Class of 2023


All inclusive Illinois, N.W.I and Southern Wisconsin

2023 Top 125 Class Rankings

There are many kids who deserve to be on this list but I haven’t seen them lately or haven’t seen them thus far, there are also several prospects who could be a little higher on the list or a little lower but this is an early stage for the class. Jrhoopselite will be in constant contact this Spring and Summer. The list is designed for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and I will not include on the list until I have actually seen them play. I will be out at various tournaments through out the summer. Again I want kids to understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you in person. There are over 400 kids in 7th grade database so far, some kids I may have taken off list until I know better where to input them and a few others I may need the correct spelling, those will go up daily for next week or so, feel free to give me a call or text sometimes I omit a kids name while in the process of moving them up or down on list by mistake. Again I will say use for motivation and keep working kids get better at different stages. I have had numerous Division 1 kids play for me who were on no ones radar at this stage keep getting better.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Dalen Davis
Mike Davis Jr.
Mike Davis Jr.
Mehki Cooper
Jalen Griffin
Prentice Young
Amire Robinson
IMG_0115 (1)
Emmet Oshaugnessy
Damarion Wyatt
Tavonta Jackson
  1. Amire Robinson
  2. Davius Loury
  3. Dalen Davis
  4. Tevonta Jackson
  5. Jaylin Griffith
  6. Mike Davis Jr.
  7. Marcus Pigram
  8. Taylor Smith
  9. Jerl Allen
  10. Prentice Young
  11. DaMarion Wyatt
  12. Ashton Williamson
  13. Keon Alexander
  14. Yarell Grear
  15. Mekhi Cooper
  16. Collin Wainscott
  17. Jolani Johnson
  18. Jeremy Bennett
  19. Jowan Villuella
  20. Cordy Johnson Jr.
  21. Jamie Hodges
  22. Emmet O’Shaugnessy
  23. Terrell Craig
  24. Darrin Ames Jr.
  25. Darrion Towns
  26. Kylan Boswell
  27. Caiden Lecce
  28. Mantas Zilys
  29. Mehki Lowery
  30. Jacob Blakely
  31. Diamonte Meeks
  32. Maurice Thomas
  33. Katrell Weekley
  34. Josh Oraegbu
  35. Donovan Younger
  36. Ethan Brooks
  37. Marcus Guyton
  38. Michael Ratcliff
  39. Grant Vievesis
  40. Vijay Wallace
  41. Damahrion Morris
  42. Justin Page
  43. Jeremiah Pickens
  44. Aarion Bagley
  45. Armani Woods
  46. DeAndre Almore
  47. Israel Hines
  48. Richard Barron
  49. Bryce Tillery
  50. Timmeon Ford
  51. Isaiah Giles
  52. Kros Barrett
  53. James Stevenson
  54. Bryce Coleman
  55. Dauntrell Dixon
  56. Shaneek Brown
  57. Jaren Jackson
  58. Lynell Williams
  59. Taj Brunson
  60. Jerrod Gee Jr.
  61. Andrew Kelley
  62. Joe Spaccapaniccia
  63. Jordan Gibson
  64. J’veon Bardwell
  65. Zach Leduca
  66. Austin Robinson
  67. Isaiah Torres
  68. Darrell Island
  69. Marcus Williams
  70. Cameron Christie
  71. Jamar Jackson
  72. Isaiah Hall
  73. Kendall Taggart
  74. Brian Diaz
  75. Luke Pettway
  76. Richard Jackson
  77. Dirk Nickson
  78. Jamarje Winfield
  79. Aminu Habib
  80. Jason Oboye
  81. Akeem Crivens
  82. Dirk Nickson
  83. Jaden Small
  84. Jeremiah Roberts
  85. Donovan Collins
  86. Alex Lopez
  87. Jacobi Moore
  88. Marquil Mcbride
  89. Marrion Wells
  90. Immanuel Golden
  91. Julius Colson
  92. Marcus Thompson
  93. Alex Lopez
  94. Tyler Christian
  95. Michael Doss
  96. Shawn Pearson
  97. Quinton Hunter
  98. Brock Zellinger
  99. Myan Whitfield
  100. Aaron Dabner
  101. Elijah Nelson
  102. Julius Hawkins
  103. Wilson Tolsom
  104. Will O’Shield
  105. Collin Wilson
  106. Autin Wilson
  107. Clinton Pearson
  108. Malcolm Thompson
  109. Morgan Nelson
  110. Kenyon Grant
  111. Phillip Mckay
  112. Torey Johnson
  113. Sam Notre
  114. Jason Glass
  115. Julio Morales
  116. Quetin Brewster
  117. Lonnie Rhodes
  118.  Lamont Young
  119. Justin Hall
  120. Jesus Gonzales
  121. Malcolm Bridges
  122. Richard Flower
  123. Manuel Huerta
  124. Zachery Strong
  125. Brandon Harvey

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972