams by getting in the lane and spoon feeding his teammates, I have witnessed games where he has took over in the last 3 minutes and scored every point to win a close game. The young pg has guided his team in just about every type of situation imaginable and on the biggest stages. Young fella is a a kid who plays wherever they say the competition is, he thrives on playing against the elite players, you can catch him playing in the city, north suburbs, south suburbs or wherever the ball is bouncing. Kyonte is currently rated as a Top 10 prospect (2021) by Jrhoopselite and is one of the top 5 pure point guards in middle school regardless of class. If you haven’t seen young fella play you’re missing a treat. Young fella not only is a stand-out on the basketball court, he is also a stand-out in the classroom being an honor roll student at Humphrey Middle School. Look for Kyonte to display his talents at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27thwhere many of the top players in his class will be in attendance. You heard it here first, when young fella steps in high school people will be in trouble, I usually don’t call them this early because there are so many factor and variables, but Kyonte Thomas your “Game Speaks Volumes” and JrhoopsElite would like to acknowledge you as our Promising Prospect.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


 Promising Prospect # 16


There is a young man who is making quite a name for himself on the basketball circuit in a very good way. He is at all the events excepting each and every challenge, while usually holding his own or getting best of his opponent. The young man of which I speak is Colin Crothers the 2020 6/4 plus prospect from Arlington Heights, Illinois. Colin ripped up the AAU circuit last year dominating most of his opponents with a very well rounded game. He has exceptional footwork, uses both hands extremely well and can play powerful in the paint or use finesse moves to get around his man. I watched young fella score at will on some of the biggest and best defenders in the Midwest in several tournaments. Colin is steadily improving and for opposing teams that’s scary. Colin is a throwback kind of kid who reminds me of the kids from my era, he is always willing to except the challenge and he never makes an excuse no matter the outcome, he is a kid who looks to play and compete against the best. Colin has played in several all-star games, camps and showcases which he is always eager to gage himself against the competition out there, It appears he has a plan and that’s to get better by playing better, either I have a great day against the competition or I get better from the experience. I recently caught him playing in a sophomore tournament in which he and another kid were there only 8th graders in the tournament and he more than held his own. I am totally impressed with how far this young man has come in such a short time. Colin was at both Ricky Moore Top Prospect Showcase events June and August, in June he garnered attention from almost everyone there. I received more calls, text and questions from people asking me who is that? Many players and coaches from the inner city could not believe their eyes, he left the gym clearly being one of the top prospects in the state in my eyes. In August he came back and cemented himself as one of the best players regardless of class in the state and left no doubt he is a major player. Jrhoopselite currently has Colin as the #6 rated prospect in the class of 2020. We will definitely be keeping a close eye this upcoming school, travel and AAu season. For all the hard work and the potential we se, jrhoopselite would like to acknowledge Colin Crothers as our Promising Prospect.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect #15


When you here all the names of players who are the so called best players in the city you never hear the name Tyrelle Hunt. We’ll let me introduce everyone to the big, hardworking young man that will be entering 8th grade at Galapagos Elementary School. Tyrelle is a dominating post player who is taking his game to another level. Playing at Galapagos a charter school, he doesn’t get the attention of the players at the more prestigious C.P.S. public schools and thus the higher level known AAU programs didn’t know about him or seek him as a player of interest before the season. Things are sure to change; this young man will have all the major teams and high school coaches salivating at the chance to coach him. Tyrelle is a warrior, a beast on the boards and is very gifted around the basket. This young man is the kind of kid that makes me want to start up another team. He is an overlooked humble kid who just wants to get better and have fun, he has no arrogance or sense of entitlement because he can play the game pretty good. He does not expect anything to be given to him.   Tyrelle just put on a clinic at the Top Prospect Showcase and probably had the most dominating performance of any of the players there “NOW YOU KNOW”. In a game matched up against the currently number 1 rated player in the class 2020 Lamontray Daugherty, Tyrelle  showed exactly what he could do as he took it too Lamontray and scored continuously pretty easy. The thing that stands out about this big, strong, forceful playing kid is that he’s just the opposite in personality; he is a very soft spoken kid who does whatever needed. He even asked after the showcase if there was anything that needed to be done as far as cleaning up up or carrying items to the car. Tyrelle is a genuinely good kid and can be as dominating a force as there is, but he is all about the team. He never forces shots or fusses at his players for not getting him the ball, he does it the old school way and gets his off the glass. Tyrelle has showed to be quite effective and right now the city is sleeping on Tyrelle, no one seems to be taking notice or giving him the respect he deserves. Well that’s why I’m here,” I SEE YOU YOUNG FELLA”.  Tyrelle has moved his way to the number 3 rated prospect currently here at Jrhoopselite in the class of 2020. He will now have coaches lined up over there at Galapagos to see games this upcoming season. I will do my best to get the team at the Best of the Midwest tournament this November so that everyone can get a chance to see Tyrelle and the extra feisty point guard Elijah Pickens do their thing against some of the top talent in the Midwest. For all of you hard work and the dedication you put in, Jrhoopselite would like to acknowledge Tyrelle Hunt as our Promising Prospect. The kid is a beast and if you didn’t know it “NOW YOU KNOW”


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 14

“ Main Attraction”

Kevin ” Boopie” Miller

Small in stature and powerful in game, Introducing Kevin Miller known to many as “Boopie” known to me as “Main Attraction” yep that’s what I call him. This young fella is as slick as they come with the ball in his hands, you better be on balance or he will straight embarrass you with a move that will have the crowd on their feet. Kevin is a point guard in the class of 2021. He has been talked about through the city of Chicago on the basketball scene for at least the past 2 years in the famous small frye league as well as the CPS league having standing room only crowds at games. Boopie is a soft spoken respectable kid who is immune to pressure. You would think that being so young all the attention would affect him in a negative way but he really does not seem bothered by all the attention. Having just lead his team to Championships at the Toi Baylor, Wisconsin United and Las Vegas. Kevin has again received attention as being one of the top playmakers in Midwest. “ we had everyone contained, but that darn Boopie we had no answers, he completely makes them go and dominated the game” is what a coach told me after they played in Milwaukee. “What’s that kids name right there? he special” Is what the coach asked me after they lost at Toi Baylor. Kevin Miller is currently ranked the # 5 prospect in our class of 2021 and you will be able to see him this up coming school year putting in work at Providence St. Mel. He has consistently lived up to all the challenges put in front of him. His skill level is high and I know its super super early but we putting a ” Stamp On This Early Mark It Down D1 Barring Injury ,  Yes Sir Remember we said this, we look forward to watching Kevin the next few years and seeing his progression. I know one thing for sure wherever young fella is at there definitely will be a crowd because he is a “Main Attraction” Congrats young fella you are a Jrhoopselite Promising Prospect.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 13

“ Kid Has Game “

Introducing Luke Scheffers he is a nifty point guard from the Western Suburbs whom everyone is sure to know about this up and coming season. Luke has quietly been putting up numbers and playing great basketball, he plays for Mercury Elite 2020. While others may be more talked about or known throughout the area, let it be said here first “This Kid Is For Real”. I have personally witnessed Luke playing up a grade level against the top 3 or 4 teams in the class of 2019 and he didn’t just fit in. He actually was one of the better players on the floor. At the Chicago Jam Fest this past Spring he out played several of the top kids in the class of 2019 and lead his team to the final 4. Luke has a baby face and is slight in build, so too many  they may not think of him a one of the top players at first glance. Luke is battle tested and has shown on many occasions that his name should be mentioned with the best players in his class . His strongest asset I believe at this time is his ability to shoot(he is one of the states elite shooters) however he is also very crafty with the ball and way more often than not he makes the correct basketball play.  He was one of the top 3 players at Terry Head Super Showcase and followed that up, making the top20 game at the Top Prospect Showcase which included the best players from Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. I look forward to this up and coming season as Luke Scheffers will have me closely following the Mercury Elite 2020. Look for Luke in the top 20 updated rankings of 2020  that will be released  August 18th. For all your hard work Jrhoopselite would like to acknowledge Luke Scheffers as one of our Promising Prospects.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



                                       Promising Prospect # 12

Khalil Whitney

Sometimes you see a kid and say “boy oh boy If I had him”. Well there is one kid walking around the Chicago’s Westside and he keeps me making that statement. His name is Khalil Whitney he is the 6/4 wing whom just recently graduated from Gregory Elementary. I have known Khalil and seen him play for more than 3 years. I have witnessed his progression through hard work and effort. Young fella is also one of the highest character kids you will find at his age and takes nothing for granted. I’ve witnessed Khalil dominate games going coast to coast and dunking over his opponents showing things on the floor that make your jaw drop, I’ve witnessed him struggle in games trying to show his versatility, but what surprises me the most is that he is the same kid no matter how he played. He shows a maturity that is well beyond his years and he is very humble. Here is a kid who is progressively getting better by leaps and bounds, he is also a gym rat and wants to learn. His size and athleticism already equate to someone high major colleges will be all over in the next few years. Not many kids combine the size, strength, athletic ability, will to get better and the genetic pool that Khalil possesses. When someone says a kid has Upside this is what they are talking about. Imagine him in a few years with a few more inches” “That’s Scary”, if that happens watch-out. Young fella has steadily been climbing the rankings ever since they were released last winter. Khalil Whitney is currently Jrhoopselite # 4 prospect of 2019 and he has the Upside and Potential to be the best when it’s all said and done. We look forward to seeing Khalil at the faboulus freshmen showcase Aug. 15th and monitoring him through-out high school career as we are formulating player profiles this coming spring for college coaches. Khalil Whitney “boy oh boy” WHAT AN UPSIDE!!!!!! You are Promising Prospect # 12.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 10

 “Coach What’s Next”

Perry Cowan

Here we are in a game about to go up against one of the premier players in his class at that time Aaron Strong Jr. “Hey Coach” says a player of mine.” Am I gonna have to guard him?” yep. I replied, WOW!! did Aaron destroy us. Two weeks later we are playing another premiere player in the class  Lance Jones and the state champions Illinois Raptors. “Coach they pretty Good” yep, and our team loses by 30+, Perry’s  mom comes up to me and says “we have a lot of work to do, he played nervous why does he do that every time there is a big game? Challenge # 1 GET SOME HEART -I say to her “Don’t worry he will be fine. Introducing,  Mr. Perry Cowan a kid who was a little shy basketball player 3 years ago, to a kid who has taken his game to new heights.  While other players have been known commodities since 2nd and 3rd grade, Perry is a kid who just kept getting better and better. Perry is the kid who wanted to stay after practice and get some shots up, he is the kid who came to my younger kid’s practices and worked with me getting extra ball handling and footwork.  He is the kid who asked me after every game how did I do? or what should I do? After losing in the final 4 of the State Championship in over-time to champs by 1(Perry had a chance to win the game on the free-throw line in regulation, he hit 1 to tie and missed  the second sending the game to over-time) Perry said” coach if I would have hit that free throw” I said no “you showed the heart, too want to take the game winning shot that shows me the courage in you”- challenge conquered. Some kids think they are good and don’t welcome instruction. Perry is the kid who welcomed every challenge and asked what’ next? While being the tallest player on our team Perry was not always the most physical. Challenge# 2 GET TOUGHER- I had Perry getting beat up in practice every day with our two toughest and roughest players, I challenged him by playing him and the team up 2 age levels in the roughest neighborhoods and courts in the city. Franklin Park, Columbus Park, Seward Park, Amundsen, Golden Dome,  CVS high school league just to name a few in order for him to get bumped and pushed around. Perry conquered that and said ok, “now what coach?” I thought to myself, young fella coming around, as he took our team from an average team to one of the best in the State. Now what could I do to challenge him, at being the best he could be? O.K. Challenge # 3 PERIMETER SKILLS, From here on out in practice DevinBlakeley( our toughest, strongest guard on the team) you will guard Perry,” and I want you dribbling it up the floor Perry.” Ok coach” the first few weeks Perry struggled and at Practice other coaches and parents didn’t understand why I had Blakeley guarding Perry. Easy, my theory was that if he can bring it up the floor against one of the better perimeter defenders in the state, it would be very easy for him to handle the ball against anyone else. As time went on Perry without knowing had adjusted to the speed, he no longer had to turn his back against our guards and bring it up, It was natural. A month or so later we are playing Icemen and old rivalry, the game is extra intense, typical Westside ball guards pressuring and hounding and very physical. On one play they were doubling our guards, so Christian inbounds it to Perry, he waves everyone down the floor, a quick feisty guard  is guarding him, He crosses over, then wraps it around his back and throws a dime from half court I say to myself ok!!! the next play he waves Jay down the floor and again he brings it up the court, basically toying with the defender. He looks over and smiles, I look at Coach Grant and say yep he’s comfortable challenge conquered.

In 7th grade many teams started lurking and by now the word was out that Perry along with another key player on our team Deion Jackson were pretty good and our team possibly the best in the Midwest. After winning our first 12 tournaments, we lost Deion to another team. Perry seemed devastated and asked “coach, do you think we will still be good? Challenge # 4 LEARN TO LEAD-“This will make you better, it will give you a chance to show leadership skills and now you will be forced to show more of your game and takeover the team, you have put in the work so lets show everybody” Looking in his eyes I was unsure if he felt like he could handle it, but it was a challenge he faced head on. After winning the next 5 tournaments throughout the Midwest we entered the state tournament where there were over 50 teams. Many of the heralded teams such as Illinois Speed, Mac Irvin Fire, Meanstreets, Future Elite, Manimals, Full Package, Springfield, Peoria and others. While many thought we were done after losing our leading scorer. Perry led us to the championship game where we lost a heart breaker by 1 to Chicago Select. Job well done challenge conquered. After a long summer we entered our 8th grade year.  After sitting with Perry, I said look!!! “I want you to show everyone everything you have worked on, I want you shooting a minimum of 5 3 point shots a game, every game I want you to showcase everything we have worked on in the gym” After completing the winter league in which we won ,with teams such as Meanstreets, Icemen, Fire, Chicago Select, Battlecats and IMVP to name a few. Perry said to me after we had beat Meanstreets and Fire pretty badly in the playoffs and he showed the crowd everything from footwork, ball handling in traffic, running the point and hitting several 3’s.  “Coach it’s easy What’s Next?” As I looked in his eyes this is when I knew he had conquered all the challenges I put in front of him. No longer was he worried about who the opponent would be, no longer was he going to show all his moves in practice only, no longer was he not going to take the big shot, no longer was he worried about the spot-lite, no longer did he think he needed all the best so-called players on his team to win and never again would there be a question, will he get the heart?  He conquered all. I say to Charrise I think young fella has come a long way and thanks for the opportunity.  See Perry is a great kid who has blossomed. He is the kid who will listen and not the kid who thinks he knows everything, I have been there to witness all the hard work put in, I have been there to witness the journey and process. So I say to Perry keep God first, education as a priority and basketball as a tool. Young you have a bright future. Perry now plays for the Illinois Wolves  and heads into July as Jrhoopselite #1 prospect of 2019. For all of his hard work, Jrhoopselite would like to acknowledge Perry Cowan as our Promising Prospect #10. 

Ricky Moore,


Promising Prospect # 9

                                           “Physically Gifted”

Tyler Beard

“Watch Your Head” is what I want to say to the young fella standing under the basket for a rebound as I see a special talent leaping out of no-where to grab a rebound. “You’ve got no chance” is what I want to say to the young fella as I see a special talent eyeing his defender and about to slash to the rim. This kid is just too physically gifted for you all to do anything with right now, is what I thinking in my head. His name is Tyler Beard and he has some GOD given natural abilities that make it look too easy for him at times. Tyler is a 7th grader at Lindop Elementary (playing alongside another nice guard prospect Michael Osbourne) who has seen his game evolve to another level, his confidence has shot through the roof. I’ve personally seen Tyler completely take over games that were close. I witnessed him take his team from up 2 points to up 14 within a 3 minute time frame in the second half when it appeared his team was in trouble. Tyler is a lead by example type of player that lets his game do the talking. Tyler will definitely in Top 3 when 2020 Jrhoopselite rankings released June 15th. Having watched young fella from a distance grow-up, he has always been a polite, respectable and quiet young man. I knew him to be a good kid way before I ever thought he would be a good basketball player which is even more impressive. Now I see Tyler as one of the real prospect to keep a close eye on. Tyler has a great upside and a player that you will see posturing people on the next level, right now I would say he is one of the more explosive players in his class and I see him as having ” Top 100 Player Potential In High School”. Tyler will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase June 13th I look forward to him performing against some of the better talent. Tyler is a top notch young man who puts in hard work at school where he is an Honors Student, and on the court where he has excelled. We would like to acknowledge Tyler Beard as our Promising Prospect Physically Gifted.

Ricky Moore   773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 8

“Perfect Teammate”

Hey, everyone there is something special in the making in Lagrange Illinois his name is Mr. Tyrese Shines from Gurrie Middle School. This kid is a treat to watch and the PERFECT TEAMMATE. He has so much versatility to his game. He has a sweet stroke; he can get to the basket at will, has a mid-range game and does everything within the team concept. I’ve witnessed Tyrese personally put teams on his back and carry the load. His team (Lockdown) recently won tournaments at Joy of the Game and Riverside Brookfield in the past month and Tyrese showed he is a force to reckon with. In the semifinal game against Meenstreets, Tyrese completely took over the second half (there was no one who could handle him) completing the comeback with a superman like performance. His team down 2 with 7 seconds to go he diced his way through traffic to score and get fouled. He then hit the game winning free- throw. But what makes Tyrese special is he just as good a person as he is a basketball player. The young man is very humble and appreciative. When speaking with him he never gives the impression of himself being good. He is very coachable and a great teammate. There is no denying he is one of top prospects in his class. In the updated 2019 rankings coming out 4/22 look to see Mr. Tyrese name among the top 25 kids in his class. So again for all your hard work, great team spirit and overall personality. Jrhoopselite would like to recognize Tyrese Shines as our Promising Prospect.

Ricky Moore 773-383-0972


  Promising Prospect # 7

                                        “Young Fella Special”

There is a young fella from Hughes Elementary that is creating quite a buzz around Chicago, He is one of the more talented players in the city bar none yep “YOUNG FELLA SPECIAL”. He is from one of the more well-known parks in the world (Franklin Park) where some of the best players to come out of the city have made their homes. He goes by the name of “LIL NICK” real name Nick Owens and boy do I love his game. If you walk in Franklin Park Gym 5 out of 7 days you are likely to see Nick. He’s a Gym Rat. He is currently in 6th grade but I have personally seen Lil Nick Lead 8th graders who are currently ranked in the top 60 class of 2019 to victories. He not only plays up but he does not miss a beat. I personally witnessed young fella playing in an 8th grade game where his team trailing by 8 with a 1 30 to go Nick hits a 3 and cuts the lead to 5 then steals the ball and gets and assist. O.K. opposing team misses both free throws. 4 seconds to go Lil Nick Brings it up, hits the defender with a hesitation dribble raises up and jumps into the defender. With the clock at zero down three, He winks at the coach,” I gotch u”.. He calmly hits all 3 free throws in a packed gym to force overtime. In over time, the much much taller team cannot handle Nick he scores 6 of the teams 8 points in overtime and leads his team to victory “YOUNG FELLA SPECIAL” Nick pound for pound is one of the best guards in the city. He is Small in stature but he is only in 6th grade. He has all the qualities that you would want and a poise that is well beyond his years. Nick just lead Marquette Best to the title at the Paradise Showdown 47- 45 over a tuff St. Croix team in the Virgin Islands 2 weeks ago in which he was the leading scorer, then came home this past weekend and lead his team to the small Fry Championship here in Chicago where there are a wealth of top notch guards such as Lil Boobie, T-Baby, Might Mouse and Lil Eddie to name a few. Lil Nick is just as good in the classroom where he is an honor student. Having spent time talking with young fella over the past several months I know he is a special young man. When the 2021 rankings are released Nick Owens will definitely be in there. This is another kid I will personally have a close eye on. It will be interesting to see how his body matures over the next few years. But I’m here to tell ya every high school coach in the city will be hoping they can get a player such as Lil Nick to walk in their school. I personally have not seen as many kids who have the love for the game that Nick does. When looking all I say is “Young Fella Special” and Jrhoopselite would like to Acknowledge Nick as our Promising Prospect.

Ricky Moore


# 5  “Something Special To Watch”

Kejuan Clements

Here he is the most exciting player to come out of Chicago Public League Grammar Schools easily in the last 5 years. His Name is Kejuan Clements from Laura Ward. This kid is “Something to Watch” No one this year has put on a show the way Kejuan has, he has completely put his team on his back and wowed crowds along the way. He has that “IT” factor that many of the great Chicago guards of the past such as Will Bynum and Sherron Collins had coming out of grammar school. While emerging on the seen last year and playing AAU for Meanstreets, many did not notice his talent playing alongside Marquise Walker. He was kinda of an afterthought. Here in the city no one had heard of him before and merely mentioned him as just another player. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!! He is not that at all. He is “Something Special to Watch” and his talent level is as good as any prospect in this class. This kid is something special and he is a genuinely a great kid not even understanding how special he is. To him he is just playing a game he loves, no other motives, just as he lead his grammar school team to city football championship and was the quarterback of the west side Lawndale area team, he is just being a kid. There are many kids in our area who have been publicly known since maybe 2nd grade or have worked out with many of the so called top trainers, played in many of the prestigious national showcases and have been known to many of the high school coaches forever. No Kejuan has not had that luxury which makes it even that much more intriguing, he is the kid at you boys and girls club everyday hanging with the friends playing the game he loves. Kejuan does things on the court that you can not teach. It’s good in a way he has not been tampered with by too much over coaching, he has a natural talent and gift and truly a nice kid. He is another one of the humble young men class of 2019. Kejuan currently ranks 8th on the past jrhoopselite ranking look for the updated ranking that will be released 9:30 pm March 9th. This class is truly one to watch and Mr. Kejuan Clements is “Something Special To Watch and Jr.HoopsElite Promising Prospect.

 Ricky Moore


Promising Prospect# 4

I Understand Why

Lance Jones

Lance Jones

Have you seen a kid drain 3 point shots from 3 or 4 steps from beyond NBA range, have you seen a kid score points in bunches like very few at this level, have you seen a kid get to the paint and finish in traffic like guys 3 years his superior. Well I have and his name Lance Jones from Evanston, Illinois. The kid is something special and I don’t just mean in basketball. “I Understand Why” Lance Jones has been one of the best kids in state of Illinois and known on the national circuit for a while. He has won state titles, national tournaments, won various prestigious camp awards (including co-mvp of Illinois Top Prospect 1 class of 2019) and his name rings around these parts. It’s simple he puts in the necessary work and preparation to get better. “I Understand Why “a parent would be so proud. Lance is an Honor Student and One of the most well-mannered and humble kids I know. There are not a lot of kids who are under such a microscope. When you are one of the best players, people wait and want you to stumble so they can say “he isn’t as good as they say” Well I’ve seen first-hand this kid can flat out play. While many will be needing to adjust their game in high school because of size and strength of the older players Mr. Jones should have no problem his skill set translates very well. I speak with College Coaches quite frequently and I would say this without hesitation, with the skills that Lance has right now, If he were a senior today he would no doubt in my mind be a division 1 ball player. So to see him still have 4 years left of basketball before then “ I Understand Why” a varsity coach would want him on their team this coming fall. Mr. and Mrs. Jones “I Understand Why” Dad Smiles so much watching his son Blossom right in front of his eyes. You’ll have done a wonderful job. Lance is currently ranked #4 in Junior Hoops Elite Class of 2019 . He will be in attendance Feb 28th. Collins High school 9:30 in Illinois Top Prospect Showcase. For all the hard work you have put in Mr. Jones you are Jrhoopselite Promising Prospect

Ricky Moore


# 3                       “GAME RECOGNIZE GAME”

Mr. Mike Salter of Chicago Heights, Illinois is a name many will definitely being hearing about in the future. When you see him you say okay a 6”2 plus eighth grader who can handle and is smooth. No he is a 6”2 plus pg who knows how to make others better and gets everyone involved. Many do not understand what they are watching, a lot of times if a kid does not put up big numbers they go unappreciated or skill unnoticed NOT HERE. I usually don’t do comparisons but Mike has a lot of the same qualities I saw early in Shaun Livingston (young fella look him up) at the same age. Also let me put this out there, the kid plays so smooth PLEASE!!! do not get that confused that he does not play hard or lacks the typical city heart, THAT’S NOT THE CASE, “NO WAY JOSE” I’ve witnessed more than once that he wants to compete against the best and never shies away from the match up. At the Top Prospect Showcase. He even came to me and said” hey let’s give the people what they want to see. Match me up against the others at my position who are supposed to be the best”. Many people truly do not understand how good this young man is and the potential he possesses. While many kids have to find a school and or parents do a lot self-promotion and politicking, don’t worry young fella “GAME RECOGNIZE GAME” This kid can play anywhere!!! I mean he can step in as a Freshmen and start on all the heavy hitter Varsity Teams no doubt in my mine and no teams excluded. Mike Salter is an Honors Student at Columbia Central in Chicago Heights, Illinois. He currently ranks our number 2 prospect in the class of 2019(Rankings will be updated in 2 weeks). He will be in Attendance at Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 28th At Collins High school. Having been around Mike the past few months at leagues and showcase I found him to be a great kid with leadership qualities and one whom possesses all the skills and tangibles to be very good at the next level. I want to let it be known to everyone Game Recognize Game and Mike Salter has major GAME he is one kid whom I will definitely be following for years to come and for that he is our Promising Prospect.

 Ricky Moore


Promising Prospect Profile #1

                        GIVE ME HIM !!!!! 

Mr. Ryan Bost, Evanston, Illinois. Yep that’s Shawanda Baby Boy. Ok 20 kids in the gym. Three kids 6ft 4 and better and a bunch of athletes on the wall. My first Pick. Give me him,( everyone looks around puzzled with their eyes) who? Ryan yep that’s my pick. Ryan Bost is” a coaches dream” He plays with such poise and leadership. He is the kid who will do whatever asked. In the class of 2019 Ryan is second to none at getting in the paint and causing havoc. He gets the old school assist. He gets around his man off the dribble defender steps up and he hits the big man for a basket, those are the real assist. Not the swing to an open jump shooter and he knocks it down assist. Ryan is also the kid who will slide to the wing if he is playing alongside another point guard. No Problem Coach!!! is the attitude he brings. Never once have I seen him complain or whine, the kid is selfless. I’ve witnessed Ryan lead his team to championships by dominating with pass, scoring off the dribble and even games where he didn’t take 3 shots the whole game because he recognized the hot hand, again selfless the kid just wants to win.Ryan has a quality in him that he was born with and the fierce competietor while still having great sportsmanship. Ryan plays on the AAU circuit with the Battlecats and Chris Tobin. I tell people all the time. “Young Fella is Good” So right now I have first pick and all I want to say is “GIVE ME HIM”   MR. Ryan Bost

 Ricky Moore

8 thoughts on “Promising Prospects”

  1. DONOVAN Jones of Vanderpool has great game and can go with the best the kid comes ready to play seek and destroy.

  2. I think Jalen McDonald should definitely be a player to look at he’s out for about a week with a hip injury but he’ll be back the weekend after this one you should really go check him out, great player. He plays for Illinois Attack great rebounder and hustler also can shoot the ball really well being a 1 and 2 guard.

  3. You should really go check out Khalid Jordan he can play but just came to Chicago and he haven’t made his self known yet I think he’s going to be a good prospect he can shoot the three he can drive make plays for his team and he can rebound I just got done watching him play wit Austin today at the James Jordan Center Y’all should really check him out

      1. Khalid Jordan play Wednesday at 7:30 at the James Jordan center with Austin go check him out and see what he can do

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