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Hoops4Health 3 on 3 Standouts Mid. Point Season


8th Grade

Jeremiah Fears- Young Fella has shown the ability to do whatever he wants on the court, he specializes in knocking it down from deep as I witnessed him hit 6 or more 3’s in two games effortlessly. A Top 5 player in the class he has made it look easy at times.

Colby Smith – This is a kid we haven’t seen until we watched him in 3 on 3 and he show’s the ability to finish in traffic through contact and has a very good first step where he blew by every defender put in front of him. This is a kid we will be closely monitoring and a player who we will be watching when 5 on 5 resumes and a player who will surely go into our class 2025 Top 250 when they are updated.

Trey Meyers – While watching this kid here he showed the ability to protect the rim and has a nice touch from 15-18 ft. Trey has nice size for the position and  is another kid we plan to keep close tabs on because the frame and ability speaks very well for down the line.

Makai Kwame- The slick do everything point guard showed he is one of the more skilled players at the 3 on 3 and made it look super easy at times knocking it down from deep, beating his man off the dribble and throwing dimes all over the court.

Noah Gorman- When we saw Noah, he showed like  we already knew. He Is one of the Most Lethal Shooting Guards Around. Young Fella was shooting 3’s in his sweat pants like he was warming up. Young Fella has a torch.

7th Grade

Mason Bloom – Non stop movement, young fella plays both ends of the floor and was one of the hardest working players I seen all day. A coaches Joy he plays hard and gives 100 percent at all times finishes very well on hard drives too the basket.

Grant Ettleson- A kid who showed a little bit of flash and his handles had him getting by defenders at will. A kid capable of scoring for himself or creating opportunities for others a kid we will be monitoring in the future.

Mak De Palo – Standing 6ft plus and waaaaaay taller than anyone else on the court Maks stood out immediately, he moved well and had a surpringly soft touch for his age.

MJ Burns – Young Fella showed he is one of the more skilled players at the event his grade level. MJ scored at all 3 levels, he handled the ball well under pressure and he made his teammates better and used both hands eqaually effective a kid who we will be closey monitoring.

Charlie Ellis – Young Fella showed he is a big combo guard that can mix it up, as he scored inside, outside, defended at a high level and was one of the more attactive players on the court with his high motor. This is another one of those kids that mak you say ” I want Him On My Team”

Jayden Armstrong- Young Fella does all the necessary stuff to win, he defends, can score and he gets his nose dirty doing all the intangible things on the court. Here is the kid who impacts the game without scoring and is an excellent teammate.

6th Grade

Jamari Fears – This kid here can put point on the board quickly and can shoot it from deep. Fearless should be his name because he has no fear of failure and thinks every shot is going in. Young Fella is the leading scorer in the division by far and will have his name in our updated class rankings no doubt when they are released.

Tyler VanderKamp- Showed he has an all-around game as he scored it, he defended his man and was able to get in passing lanes and young fella has shown the ability to finish on the opposite side of the rim a few times with nifty up and unders or side step moves.

Owen Foster- Has shown the ability too play around the rim and control the paint area, young fella showed soft hands in catching everthing around him and showed he has a nice touch in the paint hitting on the majority of his shots with 12ft.

Will Miller- Showed flashy ball handling and ability to break his man down off the dribble, during the games we saw it was easy for young fella to get wherever he wanted with his dribble and he has several step back moves in his arsenal.



There is a young up and coming coach on the seen who has a plethora of talent and his team is making waves, His name is Justin Bowen and he coaches the 13U Meanstreets team. The young guys (Mikhail Taylor, Arhon Ullis, Daniel Florey, John Duszynski, Kalib Drumgoole, Kevin Drumgole, Jadon Williams, Elliot Sieger and Tyler Beard) have hit the AAU season in stride and are 16-0 with 4 championships and the team was just recently assembled. It will be interesting following these young men as the AAU season progresses. Look for a number of these kids to be mentioned in the 2020 class rankings coming out in June. Justin has a wealth of experience playing and training and now has a young nucleus of talent that many will be entering the gyms to watch.

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