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Updated Team Pound4Pound Below @ noon, Top Duo’s or Combinations coming @ 10pm tonight

Pound4Pound Top 25 Teams Regardless of Class Updated 7/3

Top 25 Pound 4 Pound Regardless Of Class

  1. Mac Irvin Fire 2029 – The group has been rolling, they won Mini Nationals this past weekend, the group plays for each other, look for Ronald Johnson In Top 3 when updated rankings come out. The group ran off tough wins against the heavy hitters. 
  2. Meanstreets 2028-  The group has been idle and will get back to it in July. Kids playing with High Schools..
  3. Mac Irvin Fire/R2G 2028- The group had plenty of kids playing Varsity this past month and will get back to it this coming weekend
  4. Blue Print 2029 – The group has been traveling around the Midwest and Hasnt had their whole team intact for a few of their losses, still a tough group that capable.
  5. Midwest Thunder 2028 – Coach Kumasi has assembled some of the premier players in Central Illinois and they are hungry. Tristian Adams, Amir Beasley, DJ Burns, Landon Cooper have all played well and will enter or move up in updated class rankings. 
  6. Train 4The Best 2030- The group has assembled some of the best pieces in Midwest. The backcourt of Jeremiyah, Markus & Kamani Moore are as good as any I’ve seen.
  7. DG Elite 2029 – The group was short handed this past weekend, but played tough, another battle with Fire and Blue Print could be looming this weekend. 
  8. Blue Print 2030- This group is very talented and a problem for anyone, 
  9. DG Elite 2030- A talented group, the question is will all the pieces stay together. 
  10. Capital City 2029- The group showed they are right there @ Mini- Nationals lost to Number 1 team in a dog fight.
  11. Midwest Renegades 2029 – Uh ohhhh, we have a new group thats making noise. The assembly of talented players made a difference.
  12. Blue Print 2031- They are still the premiere team here in their class when everyone is in attendance
  13. AyoDosElite 2028-The team is Scrappy and Fierce.
  14. Breakaway 2028 – The group has fight and you better be careful because Luke Loughlin is tough
  15. Capital City 2030– This group is very intriguing, the have great size, length, toughness and seem to play for each other, Coach Bo got something here and its just the beginning. 
  16. Prolific 2031- This team has made a statement and they are one of the teams in class 2031 to be reckoned with.
  17. Powerhouse 2029- The group is tough as nails, they pack a punch. The team moves the ball, shoots it well and competes on both ends and that’s a recipe for success.
  18. Illinois Nightmares 2029-  They are building and the pieces seem to be falling into place.
  19. Team Rose 2028 – The Group is up and down, but usually a threat.
  20. Chicago Demons- The group is learning to compete day in and day out. They have talent.
  21. First Step 2029- The group has lost some pieces, but they are still tough.
  22. Spartan Sports 2029- The group is fiesty and competitive, what they lack in size they make up for in effort. Jake is the engine, Drew, Patrick are lethal from deep and the group plays together. 
  23. Illinois Nightmares 2030- The group has some potential.
  24. A Basketball Mentality 2030- The group came in this weekend unheard of by many and walked out with a championship and players being noticed. Titus & Duain combination inside speaks trouble for many and the ability of guards to hit free-throws down the stretch were big.
  25. RTG 2030 – Another sneaky good young team that has size and moves the ball well.

Top 15 Duo’s Or Cobinations Regardless of Class

1 DK, Ronald Johnson & Keiwon Gulley Mac Fire 2029

2.De’Andre Higgs & Marqwan Morgan -Meanstreets 2028

3. Darrius Hawkins & Brady Pettigrew Mac Irv. Fire 2028

4. Nigel Moore & Jaivyn Winchester AyoDosElite 2028

5. TJ Jamison & Dekari Nesbitt Meanstreets 2029

6. Isaac Smith & Andre Tucker Jr. – Blue Print 2029

7 Dallas Marshall & Javeon Williams -Capital City 2029

8. Jacob Miller, Rob Smith, Peyton Thomas -DGE 2030

9. Jer. Johnson & Markiss Northern Train4Best 2030

10. Braydon Holland & Kyrie Cooley Blue Print 2030

Top 60 Shooter Regardless of Class

  1. Logan Dunlop 2028
  2. Edison Ah-yo 2028
  3. Walker Ross 2028
  4. Daniel Chang 2028
  5. Brady Pettigrew 2028
  6. Fitz McDermott 2029
  7. Landon Reiner 2028
  8. Ben Ojala 2028
  9. Amari Brown 2028
  10. Aj Fenelus 2029
  11. Raymundo Garibay 2028
  12. Carlil Pittman 2028
  13. Jaivyn Winchester 2028
  14. Ethan Vahl 2028
  15. Keyonte Williams 2028
  16. Blake Walker 2028
  17. Kumasi Jones 2029
  18. Kentrell King Jr. 2028
  19. Drew Bauman 2029
  20. Deon Grant 2028
  21. Darius Hawkins 2028
  22. Josiah Hall 2028
  23. Patrick Tait 2029
  24. Kristopher Kay 2029
  25. Jacob Miller 2030
  26. Jack Fabian 2028
  27. Darrin Laye Jr. 2028
  28. Terrell Wade 2028
  29. Jordan Joiner 2028
  30. Josiah Hall 2028
  31. Robert Smith 2030
  32. John Espinoza 2029
  33. Tyler Britt 2028
  34. Darrin Laye Jr. 2028
  35. Ezenwa Nwagwu 2028
  36. Ashton Powell 2029
  37. Donnie Rogers 2029
  38. Gerry Cocroft Jr. 2029
  39. LJ Thomas 2029
  40. Josh Howard 2030
  41. Bj Evans 2028
  42. Terrell Wade 2028
  43. Drake Gensler 2029
  44. Terrence Whitfield 2029
  45. Cody Radar 2029
  46. Michael Mcghee 2030
  47. Deon Osborne 2029/ Tyler Harris 2029
  48. Orlando Bohlen 2029
  49. TJ Jamison 2029
  50. Prince Williams 2029/Larry Ellis III 2029
  51. Robert Boyd 2028
  52. Landon Hurley 2029
  53. Ryder Bradford 2029
  54. DJ Cooper 2031
  55. Jayden Alford 2029
  56. Davis Hill 2030
  57. Cole Posmer 2030
  58. Kalob Hayes 2029
  59. DJ Moore 2029


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  1. That was a great tournament looking for to future tournaments. Thanks Ricky for everything. Coach Aubrey Dodd.

  2. Awesome event competition was a great measuring stick of where your team belongs.

  3. Illinois Rebels star player Kenneth Sallee better known as Ken…Class of 2020 can flat out shoot the ball like no other..He is also a combo guard that can do it all…@k3_elite12 on IG.

    1. I’m going to start doing girl events this fall… What grade care you in? What team do you play for?

  4. Very Excited about my son Cincere Colbert making the list. That was his 1st invite so he didn’t know what to expect. Thanks for the invite Ricky! We look forward to more. He will be ready next time!! Remember that name! #CINCERECOLBERTTABORN #CINCT

    1. What AAU team is Cincere playing on/ trying to catch up with young fella. Top Prospect Showcase will be in Aug…

      1. He goes to Argo High & he’s playing with the Illinois Jammers so far! My email is catrinacolbert@gmail if you need to reach out. Thanks

        1. I’m in the 6th grade can participate in the 6tg grade showcase I play for Lincoln Middle School

  5. Can you please come over to the Walter payton basketball camp on July 31st to July 4th

    1. Some people are on Instagram and not everyone gets on website or instagram. Did you check there?

  6. Peoria Calvin Coolidge is the most slept on Middle School Team in the state. They feature your number 10 ranked player Kamari Weayherspoon and a whole host of others who deserve a ranking!

      1. I sent you a copy of the Calvin Coolidge Middle School 8th grade team schedule via email. I hope you can make it down to a game.

  7. Ricky come on man you drop Jerl Allen down to 15 that young man dont never get the love he deserve I know he feels the hate but the kid has more talent and heart and RESPECT than most but I know you see a lot of stars out there and decisions ain’t easy either

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