Class of 2030

All Inclusive Initial Top 50


This is the initial list for 2030, there are many kids who will emerge on the list as time goes by, there are many kids this young who have not been seen and we do not include kid unless we have seen the kid play. We will be out at  Club games and tournaments throughout the Fall and Winter, The list is designed for Promotion Of kids and should be used as Motivation and inspiration, Since this is the initial list it will be done in groups and the individual numbers will be put up after a little more observing in our next Update. There also are times where I mistakenly do not put a kid on the list, feel free to contact me. Again, this is for Motivation “I’ve Coached Numerous Pro’s including Robert Covington, Jevon Carter, Sterling Brown and even more D 1 players including Paris Lee, Reggie Johnson, Jeremiah Williams, Perry Cowan, Alonzo Verge Jr, Xavier Pinson, Elijah Joiner & many many more who were not in anyone’s rankings in middle school or this early stage,  you are preparing yourself for down the line. Stay focused continue to work and get better.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller


  1. Jacob Miller
  2. Nasir Faniel
  3. Jeremiyah Johnson
  4. Peyton Thomas
  5. Robert Smith Jr
  6. Noah Williams
  7. Cole Posmer
  8. Liam Schmitz
  9. Layton Jones Jr.
  10. James Walton
  11. Larry Robinson
  12. Jahmari Brown
  13. Greg Brown Jr.
  14. Michael McGee
  15. Dakarai Simmons
  16. Markiss Northern
  17. Kyrie Coley
  18. Carter Jones
  19. Troy Adams Jr.
  20. Antione Davidson
  21. Kevin O’ Malley Jr.
  22. Sam Hunt
  23. Xavier Suarez
  24. Kona Pepito
  25. Ryan Yazdan
  26. Derek Locke Jr.
  27. Jacob Susdorf
  28. Ky’Air Bradford
  29. Jason Theondre
  30. Michael Price
  31. Christian Davis
  32. Jay Caldwell
  33. Amari Curtis
  34. Pierre Johnson
  35. Devin Spencer
  36. James Eastern
  37. Taydon Richmond
  38. Mason Nelson
  39. Grayson Nangle
  40. Khalil Bolingbrook
  41. Michael Slayton Jr.
  42. Jordan Simmons
  43. Nicholas Hereford
  44. Keshaun Smith
  45. Jamal Mason
  46. Amir Carson
  47. Robert Williamson
  48. Eliseo Guitterez
  49. Peter Link

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