Recap-Best of the Midwest 2015

Springfield Grant
Springfield Grant          

Springfield Grant- This team definitely came to Chicago and made a statement, finishing in the Final 4. Especially after driving that distance, enjoying the city and the sites, staying up and enjoying the hotel amenities and playing in it’s 6th game in 6 days, I would say job well done. The Grant Generals knocked off the number 2 seed Chicago Powerhouse Vanderpoel in front of a packed gym that had everyone on their feet in amazement. The Generals had outstanding play this weekend from Elijah  Shelton, Maki Rose, Derrick Roberts and PJ Edwards. It was a great job of coaching from the staff  and we would like to commend Coaches Tim, Jasmine and Shawn they were awesome. Derrick Roberts and P.J. Edwards were selected to the all-tournament team.  Great fan support and we would like to again say Thanks for coming. SPRINGFIELD STAND UP JOB WELL DONE !!!!!!


Elijah BullElijah Bull- 2021- Add this name to the list of stellar point guards in the class of 2021. You can mention him in the same breath with Kevin “Boopie “ Miller, Nick Owens, Ishmael Habib, Kyonte Thomas, Tyrese Hunter, KJ Williams and others. This young man has a lot of skills that you would want in a lead guard. He has a solid handle, he gets everyone involved, he shoots it well and never seems to be of panic or be in a rush. There are not to many kids at his level that show the promise of Elijah, this was my first time seeing young fella in person and it was definitely a nice surprise. Elijah came down this past weekend at the Best of the Midwest and made a statement with his play. Elijah earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase (an invitation only event on Feb 27th)  look for Elijah in the updated rankings being released on Nov. 29th   and I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this 2021 prospect.

Derrick Robinson

Derrick Roberts-2020 This young fella came down from Springfield, Illinois and had many coaches asking me” who is that?” Derrick was a scoring machine the first day of event, he has a quick first step, displayed a pull-up jump shot, along with the ability to take the bigger defenders to the basket and finish. Derrick is definitely a prospect Jrhoopselite will be monitoring and would like to see him also play against many of the best prospects in the Midwest at the showcase in Feb. Job well done young fella you put in work.


Tyler BullockTyler Bullock 2020- Here is a kid who definitely understands the game. Many who do not have a trained eye would not understand, nor appreciate his value or understand how much game he actually has. He is a team player that truly cares about one thing and that’s winning. He sacrifices a lot for the sake of others, but he is someone who makes the other parts around him better. His passes are always where the shooter has to put little effort to get his shot off, he is a terrific on ball defender, he is a competitor that does everything a coach would want. His numbers do not reflect his value because he is a basketball player and understands his team and their needs, but don’t get it twisted he can definitely play and his stock is surely on the rise. Young fella is another who has earned an invite to the showcase.

Mario Brown
Mario Brown

Mario Brown 2020- This young man continues to impress me, this past weekend in the early session of the Best of the Midwest on Saturday this kid was a beast. He was one of 3 players considered for performer of the day.  He plays both ends of the floor, he is tenacious on defense, and hard to stop from getting to the rack on offense. Mario  had a football game and didn’t return on Sunday, his team definitely missed his energy and toughness Sunday. Mario will definitely be moving up the charts in the updated rankings being released Nov. 29th the only question is how far.



Ayvion Morris
Ayvion Morris

Ayvion Morris 2022- The young Ayvion is as fierce as they come he fears none he is an ultra competetitor. He is making a name for himself quite fast if you like “tuff, in your face, I’m coming at his head point guards go no further. Ayvion has played against some of the best in the class of 2021 such as Kevin Miller, Nick Owens, KJ Williams and others and has not only held his own he  has actually out played several of the headliners in the class of 2021. You can put his name right up there with the elite guards in the class of 2022. The intial rankings of 2022 will not be released until after Top Prospect Showcase Feb 27th and as it stands right now young fella will be pretty high on that list.

                                                            PART 2  COMING SOON!!!

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If you are a basketball fan and was not there you miss quite an event, I know you have heard by now. There were 9 games decided by 4 points or less, 6 games went into overtime, 3 game winning shots and 14 games where teams rallied from 10 points or more to come back and win. The gyms were packed with intensity and crowds were running from gym to gym to catch all the excitement. Parents, Coaches and Players I want to say job well done. This was an event that kids will look back on and say I was a part of that. Sometimes we forget while being in the moment just what an event like this does for kids. There were so many kids who represented themselves well and I will be having articles and mentions on website the entire week.

Champs-Beasley 7847

Consolation Champs— Dett.Dett Elementary

Bronze Champs Riverside-BrookfieldRiverside Brookfield

Tournament MVP Jaden Williams

Jaden Williams
Jaden Williams

There were so many kids who made names for themselves, there were so many kids who earned an invite to the TOP PROSPECT SHOWCASE. Articles will be up about games and kids later.


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       Best of the  MIDWEST Day 2

Ariel 2

            PLAYER OF THE DAY

Terrance T Baby Ford

Terrance “T Baby” Ford The young 4/11 point guard was off the chain as he lead his Ariel 2 team over the highly favored Lindop Tigers. Young fella put on a clinic out there bringing his team from 10 points down to over take the tigers he was splashing jumpers as if they were layups, he was guiding his team and showing his  leadership, this is the stage young fella had been waiting for. In front of 1200 fans young fella scored 25 points and by far had the best performance of the day.



The Games were off the chain, in the morning session Vanderpoel and Springfield Grant Looked very very good. PJ Edwards and Mario Brown showed why they players in the 2020 class that are to be watched. Maki Rose showed he is a young up an coming player that will have Springfield will have talent on deck even after this year. Springfield – Vanderpoel uwwww- weee cant wait. Ariel Storm 1 ?Roosevelt Bulldogs was another game that had everyone on their feet after going back and forth the loaded Storm came back from down 5 with 4 min. to win in a very intense game. The Ariel Crowd is great and helped propel it’s team to victory. Young Tyler Bullock showed his savvy point guard leadership, Jaden Williams showed he is beast down low and virtually unstoppable at times. Azavier Williams showed he a solid players on both ends. Ariel is on a mission to show they are a Championship Caliber team. Beasley rolled, LiL Village upset the Woodson team who bost a 6/6 and 6/7 front line. Sumner won.  The Ariel 2. showed  they have a huge heart in pulling off the upset of the tournament beating Lindop.Look for a sure to be crowed intense GYM tomorrow. IT’s GOING DOWN.

Ricky Moore


    DAY 1  Best of the MIDWEST 

Player of the Day

Nick Owens

Nick Owens- Make no mistake about it, this young fella is quite a point guard, He absolutely showed he is a force to be reckoned with and is clearly pound for pound one of the best pgs in the city. Playing against a much bigger Beasley 2 team that everyone in the gym had sized up and thought the Hughes team was in big trouble and this would possibly be a blow- out. Nick Owens showed everyone exactly what he can do, the young fella picked apart the defense with his pin-point passing and showed the gym how you can win a game while making everyone on your  team better. You would have had to be there to witness a kid slicing his way through 3 and 4 defenders before dropping a dime, or his 4/11 frame rebounding the ball and throwing a full court pass over the defense to get his teammate a layup, then when his team needs it, he splits the defense, crosses over another opponent before finishing with the opposite hand over a bigger opponent. YES, YES, YES!!!! NICK OWENS had the GYM in disbelieve as he basically willed his underdog team to the victory and easy earned the player of the day.


Dett and Sumner played a nib and tuck contest that had the gymnasium on their feet, things got heated and Coach Hardwick was ejected from the game as Sumner held on to a one point victory. Sumner was very balanced and used a stifling defense to win the game. Terrence Jones and Davion Rogers went head to head and gave the crowd and bunch of oohs and ahhs. Game 2 Locke Elementary used a pressure defense to defeat Penn Elementary. Game 3 The Hall of fame coach Loury  had his Smthe Pirates playing a discipline zone that held the talented Learn A team to 2 points the first half before holding on and winning by 3. In the finally Hughes was the little engine that could as they knocked off the fan heavy Beasley Bees 2 in a close one where the Bees were down big before roaring back and coming up a little short.

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  Ready to showcase their skills this season!!!!


Amareye Davis 2020- This is a young player has an awful lot of potential, he plays on probably the most talented grammar school team in the city. It will be interesting top see how his game flourishes this winter. He is a kid who can play multiple positions in grammar school.

2020- Past All- Stars- What an all- star group I just finished watching some tape and boy are these young men talented, talk about a class where there are plenty of guards and any can be the best player on a given day, I can’t wait to school season starts. Come check out 5 of these young men at Best of Midwest Nov. 6th- 8th.

Shon Robinson

Shon Robinson 202o- Here is a kid who plays on a team with probably the best guards and wings in the city, yet he may be the most coveted player on the team. It will be interesting to see how 6/4 plus Shon handles himself. Is he the key if Beasley is able to run the table and again win city and go undefeated?

Sangolay Ejie


Sangolay Ejie 2020-Here is a kid who has a tremendous upside, it will be interesting to see his development and improvement. He is a top 5 talent who has the chance to emerge as the top player in the class. It will be interesting to see how Sangolay performs on his elementary school team now that he is the only returning starter.

  2020- Past All- Stars This group of past all stars is a group of kids who have some of the best individual talent in the Midwest. Give me this group of kids and just put the championship trophy in the back of the truck. This group has every element of needed. It will be interesting to see these young men and the progression each one of them have made.


Teams committed to Best of The Midwest Grammar School Tournament.


Jefferson (Woodridge)


Roosevelt( Bellwood)



Riverside- Brookfield





St. Johns(Indiana)

Providence- Englewood




Little Village



South Elgin





Western Springs

St Peter and Paul of Naperville

Andrew Carnegie





Among others, come out and see some of the best talent in the Midwest.

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