Stock Risers


Dec. Stock Risers

Demetrius Dortch

Demetrius Dortch 2022- When you say Stock Riser, no one has done more for their team than Dortch, Young Fella is averaging 25+ putting his team on his back and carrying them every-time I see him play. If you want an ultra competitor with elite I mean elite speed from end to end there is none better. Young fella gets from one end of the floor faster than anyone I’ve seen in middle school in the last 10 years and he finishes shots thru contact ease. Add to that young just plays hard, you never hear him complaining or whining he is another kid that I call “A Coaches Dream” he competes as hard as he can, does what is asked and he leaves it on the floor.

Kaden Cobb

Kaden Cobb 2022- Yep he’s back, fresh off winning Nationals in Football a week ago, young fella hit the ground running this past weekend showing he is one of the better prospects in the class, a big wing who is smooth and has the ability to knock it down from deep or finish over you at the rim. it will be very interesting the next few months as he should be in basketball mode.We  Look forward to seeing  Kaden at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the Top Prospects in the Midwest will be in attendance. 

Kyrien Childs

Kyrien Childs 2024- Here is one of the most slept on pgs in his class, young fella is a nice pg who keeps his defender off balance with his crafty dribble and changes speeds and uses angles better than most kids his age young fella has has Steph Curry type range on his 3 and as he gets strength and grows will be a problem for years to come. Look for Kyrien @ the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th and look for young fella to make his entry in the 2024 class rankings rather high when they are released Mar 1. 

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith 2022- Here is a solid pg who maybe under the radar, Tyler is a heady pg who can stretch the floor and knock down the open jump-shot and he usually makes the correct play for his team, sometimes players are found late in the game but that doesn’t take away from their skills. Young Fella is a player who Jr Hoops Elite hasn’t seen in awhile and a prospect we will be interesting in seeing more competing against the elite. Time will tell as we feel this is a prospect whose Stock is on the Rise.

RJ Mckinnie

RJ Mckinnie 2024- Yes sirrrr, Yes sirrrr here come another one in the line of Chicago Pgs a slithery crafty, slice and dice guard who can get to the rim at will and scores in bunches. RJ has that wiggle, he has that relentless attacking style and swagger that says “you can’t stick me!!!!” There are kids who you say let me see what he looks like and there are kids the moment he bounces the ball you say uwwww!!! yep young fella has that uwwweee, one of the prospects that makes you say I can’t wait to see him in a few years. I watched him put in jump-shot left baseline, knock it down from deep right elbow, hit a floater in the lane and then cap it off with a reverse in traffic after throwing 2 dimes to teammates. Yep Ariel has another one!!

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Mid Nov. Stock Risers

Lamont Williams

Lamont Williams 2022- Yep young fella has been on a mission, he is one of the gutsiest players in the city and built for the moment. Lamont part of the big 3 (Vernon Henry, Mikey Brown) has been outstanding knocking down shots from long range with an incredible accuracy and timely baskets attacking the rim, but what catches my eye that people don’t see is young fella has leadership skills and shows poise and maturity on the floor. Lamont is cementing himself as one of the elite players in the city and will like I said before have a major shift in the updated rankings released on Thanksgiving. We also look forward too seeing young fella compete at the Top Prospect Showcase feb 24th. when many of the top layers in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Javon Johnson

Javon Johnson 2022- Here is a prospect who is seeming to hit his stride and getting better and better. Javon is a long wing who excels at finishing at the on the break and slashing to the basket. i personally watched young fella impact the game in a variety of ways he is one of the more versatile kids in the class of 2022. Young Fella rebounds with  the bigs, yet he can guard the little jet quick guards. While many prospects are good and very close to their peak, here is another kid with nice upside. No doubt in my mine we are watching a kid who will pass up many of his classmates when its all said and done look for Javon in the updated class rankings being released Thanksgiving @ 10pm. We look forward to seeing Javon compete against the elite in class at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th.


Wescott- After starting off the season a little rough Coach Horton has this group on a role, winning 5 of 6 and going undefeated at Crane this past weekend Coach Horton kids are giving him everything they have and showing what every coach like improvement. Wescott stock is definitely rising.

Cameron Christie

Cameron Christie 2023- Here is a slithery combo guard with major game, young fella was slicing and dicing his way through defenders with crossovers and wrap-arounds that had me out of my seat, yep here is a prospect who Jr Hoops Elite will definitely be out see more of. Cameron is a kid who showed he can score on all 3 levels as well as break his man down and find teammates. Young Fella is definitely a player who people will be getting to know very soon.

Tyqaun Carson

Tyqaun Carson 2022- There are not many guards who can get from one end of the floor with the ball in their hands faster than young fella, Tyquan is a blur at times and is the leader of a young Wescott team that’s on a role, being a starter sense 6th grade a lot is expected. Young Fella had  back to back 20 point games last week and his Stock is on the Rise!!!


Carnegie- This group is one of the more underappreciated in the city, when talking about teams you rarely here there name mentioned when the elite, well respect needs to be given to a program that plays anyone at any time and has won over 80 percent of their games in last 2 years. This group is always at the door stop of winning a tournament, I’ve watched them finish runner-up 3 times. Yep Carnegie is close to being back in the top 10, they finished runner-up again this past weekend at De la Salle, Their stock is back on the rise after a couple of early bumps in the road. Coach Pierre and Caoch Marcus are two coaches who go above and beyond and are always in the hunt.

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Mid October  Stock Risers 2017

Jaloni Johnson

Jaloni Johnson 2023 – Yes Sirrrrrrr!!!! here is a player that Jr Hoops Elite has been missing for quite some time, Jaloni is a kid who has been playing up the past two years and we always were like is he in 2022 or 2023? Well some people are in trouble and definitely will be moving down when we update our rankings, young fella is a  nightmare for opposing coaches, Jaloni is long combo forward who has tremendous foot work, foot speed and a quick jumper off the floor, he makes it look too easy against the big slower forwards, then young fella has that face-up game where he can take you off the dribble and  finishes in traffic over players with his length, “Yep!!! We Have A Prospect!!!!”  The versitilty of playing both ends of the floor effective make Jaloni Stock Riser and  definitely a kid who will make his debut Thanksgiving Day in the updated rankings rather high. We expect too see Jaloni at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Miles Casey

Miles Casey 2022- Talk about a crafty, hard working, competitive and fiesty Looooooook Nooo Further!!! They don’t make them like this anymore. “I want him on my team”is what every coach would say about young fella. Miles can knock the open shot down off the catch or off the dribble, he can hit you with a nice pass setting up his teammates or he can slice and dice his way to the basket among 1,2 or even 3 defenders if necessary. I know for a fact a couple of high school coaches are hoping young fella is in their uniform when the season starts next year. Miles is the player who leaves everything on the line and gives his all every single game. Miles earned an invite to the invite only Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 24th and another player who will definitely make his debut in the Jr Hoops Elite Updated rankings released Thanksgiving @ 10pm

Jeremy Alderson

Jeremy Alderson 2022- Sometimes you see a player and you say ” he is getting better and better” Yep that’s Jeremey a player who not many were talking about to now a kid who high school coaches will be at games saying ” wait a minute, I need to speak with his parents” Jeremey is an attacking combo g/f who finishes strong at the rim, he has the ability to take the bumps and put opposing players in the basket. Young Fella also has the frame where he can be a lock down defender. It will be very interesting over at Ariel this year as they are loaded with talent. Jeremy is another who has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the Top Players in The Midwest will be in attendance with his play the past few weeks and another who will be making his debut in the updated rankings,

Amare White

Amare White- Somebody better get out too the South Suburbs there is a slithery point guard with them ” thangs” talk about a magician with the ball in his hands, I watched young fella put on two moves that had me and the crowd in amazement one week, then watched young fella come back and have defenders shifting all over the floor as they couldn’t stay in front of Amare. Well young fella Jr Hoops Elite is well aware now and will be making some schools games for sure. Amare is a player who will be making his debut in our updated rankings Thanksgiving and a player we hope to see compete against the elite at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th.

Tyler Fawcett

Tyler Fawcett 2022- When looking at Tyler all you can say is “they don’t come around like this very often” here is a player who is a force in the paint, I had been out to see young fella play several times last year but he was never dressed to play, well I finally got to see this talent in action and let me tell ya young fella “ IS THE TRUTH!!!!”. Young Fella has great balance, uses his base, post moves and great foot-work you do not see much on this level, and his catch and shoot mid-range jump-shot is money in the bank. There is no doubt about it, when mentioning best post players in the state Tyler will definitely be in the conversation somewhere no doubt. This is a prospect who Jr Hoops Elite will be monitoring carefully and definitely out at school games this winter to see. Tyler definitely has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance Feb 24th. Young Fella will definitely be making his debut in our updated rankings being released Thanksgiving Night @ 10pm.

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 Early Nov.  Stock Risers


John Lytle

John Lytle-2021-Talk about a kid exploding on the scene, young fella has been seen taking breakaways and tomahawking in a game, he has also been slashing his way to the whole rising above a defenders and finsihing  at will. John Lytle is quickly making a name for himself throughout the Midwest. Hailing from Gary, Indiana young fella has competed against some of the elite players in his class on both sides of the border and he doesn’t mine mixing it up. A tenacious rebounder who is a force inside is now taking his defender off the dribble and causing plenty of havoc. John has earned an invitation to the invitation only  Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. where many of the elite players in the Midwest will be in attendance, John Lytle stock is definitely on the rise.

Ishmael Habib

Ishmael Habib 2021- young fella is on a mission, having had trouble with his knees due to a growth spurt Ishmael was unable to play like himself for several months during the summer, well he is back to rare form and has been destroying the competition over the last month. young fella will definitely be making his way back up in the updated rankings being released next week. Look for Ishmael to be present at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. were many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance. Young fella Stock is definitely soaring right now how high is something only he knows.

Nicholas Owens

Nicholas Owens 2021- Talk about a prospect who has been constantly improving look no further. The long wiry wing had heads turning and my phone ringing after the ” Best Of The Midwest” tourney. Nicholas upside is higher than most because of his natural gifts and his long frame, young fella will make his way into the rankings being released next week and JrhoopsElite will be closely monitoring young fella this season as we expect for him only get better and better. Nicholas was the star of the day on the opening day of the tournament and his stock is definitely on the rise.

Kameron Kraft

Kameron Kraft 2022- Young fella has been playing extremely well over the past several months and Jrhoopselite has definitely taken notice, this gym rat is a long wiry wing who shoots lights out, can rebound and is now showing the ability to score off the dribble. Regardless of class young fella has been one of the hottest players on the circuit. look for Kameron to move up even further in next weeks updated rankings. Kameron has also earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th were many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Ti’Ree Ferrell

Ti’Ree Ferrell 2021- Unkown and will be no longer, this athletic wing has the goods, playingh in the Best Of Midwest Fall League. young fella matched up against the some of the top players in his class at his position and he more than held his own. Ti’Ree is at his best when he is attacking the basket, his length and foot speed allow him to be able to guard 4 positions. We look forward to seeing more of Ti’Ree in the coming weeks, he is another prospect who will be added in the rankings next week as we find the class is getting deeper with qaulity players.

James Hayes Jr.
James Hayes Jr.

James Hayes Jr. 2021- This combo guard is a handful, he is strong as a bull and has the ability to get to the rim at will, but he also has the skill and poise to play point. When you first look at young fella you say no way does he handle the ball like that, but as you watch him you say “uh oh!!!!” here is one of the kids that people will be saying where did he come from in a few years. He is a kid who you will be reading about in high school. Let me break out a secret” northwest suburbs have some hoopers” Look for James to make his way up in the updated rankings being released next week. Also look for James to be at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th and he is on a mission to show he belongs in conversation with the elite in his class.

Mason Jones

Mason Jones 2021- Young fella made his debut on the scene this past weekend and more than held his own in a pressure environment. Having not played ball this past season on the AAU circuit many have not had the chance to see the combo guard in action. Mason showed he has a nice touch from distance and showed the ability to get to his spots and raise for the mid range jump shot. JrhoopsElite looks forward to monitoring young fella’s progress in the near future, here again appears to be a prospect that has flown a little under the radar and a kid we see as having the potential to play with many of the elite in his class. Mason Jones is a prospect whose stock is definitely on the rise.


Charles Winters Jr.

Charles Winters Jr. 2021- This 6 “3 plus developing post player is an intriguing prospect who gets better and better every time he steps on the floor. Young fella has great motor skills and a soft touch around the rim, he is another kid who will be 10x as good in two years and people will be saying he was a sleeper or where did he come from? JrhoopsElite will be closely monitoring young fella progress and he will be making his debut in the updated rankings being released Nov. 18th. Young fella also has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th where many of the top prospects in the Midwest will be on hand. All I can say is you better take advantage of young fella right now while he is raw because down the line Charles Jr. could be a big problem.

Jamarion Stubbs

Jamarion Stubbs 2022- here is a prospect who features a lot of talent with the ball in his hands while this class appears to heavy at the pg slot, add another name to the list of players with game. this past week while watching young fella he was getting in lane at will and blowing by defenders as if they were standing still. Another prospect who hails from the Northwest suburb of Elgin is definitely a prospect to keep an eye out for. We look forward to seeing young fella in the near future. With his superb play last weekend young fella earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase in Feb. where many of the elite players will be in attendance. Young fella stock is definitely on the rise and he will definitely make his debut in the class ranking next week

                                                            Mid July Stock Risers

12U Illinois Ballhawks

This group is one of the up and coming 12U teams in the state. They are group that plays together and a spirit of togetherness. They are lead by the savvy ball handling wizard who gets past his defenders with ease point guard Gabriel James- Rivera, he is as steady as they come at position and rarely turns it over, Kevin Dela Paz the scoring machine combo guard who can knock it down from the outside, break his man down and score in traffic or get others involved on his team and Kennon Cook the post player that is a mis- match for most any player guarding him. Look for the Ballhawks  to be mentioned in the conversation of quality teams in the 12U division here in the state.

Top Prospect Showcase Recap 4

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Jason Williams 2020- This is player that every coach wants on their team, he plays the game the right way, he is solid at all levels. He can shoot it, he can get to the basket, as well as defend multiple positions. Jason is the kid on the team who does whatever needed and does it well. After looking at film you notice that he always in the right position, whether it’s to help on defense, whether it’s to slide in for a rebound, or weathers it’s to bring it up the court against a trap. Jason came into the showcase with no one knowing about him, he left with a couple people asking me “where is his mother or father I need to speak with them?” Look for Jason to make his way on the ranking list later this week.
Steven Clay 2022- This long versatile player came in and made quite a statement proving he is one of the elite players in the Midwest. With his 6ft plus size and his ability to handle it on the floor he was a match-up nightmare for most. Steven showed post-moves and handled the ball in transition equally effective. This a kid here people will be hearing about a lot in the future. Going head to head with a couple of the best players in the Midwest, young fella held his own and left being one of the top 10 players at the showcase his grade level. I look forward to watching young fella and his progression over the next few years as the future looks bright.

Mikal Clarke

Mikal Clarke 2021- Young fella came in and did a lot of the dirty work underneath, using his strong frame to create space down low. Young fella showed nice moves and the ability to rebound in traffic Mikal is a blue collar player that coaches love. This is also young fella first experience in an event like this he showed that he belongs as he more than held his own making the all- star game. I look forward to watching this kid in the future. Mikal will make his debut in the rankings being released later this week. How high he climbs once he enters the list will be the question only he can answer. Nice job young fella way to hold your won.

Devin Miles
Devin Miles

Devin Miles 2021- Fiesty and fearless are words that I use to describe Devin, here is a kid who wants to be where the action is. Devin showed in spurts that he can play at a very high level. I don’t know if there are many kids who really want it as much as Devin. This young fella here is one kid who will not shy away from the big moment he looks for it. Devin had moments where he looked unstoppable and he also had moments where he forced it a few times, but I see that is him wanting to prove so bad that he is one of the better players in his class. Well young fella you have my attention and I will definitely be keeping a close eye on you.

A Davis
Avery Davis

Avery Davis 2021- Young fella here with his 6/4 frame was a defensive nightmare for the opposition, Avery went head to head with several of the best post players in the 2020 class, he also was able to use his quickness on offensive moves along with his speed in the open court. There were a couple of times where the bigger stronger 2020 players over powered young fella, but that didn’t discourage him as he battled and that’s what I loved to see. Many there thought Avery was an all- star in the 2020 group, when they found out he was 2021 class they were shocked. Young fella proved without a doubt he is one of the best players in his class. I look forward to watching Avery and monitoring his progress. Young fella I love your demeanor, attitude and sportsmanship on the floor, Keep up the great work you are progressing before my eyes.

Andre Casey

Andre Casey 2022- If you want to say upside look no further. Andre stands 6/4 and while he maybe a little raw right now there is no way you can deny he is prospect to be reckoned with. While others may expect so much from a kid so big. I understand that this is a 12yr old, Andre was selected to the all- star game and what I saw really impressed me. While he wasn’t the leading scorer or rebounder at the showcase. He was the one kid whom I said if I had him for a month. Yes Yes Yes!!! Young fella has all the tools to be dominant. He runs the floor very well and he has exceptional foot-speed and lateral quickness which equates to being a force. Yep I see you young fella and I will be in close proximity to see you develop in the future.

Joshua Adamsel

Joshua Adamsel-2021 Here is an up and coming guard that came into the showcase to make a name. He was all over the court locking up some of the so-called name players and scoring and dishing at will. Joshua definitely got a chance for people to see some of his individual skills in the 3 on 3 competition and earned a spot in the all-star game. Young fella is a name who will find himself into the rankings being released later this week, now that he will be on the list he seems like the kind of kid who will concentrate on moving up the list. There were several kids who definitely earned an invite to next showcase and Joshua was one of them. I look forward to watching young fella in the near future.

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Rankings Done and will be released on site 3/6 @ 10pm. Have  more showcase recap and an article that are due first    



Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams2020– Young fella seemed content on just being amongst the best players it seemed in the first game, He warmed up as the day went on, showing an explosive first step and the ability to absorb contact and get to the rim. Chris is a kid whose physical ability just can’t be denied he finished over and through the 6/6 defenders like they weren’t there. Several High school coaches commented to me,” he could start on my varsity right now” This was young fella first event like this, He is now accustomed to how things work in an event like this. I feel sorry for players in his next showcase because I have a feeling he will be even more assertive. Look for Christopher to make his debut in the rankings being released later this week.

Abnar Muhammad
Abnar Muhammad

Abnar Muhammad 2020 – Young fella came in and made a name for himself attacking the basket and going head to head with the elite players in his class. Abnar proved one thing that he can play with anybody. He is a young fella who is very anxious to show his game is rapidly improving. Look for Abnar to make his way in the updated rankings. I also expect Abnar to be on a mission this AAU season as he feels he has been slighted for far too long.

Tye Banks
Tye Banks

Tye Banks 2022- Young fella came in and seemed a little overwhelmed by several players speed and athletic ability at the beginning of the day. He however showed a variety of skills and made adjustments an earned an all-star spot. Tye can play multiple positions on the court. Young fella has a nice touch and showed a nice skill set, I believe this experience will make him better as he now has something to gage himself and has been pushed. I look forward to seeing young fella’s progression as he has a chance to be pretty good.

Caiden Lecce
Caiden Lecce

Caiden Lecce 2023- At the lower level there were none whom I left with any more impressed with than Caiden. Having come in virtually unknown to most he had the gym talking. Young fella was knocking down the long range jump shot as if it was a free-throw. He has incredible knowledge of the game, understanding when to take the shot and when to make the next pass. I will definitely be following young fella as he plays on one of the top 5th grade teams in the Midwest. If people didn’t know who he was before he came they definitely know now. Mark it down you will be hearing the name many times in the near future.

Keon Richardson
Keon Richardson

Keon Richardson- 2022- This young fella here is a talent, get to know him now as Keon is one of those kids who gets where he wants on the floor, I did not see one defender who could stop him from getting anywhere he wanted to go. In a class that appears to have many point guards include this young man name right now. He showed he has the disposition to run a team and be a leader. Young fella was one of the top 10 kids at the showcase his level. This is another kid who I look forward to following for years to come as I predict his name will be frequently mentioned with the elites in his class.

Ideary Mooney
Ideary Mooney

Ideary Mooney- 2020- WOW!!! Wait a minute the 6/6 kid is getting better and better, last year this time Ideary was just learning how to play. This kid has come oh so far. He shows flashes and dominates in spurts. His footwork, hands and agility have come a long long way. Ideary has an upside probably as high as any kid in middle school. Young fella showed at the showcase he is a dominant force and he should be mentioned with best players in his class. If Ideary continues to put in work and works hard there is no telling how far he can go. Young fella play hard and continue to work hard all the time and you have a chance to be special.


Ricky Moore






Nicholas Harrell

Nicholas Harrell- 2022- This young fella covers a lot of room on the floor, he is athletic and can defend 4 positions on the floor, he is a gifted athlete who finishes over the smaller players and goes around the bigger ones. Nicholas proved that he can play with the elite players. It seemed that Nicholas gained more and more confidence as the day went on. I expect young fella to take his game to an even higher level. I left impressed with Nicholas and look forward to monitoring his progress.

Reginald Fisher
Reggie Fisher

Reggie Fisher-2020- Can you say athlete supreme, Yes indeed!!! Young Reggie is a handful and he displayed that he has to be in the conversation when mentioning the most explosive players at this level and add to that Reggie competes on every possession and you have one of the most coveted wings in the city. Coaches were all asking where is that kid going to school. Look for Reggie also known as “Snook” on the AAU circuit this spring.

Danny Blanks

Danny Blanks 2020- IMPRESSIVE!!!! If there was one word to describe young fella that would be it, Danny came into the showcase a virtual unknown to most and left one of more talked about players in the event. Danny showed he can create his own shot, shoot with range and finish over the taller players. This young player had me watching with my mouth wide open as he made play after play. Young fella will definitely find a nice spot in the updated rankings being released later this week. This is one of several kids who elevated their stock and made a name amongst coaches and players alike.

Marshawn Sayles
Marshawn Sayles

Marshawn Sayles 2022- This young kid fella here came up to the windy city and showed he is a force to reckoned with. Losing by 20 and facing one of the premiere players in his class Marshawn put the team on his back and proved that he is worthy of being mentioned with the elite. Young fella has a nice touch around the rim and uses his body very well. Marshawn is a prospect with a lot of upside, he played really well and was one of the top 10 players in his age group at showcase.

Sangolay Njie
Sangolay Njie

Sangolay Ejie- 2020- This young fella here is one kid who has the makings of something special, he has frame and tools that just overwhelm most at this level, I see him being one of the better players in high school. He is 6/4 an has a handle like a guard, the wingspan of a center and the athleticism of a special wing. He clearly is one of the top Prospects in the State no doubt.

Darren Ames Jr.

Darren Ames Jr. 2023- Here is a poised young pg who impressed me quite a bit. He is not the fastest, nor is he the strongest, but he definitely has an IQ and a feel for the game superior to most at this age. Young Darren also known as” DaDa” showed he is a talent and can compete with anyone. While this being the first time in an event like this he showed incredible patience and allowed things to come to him. He made several eye catching passes and plays that showcase his skill. While other in his class may have came in more known at the time, young fella left being asked about by several. I look forward to watching young fella for years to come as he left an impression on staff and is on the radar.

Marquise Irving

Marquise Irving 2021- Somebody better understand, this young fella right here can play, Marquise is a player I want on my team, he competes just as hard as anyone in the class and has been way underrated and under-appreciated for far too long. “THAT’S IT, I’M TIRED!!!!” All Marquise known as “Bucky”  does is put in work. Look for young fella to climb up them rankings he was an absolute beast. This is one of the most slept on players in his class.

                                            MORE TO COME !!!!!!!

 Ricky Moore





I want to say thank you to all the parents and kids for having such a wonderful event, I left with having received so many wonderful compliments on how well everything went and how everyone was pleased. The gym was at capacity and the action was hot and heavy. There were many players who made names for themselves and there were plenty of kids who will be better prepared having had the experience. I will be having updates through-out the week on performers. I’ve been looking through film and have seen somethings that many may not have noticed while being there and will report. I again can’t say enough about how well the kids played as well as how well they were behaved and well mannered. To the Parents I also say Thanks for making your child have a memorable moment.

 Downstate made a name, there were many faces who people here in Chicago kept asking “Hey Rick Where is he from? Well basketball is played all over the state and this event help some to understand that. In the updated rankings being released March 3rd expect to see a lot of movement and inclusion. Here are several observations.

Adam Miller

Adam Miller- 2020- When I say he had somebody asking me about him every 10 minutes I might be lying because it could have been every 5. Adam showed he is an absolute stud on the floor. This young player plays with an attitude of I’m going to show you how good I am. He was doing things that others on this level just aren’t doing right now. He can handle, he has vision, he has a size and strength to him that says varsity in high school from day 1. Adam was All- Star MVP and co- showcase 2020 M.V.P.

DJ Steward

DJ Steward-2020- Im getting tired of saying how impressed I am with this young fella, he just keeps getting better and better. DJ was all-over the floor he was knocking the jump shot down, he got to the rim and finished over the 6/5 6/6 bigs and he competed at a high level on defense showing he is a 2 way player. This is a kid who you see developing right under your eyes. There were at least 8 people who said “Rick you were dead on with the feature article in the Promising Prospect Section. DJ was co- showcase 2020 M.V.P. and is putting some pressure on the people ranked ahead of him in the class rankings.

L Moore
Landon Moore

Landon Moore 2021- This young fella here is nice he showed the ability to make all the right plays, he didn’t force things as many of his classmates did. He let the game come to him. He has incredible range on his jump shot, he is savvy with the dribble and has a quick release. When he entered the building no one knew who he was, as he left the building people were asking me for his information. Landon has a bright future and is another player who came up here and made a name for himself. Look for young fella in the updated rankings being released on March 3rd.

Lashaun Glover

Lashaun Glover- 2022- Add young fella into the conversation as one of the elite players in his class. Lashaun came in with one thing on his mind to show he belongs. YES SIRRRR!!! Mark it down right now there are sure to be some intensive battles to go down in Chicago over the next few years in this class. Sean is a high energy versatile guard who left the showcase with people talking about how good he was. Two more years of Middle school means a lot of people are in trouble.. Look Out here comes Lashaun Glover. Remember the name… Lashaun was Co- MVP of 2022-2023 All star game.

Darontae Peterson
Darontae Peterson

Daronte Peterson- 2022- Talk about looking like Baby Lebron out there Daronte was unstoppable at times. This young fella here just is physically to imposing for most at this age level and he also has the skill to go with the power. The 2022 rankings will not be released for a few months after next showcase, but young fella determined to be in that top group when announced, he making a hard case.


J Young
Jermale Young

Jermale Young- 2021 This young fella showed the poise of a pg, while showing the ability to break down his defender down time and time again, leading to baskets and or assists. Says one coach “ Rick where you find him? shorty cold !!! Yep. Jermale displayed he is a lead guard who can play with anybody. He made quite a statement with his play and young fella is sure to move his way up in the updated rankings and will definitely be someone we at jrhoopselite keep a close eye on.

Isaiah Donnell Weatherspoon

Isaiah Donnell Weatherspoon -2021- Lord, Lord, Lord!!! this young man was quite impressive here, he could do everything on the floor. Smooth operator who looked like he belonged with the class of 2020. He was one part of dynamic duo from Peoria in the class of 2021 that had dad after dad and coach after coach asking me where is he from. This young man definitely deserves to be mentioned with the best players in class and will cause someone to drop as he will be placed pretty high in the rankings on March 3rd.

Brian Tyler-

Brian Tyler- 2021- The other part of the duo who shows a nice handle and ability to get wherever he wants on the floor. This being young fella first showcase he handled himself quite well and made the all-star game, I look for young fella to show even more the next time he is in an environment such as this. After looking at film its clear he has a skill-set.

Resean McMiller

Resean McMiller- 2021- Wait a minute, did he do that? Is what I heard from a parent as young fella dribbled the ball down the court and sliced and diced his way to the hoop through traffic. Resean is an intriguing prospect as he shows glimpses of what he can do with the ball in his hand. He is an attacking style wing who can absorb contact and finish on and over people. Young fella showed things that have not been seen in his game. It will be interesting to see if this propels him into being and showing the skills that he possesses.


R.J. Walker -2021- Here is another kid whom after watching film you appreciate his skill set, he took a little while to get going and comfortable with his surrounding but handled himself rather well. Young fella looks to have a high upside and is someone I can see getting better and better the more he plays against this high level competition. In the 3 on 3 competition he had more space to operate and show individual skills that impressed me. Young fella will make his way into the rankings on March 3rd. I look forward to seeing young fella in the future and I know young fella will be back and ready next time there is a showcase because he understands how things work.

Amire Robinson 2023- Here is a young kid here who definitely showed he belonged, playing up against not only some of the best players in his class, he battled some of the better players in the 2022 class. Amire is a name you will be hearing about for a long time to come. He has foot-work, low post moves and an offensive repertoire that kids two levels up can’t do. The future looks bright for young fella and we here at Jrhoopselite look forward to watching his game grow as we see a prospect with a tremendous upside.

Tevonta Jackson

Tevonta Jackson 2023- Long and wiry, here is a prospect who has quite an impressive offensive package, after looking at the film he does some things that are very unique. He has that something special in his game that can’t be taught. Mark it down young fella will be better for the experience this is a kid who is just now tipping the iceberg. It’s scary to think that he is only in 5th grade. He can play 4 positions on the court anywhere 1 thru 4. He is another prospect in which had many parents asking where did you find him?

Terry Elias

Terry Elias- 2022- This young fella here was all over the court. After looking at the film he showed a high motor, extreme athletic ability and the ability to be involved on both ends. Young fella is tenacious at attacking the basket and getting to the rim. This was his first experience in an event like this so he seemed to warm up as the day went on. Young fella appears to have raw talent and is another kid that the more he plays against the high level talent the better he will be.

Myles Levy
Myles Levy

Myles Levy 2020- The strong wing showed his ability to hit the jump-shot as well as well as finish in traffic and also compete at a high level. While watching the film you also notice that Myles does not force anything, having been in this setting for the first time young fella will be better for it competing against the high level talent. Look for Myles in the updated rankings as he was clearly showed he belonged. I will be out to see young fella play pretty fast to get an even better understanding of his value to a team.

Colin Crothers
Colin Crothers

Colin Crothers-2020- Young fella showed the whole arsenal, he used power moves down low, he faced up and hit the 3, he spinned off his defenders for baskets and he put it on the floor and went around his man. Colin is another who continues to add to his game. You can tell young fella has a tremendous work ethic, he continues to expand his game every time I get a chance to see him. I have not seen many who know exactly which move to use against which kind of defender like Colin. This is another kid who will be rising in the rankings and a name you will be hearing about at the next level quite frequently.


                                                           MORE TO COME TOM!!!



Ricky Moore   773 383-0972




                           A Look back and Update of JrHoopsElite 2019 top 4 prospects that we had rated entering their freshmen year. Also last years initial 2020 Top Prospect Showcase  West All-Stars


West All- Stars

West All- Stars2020 This group of kids were pretty impressive and if you were starting a team, they would be missing absolutely nothing, it’s filled with talent. Look for many of these individuals at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 27th.

Perry Cowan

Perry Cowan- was an absolute stud at Top Prospect Showcase leaving as MVP. Young fella left middle school as our number #1 rated player and has excelled in high school starting on varsity at Depaul Prep playing in the highly competitive Catholic League, Perry has been superb averaging nearly 14 pts and 7 reb and recently was called the most impactful freshmen this season in the Chicago Sun-times and has  recruiting analyst and college coaches lining up on Addison to see him in action. The transition to high school has been pretty smooth and young fella still has 3 more years to learn.



Khalil Whitney- 2019- displayed every skill imaginable at Top Prospect Showcase leaving All- Star MVP.  Young fella left middle school our number # rated prospect and the prospect we said had the most upside of anyone(check past article on him in promising prospect) Khalil has starred at Solario on varsity having several big games where he has had 30 plus. Khalil excelled this fall at Pangos and left being called by several recruiting analyst as the best in his class. Young fella has basically made Solario someone to watch.



Kejuan Clements 2019- This young player was so exciting last year and probably packed more gyms than any player in the class after being mentioned here. Kejuan left middle school our number #2 rated prospect and is currently playing on the city powerhouse  Simeon Wolverines varsity as a freshmen. He has been called by several media outlets as the next big thing at Simeon. Young fella has been able to take his explosive electrifying game and play within a system where upper class-men are usually the only ones to see the court, getting the minutes as  he does and contributing on such a stacked team was not as expected but Kejuan has shown that special ability that we saw when no one knew who he was.


Mike Salter

 Mike Salter 2019-  Young fella was a Top Prospect Showcase MVP also co- sharing the award with Lance Jones in our second showcase, Mike  left our number # prospect in the class. He has been putting some nice numbers at Romeoville on varsity. Young fella has had several games where he has put up big numbers in the crunch time, including a game winner. We saw Mike as a college size pg, so far he has shown the versatility to play 3 spots in high school without much of a problem. The future looks bright young fella.


                         JrhoopsElite would like to congratulate all the 2019 players and like for them to know keep working, there are many kids who will be seen in high school that no one knew about in middle school, there are players who are playing sophomores or playing freshmen who will be getting college scholarships, don’t always get caught up if you are not getting the attention early. It’s not where you are at as a freshmen it’s where you are as a senior. I coached a young man who as a freshmen played freshmen as a sophomore played sophomore. No one knew who he was as a junior, he didn’t play for a big name AAU program  as other players in his class, he  never saw the EYBL, Gauntlet or Under Armour ALL-Star Game.. Guess what he made it as a Pro.. His name is Robert Covington   Philadelphia 76ers he had 25 the other night!!!!


Ricky Moore- 773 383-0972



Other Amount:
Player or Team Name & Grade:


   January Stock Risers


Collins Powell

Collin Powell Middle School- This young group here just won the conference championship and the first round of regionals and they are feisty, eager and play with certain swag. Collin Powell

AmariAmari Bailey-2022-“Hold up wait a minute this young fella here is special” I do not see many kids with the skill level mixed with the intangibles that young Amari possess. He is a smooth long point guard who just happens to be one of the taller players in his class. The kid has everything you want in a basketball player right now. He can handle, shoot with range, plays to win and understands the game. This past weekend Amari played up a grade level at the Winter Classic and he confirmed to me what I had previously thought. Right now pound for pound he is one of the top 5 prospects in middle school regardless of class. We look forward to seeing Amari at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th to compete against and with the best players in the Midwest.


DanielDaniel Gilbreathe- 2020-This athletic wing has been quite impressive over the last month, he slashes to the basket and uses his body very well to finish on and over defenders he also has very good coordination and agility as he out quicks the bigs or uses a nice spin move to get around them. Daniel is a high energy player that keeps getting better. With his stellar play Daniel earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th  and will be present. It will be interesting to see young fella against some of the elite players in his class. Young fella will definitely be in the updated rankings released Mar. 3rd.


Avery DavisAvery Davis 2021- Here is a player that is getting better by leaps and bounds, Avery runs the floor like a deer, has very good hands and post moves around the basket, but whats even more intriguing is that young fella stands a long, tall 6/3 and his frame and skill set is to where he can possibly play some on the perimeter. The young fella makes his debut in the JrHoopsElite rankings(released last week) as the # 6 prospect in the class. We look forward to seeing more of young fella play against the high level talent. He also earned and invite to the Top Prospect Showcase feb. 27th.

Illinois Attack 2023

Illinois Attack 2023- This young group is definitely one of the better teams in the state at their age group. This past weekend they won the 23 rd Annual Winter Classic and showed they are program to be on the lookout for.

Darrion JonesDarrion Jones 2021- Talk about a warrior who plays hard and does whatever needed on the floor then just say the name DJ. Here is a kid who has transformed from being primarily a big last year to being able to play the wing. While DJ still needs to work on his outside shot and ball handling some, make no mistake about it his stock is on the rise. Young fella has the frame and foot speed to defend any position on the floor in middle school from 1-4 and he has a toughness on the court second to none. Having jumped 20 spots up in the updated rankings DJ is a kid that JrhoopsElite looks forward to monitoring.


Chris ConwayChris Conway 2020- When I walked in the gym I couldn’t help but notice the 6/4 young fella on the court. Chris is a long wirey body that defends the paint and makes things difficult for the opposing coach; his length takes up the whole lane. Chris has nice hands and a soft touch around the rim, but his game will expand with more reps and playing against high level talent. This young man has quite an upside and I don’t know if that many people get it, guards always look better early because they have the ball in their hands, this young fella here has something that most will never have. Chris will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase and will definitely be in the update rankings.



Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Mid Jan Stock Risers 2                                              Rankings Update 1/19 10 pm

Roc Solid 14U

Roc Solid 14U– This young put together group looked very impressive for stretches this past weekend  winning the Midwest Invitational beating several solid teams and persevering and winning a close 2 point victory in the semi- finals over Wisconsin United. Playing with basically 5 guards Rock Solid looked like Golden State spreading the floor, taking there opponents off the dribble with all the mis -matches and knocking the 3 down with incredible accuracy. When looking at the team its hard to find anyone around that provides as much outside shooting and perimeter play that this team possesses. Put together for the weekend, it will be interesting to see if this tournament is a platform for things to come.

Ramean Hinton

Ramean Hinton- 2020 Just when you thought you had the class figured out here comes a a player that the city is surely to know. Ramean is a 6/3 multi talented 3/4 who had emerged basically out of know where to be definitely one of the most sought after players in the city. He is ultra competitive, high energy forward that every coach would want on there team. He recently posted games of 30 plus and 15 plus rebounds. He is a kid who goes around the typical bigs and man handles the typical wings, he uses both hands rather well and has the quickest second jump to get a rebound in the class. This is a very intriguing prospect and I look forward to seeing Ramean and further getting a better look, young fella stock is definitely on the rise. Ramean quickly earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th where it will be interesting to see how he stacks up against the other elite players in his class.


KJ Ross

KJ Ross- 2020- Here is a young fella who appears to be turning the corner with his game and has several high school coaches who appear to be noticing. The past several weeks K.J. has been playing very well. I’ve always thought young fella had the tools he just needed the confidence, well it appears to be there by leaps and bounds. Young fella came out the first game I saw this past weekend knocking down NBA 3 pointers, hitting the mid-range and finishing in traffic. Young fella came out the gate scoring 10 of the first 12  points in the game, finishing with somewhere around 25. The second game young fella came out again knocking the jump-shot down as if it were a lay-up, he has a different kind of bounce to his game. What I like about KJ is he is a basketball player who plays the total game he takes pride in defending just as he does scoring. KJ stock is on the rise and JrhoopsElite looks forward to following the progress of young fella.


Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy 2020-Here comes the big fella, last year I saw Tim he was a raw kid but he had nice size, now I see him and I saw WoW!!! 6/7 yep young fella has stretched out and is starting to use his size. He has gotten considerably better as he runs the court better , his hands have gotten better (not to mention he can touch the backboard with little ease). Young fella stock is definitely on the rise and JrHoopsElite sees Tim getting much better the more he plays against high level competition. Like I always say Guards look better early but bigs catch up in the end. Tim earned an invite to the Top Propsect Showcase Feb 27th. 

Caleb Corro

 Caleb Corro 2021- Young Caleb is a savvy point guard who can do a bit of everything, he has a nice outside shot, he sees the floor well and loves to get others involved. Recently Caleb  led his school team to the Consolation Championship at the Village Tournament in Oak Park. Caleb is un-assuming at times but shows a nice skill set as he earned an invite and  will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 27th. to compete with the best players in his class. Young fella stock is on the rise as he will be included in our updated rankings.

Ricky Moore- 773 383-0972



Mid Jan Stock Risers

Brooks Middle School
Brooks Middle School

Brooks Middle School– They recently won the Al Allen Village Tournament at O.P.R.F this past weekend over a pesky rival Julian. The game seemed like it may be over quickly as Brooks jumped out to double digit lead early in the first quarter. DJ Steward was key in showing his all-around game dishing, scoring and defending and Jalawn was oh so impressive locking down on defense and blowing past his defender and scoring at the basket. Brooks will be playing in the district playoffs this week and look to be the favorite to capture the title. There is talent in Oak Park and Jrhoopselite will be keeping a close eye on many of the prospects.

Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons- 2020 When looking at the class there are not many who can do the things that Mr. Simmons does, because of his strong build and stature he is another kid who will make the transition from middle school to high school rather easily. This past week I watched young fella put a team on his back and carry them to victory while they were down double digits with less than 10 minutes to go. He is a kid who can play the 1,2 or 3 at a high level, you usually don’t see a mixture of strength where a kid can attack the basket and score at will, and the same kid having a nice stroke from nba range like that’s his specialty. It’s usually either or, but young fella has a high skill level at both while still being elusive off the bounce. Richard is currently rated as top 10 prospect in his class by Jrhoopselite and we look forward to catching more of young fella as he enter high school.

Aaron T
Aaron T

Aaron Tims- 2020- Young fella has looked quite impressive running the floor and finishing around the basket. Aaron plays with the Illinois Huskies and Coach Paris has been putting in many hours with young fella as it’s starting to show. Here is a prospect that has a tremendous upside, I actually didn’t put Aaron in previous rankings because I was unsure of what class he was in. Aaron earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th and he will definitely be in the updated rankings once they are released. We look forward to seeing Aaron battle it out with many of the other bigs in attendance February 27th.

Jalawn Farrell
Jalawn Farrell

Jalawn Farrell 2020- Here is a combo guard who has a variety of skills, seeing him or should I say noticing him for the first time Jalawn was quite impressive as he was able to blow past defenders off the dribble and attack the basket. Jalawn shows the athletic ability to guard the smaller quick guard or stay in from ofthe strong attacking guards. Young fella also shows the ability to create shots for others as he was breaking down the defense and distributing. Jalawn earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th with his play this past weekend. JrhoopsElite looks forward to watching more of this intriguing prospect.

Ariel Storm 5-6Skinner West



Skinner West and Ariel 5/6     (Game of the Week)

Big ups to these two young teams, I watched these kids battle it out in a tough nail and tooth game in which emotions were so high and the kids really handled themselves well. Ariel had a very early lead as Mike Price hit a pullup jumpshot, followed by a runner in the lane that gave Ariel a two point lead in the first, Todd Stevenson came right back with a nifty move to give Skinner the lead. Jaylen Drane and Amari Bailey were both showing an array of skills as they were both running the point for their teams and basically had their hand on every score in the first half. Down 6 at half coach decided to start the second half with Mike Price on the bench, Skinner West decided to start Romell Franklin Jr.(as he was late to the game and didn’t play in the first quarter) both decisions seemed to work in the beginning. As the game went back and forth, the fans hostile and everyone cheering, Jaylen scored on 3 consecutive baskets to pull Ariel within 1, not to be out done Amari hit a long 3, made a spectacular pass to Xavier Amos for basket, then split two defenders for a basket and a foul, with Ariel seeming to loss it’s wind they came right back as Nicholas Jefferson hit a floater in the lane and Cameron Cleveland hit a deep 3 At this point the crowd was definitely going wild. That’s when Romell made his presence felt he sliced his way thru defenders for a basket, he made a steal and had the crowd off their feet with and around the back pass, then he hit a deep 3 from the wing after faking out a defender followed by knocking down a couple of free-throws. At this point it seemed the game was over as Ariel was down 8 it looked out of reach but with a minute to go  Mike Price hit a 3 from the corner and Jaylen scored a couple 3 point plays in between Amari’s clutch free-throws. Ariel had it down to 2 points with 13 seconds. In the end Skinner West came out victorious in an absolutely amazing game. Amari Bailey and Jaylen Drane both finished the game with around 25 points and left me saying that these young players are both a treat to watch and clearly are at the top of their class. As of now the 5/6 grade Championship looks like it will have to go thru Skinner West.


Ricky Moore- 773 383-0972




Kaleb Drumgoole

Kaleb Drumgoole 2020- Here is a young kid who just makes me shake my head and smile, he is a lead guard who has so much talent. He can physically destroy the smaller guards with his solid frame getting to the rack at will, while he is  just as cat quick and athletic as anyone on the floor . Kaleb is one guard who will be able to withstand the physicality of the game at his position easier than most on the next level. If  and when he gets the mindset to dominate the game instead of just playing it, people will be in trouble. Kaleb is such a promising talent and his stock is definitely on the rise. Sometimes it clicks for kids and they just take off, don’t be surprised to be hearing this young fella’s name often in the future.



Ahmere Carson

Ahmere Carson 2023- Wait a minute did I see what I  thought, Ahmere  is a point guard that is on the top of my list in his class, this young fella can do it all, he has the ball on a string, he has the vision of a top tier point guard, he can shoot it with range and he as clutch as they come. Ahmere burst on the scene late in the Best of the Midwest Fall League missing the first two weeks, but it took him all of 5 minutes to showcase his skills the first week as no player could stay in front off him even though he was playing up a grade, he followed up the next week by hitting clutch free- throws in the last minute of the game on his way to hitting a 35 ft 3 point basket with 2 defenders on him as time ran out that sent the whole gym up and had his coach running around the gym like he had won the Olympics. Ahmere has some skills and he is an awesome polite kid. JrhoopsElite will definitlly be making our way to see young fella and he is another of the 15 players in his 2023 class that will be invited to the  Top Prospect Showcase this upcoming February.


Joey Tainen

Joey Tainen 2020- There are about 5 players in the class who have a passion that young Joey has to be good, he is putting up big numbers for his grammar school and recently played well at the Loyola tournament a few weekends ago where several of the Top Prospects in his class played. When Joey is playing under control and not forcing the issue he can be a handful on the offensive end, I’ve seen him go on 10- 15 point scoring runs in a very short time. Joey is also a kid who seeks the biggest stages to showcase his game. The one thing about young fella that I love is that he will go at and against anyone he is never scared. Young fella even showed up to play at the Top Prospect Showcase and play against the best players in the Midwest while he was sick, most players would never have tried that, but young Joey is fearless and has the heart of a lion.


Illinois Icemen
Illinois Icemen

Illinois Icemen- The stock of Illinois Icemen is definitely rising, they recently won 1 of the 6 Championships at the Best of the Midwest Fall League. They are assembling some nice talent that many of the bigger name programs will be jealous of. Coach Mike and Coach Rich are two of our up and coming coaches. JrhoopsElite looks forward to following the Icemen Program as they have some top talent lurking and some kids that are sure to develop.


Ricky Moore  773 383-0972



 Early December Stock Risers


Jaylen Drane
Jaylen Drane

Jaylen Drane- 2022 Here is a prospect that clearly stands as one of the best prospects in his class, he is a do everything 5/10 guard that makes everything look easy out there. This past weekend playing in the Best of the Midwest Fall League Jaylen showed every skill imaginable. He can shoot with range, handle in traffic and he raises the level of play of those around him. Jaylen has a lot of Penny Hardaway in his game he is a big guard. Jr. HoopsElite looks forward to watching young fella develop. We also look forward to seeing young fella compete against many of the Midwest best at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th. When assessing the talent in the state right now Jaylen Drane appears to be pound for pound one of the top 5 prospects regardless of class, and it will be hard to keep him out of one of those top spots when his class rankings come out March 1st.


Norvell Meadows 2021- If there is anyone who is dominating on the court more than this kid I have not seen it, When looking at a loaded class that appears to be guard heavy Norvell quietly making at a case to move up the rankings, Norvell plays in a league where many of the top guards in his class Kevin Miller, Kenton Wright, Elijah Bull, Isaiah Holden, Tyler Johnson, Nick Owens, Kendall Martin, Christian, Henry, Dre Quan Williams, Nick Owens, to name a few are all playing and this kid has a killer instinct and a will to win that is second to none. Norvell is averaging a league best 22.7. Is ther anybody that can slow him down?

Romell Franklin
Romell Franklin

Romell Franklin Jr. 2022 – Romell is making a name for himself in this city, he is the starting guard for one of the best teams in the city Skinner West 5/6, who just led his team to the Championship at the Best of The Best over a high powered Ariel Storm. Romell plays with a very high basketball I.Q., has a slick handle, court vision and displays deep range on his jump-shot.” “Lil Ro” is a name that you will be hearing about for a while in this city. Look for Lil Ro to compete at the Top Prospect Showcase as he easily earned an invite with his play on the court.

Mike Price Jr
Mike Price Jr

Mike Price Jr. 2022- Ooh Wee, We got another one, in the city where guards are known add another one to the list, he is the talented combo guard from Ariel who is sure to be one of the top players in his class. Lil Mike plays with a certain confidence and swagger, he also is very smart on the court, he possesses the ability to play the point guard and facilitate and get everybody involved or he can play off the ball and score with the best of them. It will be interesting to see how Mike stacks up playing all the high level guards in his class. Right now Mike stock is very high, he too has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase.

Beasley Bees
Beasley Bees

Beasley Bees- After losing its grip on the number 1 spot Beasley is back as the favorite to win city and the current number 1 team in the city after beating it’s rival Ariel Storm at U.I.C. this past weekend. The Bees were led by the ever calm Nimari Burnett who came out the gate swinging knocked down 3 deep 3 point shots to get the Bees going in the first half leading by as many as 17. It was a total team effort that allowed Beasley to hold on in the second half. Sincere had a few put backs, Marcus was driving and knocking down floaters and scoring in the lane and Mario played the best defense I’ve seen so far clamping down and locking up Jaden on 3 consecutive trips when the game was on the line. So as it stands Beasley reclaims the top spot

Skinner West
Skinner West

Skinner West- Team won the Championship at Whitney Young and right now are one of the favorites to win city at the 5/6 grade level.

Reginald Fisher
Reginald Fisher

Reginald Fisher 2020- When you say explosive and a high level athlete, you have to look at this kid and drool. While his perimeter skills are developing this young man has a ceiling that a lot of his counter parts do not. He has a physical ability to get in the paint and finish in or above traffic. Reginald is a player I just recently got a chance to see, but a kid who intrigues me and will be on my list of kids to closely monitor. Reginald earned an invite to participate in the Top Prospect Showcase and he is clearly a kid who will be in the ranking the next time I do an update. I am very curious to see Reginald develops, I know one thing there ae not many in his class that have his athletic ability.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Mid-October Stock Risers


Darius Buford
Darius Buford

Darius Buford 2020-Illinois Blaze- here is an athletic combo guard who is on the verge of breaking into the upper echelon of guards in the class. Darius was on the verge of making the all-star game at the Top Prospect Showcase this past fall when he was sidelined with an injury, at the Top 100 camp this past weekend he was unguardable at times with his strong dribble and pull up jump shots. His stock is certainly rising as we see young fella making a name for himself this up and coming season. We will be continuing to monitor young fella this school and travel team season.

KJ Williams
KJ Williams

KJ Williams 2021-Wisconsin Playground Elite-if you are looking for one of the better pgs in the Midwest, take a good look, KJ is certainly one. His understanding of the game is tremendous; he gets in the paint and does exactly what a point guard should he makes everyone around him. He also uses his size to his advantage by getting underneath the taller players and pressuring the ball full court. KJ earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase in Feb. Add his name to the list of super Pgs in the Midwest class of 2021 Kevin “ Boopie” Miller, Nick Owens, Ishmael Habib, Tyrese Hunter, Kyonte Thomas, Christian Henry and Karon Davis to name a few. This young fella here stock is definitely on the rise.

Joey Tainen
Joey Tainen

Joey Tainen- 2020-Team Flight-Here is a young kid who is excelling late summer/ early fall. Joey has been on a tear lately wanting to prove himself against the better players in the Midwest. He started off the summer making the all- star game at Top Prospect Showcase, and then he played well in Scout Focus Elite Camp, Middle School Hoops, John Lucas and Top 100 Elite Camp. Joey has been invited to play in the Middle School Hoops National Combine in two weeks. Challenges are something Joey prides himself in taking on. Jrhoopselite will continue to monitor Joey as he looks to close the gap, a fierce competitor who clearly has a passion for the game.

John Poulakidas
John Poulakidas

John Poulakidas-2021- Hoop Ave-Wait one second here is a kid whose upside is nice, known for having the ability to knock down shots, this past weekend he clearly showed he has play making ability being able to put the ball on the floor and create for others. John’s length is a mis-match waiting to happen he shoots over shorter defenders and drives around bigger defenders. During the skills portion and shooting stations young fella was a standout no doubt and he followed that up with outstanding games and being named to the all-star game. John stock is on the rise no doubt, he was 1 of 15 players who earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase. His stock and ranking are certainly rising.

Kalyl Paylor
Kalyl Paylor

Kalyl Paylor 2020-Rock Solid- This young kid here has a tremendous skill set and upside, he is one player who makes me want to keep him with me at all times, Once and or if he realizes that he is an alpha dog and can play with anyone you will really see something. Kalyl just has a natural none assuming personality, but his talent is definitely there and he has all the attributes that you want in a basketball player. Everyone better get him now because when the light comes on full time Watch-out!!! Kalyl stock is definitely on the rise he will move up at least 10-20 spots in the rankings his skill set is that good and look for him to continue going up as he plays with confidence.


  Stock Rising

Heading into their 8th grade year these kids played well enough and enhanced their stock the most over the last month.

Arhon Ullis
Arhon Ullis
  1. Arhon Ulis- Moved up approximately 20 spots in our rankings shows more and more each time I see him. Was known for being able to run an offense. Has shown the ability to change his pace of speed and get wherever he wants on the floor, threads the needle with pin point passing and puts plenty of pressure on the defense by getting in the paint.
Lance Mosley
Lance Mosley
  1. Lance Mosley- This kid impresses me with his understanding of the game, even when he does not receive the ball when he is open or a player on his team is being selfish, Lance continues to make the right play every time. To the naked eye they would not understand, but his talent and basketball intelligence makes for a nice prospect.
Omari bender
Omari Bender
  1. Omari Bender- Young fella had the whole crowd on their feet at the John Lucas Camp, He showed that he can be quite effective if the pace of the game is to his liking. He puts constant pressure on opposing guards.
  1. Daiqaun Black- Here is a kid who wants to be good, he plays really hard and gives maximum effort. Sometimes he plays a little to fast, but that’s because he trying so hard to make something happen. It will be interesting watching Mr. Black this year as he tries to make that leap into that next wave of guards.
Davion Rogers
Davion Rogers
  1. Davion Rogers- Not many know about this young fella outside of his neighborhood, but let me tell ya, he is one to be reckoned with. Davion can match up with any guard in the class and hold his own if not get the better of the competition.
Pierre Calhoun
Pierre Calhoun
  1. Pierre Calhoun- The kid has a wealth of potential and talent in his body; he can be the best player on the floor at times no matter who is on his team or opponent. He can also just disappear at times. If he can get the light to stay on at all times the whole game watch out as he will make leaps and bounds in the rankings. It will be interesting to see if he is ready to take his potential to the next level.
  1. Kendi Young- Young fella played a team type of game at showcase last month; after watching all the film he
    Kendi Young

    played fairly well. I think he will be challenged to start playing on the perimeter more now that he is moving up a grade level. If he can do that look for him to move up in the rankings. It will be interesting to see how this transition takes place.





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June Stock Risers

  1. Alec Millender
    Alec Millender

    Alec Millender – 2020 Illinois Raptors- This kid is one of the elite pgs in his class, he missed the top prospect showcase because of miscommunication. He will definitely be at next invitation only event. He is a true pg who makes his team better. He has been a household name in the South Suburbs, it’s only a matter of time before the Midwest finds out how good he is. Jrhoopselite will be sure to keep close tabs on Alec and he will be in our updated rankings.

    Dante Maddox Jr
    Dante Maddox Jr
  2. Dante Maddox Jr. -2020 Rock Solid- Dante displayed this past weekend that he can play with all the heavy hitters in his class, Dante is a combo guard who showed the ability to finish in traffic and handle the ball under pressure as well as playing with poise. Jrhoopselite is looking forward to seeing more of Dante as we feel he is worthy of an invite to next Invitation only event as spots will be hard to come by.
    Jemario Minniefield
    Jemario Minniefield
  3. Jemario Minnifield 2020- Mac Irvin Fire- The kid has a special feel, a nice inside game with the skills to do things on the perimeter as well. Was a force this past weekend at The MAC Invitational. This weekend was my first weekend seeing Jemario in action with the fire I look to see him more and he is another kid who has snatched an invite to the next invitational only Showcase.
    Shon Robinson
    Shon Robinson
  4. Shon Robinson 2020_ Team Prodigy- Can you say length, Shon has a wiry frame and can do multiple things on the floor. This past weekend was the first I had seen Shon playing with Prodigy. I have covered 15 plus games of Prodigy and boy oh boy does he add another dimension. Shon is sure to have high school coaches drooling next year. Shon will be in the updated rankings released this Sunday.
    Mario Brown
    Mario Brown
  5. Mario Brown 2020- Mac Irvin Fire- is an attacking big body point guard who smaller guards have a hard time stopping. Mario is the rock of the Mac Irvin fire and makes them go, his outside shooting is a little suspect as many of the kids his age, but his competitiveness is there and he will be included in updated rankings.
    Desmond Dunn
    Desmond Dunn
  6. Desmond Dunn 2021- Illinois Huskies -Caught my eye this past weekend playing up in the 13u division. Desmond showed the ability to handle the ball under pressure and get in the lane and cause havoc for defenses, while only a small sample I noticed that Desmond has the ability to do things on the floor many guards his age cant right now. Jrhoopselite is excited to see Desmond against many of the other top guards in the Midwest. We will definitely extend an invite to him at next top prospect showcase.
    Vincent Gonzales
    Vincent Gonzales
  7. Vincent Gonzales– 2020- Team Flight – Vincent definitely showed his stock is rising with his scoring and shooting ability at the TOP Prospect Showcase his range with accuracy was consistent. In watching film over again of event he was even more impressive than first thought, now if he could show the ability to make others better and distribute he would rise even faster. Jrhoopselite will be carefully monitoring Vincent as he cemented himself with an invasion to come back to next showcase which everyone will not be able to get.
    Terrance Ford
    Terrance Ford
  8. Terrance Ford– 2021- Here is one of my favorite players in his class. T- Baby as known to many, played great at the Top Prospect Showcase, despite having an injury. I mean young fella was out there putting on a show with one eye and this is what I mean. T- baby is a warrior and fears none. He is the kid on your team that wants to play against who they say are the best. Despite his small stature Terrance is quite effective on the floor. 2021 has a deep class of guards and Terrance can play with any of them.
  9. Arhon Ulis-2020- Rock Solid- This past weekend Arhon showed me something I hadn’t seen, he has always showed me the ability to control the offense, but this past weekend and especially the game against the talent laden Team Prodigy, he showed me the ability to break a defender down and score in traffic with ease. I mean he went in the land of the giants where Prodigy had 6/4 and 6/5 waiting and he made it look easy. He used angles and change of speed beautifully and enhanced his stock quite considerably in my eyes.
  10. Illinois Huskies- having just starting a program the past couple of months I got my first look at a combined 12 and 13u team. This past weekend they knocked of several known programs along the way to Championship game. Big-Ups to Coach Martin. As I will be sure to invite their program to Top Notch Events that we host here at Jrhoopselite.

UP NEXT Article on Elliot Sieger, Joshua Joiner, Amirr Spann


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                                                             End of May Stock Risers

Illinois Rebels
Illinois Rebels
  1. Illinois Rebels 14U- After starting off the Spring slow it seems that the Rebels are starting to hit their stride. With the emergence of Cameron Battle and his ability to score and defend on the wing, the steady point guard play of J. R. Cison, the slashing of quick guard  Jordan Myrick and the knock down shooting of Nate Ortiz. Coach Terry Head is starting to get his swagger back. The Rebels two weeks ago finished second in Ohio at the All Ohio Red Sweet 16, then responded this past weekend week by winning the Silver Division at the Chicago Classic knocking off a strong Indiana Elite team along the way. Could this prove to be a springboard for Illinois Rebels? Coach Terry Head feels like he is on his way to something special.
    Caron Butler Elite 13U
    Caron Butler Elite 13U
  2. Caron Butler Elite 13U-This team is loaded with talent. Coach Aubrey and Crew were the winners of the Annual Chicago Pre- Nationals a few weeks ago and this past weekend won the Silver Bracket in GNBA Spring League over a tough Iowa Barnstormers. Where Cayleb Mosley controlled the paint and was an animal on the offensive boards, Steven Henderson showed his versatility of slashing and being able to knock down the jump-shot consistently , Isiah Dodd showed his toughness with his ability to hold his own, actually leading his team in rebounding and assist in the Championship game, Abe Scruggs who came up big in Championship game and was very efficient through-out the tournament, Jakobe Thompson showed he has NBA range and Ricky Canady proved he can play inside and outside with areas best. Look for several of the young prospects to be on hand at the Top Prospect Showcase June 13th and showcase there individual talent.
    Hoop Ave
    Hoop Ave
  3. Hoop Ave 14U- Coach Nibra White has some talent over there and they are starting to make some noise. After some very close ball games with some of the area’s best teams in the past few months. Hoop Ave broke thru and won the Bob Bost Memorial this weekend defeating one of the elite teams in our state Meanstreets Curtis. Hoop Ave has a plethora of Talent over there lead by the do everything (“coaches dream” the nick name I gave him in my Promising Prospect Section) Ryan Bost. Look for Nibra to make some noise in the near future with the likes of Damone Gray, Oscar Armstrong, Glenn Rubio, Ryan Kilburg, Johnny Roeser, Daniel Goliub, and Darious Calhoun to go along with Coach Nibra is an excellent coach that brings a wealth of experience in basketball training and they are definitely raising their stock.
  4. Demari Nixon
    Demari Nixon

    Demari Nixon 14U This young man has quite the game he is a sweet passing, sweet shooting point guard who does nothing but make me smile when watching him play. Demari plays for his uncle the legendary Ronnie Fields and usually plays up 2 levels on the circuit and his game warrants that. He can play either guard position at the next level and has nice size and length.

  5. Ryan Gilburg
    Ryan Gilburg

    Ryan Kilburg 13U- This young man showed he definitely has some talent. In a defeat in which his team was clearly out manned it was Ryan who showed skill, value to team and was one of the better players on the floor regardless of team. Ryan has the ability to play several positions, he played primarily point guard out of necessity, but he clearly can shoot the ball and score from the wing. Ryan definitely showed me something and I will continue to keep a close eye on the 2020 prospect.

  6. Justin Moore
    Justin Moore

    Justin Moore 13U-  Young fella exploded on the scene with 2 monster games at GNBA over the last two sessions. In His first game with the ET 21 Buckeyes he was the leading scorer with 17. Hitting key buckets down the stretch to lead his team to victory and he followed that up with 34 pts and 5 steals this weekend. Young Fella stock is rising.

  7. Demari Grant
    Demari Grant

    Demari Grant-14U- 1 half of the small and dynamic duo of Illinois Rise, had a very nice showing this weekend against the state best backcourt. Proved he has the ability to play with anyone. Now needs to show consistency and improve his game management skills, his stock is rising.

  8. Ray DennisRay Dennis Jr. 14U- other half of dynamic duo of Illinois Rise, showed he definitely should be mentioned with elite guards in his class, showed the ability to change speeds and have the defense at his mercy. He is very fun to watch because is I’Q is top 5. He understands the pick and roll of when to give it up and when to shoot, he uses angles and the screen very well. If and when his body matures watch-out. Young fella your stock is rising.

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  Mid-April class of 2019 and 2020 Stock Risers

Chris Burnell
Chris Burnell
Deion Jackson
Deion Jackson
Everett Stubblefield
Everett Stubblefield


  1. Deion Jackson– 2019 Meanstreet Tim -This young man has been on an absolute tear, once considered top 25 player has improved his stock to top 10 player (in updated rankings coming later this week). He is one of the hardest working kids in the class of 2019. When the games matter most, best believe he steps up as witnessed by his late game heroics in the championship game this past weekend in Romeoville.
  2. Tyler Beard– 2020 – Meanstreet -This young fella here has a lot of something special in him. He is ultra-athletic with length and oozes with potential, it’s very hard for members in his class o stay in front of him led his team to Championship this past weekend.
  3. DeAndre Vortes– 2019- Meanstreet Curtis – Absolutely put on a show against St. Louis eagles and virtually willed his team to victory. Displayed he can do more than just attack off dribble, his jumpshot is Improving.
  4. Amari Curtis -2019- Wildcats- With back to back games of 27pt 14reb and 25 pts and 18 rebs the kid is in beast mode and showing he can hold his own against anybody.
  5. Grayson Therron-2020- Illinois Wolves The kid has a high motor and is an ultra-competitive.
  6. Chris Burnell -2019 – Rockford Elite- Ultra Smooth combo guard, who can handle himself against anyone, makes the game look easy at times. Nice shot and can create off the dribble for others or himself. Will be in updated rankings.
  7. Sam Schutz– 2020-Illinois Extreme – This kid has a very versatile game, showed flashes of all around skill at showcase, where he can play inside or outside effectively well.
  8. Treavon Brown -2019-Illinois Rebels- Scored in all kind of ways in Milwaukee last weekend. Showed he is capable of going on runs by himself and carrying a team.
  9. Tyeon Neal -2019 Meanstreets Tim – With each game young fella shows me something new. His passing game and knowledge of when to pass is outstanding for a kid his age and size. WOW!! I can see a bright future for young fella.
  10. Taha Khan-2020- Magic- The young fella can play and when his confidence is up he shows skills that you would not believe.
  11. Everett Stubblefield -2020- Explorers Elite- Knock down shooter who is steadily improving his ability to break defenders down off the dribble. It will interesting to see him match up at showcase.
  12. Marcus Becton -2020- Impact- This kid has versatility and can do a lot of things on the floor he has a very nice upside.
  13. Simagi Henderson -2019- Buckeyes-The kid can play caught me by surprise I look forward to watching him some more. He will be in updated rankings.
  14. Robert Sandford -2019- Mctrib- The kid is getting better and better. Coach Luis has put in work with young fella and it starting to show. Young fella can play and people are starting to take notice.
  15. Trevon Hamilton -2019-D Rose- This kid has a maturity to his game and his stock is on the rise.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


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