Class of 2026

All Inclusive Illinois, N.W.I. & Southern Wisconsin Top 100 Class of 2026

This is the initial list for 2026, there are many kids who will emerge on the list as time goes by, there are many kids this young who have not been seen and we do not include kid unless we have seen the kid play. We will be out at School games , Club games and tournaments throughout the Fall and Winter, The list is designed for Promotion Of kids and should be used as Motivation and inspiration, Since this is the initial list it will be done in groups and the individual numbers will be put up after a little more observing in our next Update. There also are times where I mistakenly do not put a kid on the list, feel free to contact me. Again, this is for Motivation “I’ve Coached Numerous Division 1 Kids, who were not in anyone’s rankings in middle school or this early stage,  you are preparing yourself for down the line. Stay focused continue to work and get better.

Several Kids I’m waiting on correct spelling of name and will debut tonight.


Thanks & God Bless

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Kassidy Nelson
Lamont Hamilton
Howard Williams
Carter Newsome

All Inclusive 2026 Top 100 Class Rankings

Top 15 In Alphabetical Order

Cedrick Terrell

Champ Parker

Howard Williams

Jamson Coulter

Kaden Williams

Kassidy Nelson

Kyjuan McCutheon

Lamont Hamilton

Marquise Clark

Nas Rankin

Noah Mister

Rajuan Roberts

Rico Delassandro

Tyjuan Hunter

Yusef Gray II

16- 50 in Alphabetical Order


Ahmad Lee

Allen Fillmore

Alijah Little

Alphonso Fincher

Amir Danforth

Ashton Flowers

Amare Pryor

Amaris Smith

Avian Thomas

Bradley Morton

Braylon Walker

Carter Hart

Carter Newsome

Cartrell Moses

Charles Barnes

Christian Giles

Daniel Javier

Garquis Cooper

Jah-Mir Brown

Jaylen Griffin

Justin Hamlin Jr.

Jordan Walker

Justin Oliver

Kijonna Mayfield

Larry Harris

Mark Bell

Nathan Knight

Pat Irvin

Prince McCord

Rashaad Davis

Rashaun Porter

Travis Marks

Torrence Drowning

Torrence Tate Jr.

Valentino Pertruda

William Occomy


51 -100 In No Order

Rocco Pagliocca

Malcolm Johnson

Julius Wiley

Hector Ruiz

Jamir Ratliff

Bam Whitehead

Teddy Fogel

Prim May

Ricky Shelton

Keith Parker

Brent Carlton

Lonnell Walker Jr.

Prentice Hughes

Tyrone Houston

Michael Pearson

Jolani Walker

George Posley

Jesus Guillermo

Glenn Brown

Cameron Smith

Tony Hixon

Mark Sanderson

Kenneth Terry

Chris Hoover

Jamareon Raines

Jaiden Henry

Broderick Harding

Myair Thompson

Freddy Clinton

Brad Frost

Nicholas Young

Derrick Pincy

Lucio Herrera

Joseph Jones
Cavonis McConnell
Albert Brown
Curtis Lee
Billy Frances
Julius Murrell
Pierre Caldwell
Elijah Edwards

Keshaun Smith

Jorge Rodriguez

Edward Christian