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Top 20 Pound4Pound & Top Duo’s or Combinations Pound4Pound

Top Shooters & Top 20 Pound4Pound 5/16

Top 20 Duo’s & Combinations Regardless of Class

1 DK, Ronald Johnson & Keiwon Gulley Mac Fire 2029

2.De’Andre Higgs & Marqwan Morgan -Meanstreets 2028

3. Darrius Hawkins & Brady Pettigrew Mac Irv. Fire 2028

4. Nigel Moore & Jaivyn Winchester AyoDosElite 2028

5. TJ Jamison & Dekari Nesbitt Meanstreets 2029

6. Isaac Smith & Andre Tucker Jr. – Blue Print 2029

7 Dallas Marshall & Javeon Williams -Capital City 2029

8. Jacob Miller, Rob Smith, Peyton Thomas -DGE 2030

9. Jer. Johnson & Markiss Northern Train4Best 2030

10. Braydon Holland & Kyrie Cooley Blue Print 2030

Top 60 Shooter Regardless of Class

  1. Logan Dunlop 2028
  2. Jared Mainor 2029
  3. Edison Ah-yo 2028
  4. Walker Ross 2028
  5. Daniel Chang 2028
  6. Brady Pettigrew 2028
  7. Fitz McDermott 2029
  8. Landon Reiner 2028
  9. Ben Ojala 2028
  10. Amari Brown 2028
  11. Aj Fenelus 2029
  12. Raymundo Garibay 2028
  13. Carlil Pittman 2028
  14. Jaivyn Winchester 2028
  15. Ethan Vahl 2028
  16. Keyonte Williams 2028
  17. Blake Walker 2028
  18. Kumasi Jones 2029
  19. Kentrell King Jr. 2028
  20. Drew Bauman 2029
  21. Deon Grant 2028
  22. Darius Hawkins 2028
  23. Josiah Hall 2028
  24. Jacob Miller 2030
  25. Jack Fabian 2028
  26. Darrin Laye Jr. 2028
  27. Terrell Wade 2028
  28. Jordan Joiner 2028
  29. Josiah Hall 2028
  30. Robert Smith 2030
  31. John Espinoza 2029
  32. Ryder Bradford 2029
  33. Tyler Britt 2028
  34. Darrin Laye Jr. 2028
  35. Ezenwa Nwagwu 2028
  36. Ashton Powell 2029
  37. Donnie Rogers 2029
  38. Gerry Cocroft Jr. 2029
  39. Joe Surrano 2028
  40. Josh Howard 2030
  41. Bj Evans 2028
  42. Drake Gensler 2029
  43. Terrence Whitfield 2029
  44. Cody Radar 2029
  45. Michael Mcghee 2030
  46. Deon Osborne 2029/ Tyler Harris 2029
  47. Orlando Bohlen 2029
  48. TJ Jamison 2029
  49. Prince Williams 2029/Larry Ellis III 2029
  50. Robert Boyd 2028
  51. Landon Hurley 2029
  52. DJ Cooper 2031
  53. Jayden Alford 2029
  54. Davis Hill 2030
  55. Cole Posmer 2030
  56. Kalob Hayes 2029
  57. DJ Moore 2029
  58. LJ Thomas 2029
  59. Rieycon Brown 2029
  60. Curtis Brown 2029
  61. MJ Redden 2028
  62. Averie Armstead 2031
  63. Gabriel Sheppard 2028


Top 20 Pound 4 Pound Regardless Of Class

Some Teams Have Not Been Seen Or Played Yet In AAU Season!!!


  1. Mac Irvin Fire 2029 – The group has been on fire, the addition of “DK” has put them over the top, they have an extremely talented group have thrust themselves into the number 1 spot, no doubt about it Coach Larro has them boys rolling.
  2. Meanstreets 2028-  The group started off done well in the Jr EYBL a much anticipated game this week against Top 5 Mac Irvin will have the area jumping for sure.
  3. Mac Irvin Fire/R2G 2028- The group appears to be firing on all cylinders after impressive wins on circuit, they have the talent to be Tops Again on list, a Game Against Meanstreets this weekend is very much anticipated.
  4. Blue Print 2029 – The group has been traveling around the Midwest and Hasnt had their whole team intact for a few of their losses, still a tough group that capable.
  5. Meanstreets 2029 – The team is jelling a nice win over Blue Print since last update and the team appears to trending upward.
  6. DG Elite 2029 – The group has been tearing up the Next Pro Circuit Up.
  7. Blue Print 2030- This group is very talented and a problem for anyone. 
  8. DG Elite 2030- A talented group, if the get that one dominant post player it changes a lot. 
  9. Capital City 2029- The group has their main core back, looking forward to Mini- Nationals.
  10. First Step 2029 – When healthy and at full strength Coach Parker has these kids ready for anything and will mat
  11. Blue Print 2031- They are still the premiere team here in their class when everyone is in attendance
  12. AyoDosElite 2028-The team is Scrappy and Fierce.
  13. Breakaway 2028 – The group has fight and you better be careful because Luke Loughlin is tough
  14. Midwest Royals 2029- This is a feisty and scrappy team that hands its hat on defense. Coach Byrd has gotten his team to buy in. If they are hitting the long ball it can be a long night, “They Are Good”
  15. Train 4 The Best – The team plays as a unit and wins games dispite not having a lot of size.
  16. Capital City 2030– This group is very intriguing, the have great size, length, toughness and seem to play for each other, Coach Bo got something here and its just the beginning. 
  17. Prolific 2031- This team has made a statement and they are one of the teams in class 2031 to be reckoned with.
  18. Midwest Thunder 2028- They are always right there in the thick of things. Kumasi is doing a great job with his boys.
  19. Illinois Nightmares 2029-  They are building and the pieces seem to be falling into place.
  20. Team Rose 2028 – The Group is up and down, but usually a threat

ALL State Teams Regardless of Class 

First Team

Alvin Robinson
  1. Darius Hawkins 2028
  2. Alvin Robinson 2028
  3. Cole Kelly 2028
  4. Keiwon Gulley 2029
  5. Ethan Vahl 2028
  6. Roosevelt Thomas 2028
  7. Brady Pettigrew 2028
  8. Da’Kylen Heard 2029
  9. Anfernee Moore 2028
  10. Blake Choice 2028
  11. Andre Tucker Jr. 2029

Second Team

  1. Chase Kasten 2028
  2. Jeremiah Weatherford 2028
  3. Jacob Only 2028
  4. Josiah Hall 2028
  5. Jaivyn Winchester 2028
  6. Kentrell King 2028
  7. Ronald Johnson 2029
  8. Stephen Dixon 2028
  9.  Darrin Laye Jr. 2028
  10.  Amari Williams 2028

Third Team

  1. King Woods 2028
  2. Keyonte Williams 2028
  3. Shane Lunford 2028
  4. TJ Jamison 2029
  5. Cody Radar 2029
  6. Denym Wallace 2029
  7. Isaac Smith 2029
  8. Carlil Pittman Jr. 2028
  9. Derrion Wallace 2028
  10. TJ Smith 2028

Top  Playmakers 

These the kids who you want with the ball in their hands and are capable of making plays for themselves or others with game on the line.

Brady Pettigrew
  1.  Darius Hawkins 2028
  2. Alvin Robinson 2028
  3. Brady Pettigrew 2028
  4. Amarion Holly
  5. Keiwon Gulley 2029
  6. Amir Tucker 2028
  7. Andre Tucker 2029

Top  Clutch  Shooters Game on The Line

Your team down 2 and you need a game winning 3pt shot, here are the guys who you want taking that shot.

  1. Kentrell King 2028
  2. Josiah Hall  2028
  3. Ethan Vahl 2028
  4. Carlil Pittman Jr. 2028
  5. Landon Reiner 2028
  6. T.J. Jamison 2029
  7. Darrin Laye Jr.. 2028
  8. Donnie Rogers 2029
  9. Logan Dunlap 2028
  10. Ryder Bradford 2029.

Top  Pure Pgs

 These are the set up kids, the floor generals who get your team into their sets and are coaches on the floor.

  1.  Darius Hawkins 2028
  2. Ethan Vahl 2028
  3. Jaivyn Winchester 2028
  4. Mehki Young 2028
  5. Cody Rader 2029
  6. Jacob Miller 2030
  7. Amir Pryor 2031
  8. Ezenwa Nwagwu 2028
  9. Orlando Edwards 2028

Top  Top 2 Way Players

These kids lock up on one end and can give you buckets on the other, 

  1. Blake Choice 2028
  2. Jacob Only 2028
  3. Dekari Nesbitt 2029
  4. Jeremiah Weatherford 2028
  5. Payton Thomas 2030
  6. Derrion Wallace 2028
  7. Marquiese Hull 2029

Top  Bucket Getters 

These kids give you straight buckets, capable of giving you 20 in a half, they have counter after counter moves.

John Starks
  1. Dream Horton 2028
  2. Keyonte Williams 2028
  3. Keiwon Gulley 2029
  4. Roosevelt Thomas 2028
  5. King Woods 2028
  6. Josiah Hall 2028
  7. John Starks 2029
  8. Brendal Orr 2028

Top Down The Line Prospects

These guys have the look of next level.

  1. Alvin Robinson 2028
  2. Braylon Porter 2028
  3. Cole Kelly 2028
  4. Amari Williams 2028
  5. DJ Caldwell 2028

Top Defenders 

These Kids Lock Up, Play Suffocating Defense

DeAndre Higgs
  1.  Blake Choice 2028
  2. Caleb Byrd 2029
  3. De’Andre Higgs 2028
  4. Malik Royster 2029
  5. Amari Williams 2028
  6. Jacob Only 2028
  7. Mason Spicier 2029
  8. Isaac Smith 2029

Top Skilled Shooting Bigs.

These kids are versatile, they can pick and pop, they are big in size for middle school, but have guard skills.

Anfernee Moore
  1. Chase Kasten 2028
  2. Alvin Robinson 2028
  3. Bennett Short 2029  
  4. Anfernee Moore 2028
  5. Da’ Kylen Heard
  6. Jalonny Billingsley 2029

Top Post Player

The Guys who control the paint.

Jacob Jones
  1. Matthew Lee 2028
  2. Amari Williams 2028
  3. Jacob Jones 2028
  4. Denim Wallace 2029
  5. Quran Davis 2029
  6. Merion Persich 2028

Top 50 Shooter Regardless of Class

  1. Carlil Pittman Jr. 2028
  2. Kentrell King 2028
  3. Amari Brown 2028
  4. Landon Reiner 2028
  5. Blake Walker 2028
  6. Fitz McDermott 2029
  7. Kumasi Jones 2029
  8. Deon Grant 2028
  9. Ryder Bradford 2029
  10. Ethan Vahl 2028
  11. Brady Pettigrew 2028
  12. Jaivyn Winchester 2028
  13. John Espinoza 2029
  14. BJ Evans 2028
  15. Logan Dunlop 2028
  16. Ezenwa Nwagwu 2028
  17. Ben Ojala 2028
  18. Jack Fabian 2028
  19. Robert Smith Jr 2030
  20. Tyler Harris 2029
  21. Josiah Hall 2029
  22. Ashton Powell 2029
  23. Donnie Rogers 2029
  24. Gerry Cocroft Jr. 2029
  25. Drake Gensler 2029
  26. Cole Posmer 2030
  27. Cody Radar 2029
  28. Michael Mcghee 2030
  29. TJ Jamison 2029
  30. Robert Boyd 2028
  31. Landon Hurley 2029
  32. Kalob Hayes 2029
  33. DJ Moore 2029
  34. LJ Thomas 2029
  35. Larry Ellis III 2029
  36. Jaydon Alford 2029
  37. Davis Hill 2030
  38. Ryan Yazdan 2030
  39. Max Blagojevich 2029
  40. Deon Osborne 2029
  41. Noah Young 2029
  42. Drew Bauman 2029
  43. Keyonte Williams 2028
  44. Orlando Bohlen 2029
  45. Darrin Laye Jr. 2028
  46. Prince Williams 2029
  47. Elijah Crater 2028
  48. Giles Murray 2028
  49. Rion Ono 2028
  50. Gabriel Shepard 2028
  51. Shaquille Henry 2029
  52. Davion Stanley 2028
  53. Nate Henry 2028


TOP Prospect Article

Top Prospect #49

“Walked Em  Down”

Alvin Robertson Jr. (2028) – UWWWWWWEEEEE, Chicago has itself ” A Hot Prospect. The Prospect I Label, ” He Walked Em Down” Young fella has been one of the most intriguing prospects for a few years. He is 6/3 ish and growing by the day. He is the kid who has gotten better and better growing up playing with his neighborhood guys. He was not the most celebrated or known early, he just played for the love and his community, LIKE I SAID BEFORE ” YOUR GAME IS YOUR GAME REGARDLESS OF TEAM OR WHERE YOU PLAYING” Young Fella  has the most versatile game in the class, as he can dominate in the post, he can facilitate at the point, he can knock  it down with ease from deep, as evident this past weekend. 5 deep 3’s in a row and he can create his own shot off the bounce equally as impressive. That Equals Hottest Prospect Walking!!!!. But what impresses me is young fella’s attitude is second to none, A couple years ago 6th grade, young fella entered the rankings in the teens, even though I knew he would move up and surpass many of his classmates to me it was a matter of time before ” He Walked Em Down” I stuck him there for motivation and to see how he would react similar to what I did with Morez Johnson when he was at this age, I knew he was a great prospect but didn’t want to give him something too early.  Young fella never whined, he just got in the gym and progressively got better. Fast forward to 7th grade I moved him up slightly but not yet in Top 10. He still had that same smile on his face, i said to him one day at event. Young Fella You Want Me To Move You Up?” He said ” I don’t want you to give it to me, I’ll earn it”  I said to myself, I like this kid here FRFR, and that’s just what I did, I held off moving him to what I really felt he projected to be at that time. Enter this year, he squeezed in Top 10, But I still felt I needed to keep him hungry. Again He never complained always had that same smile. Well son, I can not hold off any longer, while this class is deep and one of the better in recent years, You are very deserving and have one of the highest ceilings in the class, you have made it clear and Walked Down Name After Name On That List!!! add to that you are a team first kid who plays for his guys, you never got caught up in playing with the bigger names or bigger name programs, you have stayed the course. You made your name and helped your team make a name.  Now you are arguably the Most Sought After Player In The Class, Currently  8 on our 2028 class rankings  It’s more than over due as you will be moving inside the Top 5 Prospects at a rather high mark. when updates are made Thanksgiving Week. To one of my favorite players in the class, Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge Alvin Robinson Jr. as our Promising Prospect #49 Walked Em Down” 

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Top Prospect # 48

“I See It Coming”


There are many talented players in the class of 2028, Some are stronger, some are bigger, but let me tell ya, many don’t have what  Jaivyn Winchester has and that’s Real Game!!. He is the kid I call  ” I SEE IT COMING” I’ve witnessed young fella slice and dice his way through defenders and score in traffic, I’ve witness young fella orchestrate comeback wins with Big Shots, But what impresses me most is he is a as a leader, he is a kid who does whatever needed and makes his teammates better, he would prefer to get the assist and they look good as opposed to it just being about himself. To the average eye, some don’t understand his value because he’s not a numbers kid, or a play for the crowd kid, ” He’s A Winner!!” He’s a kid a College Coach will understand right away Yep!!! He One Of Them Dudes!!!”  Here is the player I say  “I SEE IT COMING” young fella is a kid I’ve watched since 3rd grade and he is the kid who always excepts the challenge, He hasn’t played on stacked teams but he has never not more than held his own against anyone. Add to that he is a good respectable kid who I’ve watch value coaching . Yesss Suhhh!!! I’m Putting My Stamp On This One, D1 Barring Injury Mark It Down Right Now,  People doubted me when I called Ryan Boatright(UCONN) Kevin Miller (Wake Forrest) & Jalen Griffith( Jacksonville) in 6th Grade.  saying Rick “how can you see that when they so small and it’s so early?” . Well I say this ” I SEE IT COMING” young fella has gifts and skill set that some kids 3 years his superior can’t match, he wants too to be good, puts time in the gym and his gene pool speaks he won’t stay small forever, he is definitely a Promising Prospect  I say to young fella, “Be Patient”  You Like That,  things about to get scary for people real soon. ” I SEE IT COMING” young fella is currently a Top 10 Prospect In Our Jr Hoops Elite Class 2028, look for Jaivyn @ The Top Prospect Showcase Aug 20th where many of the Top Players in Midwest Will be In The Building. We Would Like To Acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 48 “I See It Coming”

Ricky Moore


Top Prospect # 47

” Second To None “

Davion Thompson

There is a kid who has been terrorizing people for years, a kid who is probably the most decorated kid I’ve ever witnessed at this stage of his very young career I call him ” Second To None”, He goes by the name Davion Thompson. When I tell you he is an athlete supreme that could be an understatement. Several years ago I’m at a youth basketball ball game scouting for talent and here comes a kid running into the gym dashing to get to the start of the game. I watch young fella go for 25+ putting the team on his back, hitting jump shots, slashing through defenders,  scoring in traffic, rebounding over bigger, splitting double teams and willing his team to victory in a championship game I was sure they didn’t have a chance. I say instantly ” WHOA, YOUNG FELLA IS ONE OF THEM DUDES” I ask a parent and they say. ” He Just Left His Football Game, He The Star QB” I’m like ” What you gotta be kidding “, with all that energy and passion I couldn’t believe it. YEP!!  That was just the beginning. Fast forward to now.  I’ve witness young fella score 30 pts+, leading his basketball team to victory on multiple occasions and I’ve witness young fella score 4TDs on the football team leading both to championships. No Doubt About It. Young Fella is a ” Dog Amongst Dogs!! . He is a 2 Time National Football Champ,  Back To Back State School Champion In Basketball, AAU Basketball Nations Top 5, and has won and been in more big games than anyone in the State when it comes to competing and coming out on top he is ” Second To None. While many kids will have a hard time adjusting to playing with and against elite players we feel Davion is a kid who will not have a problem adjusting to the next level. He has played alongside Jaxson Davis to form one of the best backcourts anywhere, he has played against high level competition, he has leadership qualities and is a coachable kid who has always been very respectable. Currently ranked in our Top 5 players in 2027 we see a kid who is Destined To Be Good and we would like to acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 47 ” Second To None”

Top Prospect # 46

” He Waited His Time “

Howard Williams Jr. 2027

Howard Williams 2027 – Here is a kid who I’ve seen for years a kid who has always did whatever asked of him on the court, a kid who can Dominate The Game in So Many Ways!! I’ve witness games where he has had 25 & 10 I’ve witnessed games where he has barely gotten in games and what impressed me the most is the kids demeanor never changed. He would just sit there and Patiently Wait His Time. Here is a kid who lives the gym, he is constantly working on his craft, I’ve witnessed in short amount of time a player transform from playing the 5 to being able to play the 2/3. This is a kid who has next level ability, a kid I would say D1 barring injury. When everyone else was doubting young fella and what he was doing, I was seeing a kid who was ” Slow Cooking His Meal ” , taking baby steps in order to get it right. I’ve witnessed early in his transformation several games where he would make mistakes , sometimes his father would yell or scream, people would run up to me and say ” He Not This Or He Not That” What impressed me the most, Young Fella never got discouraged, he never got mad at coaches, he took all the criticism from dad (unwarranted you ask me) never blamed and injury or being over worked, he just took it in stride, got back in gym put in the work and “Added More Seasoning To The Dish!!”, Fast forward to this year and young fella has shown every skill imaginable on the court, he has been the lead guard making plays for others off the dribble, he is knocking the ball down with consistency and accuracy, he is still using his size when needed to win inside and his midrange game is off the charts, as he is able to get to his spots near the elbow and rise over the smaller guards. I’ve witness him make like 8 in a row including game winner. This is the kid who when everybody was rushing and worried about each and every game, each and every win, how their stats looked etc. “The kid and dad were more focused on developmen  “I witnessed it first hand Yes Suhhhh!!!”. Well it seems to have worked because my phone has been ringing off the hook for the last 4 months at least 10 calls a week, asking me what I think of Howard Williams Jr.  Yep!! I can’t think of a kid who is more deserving, he is polite, respectable and one of the more coachable kids I’ve witnessed, everything about this kid speaks ” A Coaches Dream” He is a total package and someone you want representing your school. Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge young fella our current #1 rated 2027 as our   Promising Prospect # 46 “He Waited His Time” Lets Go Young Fella

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972




Top 10 Two Way Guards  Pound4Pound

  1. Jaxson Davis 2027
  2. Davion Thompson 2027
  3. Darius Hawkins 2028
  4. DeMarko King Jr. 2027
  5. Andre Tucker Jr. 2029
  6. Jacob Only 2028
  7. Malik Royster 2029
  8. Chris Chittaro 2027
  9. Luke Loughlin 2028
  10. Camarie Richmond 2027

Top 50 Shooters Regardless of Class

    1. Devin Cleveland 2027
    2. Jayden McDonald 2027
    3. Dominic Scalise 2027
    4. Jaxson Davis 2027
    5. Griffin McNeil 2027
    6. Jamarri Fears 2027
    7. Jamier Montgomery 2027
    8. Victor Norris 2027
    9. Edward Humes IV 2027
    10. Christopher Chitarro 2027
    11. Landon Reiner 2028
    12. Jake Nawrot 2027
    13. Jayden Bullock 2027
    14. Ethan Vahl 2028
    15. Brady Pettigrew 2028
    16. James Taylor 2027
    17. Cole Dubois 2027
    18. Kentrell King 2028
    19. Joshua Malauchinus 2027
    20. Reggie Stephens 2027
    21. Amari Brown 2028
    22. Kumasi Jones Jr. 2028
    23. Lazavion Kelley 2029
    24. De’Marco King 2027
    25.  Travis Brown Jr. 2027
    26. Robert Boyd Jr. 2028
    27. James Callahan
    28. Michael Roche Jr.
    29. Angelo Adams 2028
    30. Davion Stanley 2028
    31. Ben Ojela 2028
    32. Tyler Harris 2029
    33. Sameer Childs 2027
    34. Uriah Davis 2027
    35. Asa Harris 2027
    36. Matt Green Jr. 2027
    37.  Larry Ellis 2029
    38. Carlil Pittman Jr. 2028
    39. Blake Walker 2028
    40. Kendall Davis 2027
    41. Brent Evans 2028
    42. Gerry Cocroft III 2029
    43. Donovan Jones  2029
    44. Landon Hurley 2029
    45. Joseph Velazquez 2028
    46. Benji Veber 2027
    47. Jordan Harper 2027
    48. Johnny Udoiwod 2029
    49. Tobyus Banks 2027
    50. Cody Radar 2029
    51. Amir Tucker 2028
    52. Drake Geneslor 2029

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Top 15 Backcourts Pound 4 Pound

  1. Flight 2027- Jaxson Davis, Davion Thompson, Mike Pierre, Travis Brown
  2. Demons 2027- Malachi Ranson, Matt Green Jr, Edward Williams
  3. Mac Irvin Fire 2029- Kewon Gulley, Ronald Johnson, Larry Ellis Jr. Ryder Bradford
  4. Meanstreets 2028 – Kentrell King Jr, Darius Hawkins, Shane Lunford, Ben Ojala, Dion Grant & Brent Evans
  5. Chitown Bulldogs 2027- Sameer Childs, Reggie Stephens, DeMarco King, Jayden McDonald, Karon Shavers
  6. Flight 2028 – Brady Pettigrew, Ethan Vahl, Derrion Wallace
  7. Team Swinnie 2027- Jamier Montgomery, Tobyus Banks, Victor Norris, Edward Humes, Gerald Walton, Lebron Rogers
  8. Smoke City 2027- Camarie Richmond, Amari Winters, Terrion Mack, Jeffery Grant.
  9. Dreamchasers 2028 – Amir Tucker, Jaivyn Winchester, Amare Brown, Edwin Karnauchovas
  10. Meanstreets 2029- John Starks, Dakari Nesbitt,Tyler Harris, Cody Radar
  11. Da Future 2028- Dream Horton, Keyonte Williams, Kai Orr, Giles Murry
  12. 94ft 2029- Zayden Johnson, LJ, Darrell Jackson, Mehki & Joshua Brown
  13. NBU 2027- Dominic Scalise, Logan Wessel, Gabriel Smith(2028)
  14. Blue Print 2029- Andre Tucker, Loggan Redditt, DJ Moore
  15. R2G 2029- Landon Hurly, Kalob Hayes, Malik Royster

Top 25 Pg’s Pound4Pound Regardless of Class

Luke Loughlin
  1. Jaxson Davis 2027
  2. Darius Hawkins 2028
  3. Jamier Montgomery 2027
  4. Ethan Vahl 2028
  5. Jaivyn Winchester 2028
  6. Amir Tucker 2028
  7. Jayden Newell 2027
  8. Amarion Holly-Smith 2028
  9. Jacob Miller 2030
  10. Cody Radar 2029
  11. Travis Brown 2027
  12. Lazavion Kelley 2029
  13. Dekari Nesbitt 2029
  14. Robert Smith Jr. 2030
  15. Noah Williams 2030
  16. Edward (4) Williams 2027
  17. Jamarri Fears 2027
  18. Jeffery Grant 2027
  19. Kentrell King Jr. 2028
  20. Larry Upshaw 2029
  21. Luke Loughlin 2028
  22. Brandon Hightower 2027
  23. Logan Redditt 2029
  24. Jayden King 2027
  25. Amari Winters 2027

Top 25 Off Guards Pound4Pound Regardless of Class

Dream Horton
  1. DavionThompson 2027
  2. Brady Pettigrew 2028
  3. Devin Cleveland 2027
  4. Jayden McDonald 2027
  5. Tobyus Banks 2027
  6. Malachi Ransom 2027
  7. Dream Horton 2028
  8. Braydon Porter 2028
  9. Keiwon Gulley 2029
  10. DeMarco King 2027
  11. Zayden Johnson 2029
  12. Reggie Stevens 2027
  13. Camarie Richmond 2027
  14. Ronald Johnson 2029
  15. Terreon Wallace 2027
  16. Terreon Mack 2027
  17. Jeremiah Weatherford 2028
  18. Matt Green Jr. 2027
  19. John Starks 2029
  20. Uriah Davis 2027
  21. Christopher Chittaro 2027
  22.  Jayden Bullock 2027
  23. Peyton Thomas 2030
  24. Andre Tucker 2029
  25. Johnny Udoiwod 2029

Top 25 Winter Travel/ AAU Teams Pound 4 Pound All Inclusive

  1. Chi-town Bulldogs 2028-  Very impressive win over Flight In Championship Last weekend. The group has always been talented, but with All The Recent Additions WHOA!!! They have taken it over the top. Will there be enough minutes for the star studded team will be the question. They will be on the road this weekend in
  2. Meanstreet/ R2G 2028- The group enters the new year as the Number 1 Preason Team , The group has been one of the elite for several years. Coach Kentrell has done a nice job of keeping his core and adding little pieces and not disrupting chemistry. They Move Like A Family.
  3. Mac Irvin Fire 2029- They are tough as nails can the be called the cream of the crop in their age bracket. Hmmmm things will be answered soon.
  4. Flight 2028- A Nice comeback win in championship vs a fiesty Da future, the group has as much talent as any team in the class, once they put some time in, we will see how they look later in season.
  5. Chi-town Bulldogs 2027- They are a different team with Big Howard.
  6. Smoke City 2027- The group took it on the chin this weekend and will look to bounce back.
  7. M14- Gold – 2027- This is a group I have to watch closer, they have size, length great coaching and length. I’ll be out to catch them in next couple of weeks tare good and had a great showing @ Double Down In Dec.
  8. Blue Print 2029- The group looked good and have taken over the number 1 spot for now in a competitive 2029 that changes by the week.
  9. Mac Irvin Fire 2029- The group is very talented and the rivalries will be crazy in division going forward
  10. Da Future 2028 – The group is tough Dream Horton & Keyonta Williams  put on a show this past weekend in Championship game vs Flight 22 & 18 in one of best games of the day
  11. 94ft 2030- One of the nicest young groups around, when totally assembled they are a problem the group will be playing up this weekend, will they have enough size?
  12. 94ft 2028- The group is tough and 2029 RJ Nelson is one of them dudes. This group has some pieces
  13. Gametime 2027-This Group is tough, they play with heart and capable of giving anyone a good game.
  14. Geek Squad 2027- They are tough and always in battles, when on their A game they are tough.
  15. 94ft- 2029- They open up at Double Down In Dec on December 11th. Will they match up with Mac Irvin Fire there?
  16. Prolific 2030- One of the nicest young groups around, when totally assembled they are a problem.
  17. Blue Print 2030- The talent is stacking up all over the program, th
  18. Wildkits Black 2028- This group has a collection of outside shooters and had an outstanding performance this past weekend @ Double Down In Dec.
  19. DreamChasers 2028- The team is rounding back into form and appear to be on upward swing.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 44

“The Table Setter”

Ok All The Kids Are lined up 50 of the elite prospects. My First Pick, Give Me Him( everyone looks around puzzled and confused, but not knowing what I’m knowing) who Rykan? yep that’s my pick. Rykan Woo is a coaches dream. He plays the game with and understanding second to none in Middle School, he will do whatever a coach needs to get the win and he is the Ultimate Table Setter!! There are no better guards in Middle school at getting in the paint and causing havoc. Young Fella is the guard who can get the old school assist, he gets around his man off the dribble, defender steps up and he spoon feeds the bigs!! ,Yep He is a ” Table Setter” young fella is  the kid who understands how to set up his shooters with the subtle movement and then cross court a pass-through traffic for the easy shot. He’s is the kid when the coach instructs him to do something all you hear is Yes Sir Coach!! while there are many kids who can play, there aren’t many who make players better.  I’ve witnessed none better over the course of 2 years lead a team to as many wins or keep his team in contention as an underdog as Rykan, This past weekend I watched young fella lead his team to a NY2LA CO- Championship as they beat several teams including Indy Premiere where no one thought they had a chance. I got text after text and call after call saying. “: Man You Was Right, That Rykan A MF” all I said was yep I told he can play. The qualities he possess are all things that speak well down the line, add the fact that he is one of the best on ball defenders at his position in the class and the ability to knock it down from deep at a high clip let it be known you have a player. As I’ve told many people in Area, I think the class is a little down, there aren’t many who I would want on my team, but I know one thing I’m starting my team with Rykan Woo ” The Table Setter” Because I know one thing, he will do everything possible to get the win and he the ultimate teammate he wants all to succeed. there have been times where he may have sat on the bench for various reasons unwarranted, but he never sat and sulked, he never complained, he cheered and rooted his teammates on. Game Recognize Game and young fella has it, it’s not where you’re from, who you play with, who you know that makes me say a player is good, it’s you game and impact on the floor. So Again If I have first pick give me Rykan Woo because he will make all the players around him better and they will all go through a wall for him and want to play with him. We would like to recognize Rykan Woo as our Promising Prospect #44 The Table Setter”

Ricky Moore 4/5

773 383-0972

Promising Prospect #43

” He Something Different “

Maaaan if you haven’t seen Jaxson Davis 2027 you are missing a treat, I rarely write a Promising Prospect Article about a kid in 6th Grade. I wrote one for Amari Bailey, Patrick Baldwin, this early and that’s saying something yep ” He Is Something Different”. Young Fella is a poised combo guard who has been on the scene having equal success playing up a grade or two. He was the man in control of our past pound for pound number 1 team 2026 Illinois Ice who had won everything locally for 3 years and competed nationally very well. Young Fella has some Jalen Brunson( Dallas Mavericks) in his game. I”m not saying he is a pro, all I’m saying is at this stage he has the similar type qualities and impact as the former McDonalds All American. It’s remarkable how a kid so young can play with so much poise. He is a knock down shooter, a crafty ball handler who gets in the lane with his change of pace and he is as clutch as they come at the free-throw line under pressure. I have never with my own eyes seen this kid miss a free and I’ve seen this kid play over 50 games yep ” He Is Something Different”. A couple of weeks ago at National Tournament young fella poured in 51 in a highly contested game & believe me he was very efficient as young fella is very unselfish and looks for his teammates, I’ve never seen him force shots. You can Mark it down right now D-1 barring some sort of injury or illness. Yes I said it, and he is in 6th Grade. Yea for a guard that small it’s very rare to make a statement like that, but young fella has that ” Special In Him” right now he is clearly a top 3 guard prospect regardless of class and currently rated our number prospect in the class of 2027. We would like to scknowledge Jaxson Davis as our Promising Prospect # 43 “He Is Something Different”

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 42

” Silent Killer

Melvin Bell

Sometimes you see a kid and say ” He Fits The Bill ” Yep Young fella is a kid you look at and say ” Next Level” I watched Melvin Bell ” Silent Killer”  tear up the youth league while in 7th grade playing up a grade against several of the premier 8th grade AAU teams last year. I said ” Young Fella Is NIIIIIIIICE”  too coach Tommie  look “you got one of them dudes!! ain’t too many better than that”.. Melvin was controlling the pg and getting anywhere he wanted on the floor and he did it effortlessly he was destroying opponents without saying a word. Fast forward to this year and I see young fella has grown like 5 inches and filling out I said Whoa!! young fella has gone from being nice to one of the Top Prospects in the class. I watched Melvin hit consecutive 3’s in Championship game in Indiana, after watching young fella finish at the rim in traffic several times the game before while others were talking trash, young fella let his game do the talking. Then The following week he showed he was virtually un-guardable as he shoot over the lil guards, went around the slower wings and had counter dribble moves against the long and athletic wings giving them people a quick 20 without a sweat. I said here is a kid who will enter high school and play Varsity Day 1. This is a kid 2-3 years from now you will see finishing plays on people’s head, a kid who blends ability to play 3 positions on the floor and a kid who appears to have room for several more inches of growth.. This is a kid while others are peaking out, he is exploding upward with a ceiling that not too many in his class have. Young Fella is currently rated a Top 5  Prospect in 2025 class rankings and could very well be the most sought after prospect in his class when it’s all said and done. This Ultra-Smooth Combo Guard is the Truth and has been giving teams problems, while all the kids are chirping and looking for attention, young fella is in the gym getting better. I know one thing, he doesnt talk trash with his mouth, he talks trash with his game young fella is a Killa on the court and we would like to acknowledge Melvin Bell as our Promising Prospect # 42 “Silent Killer”.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 38

Morez Johnson

” By Leaps & Bounds “

There is a kid whose game has grown so much as a player in the past year it’s crazy, I mean his game has expanded “By Leaps & Bounds” a kid who played in my league over a year ago whom I said ” He Has A Chance, He Has The Right Tools!!” yet young fella didn’t seem to have the desire, or assertiveness I knew he needed. Young Fella was teasing me with one or two moves a game and that would be it. I watched several games where he just ran up and down the floor and was a non factor on both ends, yes he looked the part but wasn’t living up too what ” I Knew He could Be” Our rankings came out I had young fella in the mid 30’s people would ask me, is he a 30’s player? I would say no he can be as good as everyone in the class  he is a Top 5 talent in the class, but this will motivate him, I’m Not Giving Him Anything, He Will Earn It With His Play..  I never mentioned that to young fella ,” I said it too a couple of coaches and shoe company affiliated AAU Coaches When They Asked. I told them that number aint accurate he is the player you need”. The Funny thing is Morez never took it as slight, he was honored too be on the list of 250 kids. Young fella used it as motivation and as a tool of   ” I’ll Get Better & has young fella been on a mission, every month he was in the gym getting better and adding to his game. He has gone from a big kid who could run the court and use his length on defense too a kid who can shoot it from deep, take his man off the dribble, score in traffic, defend the post, brings the ball up the court in transition and can either dish it off too a teammate or ” PUT IT DOWN ON YOUR HEAD!!!” I’ve witness young fella climb the ladder in the rankings destroying any and everyone on the court, a kid whose confidence is through the roof and this after being on teams where he was either looked over or sat behind players. Young fella didn’t pout, he got in the gym and got better and is Jr. Hoops Elite Player Of The Year & now currently our #2 Player In The Class Of 2024. We would like to acknowledge Morez Johnson as Our Promising Prospect ” By Leaps & Bounds

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 37

Carlos Harris Jr.

” He Nice With It “

There is a player when I see him he makes me say ” He Nice With It!!” a player who has a much talent as anyone in the class, ” Yes Sirrrr, He One Of Them Dudes”  yet young fella is a team player and plays the game to win so sometimes to others it may look like he isn’t being dominant thats just because he is so unselfish and isn’t out here forcing things or playing for the crowd he is mature in his game. Carlos Harris is a coaches  and teammates dream he is all about the team. I’ve watched young fella put on a show and carry his team to victories scoring 25 & 10 on numerous occasions in the games against the strongest competition, the bigger the game the better he plays, he’s not the kid to put up false numbers he is the kid who lets all his teammates eat and when its time to takeover he has that “it gene” to do just that yep ” He Nice With It!!. When I say multi- skilled Carlos fits the bill, he can shoot from deep, he can facilitate for others and he is the best finisher through contact in the Class Of 2024.  Young Fella is also a leader on the floor he knows how too put his teammates in position too succeed, he gives them confidence and I’ve yet to ever see him down on any of his teammates  even after a bad play he is always encouraging. This past weekend young fella was on full display including several games where it was  Standing Room Only Highly intense game with several of the elite players in the class, he left no doubt he is a Top Player In The Class and one of the kids that has my phone ringing off the hook, one of the kids that can lead to a program resurgence or turn around and  one of the kids who has D 1 talent. Jr Hoops Elite would like too acknowledge Carlos Harris Jr as our Promising Prospect ” 37″ ” He Nice With It.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 36

” The Kid Is Special “


Antione Glasper 2024

The average eye can’t see it, the normal basketball fan might miss it, but the people who know basketball will understand right away ” ” The Kid Is Special!!!” There is a player walking around right now who is unassuming, quiet and sometimes bashful. But the kid game is The Truth Introducing  !!Antione Glasper  remember the name the kid  has all the tools, he can shoot it from deep, finish in traffic, mid range game is off the charts, has a burst with the ball in his hands  like no other in the his class, vision top tier and has the combination of instinctiveness and  elusiveness that makes you say ” Damn, That Boy  Don’t Know What He Just Did”. All while moving effortless like it’s just a day at the office, I’m telling you ” The Kid Is Special” . What makes young fella that much more special is he has no selfish bone in his body and he has never been a me first kid, he is equally as happy if his teammates are doing well, even tho his talent maybe superior he never tries too overshadow anyone. I’ve witness Antione  score 30 in a game in spectacular fashion, I witness young fella make moves where he makes his defender fall and then knock the shot down making the packed gym crowd go crazy, I watched young fella in standing room only game hit the game winner as time expires and everyone storms the court,  I watched the kid make players 2 grade levels above look like 5th graders, Yep!! ” The Kid Is Special”. Guess what, not in one instance has he gloated, cheered, talked trash, or even made a kid feel inferior, hell I didn’t even see him smile he just walked off the court like ” Business as Usual. Here is a kid we say barring injury will be playing D 1 basketball in a few years, young fella is currently rated in our Top 5 Prospects Class Of 2024 We would like to acknowledge Antione Glasper as  Promising Prospect #36 ” The Kid Is Special” 

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



” There Is Not One”

Emmanuel Mosley

I don’t care who you have on your team, I don’t care where you are from, ” There’s Not One!!!! ” kid I would rather have shooting my ball in a clutch situation or game on the line than Mr. Emmanuel Mosley(2025) young fella is as clutch as they come. Last weekend young fella knocked down 2 game winning 3’s and led his team to the Final 4. A lot of people were amazed, but too me its been the norm, I’ve been watching young fella since I coached him in the showcase when he was in 5th Grade, I knew then, as he knocked down long range bombs and led us too a championship that this kid was a player. I said to myself ‘ Young Fella is going to be a problem when he gets older. EJ as known too many is a Quiet Assassin, young fella can run the pg spot as he has an exceptional IQ,  pinpoint passing and the ability to break his man down and spoon feed others  or young fella can slide over too the shooting guard and knock shots down with the best of them and create from the wing, here is a player a coach can use in a variety of ways. In an era where shooting is a premium he’s a very hot commodity.  I only trust so many people with the ball in their hands to make the right decision with the game on the line EJ is 1 of 6. There are also 3 kids I’d want taking the game winning 3 or the pressure shot with game on the line of which EJ is in that 3. So when you say clutch and trustworthy you get the point. If its a clear look and  game winning shot is being attempted if I had my money on the line “THERE”S NOT ONE!!!” I’d rather have shooting my ball in Middle School.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 38

Morez Johnson

” By Leaps & Bounds “

There is a kid whose game has grown so much as a player in the past year it’s crazy, I mean his game has expanded “By Leaps & Bounds” a kid who played in my league over a year ago whom I said ” He Has A Chance, He Has The Right Tools!!” yet young fella didn’t seem to have the desire, or assertiveness I knew he needed. Young Fella was teasing me with one or two moves a game and that would be it. I watched several games where he just ran up and down the floor and was a non factor on both ends, yes he looked the part but wasn’t living up too what ” I Knew He could Be” Our rankings came out I had young fella in the mid 30’s people would ask me, is he a 30’s player? I would say no he can be as good as everyone in the class  he is a Top 5 talent in the class, but this will motivate him, I’m Not Giving Him Anything, He Will Earn It With His Play..  I never mentioned that to young fella ,” I said it too a couple of coaches and shoe company affiliated AAU Coaches When They Asked. I told them that number aint accurate he is the player you need”. The Funny thing is Morez never took it as slight, he was honored too be on the list of 250 kids. Young fella used it as motivation and as a tool of   ” I’ll Get Better & has young fella been on a mission, every month he was in the gym getting better and adding to his game. He has gone from a big kid who could run the court and use his length on defense too a kid who can shoot it from deep, take his man off the dribble, score in traffic, defend the post, brings the ball up the court in transition and can either dish it off too a teammate or ” PUT IT DOWN ON YOUR HEAD!!!” I’ve witness young fella climb the ladder in the rankings destroying any and everyone on the court, a kid whose confidence is through the roof and this after being on teams where he was either looked over or sat behind players. Young fella didn’t pout, he got in the gym and got better and is Jr. Hoops Elite Player Of The Year & now currently our #2 Player In The Class Of 2024. We would like to acknowledge Morez Johnson as Our Promising Prospect ” By Leaps & Bounds

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


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  1. That was a great tournament looking for to future tournaments. Thanks Ricky for everything. Coach Aubrey Dodd.

  2. Awesome event competition was a great measuring stick of where your team belongs.

  3. Illinois Rebels star player Kenneth Sallee better known as Ken…Class of 2020 can flat out shoot the ball like no other..He is also a combo guard that can do it all…@k3_elite12 on IG.

    1. I’m going to start doing girl events this fall… What grade care you in? What team do you play for?

  4. Very Excited about my son Cincere Colbert making the list. That was his 1st invite so he didn’t know what to expect. Thanks for the invite Ricky! We look forward to more. He will be ready next time!! Remember that name! #CINCERECOLBERTTABORN #CINCT

    1. What AAU team is Cincere playing on/ trying to catch up with young fella. Top Prospect Showcase will be in Aug…

      1. He goes to Argo High & he’s playing with the Illinois Jammers so far! My email is catrinacolbert@gmail if you need to reach out. Thanks

        1. I’m in the 6th grade can participate in the 6tg grade showcase I play for Lincoln Middle School

  5. Can you please come over to the Walter payton basketball camp on July 31st to July 4th

    1. Some people are on Instagram and not everyone gets on website or instagram. Did you check there?

  6. Peoria Calvin Coolidge is the most slept on Middle School Team in the state. They feature your number 10 ranked player Kamari Weayherspoon and a whole host of others who deserve a ranking!

      1. I sent you a copy of the Calvin Coolidge Middle School 8th grade team schedule via email. I hope you can make it down to a game.

  7. Ricky come on man you drop Jerl Allen down to 15 that young man dont never get the love he deserve I know he feels the hate but the kid has more talent and heart and RESPECT than most but I know you see a lot of stars out there and decisions ain’t easy either

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