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There has been plenty of movement in the newly released rankings, we have been out watching prospects 5 out of 7 days a week, however there are still players who have been off due to playing another sport and players who have just shut it down for a while. Please remember that the rankings are to be used for motivation and inspiration. There are several prospects who have just been ripping it up lately on the court and are improving day by day, there are others who are now currently growing into there body and will be a handful down the line. There are new players who are making there debut on the list(congrats). JrhoopsElite will be out this spring and summer looking at prospects, if you feel worthy and feel like you have not been seen feel free to contact me. I also occasionally leave off a kid or two after making adjustments by mistake so feel free to give me a call if you think that is the case, also remember I do not include any players I have not actually seen.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Tevin Smith
Khalio Terry
Kahmari Wilson
Almondez Stewart
Connor Enright
Kevin ” Boopie” Miller
Jalen Butler
Amar Aguillar
Nick Owens
Jaylin Gibson
  1. Max Christie
  2. Khalio Terry
  3. Tevin Smith
  4. Ahmad Bynum
  5. Chris Hodges
  6. Kahmari Wilson
  7. Jaylin Gibson
  8. Grant Newell/ Isaiah Barnes
  9. Anthony Sayles
  10. Troy DiAmico
  11. Scotty Edube
  12. Darryl Reed
  13. Bryce Hoopkins
  14. Norvell Meadows
  15. Isaiah Donnell
  16.  Blake Peters
  17.  Bennie Slater
  18. Amar Aguillard
  19. Chad Readey
  20. James Hayes Jr.
  21. Darrion Jones
  22. Jalen Butler
  23. Ishmael Habib/ Kevin Miller
  24. Lashun Glover
  25. Almondez Steward
  26. Nathaniel Hoskins
  27. Connor Enright
  28.  Kyonte Thomas
  29. Frederick Poole
  30. Kenton Wright/ Jaylen Houston
  31. Nick Owens
  32. Marquez Sims
  33. Amation Osbourne
  34. Christian Henry
  35.  RJ Walker
  36. Brandon Hall
  37. Tyler Johnson
  38. John Poulikadas
  39. Resean McMiller
  40. Dionsysius Sims
  41. Drequan Williams
  42. Sean Burress
  43. Isaiah Holden
  44. Joshua Smith/ Kai Evans
  45. Sincere Malone
  46. Sinque Davis
  47. Josh Harris
  48. Marlell Coleman
  49. Darrion Armstrong
  50. Jeashon Thomas
  51. Brian Matthews
  52. Julio Montes
  53. Wesley Woods
  54. Maqael Henderson
  55. Vytas Valincius
  56. Avery Davis
  57. Jalen Dent
  58. Landon Moore/ Mason Blakemore/Maki Rose
  59. Michael Hodges
  60. Amarion Savage
  61. Rocco Probst
  62. Jaydan Dilliard
  63. Trey Spires
  64. Malik Williams
  65. Jermale Young
  66. Kobe Reed
  67.  Sam Jackson
  68. Jordan Smith
  69. Nashawn Townsend
  70. Charles Doyle Jr.
  71. Chaz Harvey
  72. Trey Baker
  73. Caleb corro
  74. Devin Miles
  75. Armani Williams
  76.  Lee Thomas
  77. Michael Nelson
  78. Matt Hawkins
  79. Khalil Lacking
  80. Mikal Clarke
  81. Jamari Ward
  82. Bryan Tyler
  83. Tyler Simmons
  84. Enari Thomas
  85. Marshawn Miller
  86. Jabaree Bass
  87. Antwon Taylor
  88. Charles Winters Jr.
  89. Max Floriani
  90. Keion Green
  91.  Lataevyon Taylor
  92. Parker Reynolds
  93. Nicholas Owens
  94. Ti ree Ferrell
  95. Edward Harris Jr.
  96. Blake Ellingson
  97. Eddie Gill Jr.
  98. Caleb Horton
  99. Eddie Niles Jr
  100. Kevin Gentry
  101. Marshawn Tolliver
  102. Abdoulaye Ba
  103. Lee Thomas
  104. Di Marion Gardner/ Kenyon Coates
  105. Antione Odum
  106. Antwon Taylor
  107. Mark Mileusnic
  108. Tommy Craven
  109. Desmund Dunn
  110.  Mason Jones
  111. Jalen Mcdonald
  112. Mark Mileusnic
  113. Keshon Gilbert
  114. Dwayne Walton
  115. Jake Dimovski
  116. Deshon Burnett
  117. Marcus Rule
  118. Javery Johnson
  119. Brandon White
  120. Keiron Jones
  121. Tai Walters
  122. Chase Divito
  123. Kameron Harris
  124. Baron Hueber
  125. Deshun Sanders
  126. Kaleb Darden
  127. Elgin Bowen
  128. Tyler McCaluren
  129. Isaiah Stafford
  130. Darius Clemmons
  131. TreVion Gordon
  132. DeAndre Coleman
  133. Deshon Burnett
  134. Darius Wilson
  135. Deshawn Hemphill
  136. Jayce Hyland
  137. Davon Rice
  138. Isaiah Jefferson
  139. Ryan Kraft
  140. Marquise Barnes
  141.  Andrew Schluter
  142. Khalid Jordan
  143. Brent Wolf
  144. Carvel Kelly
  145. Isaiah Young
  146. Andre Gelespie
  147. Kaleb Darden
  148. Brandon Bryant
  149. Passion Harris
  150. Qua Smith
  151. Josh Adamsel
  152. Timothus Whitney
  153. Trayton Trice
  154. Latrell Graham
  155. Terrell Wells
  156. Kendall Brasfield
  157. Jovan Scott
  158. Donovan Johnson
  159. Darnell Jones
  160. Daine Hanson
  161. Corey Evans
  162. Damaree Moore
  163. Kejuan Johnson
  164. Kylund Smothers
  165. Kevion Brown
  166. Dwayne Smith
  167. Marcus Gill
  168. Kishawn Matthews
  169. Nelson Moody
  170. Shane Miller
  171. Jimmy Mcfadden
  172. Reggie Ward
  173. Amron Hammons
  174. Ethan Kye
  175. T.J Price
  176. Sean Sizemore
  177. Jordan Hill
  178. Darius Duff
  179. Damien Zivak
  180. DAmarco Triplett
  181. Ryan William
  182. Pierre Price
  183. Jordan Farmer
  184. Julius Byrd
  185. Dalen Banks
  186. Amarion Johnson
  187. Deashun Davis
  188. Tommy Carsello
  189. Reginald Townsend
  190. Naji Mason
  191. Jaylen Mcbride
  192. Tyson Walton
  193. Jovan Mccottry
  194. Azionte Hughes
  195. Anthony Torres
  196. Anthony Coleman
  197. Justin Starks
  198. Carlos Williams

Ricky Moore   773 383-0972



The New Pound For Pound Best Team in State!!

Meanstreets  2022- This group has looked super so far this early AAU season and right now looks head and shoulders above the rest of pack, The group holds the best big man duo I’ve seen on a team in a long time in middle school, both can stretch the floor with the jump-shot or a take a step and dunk it in your face. Then they have the speedy feisty duo pgs who put pressure on you off the bounce and are capable of locking the opposing guards down on defense, then they have a plethora of wings that anyone would love to feature… Come Check this group out as they look to take home a championship this weekend at the Midwest Mania, where plenty of talented teams will be lurking including former #1 Illinois Speed who has repeatedly had Meanstreets  number and probably feel disrespected as Meanstreets is yet to beat them in the last several years. Also in attendance runner-up to Nike Showdown Hoops Ave, perennial power house Mac Irvin Fire and many more.


 This is Our City!!!

Ariel Storm capped off the weekend by winning the March Madness and showing they are Best Of The Best and can prove nothing else as they have beat the best teams in City/Suburbs and N.W.I. this group has taken on all and the group which has played an NBA type schedule. Shout Goes OUT to STORM NATION!!! They end the season where they started the Number 1 Team.

JHE Top 15 Middle Schools Rankings

  1. Ariel Academy(Chicago)- Has had a strong season winning  major tournament after major tournament, they are not a part of IESA therefore they do not participate in State tournament.
  2. Green(Chicago)- The heart and sole of the city, this team and coach exemplify what Chicago basketball is all about, no excuses give it your all, play short handed, face any opponent at anytime. Coach JD is one of those dudes!!!!” and Mikey Brown is one of the best ” big game players and toughest pgs in the State bar None!!!
  3. Bloomington Evans- This group plays together and came through winning 8 4A- State Title. They have talent and are led by Top 20 DJ Starr, 6/4 Kaden Stork, and forward Chase Adams. 
  4. Urbana Middle School- Finished 2nd at State Tournament 4A and completed season 21-1. Marshawn Sayles is the truth!!!
  5. Herzl(Chicago) – Playing in the  C.P.S final four this weekend.
  6. Kankakee Middle School- Lost a heart-breaker and ended season against Urbana. Could have easily been State champion had a ball bounced another way.
  7. Biedler- A long season has finally come to and end, the team looks disinterested and players ready for the next challenge.
  8. St. Agnes- Chicago Heights – Finished their season this past weekend with a District Championship.
  9. Vanderpoel-(Chicago)- Another team that can play with anyone and has a couple of strong big guards who give any and every one trouble.
  10. Hampshire- A well rounded group who moves the ball well and has several players who can hurt you or go off for big games. Won District championship.
  11. Clissold(Chicago)- The team has a list of elite teams it has knocked off.
  12. Beasley(Chicago) A team that has been up and down all season, City playoffs the next couple of weeks they have a shot to win it all.
  13. Carnegie(Chicago)- The group has played big all year, lately playing short handed because of injury. When everyone is there they are a Top Team
  14. Westcott(Chicago)- A nice win over Clissold this weekend in a close and heated game, can the group close out on a good note? they are a Jeckyl and Hyde Team.
  15. Crete Monee-  A group that made it down state and could easily have walked away with a trophy, lost too State Champions. Ahmad Henderson had a very nice playoff run, averaging 20 plus in regional and scoring 17 down state.
  16. Mac Arthur- (Berkeley) Finished the season with several Championships including going undefeated in district. The school doesnt play in State tournament or they would have been a favorite.
  17. Laura Ward (Chicago)- This group has some talent and is one of the more slept on teams in the city.
  18. Irving(Maywood)- Finished the season with a trip downstate
  19. Jane Adams(Bolingbrook)- The team had a lot of young players and look to be even better at the 8th grade level next year.
  20. Polaris(Chicago)- The group has shooters and long long wings that are intriguing.

                                                              WE  READY!!!!


Westcott – This is a group who is definitely a team to be reckoned with, having witnessed their first game of the year and seeing them now it’s like night and day Coach K has done wonders and has to be considered as one of the Top 5 coaches in Chicago middle school right now. This group competed against the elite and has beaten quality teams all year. When looking at the roster it doesn’t have a super prospect but has some good players. Westcott  uses a good system and a team that works together coach is not afraid of using anyone at anytime. When on their game this team can play with anyone, but if un- focused they can get beat down like a drum. Westcott is one of those teams that you don’t want to see in playoffs they are dangerous and Coach K is the reason.

Put Some Respek!!!! On Our Name

Clissold 7/8

Clissold Cougars- Yes Sirreeeee, this is a group who has sought out to gain respect the whole season playing anybody, anywhere and seeking to play against the elite. Led by Coach Nwagwu, who has that old school approach ‘ where they at is where I want to be!, line em up and i’ll play em’ Well this past weekend the group knocked off previous Top 5 Biedler after last week beating a tough Wescott, after beating CPS powerhouse Beasley and Carnegie. Yep this group plays with passion and has weapons all over the floor. They have the attacking the rim and finishing with ease Jamari Allen, the sniper from the outside who has NBA range- Enyinnaya( E.J) Nwagu and the smooth scoring machine and one of the most underrated and slept on players in the class Jalen Kitter all of which will be included or moved up in the updated rankings in the updated rankings.

Updated 2020

We would again like to thank everyone for there kindness and appreciation of the efforts we take in providing information and exposure to the youth, again the rankings are to provide motivation and inspiration while acknowledging as many as possible. We get calls for kids and information all the time, the fact that a kid is on a list is a major accomplishment there are over 975 kids in a database alone for this class. There are definitely kids who may deserve to be on the list but have not been seen or kids who may deserve to be higher or lower but if we have not sen a kid personally or have not sen a kid in awhile the adjustment may come at a different time. we understand things change kids grow, some don’t, others improve. If you have any questions or feel someone is worthy feel free to reach out and sometimes its an oversight if a kid is not on the list.


Ricky Moore

773 383-0972


Adam Miller
DJ Steward
Lamontray Daugherty
Quincy Ademkoya
Antione Bloxton
Luke Scheffers
Elliot Sieger
Joel Watss
Jayden Johnson
  1. Adam Miller
  2. DJ Steward
  3. Lamontray Daugherty
  4. Martice Mitchell
  5. DeMarius Splunge
  6. Shon Robinson
  7. Tyler Beard
  8. Reggie Strong Jr.
  9. Marcus Watson Jr.
  10. Collin Crothers
  11. Elliot Sieger
  12. Ramean Hinton
  13. Jayden Johnson
  14. Destin Whitaker
  15. Quincy Ademkoya
  16. Luke Scheffers
  17. Ideary Mooney
  18. Joel Watts
  19. Antione Bloxton
  20. Donavan Newby
  21. Bryce Hall
  22. R.J. Ogom
  23. Tyrelle Hunt
  24. PeeWee Johnson
  25. Seryee Lewis
  26. Shaun Harris
  27. Jadon Williams
  28. Kendale Anderson
  29.  PJ Edwards
  30.  Lance Mosley
  31. Arhon Ulis
  32. Alec Millender
  33. Michael Osborne
  34. Richard Simmons
  35. Jeremiah Williams
  36. Joseph Wilson
  37. Reggie Fisher
  38. Amari Fears
  39.  Aaron Tims
  40. Sangolay Ejie
  41. Terrence Thomas
  42. Davion Rogers
  43. Pierre Calhoun
  44. Colby Weekly
  45. Cincere Caldwell
  46. Darius Buford
  47. Collin Woods
  48. Alijah Nelson
  49. Keshaun Williams
  50. Marcus Becton
  51. Joshua Joiner
  52. Christopher Williams
  53. Isaiah Burrell
  54. Dante Maddox Jr
  55. Johnathan Robinson
  56. DJ Showers
  57. Caleb Smith
  58. Jalawn Farrel
  59. Micah Schnyders
  60. Jamere Hill
  61. Mikael Taylor
  62. Kevin Drumgoole
  63. Kaleb Drumgoole
  64. Elijah Pickens
  65. Davon Horne
  66. Christian Czerniak
  67. Joey Tianen
  68. Daniro Hill
  69. Devin Davis
  70. Armond Williams Jr.
  71. Jamario Minniefield
  72. Myles Levy
  73. Xavier Austin
  74. Sam Schultz
  75. Detwan Yoakum
  76. Derrick Roberts
  77. Grayson Therron
  78. Jayden Henderson
  79. Danny Blank
  80. Ryan Kilburg
  81. Elijah Randle
  82. Amirr Spann
  83. Marcus Skeete
  84. Will Wolfe
  85. Daniel Gilbreathe
  86. Tony Bennett Jr.
  87.  Nashawn Howze
  88. DJ Williams
  89. Ari Brown
  90. Javantae Brackins
  91. Justin Moore
  92. Jaheim Carson
  93. Mehki Robinson
  94. Darnell Hanson
  95. Marquel Brumfield
  96. Everett Stubblefield
  97. Xavier Tang
  98. Kalyl Paylor
  99. Harrison Bey Buie
  100. Azavier Williams
  101. Marcus Hayes Jr.
  102. KJ Ross
  103. Will Wainscott
  104. Jarrett Phillips
  105.  Brandon Brewer
  106.  Grant Niego
  107. Vincent Gonzales
  108. Taha Khan/
  109. Keavon Anderson
  110. Amareye Davis
  111. Mac Quast
  112. Nick Kennedy
  113. Jeremiah Walls
  114. DaMarco Minor
  115. Christian Young
  116. Robert Postma
  117. Jack Baldridge
  118. Derek Dingens
  119. Jordan Anderson
  120. Isaih Youngquist
  121. Jalen Flowers
  122. Finn Walsh
  123. Daiquan Black
  124. Jaquan Reed
  125. Abnar Muhammad
  126. Kai Steinman
  127. Isaiah Tolbert
  128. Jordan McDaniels
  129. Devon Tolbert
  130. Chrishon Jackson
  131. Chris Conway
  132. Demetris Barnett
  133. Omari Bender
  134. Tyler Bullock
  135. Benny Franklin
  136. Trevon Freeman
  137. Elijah Shelton
  138. “C” Baby
  139. Davion Allen
  140. Seann Kelly
  141. Paris Foster
  142. Brandon Kretzinger
  143. Brandon Smith
  144. Devante Meeks
  145. Cincere Colbert
  146. Chris Perry
  147. Luis Johnson
  148. Seann Kelly
  149. William Spells
  150. Albert Jones
  151. Keandree Spann
  152. Torrence Hardin
  153. Sydney Jones
  154. Thurman Milton
  155. Phillip Bell
  156. Kyle Watson
  157. Milton Smalls
  158. Walter Gibson
  159. Lorence Williams
  160. Trenton Kyler
  161. Justin Thompson
  162. Kentay McCottry
  163. Andre Stewart
  164. Alex Garcia
  165. Lonnie Brown
  166. Marshawn Johnson
  167. King Wilson
  168. Julius Matthews
  169. Jiovani Sanchez
  170. Devon Porter
  171. Rashun Nichols
  172. Demeko Nutall
  173. Dontrez Woods
  174. Justin Holmes
  175. Carnell Pillows
  176. Morton Childs
  177. Donell Pearson
  178. Reggie Reed
  179. Daniel Destin
  180. Henry Young
  181. Jeffery Stewart
  182. Deaundra Sanders
  183. Kameron Knox
  184. Willie Browner
  185. Jamar Wilkins
  186. James Williams
  187. Hassan Jones
  188. Kenny Stamps
  189. Quincy Hughes
  190. Prince Dotson
  191. Malcolm Smith
  192. Nicholas Dorsey
  193. Michael King
  194. Julius Caldwell
  195. Andrew Watson
  196. Ahmad Tyson
  197. Kevin Smith
  198. Demond Jones
  199. Marcus hanson

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Promising Prospect # 32

                                                                               ” He Has The Answer!! “

Dalen Davis

There is a young talented 2023 pg walking around that is ready to take this city by storm, a kid who has all the tools to be in the conversation as best in the class Yep!!! No matter what you do on defense ” He Has The Answer!! “. At his grade level he is virtually unstoppable. A smaller guard sticking him he over powers them and finishes with ease, a zone defense he knocks it down from deep 24ft effortless, man to man defense he slices his way around his man and spoon feeds his bigs for a basket, he has one of the best stop and go’s that keeps his defender off balance and I’ve yet to see someone be able to stop him from getting where he wants to get on the floor. ” Move Your Feet, Yells coach, Step Up Yells Coach” I shake my head and say to myself it don’t matter he can’t stick him ” He Has The Answer!!”  Young Dalen Davis 2022 is a talent that speaks D1 no doubt in my mind, while many guards at 7th Grade are wait and see ” I’ll Put My Stamp On This ONE, Barring Injury Mark It Down” While the talent is there sometimes the effort, appearance to play hard or maybe the disinterest sometimes gets the best of young fella. While still young and things to work on,  I say this is a kid who will flourish in high school and you will definitely be reading about. All City, All Conference, All-State hmmm, up to young fella and how hard he works “He Has The Answer!!”. While there are talented guards in the 2023 class Dalen and his talent match up with anyone, I’ve been watching young fella for 2 years plus and he has been handling his own against players 2 years older, it appears the light has clicked on and young fella is on a mission, right now he is nothing to play with and looking to destroy. Players Beware!!! In the updated class rankings coming out Mar 1st young fella will again be a Top 5 prospect and a candidate who definitely is in the conversation as one the best. Look For Dalen to put his talents on display at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. Young Fella isn’t just one of the better players in his class he is one of the elite players in Middle School period. Add to that Dalen is an Honor Student who has grades and test scores that will enable him to get into any high school in the Chicago-land area and you have one well rounded kid. Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge Dalen Davis as our Promising Prospect, Yep!! ” He Has The Answer!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


   Throwback Thursday Timia Ware Current WY Freshmen Varsity Star!!!

                                                         Promising Prospect # 26

                                                                                            ” It Don’t Matter”

Timia Ware

Here is one of the hottest prospect in Middle School right now!!! Introducing Timia Ware from Legacy Charter Yes Indeed!!!! That’s Teresa baby girl. When you look at a prospect who has been tearing it up on the court look no further. Timia has not only been tearing it up, she has been doing this while playing with the boys. Coming from the Westside of Chicago, there are not a lot of options for girls to play competitive basketball as much as she likes, so that forced her to play with the boys and when I tell ya she is a player, that would be an understatement. Playing in probably the most competitive fall league in the state right now (Best of The Midwest), with at least 30 of top 100 boys(Jrhoopselite rankings) in the league, this young lady is turning heads left and right. With games of 17, 15, 14 and 12 pts she does things with the ball that most can’t believe, forget she a girl, “game recognize game” “crossover, step- back- bucket” “split the double team, wrap around the back, underhanded bounce pass- Gotcha!!! Crowds goes crazy. Triple threat, jab step, quick dribble to the left pull-up gotcha!! TIME OUT!!! says the coach. “Who got her?” Next play down, cross over- stop on the dime 25foot pointer— basket!!!! Uuuuuuwwweeeee!!. Coach calls another time out and says “ she a girl, what’s yall problem, yall can’t stop her?” Let me tell ya something coach.” It don’t matter!!!” Tamia is a player; forget the fact that she is a girl, if you don’t recognize and recognize quick, you are in trouble. Barring injury or just plain I don’t want to play anymore, you can mark this one in the book Division 1 easy. This young lady has all the tools and is more technically sound and fundamentally sound than 90 percent of the players in Middle School regardless of gender. Gym after Gym, game after game, people are definitely taking notice. Referees, High School Coaches and Parents are all wondering and asking the same questions, “What’s her name? Where is she going to school?” All I know is that this young lady, has a lot of that “special” in her game and if you haven’t seen her you’re missing a treat. So before you start seeing it in the newspapers, on all the blogs and websites. Go catch a game of Legacy Charter  this season with the up and coming first class coach, “ Coach Troy” he also worth the price of admissions. Jrhoopselite  looks forward to seeing Timia at the Girls Top Prospect Showcase for girls coming this Winter after the holiday and school season. We would also like to acknowledge Timia Ware as our Promising Prospect “ One thing I know, there is a baller out west who is one of the elite players in the state, Yes she happens to be a girl, but you know what ” It Don’t Matter”.

     *****Timia has had numerous 20 point plus games against the elite girls teams in the state and is one of the best players in the city already future is bright.******

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Talented And Ready Stake Claim!!

Omarion Hatch

Omarion Hatch 2022- Talk about one of the most exciting players in the class, look no further Omarion is a blur with the ball in his hands, he is as tough a competitor, finisher and defender that you will find at his size and he has the ability to take over a game and will his team to victory as I have personally witnessed on several occasions. When I first got wind of young fella two years ago I said ” HE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION” hailing from Michigan City, Indiana some might miss out on his talent as out of sight out of mind. Well i did everything I could to get his Middle School Team here to compete and he has done nothing short of be spectacular, recently going the length of the floor baseline to baseline with 4.2 seconds to go and hitting a game winning lay-up after weaving through traffic against the then # 4 rated team. Yep this comes on the heals of giving number 1 & 2 rated teams 15 and 20 plus points in spectacular acrobatic fashion. ” rick where you find this team?” was all people kept asking me and who is that? well it’s time people start acknowledging Michigan City has talent. Omarion as well as a couple of his teammates will be included in our updated 2022 class rankings and some people are sure to be dropping because young fella will be entering pretty high. We also look forward to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th as some of the best players in the Midwest from Illinois, Indiana Wisconsin will be in the building competing and forming everlasting bonds. We at Jr Hoops Elite expect to see big things out of young fella in the very near future as he definitely is a nice prospect.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett 2023- The young fella has a certain effect on the game that you really can’t understand until you see him. Young Fella is all out effort, he has one of the highest motors in the class and attacks at a relentless rate. Some players may look more refined at this stage, but there are not that are more impactful that’s for sure. When you talk about some one laying it on the line and impacting a win Jeremy is top 10 in his class. Young Fella is lightning fast with the ball in his hands and changes direction with out slowing down that’s something that can’t be taught and he rebounds just as good as any guard in the class. We expect to see Jeremy at the Top Prospect Showcase playing with and against the elite in his class. Is he ready for that next Challenge? we shall see soon.

Drew Cwik

Drew Cwik 2022 Here is a player that caught our eye a couple of weeks ago playing for Meanstreet Curtis 14U Drew looks to be just what the doctor ordered as he meshed in well knocking down perimeter 3pt shots off the catch and the dribble. Young Fella showed the ability to also create for others as he had a couple of pin-point passes. Drew definitely caught our eye and will be another kid we pay close attention too and another prospect who will be making his way into our updated rankings in the near future.

Jalon Bullock

Jalon Bullock 2022- We see you big fella, Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Here is a kid who is improving by leaps and bounds and when i say he is getting better he is getting better and better fast. Yep when they are young it’s always the smaller guards who often shine first because they have the ball in their hands and the smaller kids coordination and timing come easier and faster. Well Jalon game is catching up with his body and he is a force inside. Young Fella recently put on a show and had the crowd on their feet as his team played the current number team in our middle school rankings and Jalon blocked 4 consecutive shots out of bounds, two in which were blasted against the wall”Yes Sir Young Fella  Maybe The Best Inside Defender Around” now you add to that the way he runs the court, has perimeter skills with the ball and the ability to dunk it on your head or finish with a two hand buggy whip dunk in transition and you have a prospect that says next level. Yep there is no doubt in our mind that Jalon has Division 1 talent. When our updated rankings come out Mar 1. look for young fella to be among some of the top names in the Midwest. Top Prospect Showcase is Feb 24th. we hope to see young Jalon in attendance.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Max Wilhelmsen

Max Wilhelmsen 2022- Sometimes people are seen late and people will say ” where he come from?” here is a player whom many will get to know very soon, Max is one of those kids that make you say Prospect. Yes young Fella stands 6/3 and doesnt look like he is through growing and he moves with great fluidity and has multiple skill-sets, he can shoot it from the perimeter, he can beat the bigger kids off the dribble and down the court and he rebounds outside of his area. When looking at Max we see a kid who will make a high school coach look good because he is versatile. Jr Hoops Elite will be keeping a close eye on Max and he is another kid who will be making his way into our updated rankings when they are released Mar 1st.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Time You Found Out About These!!!!!

Carlos Harris

Carlos Harris 2024- Yes Sirrrrrr!!! In a class that appears to be strong at the top here is a kid who has the game to be mentioned among the elite. ” Lil Carlos” as known to some is a problem for defenders, When I first noticed young fella I said ” Uwww!!! shorty got game!!!” then they said you know he in 5th grade right I said ” you got to be kidding!!! Yep!! that was last year, fast forward to this year and its scary!!! young fella is a big wing guard who gets to the rim at will, can knock it down from the perimeter and has a first step that leaves most defenders looking dumbfounded, It’s like young fella has been playing against older players for years because he is comfortable with the ball in his hands against the pressure and he finishes in traffic without fear. When you think that Carlos is only in 6th and has 2 years of middle school left after this year it seems unfair. Young Fella will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance and our initial 2024 class rankings come out Mar. 1st and there is no doubt about it you will see Carlos Harris name pretty high, Yes Sirrrr!!! here is a kid who we look forward to watching over the next several years as we see a kid with a very bright future.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Yusef Oliff

Yusef Oliff 2022- Here is one of the best pgs in the class bar none “Yogi” as known to many is a player that many aren’t aware of and is one of the prospects that people definitely need to know about, young fella has all the tools. He is a floor general like no other he understands the game, he can play fast , he can play slow, he knocks the outside jump-shot down on a regular, he can break his man down off the dribble making the play with the pass or shot going both ways equally effective and he has what most pgs are lacking at this stage he gets his bigs the ball in the right position. Due to his religion Yusef misses out on playing some of his teams games and we had’ not seen young fella in almost a year. We last year had Yogi ranked in our top 25 and moved him down as other were being included and we hadn’t seen young fella. Well make no doubt about it Mar. 1st when the updated rankings are released young fella will once again reclaim his spot as one of the elite in the class. When thinking of pgs in the class and the game on the line he is definitely 1 of 5 that I would want to run my team. You heard it here first at the next level young fella will be a problem. Here is a kid people will be shaking their head and saying” where has he been?” when you see the name Yusef Oliff  All conference in a few years remember you heard it here first.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Aa” Reyon Munir- Jones

Aa’Reyon Munir- Jones 2022 – Another player who has slipped under the radar and we missed out seeing until late. This do everything wing forward has skills, last weekend at the Battle Of The Titans young fella displayed several skills that proved he is a player to be watched. Aa’ Reyon knocked down the jumpshot, he scored in traffic with ease both days and has the athletic ability and size to be a problem on both sides of the floor. While this is our first time seeing Aa’Reyon he made a nice impression and showed his talents, we look forward to seeing this young prospect more he will definitely be in our updated 2022 rankings being released Mar. 1st as we see him as a prospect who can play multiple positions at the next level.

News And Notes

This past weekend 20 of the top 30 middle school teams in area competed in the Battle Of The Titans where there were games like you wouldn’t believe, talk about an environment standing room only crowds, teams, fans and at last count 43 high school coaches saw some amazing games. A remarkable 6 games were decided by last second game winning shots, a record 8 games went into over-time I mean amazing moments that kids and adults will be talking about for years and 34 of 56 games were decided by 5 or less. I mean I got so many people telling me how great the competition was, that was great to see as that’s what the Battle Of The Titans tournament is designed to do. We would like to thank everyone involved for a successful event. Articles and Pictures Below!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Battle Of The Titan 7th-8th Champions  2018               Ariel Storm!!!

Ariel Storm- This group came in and took care of business winning in dramatic fashion playing a tough as they come Krueger on opening day at Battle Of The Titans in an entertaining game in which had everyone on their feet and people saying this should be a Championship game not an opening day game, lol my comment to them ” This the Battle Of The Titans Opening Round Here is Title Games Elsewhere, All The Teams Good No Time To Relax!” yep and Ariel took care of business and went on to beat other Top 10 teams including the number team in the Championship. This is the first time a team has won the Best Of The Midwest(First weekend of Nov. every year 32 teams many of the best in Midwest) and Battle Of The Titans in same season, it’s un-precedent to run through that high level of teams and win both. One thing for sure is this team has never ran from adversity or competition. Yes their fans can be a lil rowdy, yes sometimes the players get a little emotional, but one thing you can not say is they don’t compete. Kudos to Coach Cordell he is one of the classiest young coaches around and handles everything with a smile and is even keel no matter the situation.  Now he can put on his list of accomplishments as well as players the only coach and school to win the 2 biggest and most talented tourneys in one season GREAT JOB STORM!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Mid- Jan Stock Risers

Mikqwon Jones

Mikqwon Jones 2022- Yes Indeed!!!! one of my favorites and young fella is out here and ready to make his move. A versitile wing guard who has the ability to break his man down, find open teammates with pinpoint passing or finish at the rim going through contact is starting to his his groove. While game and talent have come along and young fella has shown flashes on the regular it’s his mindset and mentality that has stood in the way of him claiming the elite status. Well I think young fella is on the verge of doing just that. This past weekend young fella had the standing room only crowd on their feet. Mikqwon showed every skill imaginable in leading his team to the Championship game at the Battle Of The Titans. Look for young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the Top Players in the Midwest will be in attendance. Look for young fella to climb up the updated rankings being released Mar 1st.

Sean Paige

Sean Paige 2022- The big 6″4 power forward is a prospect who many are sure to get to know quickly, with nice foot work and a soft touch that extends out to 20 ft with incredible accuracy. Some players are here and now and you se the best of them right now, Sean is a kid who is a talented player right now and has an upside that many don’t have. The old saying is ” you can’t teach height” but young fella is height with skill and potential. look for young fella to make his way in the updated rankings being released Mar. 1st and look for young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance, young fella is looking to cement his status as one of the better bigs in the class and display his talents against the elite. One thing we know is young fella Stock is Rising!!!!

Myles Walton

Myles Walton 2022- Yep add a name to the steady pointy guard who is tough as nails category, here is a break you down pg who just makes winning basketball plays, need a basket he can break you down and score at the rim, need a defensive stopper, young fella can lock you up off the dribble or pick you up full court with pressure. Yes, some people are numbers guys and some people are winning players Myles fits the category of winner. I witnessed young fella on several occasions where he could have been selfish and scored the basket and he got his teammates involved. Myles is a kid a coach can trust with the ball to make good decisions and that can’t be said about a lot of pgs at this stage. We look forward to seeing more of Myles as his Stock Is Rising and we will be out to see him in the very near future. look for young fella to make his debut on our updated class rankings Mar. 1st.

Ahmarion Hill

Ahmarion Hill 2022- here is a speedy attacking the rim power guard who when on is game is hard to stop. A fierce competitor is Ahmarion and that sometimes gets the best of him, but when he is playing his best the opponents are in trouble no doubt. I have witness young fella put his team on his back scoring in bunches. Here is another prospect who we look forward to seeing compete at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th against the elite in his class and a prospect who looks to be climbing up the rankings when the updated rankings come out Mar. 1st

Battle Of The Titans 7/8th Gold Division Champions           Wescott

Wescott- This group is tough minded after squeezing by in the first round in a hard fought game between new rival Clissold,in which the teams battled to the end Wescott won by 2, they showed their resilience once again winning the Gold Championship in overtime on a game winning 3 pt shot as time expired. Coach Khalil has this group playing their best basketball of the year and has several players who are making names for themselves.


Kankakee Jr High- This group came in and made a name for itself among the elite, after losing a close one in the opening round, the group rebounded and won out and captured the Consolation Championship in the Platinum division in a thrilling over-time victory against a gritty Southwood team. This team plays for one another they are very unselfish look for them to make a serious run at the State Championship. 


Clissold- Here is a team that has come out of no-where and has several nice pieces, they shocked a lot of people and made a name for itself with impressive wins and captured the Consolation Championship with a win over South Loop that no one gave them a chance. Put some Respek!!! on Clissold!!! as coach Nwagwu has this group playing well.

Hoopers 13U- Red Hawk Champions 2018

 – Midwest United All Stars and Hoopers 2023 ran thru everyone with ease and collided in the Championship game that went back and forth. MUA came out strong and Jaloni Johnson was impressive going on a quick 8-0 run by himself midway thru the first half finishing  2 acrobatic lay-ups, a pull up jump-shot and spin move in transition that had the fans saying Uwww, as MUA was starting to establish themselves Amir Robinson showed he is capable of taking over a game he came back and scored or assisted on 16 straight points and it looked like the Hoopers were going to take command, then all at once it seemed like all of the Hoopers players got into foul trouble and Noah (MUA) had a run by himself where he put on 3 straight nifty moves for buckets that had me a several others smiling ” good moves young fella!!” this put MUA up 6 with 2 minutes left to go in the half, another quick foul put Amire on the Bench. Isaiah Torres(Hoopers)then split the double team hit Jeremy Barnett for bucket and after trading buckets hit Keon Alexander for his only bucket and MUA went into half 25-23. As the second half started it was close for a good portion, but Amire Robinson went through a stretch where he showed every skill, he knocked down the 3, he finished at the rim in traffic, he rebounded and drove coast to coast and he through a couple of no-look assist and fed teammates finishing with 26pts. 10 reb, 5 ast and 5blks and his teammate Jeremy Burnett was a force, he is an athlete supreme guard, who impacts the game in a variety of ways, he can defend 3 positions,he hits the glass and rebounds with the bigs in traffic he finished with 15pts and 10 reb, Isaiah Torres was the consummate pg breaking his man down and spoon feeding his teammates young fella a throwback pass first pg who would rather make the assist than score himselfMarcus contributed knocking down a critical and the group looked good closing the game as Hoopers won 52-37. MUA was lead by Jaloni Johnson 16 pts and 7 reb and Noah finished with 11. Plenty Of Talent was on the Floor and these teams will see each other in again in a few weeks should be interesting.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


New Years Stock Risers

From left to right Dalen Davis, Prentice Young Jr. & Mike Davis Jr.

Dalen, Prentice & Mike played in the City/Suburban- State vs State two weeks ago and if this is any indication of things to come people are in trouble. Midwest version of a Big 3 could be pretty impressive if they continue to play together. You have the silky smooth quiet assassin pg Mike Davis Jr. whom I’ve personally witness take a game over and destroy his man scoring at will and I’ve  also have witnessed set up his teammates up with slicing and carving his way through the lane then spoon feeding them young fella is a one of those kids who can play with the ball in his hands or off the ball and make plays equally effective, Prentice Young the competitor supreme and known for putting up big numbers in big time games and who is an aggressive in nature high motor wing, who is has now developed his face up game in which he and showed at City/Suburban he can beat his man off the dribble and finish at the rim or hit the pull-up(“is this his new norm? hmm we shall see”) another kid who we see is putting time in the gym and then you have Dalen Samuels the elusive big pg who gets to the rim at will, punishes the small pgs and is at tough as they come on this level with the ball in his hands and making something happen off the bounce and another pg capable of taking over a game and putting his team on his back. Here are kids who are all ranked in our Top 7 and prospects who project well at the next level no doubt!!! Look for these players at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where the afformed players will be looking to make statements as some of the elite in Middle School not just their class. If Playground Warriors can pull-off these 3 players people are in trouble!!!!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith 2023- Wait, Wait, Wait a minute, sometimes you see a kid that speaks Prooooospect!!!!, Yes Indeed!!! here is a player who has a chance to be one of those dudes in a few years, here is a kid who speaks UPSIDE GALORE! and a prospect who may more than anyone else in the class right now speaks high major prospect down the line!!! yep Taylor the now 6/5 WF first made his debut at the Top Prospect Showcase this past fall where he showed he had talent and skill and we believe is where he picked up his confidence playing against top 10 prospects 2022 class AJ Casey, Jaylen Washington, Steven Clay, Chris Green, Terry Elias, Leonte Lilly and others young fella held his own. We had seen young fella previous to that but he never showed the confidence or motor, well he played here 2 weekends ago and showed his multi-talented skill level handling the ball outside on the perimeter setting up the offense at times and making plays facing up off the dribble. Yes his team lost, but his development is what is coming along, young fella seems more sure of himself and the light seems to be clicking. While he is not the finished product, young fella is the prospect with the tools and upside that has Jr Hoops Elite looking at a possibility of moving up and a candidate worthy of the number slot consideration hmmm are we a little to early or are we on to something Good Question!!!. We look forward to seeing Taylor at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where talent will be in the building no doubt!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


De’Vonte Cobbs

De’Vonte Cobb- 2022 There are always kids you look at and say ” people will definitely be talking about young fella at the next level” a kid who will translate and have no problem fitting in. Yep!!! here is one of those kids and athlete who plays above the rim, a player with tenacity, athleticism and heart. Yes Indeed!! De’Vonte is hybrid wing who can defend all positions at this level and a player who capable of completely taking over at both ends of the floor. Look for young fella to be one of the more talked about players in the Midwest this spring and summer, There are a handful of kids who I see being immediate impact players on the next level and De’Vonte is one of them. We expect to see young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. In his mine there is no one in the class that can stop him and he is known to put it down in transition and shut the gym down!! Will he be able to do it against the talent in the building that day is a big question!!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Amire Robinson

Amire Robinson 2023- Here is a kid who has been ripping it up on the court, a couple of years ago young fella was the most impressive big in his class, well fast forward to now and you have a dominant player who is showing he is versatile and his game is expanding. He still dominates in the paint with his strength and desire but he now has added the long range shot, play-making ability, ball handling and decision making to his game!! Currently our #1 rated prospect in the 2023 by Look for Amire the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the Top Players in the Midwest will be in attendance. Is Amire Top 10 prospect regardless of class in middle school?

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Christian Meeks

Christian Meeks 2022- Here is a powerful post player who specializes in buckets around the rim. This past weekend young fella matched up against 2 of the best bigs in the class and thought uhh ohh” Vikings in trouble, yet it was Christian who came out dominating in the paint scoring basket after basket over and through his 6/6 and 6/7 defenders. Young fella showed grit, tenacity and a will to control the inside and did finishing with 18pts 10 reb young fella also showed he is putting in work in the gym as he stepped out and knocked down the baseline jump-shot and brought the ball up the floor a couple of times in transition. His team ended up losing a close one by 2, but he out played the duo this time by himself. Here is a kid who will move up in the updated rankings being released Jan. 16th. we believe that the more young fella plays against better competition the better he will become there is a apparent work-ethic and will to get better and better. We look forward to seeing more of young fella!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Dekwon Brown

Dekwon Brown 2024- Talk about a scoring machine, Dekwon came up from Central Illinois a couple of weekends ago and put points on the board in a hurry and lead his team to the Championship Game, this past summer he came out of no-where at the Top Prospect Showcase giving kids buckets after bucket and now everyone is asking me ” who is that kid?”  Well young fella is known to do that on a regular he is currently averaging better than 30 a game right now in Peoria and right now looks to be a player who will make his entry in the 2024 class rankings rather high, when they are released March 1st. Right now Dekwon is a mis-match for most because he can over power the smaller guards and he is to quick for the bigs down low add to that he his quick feet and lateral speed which helps him rebound and get shots back at the rim before most can react. Yep Young Fella is a scoring machine at this level.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Isaiah Torres

Isaiah Torres 2023- A smart savvy pg who I’ve always had a liking too is starting to show his talent, Isaiah is a slick ball handler who specializes in breaking his man down and hitting the open teammate. While I thought he initially needed to play with more confidence he appears to be stepping his game up. I heard him say this past weekend “they weak” not in a disrespectful way but in a way where he was sure of himself and ability. Yep!!! I like It!! Young Fella is another who looks to be moving up and with his play earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. Yong fella is an emerging prospect can he handle the pressure against the elite? we will shall see, but young fella has definitely gotten better and his Stock is on the Rise!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Fall League Recap 1 of 2

14U Semi- Final  Mac Irvin Fire v Meanstreets- This is a where the players know each other very well several have been teammates and have been playing with or against each other for several years. Keon Richardson came out like a man on a mission and had his finger prints all over the game,  knocking down 3 big 3pt jump shots t o start the game, then locking up on the defensive end and leading being very vocal and instructing his teammates he finished with 18 pts & 3 assist, Jaylen Drane, was his usual self as he and his back court mate carried the offense for much of the game and he showed that his jumpshot is becoming pretty accurate as he knocked down 3 3pt baskets himself and finished with 18 Andre Casey Jr, Kanye Smith and Jalen Washington all played solid and contributed. Terry Elias  3 3pts(16pts) of his own in the first half kept it close for awhile and Ahmad Henderson 3pts  in the game, including several big ones in second half played there hearts out and gave a valued effort along with Nick, Christian and Ryne but it wasn’t enough as Meanstreets advanced to the Championship Game with a 10 point victory.

14U Semi Final J.H.E. v And One – These two teams have some talent on their roster and the game was as good as advertised J.H.E came out and with it’s pressure defense and went up 8 rather quickly, after a time-out and some nice strategies by Coach Ashley the team settled down, and made a run, after going back and forth for much of the second half, J.H.E made a couple of big shots and And One had a few shoots that normally fall that didn’t. The game was clean competitive game in which several kids showed glimpses of what they can do on both sides. And One =Tyler Faucett will be a problem for people all year, Raleigh Roberson is one of my favorites and upside is one of the highest in the class, Connor Sukel is as tough as they come and has a high skill level with impeccable foot-work and ball fakes in his game, Toby Onyekonwu is one of the best shooters in the state, Johnny Griffin is a competitor and is relentless attacking the basket and David Geiser is multi talented and shows his versatility to play 3 positions on the court. J.H.E. has a wealth of talent on their team as well and players whom High Schools are licking their chops to hopefully have them walk in their doors.

14U- Championship  Meanstreets v J.H.E. – J.H.E. came out the gates playing well as and was leading halfway through the first half when Meanstreets went ona 13/2 run to take a half-time lead of 8, led by 2 big 3 point baskets from  Jalen Washington. In the second half J.H.E. went on a run, closed it to points, after several back and forth baskets and nice plays from both sides Meanstreets put the game away as Andre Casey Jr. burried several clutch free-throws and J.H.E. missed its last 3pt shots. Another entertaining game that had all involved and ended with great sportsmanship congrats to Meanstreets and Coach Curtis.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Meanstreets 14U Platinum Division Champions
Jaylen Drane Best Of Midwest 14U MVP

Jaylen Drane- Young Fella was spectacular this fall league in leading his team to a championship, he took over games when needed and was unguardable the whole tourney, young fella is a magician with the ball in his hands and his jumpshot has become very consistent as I easily saw him shoot at least 50 percent from behind the arc and you add the fact that he is playing with the most imposing prospect on the post in A.J. and keeps young fella happy getting him plenty of touches in post makes it even more impressive, because there are times when he Jaylen  sacrifices for the betterment of the team. Young fella continues to show his maturity and is Best Of The Midwest Fall League MVP.

Public Enemy 13U Platinum Champions
Mikell Jones

JHE Mikell Jones- Played extremely well in the playoffs and again showed he is one of the better players in the class, had the fans as well as teammates on their feet as he had several up and under moves, as well as Lebron James Coast to Coast Moves, Young Fella is definitively a problem for his defender and had parent after parent asking me ” who is that?” yep football season ended Saturday, Uhhhh OHHH!!!!

Collin Wainscott

Collin Wainscott 2023- You can’t give this lil guy here 2 inches in space, he is a sharp hooter, young fella practically beat Bulls/Sox by himself in the opening round, setting the gym up as he was splashing deep 3 after deep 3, knocking down of by my account someone said it was 8 threes in a mostly close and heated game through-out. Young Fella was so hot he had open lay-ups and pulled up for the all net, he had possessions where the coach said ” no shot  unless its a layup ” and young fella pulled from the corner “swish” yep Collin Wainscott has made it clear he is the best shooter I’ve seen in the 2023 class and he can shoot it eqaully as well off the catch or dribble.

Keon Alexander

Keon Alexander 2023- Here is the prospect who turned my head more than anyone this past weekend, talk about improvement, young fella arguably was the most impressive prospect this past weekend, whirling and durling in the paint and scoring in and on people as if he was a player possessed. i mean at one point young fella was 6 for 6 and I mean these were baskets on his defender, standing 6/4 Keon looked massive out there and had one of the best players in Nation shaking his head as Keon was getting the better of him. Just last year Keon seemed very very very raw, while he still is not as polished as a couple of the best in the class, I stand here saying watch-out because young fella is coming. Keon will be in attendance at the Top Prospect showcase Feb 24th. and will definitely be making a jump in the updated rankings Thanksgiving day. Jr Hoops Elite will definitely be at young fella games this fall as he is a prospect we expect to be talking about for awhile.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Hoopademix 13u Gold Division Champions
Zack DeLuca

Zack DeLuca  2023- Uwwweee!!!! Yes Indeed we have a hooper here, another kid who has been outstanding during the Best Of The Midwest Fall League and a prospect who came in unknown to many including Jr. Hoops Elite and left having been one of the top point guards regardless of class in the the league pound for pound. Zach is quick off the dribble, with the ability to hit his teammates in perfect spots, his jump-shot is money from deep and he has the ability to stop on the dime and either rise up for the shot or drop a pinpoint on the money pass for an assist, Yep Zack has a baby face and looks like he is easy going, then once he starts playing you see the fierce competitive spirit, young fella came in and more than held his own. Jr. Hoops Elite looks forward to seeing Zach an awful lot in the future

Payton Kamin

Payton Kamin 2023- Here is a slithery crafty guard who came in an unknown to Jr Hoops Elite and left a prospect who we will be keeping close tabs on, Payton showed the ability to knock it down from deep and showed some uncanny ability to get around his man and finish in the lane over some of the bigger players, we see young fella a s player who will continue to get better and better as he plays against good competition, Payton earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance with his play at the Best of Midwest Fall League. We look forward to monitoring the progress of young fella in the future.

B2B Silver Division 14U Champs

Demetrius Dortch

Demetrius Dortch 2022- Talking about toughness on the court, young fella is the ultimate competitor he is a ” warrior” out there. Demetrius is a player who plays both sides of the floor, he is a lock up specialist on defense as I’ve witnessed him personally shut down several of the top prospects in his class, he is as fast as anyone in the class from one end to the other with the ball in his hands, he finishes in the lane above, on or through his defenders and young fella plays the game to win. Here is a kid who is a ” Impact The Win Kid” a player that every coach would want on his team and a prospect whose Stock Is Rising. Young Fella made his debut in the rankings this week and is a kid that will have Jr Hoops Elite in Oak Park an awful lot this winter checking out is home games and a prospect we look forward to seeing compete at the Invitation Only Top Prospect Showcase February 24th 2018.


AJ- 2024- Smart, poised and talented young fella skills are elite in his class no doubt. He sees and makes plays that are un-teachable, he has a lot of reactional passes and moves that make you say” 6th grade- No Way!! young fella has been playing very ell in the Jr Hoops Elite Youth League where many of the top payer in classes 2 years ahead of him are in attendance and he is a key member of the first place team as of now UCONN!! Young Fella Stock is Very High Right Now!!!!

Trevon Thomas

Trevon Thomas 2022- Yes Indeed!!!! Yes Indeed!!! My kind of player, here is a kid who plays the game the way we played back in the day, play hard, talk a little noise, shake hands after the game yep. Trevon does what ever is necessary to get his team the win. He will get in his opponents head with a little trash talking but it’s always in fun and competitive spirit because young fella is the ultimate competitor. You need a big 3, he knocks its down, a big steel he clamps ups the offensive player and just when you think you have him trapped coming in the lane he drop steps and does a creative whirl-spin for a bucket then says ” you can’t hold me” Yes young fella is one of the more versatile players in the class and can play multiple roles another coaches dream because he will do whatever asked with no questions or hesitation. Young Fella is eager to compete against the elite proving he can play with anyone. Having missed the last Top Prospect Showcase look for young fella to be in attendance at the invitation only event Feb 24th and look for more of Trevon on this site in the future a he us a prospect with a bright future.

Missing Several Teams Individual Pictures If you can or want too because you left before taking send one to 773 383-0972 with correct spelling  please.

Again I would like to Thank everyone who participated in event this past weekend, it was fun and exciting for me but I do understand and appreciate all who helped make it a positive event. I will say to this point I have received again nothing but positive responses from parents and kids a like saying how much they enjoyed the event, and boy you that makes me feel good you all just do not know how much stress I was under with the last minute forcing of having to switch gyms this past Wednesday Night at the last minute for unseeable circumstances Shout Out To Collins high School and Coach Steve for bailing me out I’m always grateful and appreciative of your efforts. I have received 52 personal text or emails saying how much they loved the event I only complaint I had all weekend. There was a question of why a team had to play there next game in the hot gym immediately after playing back to back in that same gym and guess what they were right they weren’t on the schedule to play in that gym at that time it was the other Blue team, they sat out and played in the main gym the next couple of games and problem was solved. ” When is Next One” My Son Needed That” He Learned How They Play Hard In The City” Ricky My Kid Needed This” ” I’m Bringing My Sons Friend Next Time” ” Now we can get to the drawing board” ” He Needed To See Whats Out There” ” There are some kids from Central Illinois who got real game Ricky where you find them?!!” ” That Orange Team Need To Be An AAU Team By Themselves” are just some of the quotes I received Sunday. There will be updates and player synopsis on website and Instagram over the next few days. If anyone has any questions or comments you can always call or text.


Ricky Moore

773 383-0972

Final 4 Game

Great Atmosphere, Standing Room Only In Final 4 game at Young Player Showcase!!!!

Julian Coates

Julian Coates 2026-  Can you say tough as nails? Can you say ultra competitor? Can you say will to win and compete? ” Young Fella Has Heart In That Chest” here he was one of the younger players in the class and playing on one of the more polished and complete showcase teams with older players, yet he found a way to be a vital component of the Championship Team  hitting several big shots along the way, including the go ahead lay-up in which he did his Incredible Hulk strong man pose and roar and he also went on to win in the individual competitions. You can tell young fella has been playing up with older kids by his poise and disposition, here is a kid from Peoria whom Jr Hoops Elite  will be talking about for years to come.



JD 2025- Here is a kid who showed high skill level as he set his teammates up rather well, has a 3 pt shot that ranked right up there with the best of them at the showcase and young fella finishes well in traffic with either hand equally as effective. JD had several plays at the showcase that showed he is definitely one of the better players in his class and a prospect who Jr Hoops Elite will be making it our business to keep up with.

Kaden Johnson

Kaden Johnson 2026- Yes Indeed!!! here is a player who is non stop all over the court, he has speed with the ball in his hands that other defenders his size had trouble keeping up with, he showed the ability to get past his defenders and finish with the floater and he knocked down a few shots, It will be very interesting to see Kaden as time progresses because young fella has game and spirit and when you mix the two it spells trouble for opponents.


Kristian Flowers 2025- Kristian played with energy he was a player who was running all over the floor, he gave you a little of everything, he rebounded , he hit a few shots and he played within the team. He is a kid who appears to have a good upside as his frame and athletic ability are noticed right away. He played on a team where touches were limited and still found a way to be effective, here is a kid who I believe will benefit greatly from the experience of seeing the speed and aggressiveness of other players. Kristian is a player Jr Hoops Elite will carefully be keeping an eye on.

Ky Cornish                                                                                                                         

Ky Cornish 2026- Young Fella was solid, one of the younger players at the showcase Ky seemed to play at an easy going pace, he was a kid who did a lot of the small things on the court and a player who we feel now understands better how to play in this environment. young Fella showed that he can shoot the ball as his form looked really good in the 3pt contest.

Cedrick Terrell III

Cedrick Terrell III- 2026- Here is a young shifty point guard who gets where he wants on the court with the ball, he has good speed and a quality handle, his vision appears to be above average for his age as he can find his open teammates. I witnessed young fella split defenses left and right, I witnessed young fella finish in traffic, the talent is there, now if he can get a little stronger with the ball and take the bumps in traffic players will be in trouble. Cedrick is a young guard who we see getting better and better as he plays the tougher competition and a player who is on Jr Hoops Elite radar.

 Early August Stock Risers

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith 2021- Wait Wait Wait!!! Hold the presses there is a kid who Jr Hoops Elite has been trying to get a scoop on, Young Fella is a combo big guard who has been giving people a problem for awhile the thing is he has been playing out of position for the necessity of his team and the regular eye just don’t understand. When we first saw Jordan He was playing Center for his team because he was the biggest player on the team, but he had a sweet stroke from deep and has vision off the bounce, the thing was his teammates just weren’t that good. I said to a couple of players and colleagues young fella has game I have to get his information and invite him out. Poof he disappeared. Then a couple of months later at Columbus Park young fella re-appeared at a tournament I was at, scoring 20 plus showing his all around skill and yep you guessed it I missed him again. Yep!!!  Here is a prospect who definitely will be making his entrance in the updated rankings being released next week a prospect whose upside is good he is still growing into his body and he has one of the higher skill sets coming out of middle school. Here is a prospect who will be an important piece of the Marshall incoming class and a prospect whose Stock is definitely Rising!!

Mikwon Jones

Mikwon Jones 2022- ” He Not Like That!!!” That’s young fella favorite saying, here is a get who is getting better and better by leaps and bounds, a players whose excepting the challenge of being a leader. A player that doesn’t back down in the face of adversity. Mikwon is a point power forward who can give you buckets down low with post moves, can bring it up the floor under pressure, he has a high understanding and picks up things extremely fast, he is a vocal leader and his out-let passes and head up the floor ability are second to none to any of the bigs in the class. When talk about a kid who is gaining on players and gaining fast look no further. Talk about a website providing information and motivation, here is the prospect who has gained like no other seeing and knowing all the good players. Young Fella is a coaches dream with his work-ethic, attitude and willingness to whatever for his team and a player who definitely will be making a move up-ward in the updated rankings when they are released. Talk about a kid who’s stock is sky rocketing look no further. Mikwon  is one of many who will be at the Youth League which first games start this Sunday at Cicero Stadium and will be on hand at the Top Prospect Showcase Aug. 19th St. Ignatius High School. Young Fella is one of our Aug. Stock Risers.

Jayden Dean

Jayden Dean 2022- Young Fella has been on a tear lately, he is improving and improving rapidly. Having Recently completed the fall league in Oak Park. Young Fella was a stud leading the league in virtually every Statistical category, he was a force leading his team to the League Championship. Young Fella plays the game under control and can take over a game at anytime. Jayden will be one of the many top rated kids playing in the Jr Hoops Elite Fall League on Sundays and will be in attendance at the  where he looks to again win a championship and at the Top Prospect Showcase Aug 19th to compete against some of the elite in the Midwest. Here is a kid whose Stock is definitely Rising.

Dashun Glover

Dashaun Glover 2020- Here is a kid over a year ago you would say, ” ok he can play he has skills” This past weekend ” Shaun Shaun” as known to many showed he is a real point guard. Playing on a team where many kids took shoots and played for them self’s young fella did not let that take him out of his character. He made the correct play everytime and when you saw him play a year ago anytime the defense gave him ball pressure he would attack no matter what. This weekend I saw the poise of young Glover, under duress he still handled the ball and didn’t force anything, he waited for his teammates to open and scored when needed. Yep and several other media sources saw what I saw. ” who is that?” “what school he go too?” ” I have to catch him some more this season” Yep young fella attention was paid and you are a August Stock Riser.

Ricky Moore

773 383-0972


Showcase Recap Below

Aviyon Morris

Aviyon Morris 2022- Small in stature “big big big time!!! in game and leadership” Young Fella has some of that Westside toughness and leadership of former small guard legends Jimmy Sanders and David Bailey. he showed again that he can get where ever he wants on the floor with the ball in his hands, he has a knack for scoring and one of the biggest hearts in middle school. Aviyon will be rising again in th updated rankings when they are released 8/28

Akeem Crivens

Akeem Crivens 2023- sometimes you see a kid and say “Yep, He Is Getting It” Young Fella came out a year ago to showcase and  got the experience, soaked it up, saw what was out here and went to the lab on a mission. During drills I teased him ” You gonna show me something? ” well he definitely did playing against several of the best point guards a year older Akeem handled himself well. He is a kid who understands the game and can play with the ball in his hands or off the ball, he doesn’t get stagnant. He made several nice passes that lead to baskets and knocked down several big jump-shots helping to lead his team to a championship including the oh so clutch go ahead 3 pt shot in the semi-final game which went to over-time. Young Fella will definitely be in the updated rankings being released 8/28 and a prospect we look forward to covering over the next few years.

Jaylin Dunlap

Jaylin Dunlap 2022- Here is a combo guard that is multi- talented. Young Fella showed the ability to score at all 3 levels, he can knock down the jumpshot from long range on the catch or off the dribble he is so valuable to a team because his frame allows him to guard the little quick guards or the bigger longer wings. Jaylin has a nice handle that allows him to attack the rim against defenders, he showed in particular he has a  Kobe Bryant like killer crossover from left to right that has a few defenders stubbing. Here is a kid who had players asking me ‘ Coach Who Is That?” well get ready to be hearing about young fella as he will make his debut in the updated rankings 8/28. Young Fella was one of the 1 on 1 champions again showcasing he is a hard guard.

Johnny Griffith

Johnny Griffith 2022- Here is a player who has good size for his position. Johnny displayed a nice stroke from the outside and showed an uncanny ability to shift speeds with ball in his hands. Here is a prospect who we believe benefited from the event and a kid the more he plays against high level competition the better he will be. Jr Hoops Elite thinks young fella next appearance he will be on a mission. Young Fella will make his debut in the updated rankings next week.

Ashton Hutchinson

Ashton Hutchinson 2022- Well, Well, Well here was a pleasant surprise, young fella showed exceptional quickness to the basket, he can defend the quicker guards and he is relentless when attacking the basket with and off the dribble first step that was impressive. Ashton has great quickness and lateral movement that he can play both ends of the floor, young fella was one of the 1 on 1 Champions and is a prospect who Jr hoops Elite will be monitoring more closely and a prospect who has earned his way into the rankings being released next week.

Denim Juette

Denim Juette 2022- I call him ” Cash Him Out” Yep young fella is a sniper a player who has that knack for making big time shots from long range at key moments in the game, he was again showcasing he is a knock down shooter, but he is also a scorer who has a scorers mentality. He was voted one of the Top 3 point shooter at the showcase. One coach “Rick he going to school in the suburbs? Damn!!!! I love his game, boy he would be one of my top recruits if he was In the city, uh uh uh, he can play Rick, DAMN I LOVE HIS GAME” Yep young fella left quite an impression this past weekend at the showcase.

William O’Shield

William O’Shield 2022- Young Fella is a kid who came in and felt his way out, a player who was attending his first showcase, he can shoot it and moves well without the ball in his hands, in the showcase atmosphere he tended to let others have the balls in their hands and was doing whatever needed and not forcing the issue. Will seems to be a player that the more he plays against the elite competition the better he will become, now knowing the process we think young fella will be better for the experience and we look for him to come in February and be more aggressive.

Andre Casey Jr.

Andre Casey Jr. 2022- Young Fella was nothing short of dominating, showcasing his perimeter skills knocking down the 3 with ease, handling in transition and dunking after making moves off the dribble, when the updated rankings are released Aug 28-30th depending on class it will be interesting.

Collin Wainscott

Collin Wainscott 2023- Young Fella is back and looks as good as ever, last year young fella suffered an injury and he was out for awhile, Collin was a dead eye shooter knocking down after clutch in being a very vital part of the championship team. Always known as a shooter there’s little doubt that young fella is one of the top shooters in middle school regardless of class, but he showed leadership being vocal and understood how to distribute the ball, when to distribute the ball and never takes a bad or rushed shot. Yep!!! young fella reinforced he is a player and has had coach after coach inquiring and asking me about his availability. ” I need him right now on my high school team!!!” ” He has me changing the way I look at the game, I need a shooter like him” ” Rick Shorty Got Game, Who He Play For?” ” Coach he look like a JHE player” were just some of the comments that people said to me about young fella.

Jayden small

Jayden Small 2023- Here is a player Jr Hoops Elite was surprised at his ability to get past his defender with ease, young fella showed a very nice handle and the ability to hit the mid range shot over the bigs, Jayden also showed the ability to pressure full court on defense, one of the younger players for his grade young fella held his own. Here is another prospect we look forward to covering over the next few years and will be out at school games throughout the winter. We believe young fella will be better for the experience and now understands the showcase atmosphere and a prospect who will be in the updated rankings being released 8/28

Steven Clay

Steven Clay 2022- Another long 6/3 plus combo forward who showed he can handle, shoot, distribute and rebound in traffic. Young Fella came in and started slow, getting a feel for his teammates, but as they day went on he showed his silky smooth game. If Young Fella ever just says ” hey I’m finna dominate, some people are in trouble, he has the tools and will remain a top 10- prospect when updated rankings are released next week.

Showcase Champs

Team Syracuse- This group was a team that jelled from the very beginning, when first looking at teams by the naked eye no one in the gym gave this team a chance, yet they rolled on to win the Championship in overtime after going undefeated through-out. The team played as a team, they had spirit, moved the ball well together and didn’t care who scored. 3 of the players on the team came up to me afterwards “this is the best showcase team I’ve been on”  ” we got a sqaud and everybody can shoot!!!” ” make sure if there is another showcase, put us all on the same team so we can go back to back Champions” Yes the team was complete and everyone contributed Ahkeem Crivens 2023, Collin Wainscott 2023, Cameron Pickett 2022, Cordy Johnson 2023, Daronte Peterson 2022, Richard Barron 2023, Christopher Green 2022, Taylor Smith 2023, Devyn Williams 2022, Terrion Langston 2022. This group was nice and a joy to watch.

Terry Elias

Terry Elias 2022- Young Fella is back and ready to reclaim his status as one of the elite in the class, young fella was a force attacking the basket and showed he has been working on his game as he was shooting and knocking down the with confidence. His shot looks effortless and he was at another level in the 1 on 1 competition winning his level with ease. Some are in trouble as young fella appears to be on a mission. He is sure to rise in the updated rankings coming out next week.

Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith 2023- Rising Prospect Alert!!!! Young Fella has potential this long wiry 6/3 forward ran the floor like a deer and finished well around the basket, matching up against several of the top post players in the class 2022 young fella held his own and looked like he belonged, there is no doubt Taylor will enter in the class of 2023 class rankings be put out next week and he will definitely be making his debut rather high. Jr Hoops Elite will be following this youngster rather closely this winter.

Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson 2022- Slick with a handle, quick and athletic, ” Yes Indeed” young fella came to the showcase where no one knew who he was and he came to make a statement, he quickly did  that blowing by his man on consecutive plays like they were standing still the first few minutes of his first game. Young Fella played well the enter event slicing and dicing his way to the basket and finishing at the basket on and over several of the bigs. In the 1 on 1 as well as playoff games young fella showed he good knock down the jump-shot, defend and compete. Here is a kid who left having done exactly what he was suppose too make an impression. Jr Hoops Elite will be carefully keeping a close eye on Alex and he will definitely make his way into the updated rankings being released next Monday.

Mehki Shaw

Mehki Shaw 2022- Yes Indeed!!!!! A savvy floor general who displayed every skill you want in a pg, he showed poise with the ball in his hands delivering several passes that I couldn’t believe he got the ball through the defenders, he showed the long range ball, he hit mid range shoots and whats most impressive is he plays at his own pace and doesn’t let the defense speed him up. Mehki is a pg who knows the game, he understands speed and change of pace. here is another prospect who came in unknown to most and left making an impression. Add young fella name to the list of quality point guards in the Midwest. Young Fella will make his debut in updated rankings being released next week and a prospect we look to be getting out to see more of.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Young Player Showcase Recap 2

Lashawn Stowers

Lashawn Stowers 2025- Yes Sir, Yes Sir!!!! Give me him young fella is a stud no doubt, he was slicing and dicing his way to the whole scoring and creating for his teammates at will and he plays with a fire in his belly, he competes to win. He is a big guard who was abusing the little guards, I mean there was no guard in his class that could stop him from scoring one on one in the team setting. When you think that he is going into the 5th grade you say WOW!!! Lashawn was one of the Top 5 Scorers at the showcase and looks to be at this point one of the better prospects in his class. Another Central Illinois Stud who has the potential to be really good.

Howard Williams

Howard Williams 2026- SAAAAAAYYYY WHAAAT!!! Young Fella here is a beast young Howard was playing good against players 2 years his superior when we got word that he was playing against the wrong group we made the switch and it was an abuse for the kids he encountered. No way would you think this kid is going to 4th grade. he has good foot-work, nice outside shooting touch which he displayed against the older and bigger kids, and inside he was unstoppable going on scoring runs of straight points straight in separate playoff games helping his team advance. I know it’s early but I haven’t seen to many post player at this young age as polished as young Howard. Yep!!! 4th Grade.

Ed Williams AKA  4

Ed Williams 2027- Here he was the youngest player at the showcase and only 3rd grader in attendance and you would have thought young fella was in 5th. When I say tough as they come ” young fella is Tenacious.” he attacks the basket against the bigger kids with-out hesitation. Young Fella has no fear and is quick going either way. With the size of several of the kids two older a he was able to take the bumps in traffic and the physical aggressive style like he had seen it before. This kid here is a player. Yes Indeed!!! Known by many as 4, young fella came out here and played against many of the elite kids 2 years his superior and showed he is a player Jr Hoops Elite will be talking about for a long time too come.

Young Player Showcase Recap 1

CJ Thomas

CJ Thomas 2025- All I’m going to say is Young Fella put on a show, he was nailing big shot after big shot, his performance has to go down as top 5 performances all time in showcase history and that is a big statement. He had the crowd and me on our feet. He displayed court vision, tenacious defense a 3 point jump shot where I personally saw him go 8 for 10 over 3 games including game tying and game go ahead jumpers in the face of defenders with less than a minute in two games and game tying over time sending big plays in another. A highlight of Showcase will be released some-time this week and young fella is sure to be on it. Then in the one on one competition he ripped thru his opponents winning by a wide margin knocking down 3pt after 3pt after 3pt. CJ left the showcase MVP and a player Jr Hoops Elite will definitely be keeping tabs on. We look forward to covering young fella for years to come.

Emmanuel Mosley

Emmanuel Mosley 2025- Add another name to the elite guard category in his class, it didn’t take 3 minutes to know young fella was a player. He came down set his man up off the dribble then spoon fed his teammate for a basket, yep while others may have took unnecessary shots or forced the action young fella made the right basketball play every single time all while showcasing his skill level. While his team had 3 players like that Sebastian and Cal both of which will be in feature updates.Emmanuel has a quiet confidence and swagger to his game that definitely says he belongs with the elite in the class. Here is another prospect who we will be keeping close eyes on and a prospect who next year when his class rankings are released is surely to be on that list unless something we cant for see happens.

Dmonte Meeks

Dmonte Meeks 2025- Young Fella had coaches calling me all day, ” who is young fella? what grade is he in? can he play small fry? where his mom at he got them thangs, yep young fella is a competitor and player that had heads moving as he had several crowd pleasing moves that stood out including making his defender touch the floor another pg who plays with heart and soul. One of those Back 2 Basic players that are starting to give the organization recognition around the State.

Cal McKay

Cal Mckay 2025- Here is a multi-skilled guard who does it all, Young Fella has a variety of tools he can shoot it, he can pass it, he can handle it with pressure in his face and he makes the winning and right play. Cal played on a team that was stacked from top too bottom but he understood when and where to be scoring and even going in the paint and rebounding among-st the bigs, he has a lot of flare in his game and was one of the key components in helping his team win the Championship. Jr hoops Elite is sure to be making several visits to see young fella play this fall and winter as he a prospect whom we see progressing rather well.

Tristian Saunders

Tristian Saunders 2025- Young Fella got better and warm as the event went along. He hist several long range bombs and looks to be one of the better shooters in the class, in one game his team was down 20 and he scored about 8 in a 3 minute stretch and was one of the key players involved in the black team coming all the way back to tie the game. Tristian seems like a player who will be better for having attended the event and a kid who will probably be anxiously awaiting for the next event. Jr Hoops Elite will be seeing a lot of young fella in the future as his upside and potential to be a high level scorer down the line are promising.

Mike White

Mike White Jr. 2024- Something has to be said for being clam under pressure or a leader on the floor. Mike was vocal with his teammates at critical times in the game, he picked his teammates up with chatter even after bad plays or critical misses or turnovers, yes he has game and scored and assisted on a variety of plays and showed game, but in the midst of a hostile championship or final four game I saw something that kids 3 years his superior struggle with.  Mike White Jr. is a kid who we definitely have to keep close tabs on this winter and a kid who will definitely be in the rankings when they are released this winter for his class.

Kendall Hood

Kendall Hood 2024- This young fella here showed glimpses of scoring ability as he glided to the basket with several nice finished, this was Jr Hoops Elite first glance at Kendall he is an intriguing prospect as his frame speaks length and his game speaks that of which he could be a long big guard down the line. Here is a kid we think will be better for having come to the event and will be making some noise down the line.

JHE 2017 Nationals Tournament Results Below

JHE 13U Champs

The group played well over coming a couple of very competitive teams  in route to winning tournament, Several teams provided a quality competition and impressive showings. Teams of Note in tournament Bloomington, Mac Irvin Fire, Illinois Blaze, Prodigy, Meanstreets Brown all had nice showing and competitive games at times.

Illinois Matrix 12U

This group here came in ready and on a mission in a division that was loaded from front to back Matrix provided the crowd with a performance that will certainly move them up the ladder of pound for pound best teams in the state(7/10) update. The loaded bracket included Wisconsin United, IMVP, Mademen, Chicago Wolfpack, Bulls Premier, Meanstreets, Illinois Blaze and B2B.

Meanstreets Eaves 11U

The group came in and took care of business, this a young group with plenty of talent that will be talked about for a long time come on the website. When the initial list of 2024 comes out look for several of these teams to make their way on the list.

Illinois Ice 10U

This group here has fire power and I do mean fire power dispite being without a couple of it’s key players Ice made it look easy against some of the best teams in the State, If I were to say there was a better 10U team playing right now that I’ve seen I’d be lying. “ICE LOOKS NICE!!!!!”

Meanstreets Mister National 9U

The young guns were pretty impressive, winning and proving they are worthy of being mentioned as elite in their class, a couple of these players have incredible skill and will be turning heads for sure in the future.

Ricky Moore

Stepping It Up!!!

Marlell Coleman & Darrion ” DJ” Jones

Marlell Coleman & DJ 2021- Are two of the toughest combo’s in the state, these young fella’s have been playing together for several years and are virtually inseparable, they have been causing havoc on opposing teams. Marlell known as one the best on ball defenders and taken his game to a new level as he showing his ability to finish in traffic and is showing a new found handle and dish game where he can translate to playing some pg look for young fella to move up the list in new updated rankings for sure. DJ who has been known to destroy opposing teams with his physical attacking the basket relentlessness is showing perimeter skills needed at the next level and proving that he played down low because of team needs at the Middle School Level and will be giving opposing teams fits at the next level. Bogan struck gold with these recent new additions.

CJ and Malik

Charles Doyle Jr. & Malik Williams 2021- Here is a dou who have been building a lot of chemistry for years, they seemed poised to contribute very early and be key pieces of a Farragut Admirals team which boast a young nucleus who will be good for the next few years for sure. Malik is a power point guard who can score points in bunches and attacks the basket with reckless abandon, young fella has put together some games that make you say ” wow did you see that!!!” CJ is a smooth combo guard who plays with patience and specializes in knocking shots down from all over the floor. These two have a chance to be one of those tandems in a few years that people will be talking about in the conversation as best in the conference.

Throwback Thursday 

A look back and what was said.

Promising Prospect # 18

                                 “On His Way Up”

Introducing DJ Steward the most versatile player in the class of 2020. This young man here can play 1 thru 5 in middle school and can affect the game in so many ways. After first noticing DJ a couple of years ago I thought to myself he is going to be nice, at that time I saw him playing more underneath the basket because of his length, Last summer young fella was invited to attend the Top Prospect Showcase and went head to head with Lamontray Daugherty the current number 1 rated prospect by JrHoopsElite. DJ had coaches calling me left and right. He left the showcase with a buzz. This school and travel season I have witnessed young fella take his game to another level, having to play the point guard on his middle school team and basically do all the facilitating on his travel team (due to his former players moving on to high school) DJ has blossomed and his star is shining oh so bright!!! Young fella has a handle on the ball and vision like many of the elite point guards in his class, he can defend at any position on the court, he has range that extends well beyond the 3 point line and he is the ultimate teammate. DJ has elevated himself into the one of the TOP 5 prospects in the 2020 class in our updated rankings that will be released later this week. Young fella has some unique skills; he has definitely been impressive and a force on the court, leading his team to a couple of championships in the past few weeks with his superb all- around play. Look for DJ to showcase his skills at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 27th. Mr. and Mrs. Steward deserve a round of applause for this well-mannered young man as he is an excellent student in the classroom as well at Brooks Middle School in Oak Park. If there is one player in the class you are looking for to do a variety of things on the floor and do them well,” look no further” DJ is a player you will be hearing a lot about on the next level. For all of your work JrHoopsElite would like to say DJ STEWARD is ON HIS WAY UP!!!! and acknowledges him as our Promising Prospect.


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What They Said Then. ” Come on Now Rick, he ok but he haven’t  played with or against nobody, why haven’t nobody heard of him? You must know his people”

What Young Fella Has Done Since. Young Fella went on the play with Meanstreets 14U and quickly established himself as one of the elite in the class,  Young Fella has gone on to become a freshmen star leading his High School team to the State Title Game, 

What They Say Now!!  He is acknowledged by all the Area recruiting sites as a Top 5 kid and young fella already had college offers.  Yep something that we definitely saw coming Great Job DJ.

Promising Prospect # 29

“Next Level”

14699 (2)

When I see a player like this he makes me shake my head and say “WOW!!!” I’ve been around many players, high level college and N.B.A. whom I’ve seen when they were in Middle School  and it’s hard to remember one being as polished at this stage as young Patrick Baldwin Jr. Here is a 6ft 5 plus wing that has incredible talent. He does so many things that college players are doing now. I’ve witnessed young fella play in the mid-post like a pro, reverse pivot step back off the glass bucket!!! MJ STYLE, curl the screen, catch and shoot from 24ft. swish!!! looking like Klay Thompson. bringing the ball up the court on smaller defender he gets to his spot and raises over the player like “he’s a chair in a drill !!! Shaun Livingston, All I can think is this kid is so far ahead of everybody in his class with his skill set and understanding of the game he’s Next Level!!! When you look at Patrick it’s easy for me  to imagine him putting up impressive stats in College at a high level in a few years. He is the one kid who has the size that equates to the position(sg/sf) he projects in College right now. While young fella has all the tools and skills, there are some who will mistake his skill set and poise and say he needs to get that “so called dog in him” too them I say “you are confused the kids usually being called the dog are more often than not the ones whose skill set is just that high motor, high energy, grit and grime”. It’s crazy how that is so misinterpreted. I tell people all the time ” you want the kid with the skill and game !!!” all that, he is a dog and plays hard-nose wears off quickly after middle school. Young Fella is “The Truth!!!” He has a sweet stroke and if there are 2 better shooters in his class I haven’t seen them, I’ve watched games where he knocked down 3 of 4 or 4 of 5 like they were free-throws and with his size and high release, it’s like the defenders were helpless. The thing that also impresses me about young fella is he is such a quality kid, he never comes off as the ” I’m a superstar kid” He is all about his teammates and he is always looking for ways to improve, spending countless hours in the gym. Add to that he is an honor roll student and does community service and you have one well rounded young man. Hey High School coach be ready to move somebody over, you have a 4 year starting wing coming in the door day 1 no need to play around he will be ready. Patrick Baldwin Jr. is JrhoopsElite #1 rated prospect in 2021 class, and we would like to acknowledge him as our Promising Prospect “Next Level”  The Top Prospect Showcase is Feb 25th and we look forward to watching many of the top players in the Midwest.

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What Was Said Then.” No way he that good Rick, What do you see in him? he not physical enough, he get ate up in the post, why he not in the paint”

What Young Fella Has Done Since. Young Fella has played well finishing up strong on the AAU circuit and NYBL  League.

What They Are Saying Now. Sun Times and several other basketball websites are calling him the best prospect in the State regardless of Class, hmmm sounds very familiar to me.

    Promising Prospect # 26

                                                                                                                                               ” It Don’t Matter”

Timia Ware

Here is one of the hottest prospect in Middle School right now!!! Introducing Timia Ware from Legacy Charter Yes Indeed!!!! That’s Teresa baby girl. When you look at a prospect who has been tearing it up on the court look no further. Timia has not only been tearing it up, she has been doing this while playing with the boys. Coming from the Westside of Chicago, there are not a lot of options for girls to play competitive basketball as much as she likes, so that forced her to play with the boys and when I tell ya she is a player, that would be an understatement. Playing in probably the most competitive fall league in the state right now (Best of The Midwest), with at least 30 of top 100 boys(Jrhoopselite rankings) in the league, this young lady is turning heads left and right. With games of 17, 15, 14 and 12 pts she does things with the ball that most can’t believe, forget she a girl, “game recognize game” “crossover, step- back- bucket” “split the double team, wrap around the back, underhanded bounce pass- Gotcha!!! Crowds goes crazy. Triple threat, jab step, quick dribble to the left pull-up gotcha!! TIME OUT!!! says the coach. “Who got her?” Next play down, cross over- stop on the dime 25foot pointer— basket!!!! Uuuuuuwwweeeee!!. Coach calls another time out and says “ she a girl, what’s yall problem, yall can’t stop her?” Let me tell ya something coach.” It don’t matter!!!” Tamia is a player; forget the fact that she is a girl, if you don’t recognize and recognize quick, you are in trouble. Barring injury or just plain I don’t want to play anymore, you can mark this one in the book Division 1 easy. This young lady has all the tools and is more technically sound and fundamentally sound than 90 percent of the players in Middle School regardless of gender. Gym after Gym, game after game, people are definitely taking notice. Referees, High School Coaches and Parents are all wondering and asking the same questions, “What’s her name? Where is she going to school?” All I know is that this young lady, has a lot of that “special” in her game and if you haven’t seen her you’re missing a treat. So before you start seeing it in the newspapers, on all the blogs and websites. Go catch a game of Legacy Charter  this season with the up and coming first class coach, “ Coach Troy” he also worth the price of admissions. Jrhoopselite  looks forward to seeing Timia at the Girls Top Prospect Showcase for girls coming this Winter after the holiday and school season. We would also like to acknowledge Timia Ware as our Promising Prospect “ One thing I know, there is a baller out west who is one of the elite players in the state, Yes she happens to be a girl, but you know what ” It Don’t Matter”.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


What They Said Then: ” Yep!! She good, I see what you are saying.

What Are They Saying Now: “She has a chance to be best pg to ever come out of our program” Timia Ware is special and one of the premier guards in the country”

Promising Prospect # 19

                                 “Lake County Finest”

Kimahri Wilson

There is some basketball being played in the northern part of the state outside of the city that many people are sleep on, the area that has produced some talent in recent years. ” MY OH MY” do they have a youngster in the 2021 class that is surely to be turning some heads in the near future, his name is Kimahri Wilson and boy oh boy is this young fella talented. Kimahri is an ultra smooth floor general who has the ball on a string like a yo-yo, passes it with a flare and is virtually unguardable off the dribble. This young player is a kid who can carry a team in so many ways, but what I like about Kimahri is he never is rattled and he never seems to be playing for himself, he would rather get the assist as opposed to getting the basket, he would rather go scoreless and get the win.  Even tho he may have the most talent on the court he never gets bigger than the team or never appears to have the me first attitude. I just witnessed young fella lead his undersized, under-manned 2021 team to a victory over a high powered Mercury Elite 2020 team in which young fella easily stood out as the best player on the floor. Send 1 defender- no wait- send 2 defenders it doesn’t matter young fella is a magician with the ball in his hands, the more pressure you put on him the better he looks. Kimahri  is also a super kid, even though his game speaks volumes young fella is a quiet and humble. He is also the pg in his class that can play in any environment, you want “up and down run and gun” NO Problem, you want to “slow it down run the pick and roll” NO Problem, you need a play ran the right way and executed No Problem!!!!Kimahri or Kemo (as he known to some) is pg I’m calling on. Kemo played last year at the Top Prospect Showcase and had several of the staff asking me”who is that? Well it’s time everybody get to know the name. ” Young fella is currently rated #11 prospect in the class, look for Kimahri  top 5 in JrhoopsElite updated rankings being released mid- week. Here is a kid that definitely has a huge upside. Mark it down right now, this is a kid who will make smooth transition to the next level, a 7th Grader now who has the game and poise of a junior in high school. A D1 prospect no doubt!!  We also look forward to Kamahri matching up against some of the top perimeter players Feb. 27th at the Top Prospect Showcase. JrHoopsElite   would like to acknowledge Kimahri Wilson as our Promising Prospect.


Ricky Moore- 773 383-0972


What They Said Then: ” Who Is That? We never heard of him” ” I seen him play Rick He ain’t show me nothing” ” Lake County? Ain’t no ballers up there that’s why he look good.

What Young Fella Has Done Since: Ripped up the AAU circuit leading his teams to final 4 in Las Vegas, State Championship, AAU National Runner Up, Varsity Summer League Pg. Congrats Young Fella.

What They Are Saying Now: “ Rick you weren’t lying about shorty I see what you saying”  Writer from N.C at NY2la wow this is the best pg in the class  I’ve seen” Future 150” kid looks like best in city and one of the best in Midwest Region” ” Damn Rick, you hit it on the head”


Mid- May Stock Risers

Isaiah Donnell

Isaiah Donnell 2021- This ultra smooth  6/1 plus pg skills look better and better and some people at the next level can’t wait to play with a kid like this. Young Fella makes the game easier for his teammates as he makes everyone around him better with his play making. The fact that he is involved in all facets of the game( rebounding, scoring, defending multiple positions) make young fella a more complete player than most in his class. Young Fella stock is again on the rise look for him to make a jump up in the updated rankings being released June 15th Isaiah is a prospect who is sure to garner a lot of attention in years to come by the college recruiters.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Trey Pettigrew

Trey Pettigrew 2022- A consummate guard who is ready to explode, young fella has all the tools to be one of the elite guards in the class, he knocks it down with consistency, he handles it under pressure, he makes the necessary play to get his teammates involved and he is stretching out in height currently hitting the 5/10 mark. Being able to adapt to any situation is one of Trey’s strengths. haing lead his team to a better than 90 percent winning clip over the past couple of years, young fella personal game is starting too take off. In a class where the guards are starting to emerge young fella is right there and his Stock is definitely on the rise.

James Dent

James Dent 2021- Springfield, Illinois has a combo guard that has a knack for putting it in the bucket and has moves that will freeze most defenders, JrhoopsElite watched this young man knock it down from deep in the defenders face, split the double-team and hit pull up jumpers and slice his way through opponents off the dribble as if they were standing still. At Times James look like Jamal Crawford out there having defenders off balance. There is no doubt James will be in the Updated Rankings Being Released Next Month and is a Prospect jrhoopselite will definitely be keeping a close eye on.

Keshon Gilbert

Keshon Gilbert 2021- Here is an underrated, under the radar poised pg who can play with anyone in the class. Keshon seems to always be in control and one of those pgs that can hurt you in a variety of ways, young fella was unstoppable this past weekend getting to the rim at will there was absolutely no one who could stay in front of him. Young Fella had the play of the tournament when he crossed over his defender making him fall to the floor, then easily stepped too the side and nailed the pull-up jump-shot all net that set the gym off. Keshon is a player whose stock is on the rise and definitely a prospect who will be in the updated rankings being released next month.

Shane Miller

Shane Miller 2021-  At the Shaun Livingston Tournament this past weekend young fella showed he is a combo guard who has a variety of skills , young fella plays both ends of the floor as he competes hard. Shane can shot the long range jump, has a solid handle and can take the smaller opponent in the post and shoot over them as I watched him do several times. Shane is a prospect whose stock is rising and a prospect JrhoopsElite will be keeping close tabs on. Young Fella will be in the updated rankings being released next month.

Dionsysius Sims

Dionsysius Sims 2021= Beast, This Athletic, Powerful Wing Forward is A problem for people. “Big D” as we call him at Jrhoopselite is transforming his game forma straight down low power player to a powerful wing who candle handle and knock down the outside shot. When I say absolutely unstoppable, that he was thus past weekend, scoring, rebounding, handling and going coast to coast dunking and hanging on the rim as if it were 8 ft. Some people are definitely in trouble has young fella skills are catching up with his athleticism. Look for Big D to rise up the ranbkings when they are released next Month.


Lamontray Daugherty 2020

Lamontray Daugherty 2020- This kid here has that thing that draws coaches to him the minute he walks in the gym, his frame and athleticism are what makes young fella an intriguing prospect. a couple of years ago young fella was a kid who ran the floor well and finished in traffic with either hand pretty nice around the basket, fast forward a year and young fella is a ” watch ya head” type player who has the ability to put it on the floor off the dribble, knock down the perimeter shot or put you in a highlight by dunking ya body to body. Jrhoopselite has been recently catching up with the 2020 class and will be updating after the July live period. Lamontray Daugherty is definitely a prospect who is going to rise back up the charts and a prospect who College Coaches have inquired about. Talk about a future prospect to keep a close eye on. We look forward to seeing young fella at the Super Sophomore Showcase in August.

Maqael Henderson 2021

Maqael Henderson 2021- Here is a prospect who has gone a little under the radar through-out the state but the future Orr Spartan is about to serve notice to a lot of people, Maqael is a gritty grimy grammar school post player whom the coaches have been working too make the transition to combo forward and wing spot in high school. Young fella has a motor and competes at a high level. Look for Maqael and several of his teammates at Chicago Elite to surface as the summer continues. JrhoopsElite looks forward to watching Maqael and a few of his teammates at the Top Prospect Showcase June 10th and Nationals June 30th- July 2nd.

Shaun Harris 2020

Shaun Harris 2020- Why Why Why!!!! has Jrhoopselite slept on young fella for so long, or should we say we have not seen a player progress as quickly at Shaun Harris underrated and underappreciated is definitely whats the case here. This 2g is definitely a player to watch as he has a nice offensive package where he can rise from deep with ease and gets to the rime with little effort on his defenders. What impresses me about Shaun is he makes everything look easy and he has that confidence that ‘ no one can check him, in several close games over the last two weeks I’ve witnessed young fella knock down the go head basket 3 times in late game situations he seems to never feel pressure and he does this all while be under control and playing off other good players. Look for Shaun to be rather high in the updated 2020 when they are released and also we look forward to seeing Shaun at the Super Sophomore Showcase in August where many of the Top Rising Sophomores will be in attendance.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect Article Andre Ca

Meanstreets – Bates 14U Champions

Meanstreets- Bates Played as a team and with stood some very tough opponents to win the 14 u division. Trailing by 10 points in the second half to a tough  Steel City Elite team, they persevered shared the ball, came back and won a thriller by 1. Then in a heated nip and tuck game against the scrappy RoadRunners and trailing by two, coach strategically went into isolation’s of mis matches on the floor and the team prevailed. Solid point guard play by Christian Henry, scoring of Luka Balac, versitility and competitiveness of Kai Evans & Brandon Hall, ability to play inside and out of Troy D’Amico were evevident through-out as they led the team this weekend.

JHE 13U- Runner-Ups

JHE- 13U played extremely well this weekend beating Detroit, Intruders, B2B, Meanstreets Buggs and closing the weekend off with a tough loss in the championship to Meanstreets Curtis in the championship. The entire team played well and the gym was buzzing whenever they played (standing room only) as I was asked on several occasions “where are they from?”

Meanstreets- Curtis 13U- Champions

Meanstreets Curtis 13u- The team showed poise and perseverance as they proved they are indeed one of the elite in the Midwest, missing one of their key players everyone stepped up and proved that there is talent stacked up and down the line-up. Andre Casey Jr. showed he is one of the best players around and finished up with 25 in the Championship Game.

AGB Hawks- Williams 12U- Champions

AGB Hawks Williams 12U- The group played extremely well through-out the weekend, coming from 10 points behind with under 3 minutes left the team won on a buzzer beater in the semi’s that had everyone talking and the gym going crazy. The team road that momentum into the Championship Game and withstood a tough  Steel City  Elite team and again game from behind in the second half to win. This team does not get rattled under pressure. Great Job Guys.

Steel City Elite-12U runner Up

 Steel City Elite 12u- The group played well the entire weekend, losing a great game in the championship they scrap and hustle with the best of them. Dominic Schmidt and Nathan King played well among others

Illini Legacy 11U Champions

Illini Legacy 11u- Yes Indeed!!! this group here made it look easy at times having opposing coaches shaking their heads, they are led by two of the best 5th graders in the State Kwon Brown and Taurus Baugh who played up also in  the 6th grade division. People better get ready because if this group stays together some teams are in trouble, we look forward to seeing this group at Jr.HoopsElite  Nationals June 30- July 2nd. Their first game will be against Team Philly… uuuwwwweeee!!

May Stock Risers

Raysean Watson

Raysean Watson 2021- Young fella came into the event unknown to most, but when he left every coach around knew he had game, he is a poised slick handling pg who shoots if from 26ft with ease, playing against Meanstreets he looked good, several people coming up to me ” hay you see the lil light skin guard?” he can play. Against Lil Nick Owens and Road Runners, ” You see shorty, he real nice says a parent where that team from?’ After playing the Illinois Heat, That team right there nice and that point guard I need him says a coach. Yep Raysean Watson left his mark and we will be keeping a close eye on the Young Bucks from Milwaukee as they have several prospects who shall emerge in updated rankings and be invited to Top Prospect Showcase.

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor- 2021- Young fella put in major work this weekend, when I first saw him I said ” he nice, I like him” young fella is smooth, he showed a nice handle, a smooth and sweet stroke and he made the game look easy as he was playing in the 15u age group. Then a coach came and whispered you know he in 8th….. I said “ WHAT!!!!!!! where has he been/ how i miss him? young fella here is definitely a prospect who should be on jrhoopselite 2021 prospect rankings. here is a kid who scored 20 plus playing up an age group and showed a tremendous skill set for his age, young fella you stock is definitely on the rise we look forward to seeing Anthony in action June 10th @ the Top Prospect Showcase and he definitely will be in the updated 2021 rankings.

Joshua Kirksey

Joshua Kirksey 2022- Young Fella came in this weekend with specific intentions, put in work and serve notice, well Joshua showed no reluctance to mix it up with the big boys as he was very active, he showed the ability to attack the rim at will finishing on and over his opponents, what I saw in Joshua  that impressed me was he competes at all times and is fearless, there were a couple of possessions where it looked like the bigger kids would affect the play. Joshua took it straight at them. Joshua is a prospect who we look forward to covering and will be keeping close tabs on, young fella is also a  prospect who earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase.

Dentrell Jackson

Dentrell Jackson 2022- Well there are certain players when the light clicks on at a certain time, well it appears the light has clicked on for Dentrell, I would come to games and say ” boy he teasing me, why doesn’t he do more?” well young fella is showing the whole arsenal, he has the body to finish on anyone in the paint, his ball handling has improved and his jump-shot from deep has been money the last 3 or 4 times I’ve sen him. Dentrell is definitely a prospect who is on the rise and will make that jump in the updated 2022 being released Friday.

Reggie Strong

Reggie Abrams 2021- Young Fella has been a warrior for years, this I know. He has been virtually impossible to stop from getting to the rim and his competitiveness  ranks right up there with anyone in the class. Now young fella knocking down the long range shot with consistency. After playing Team Prodigy coach comes up to me and say “Rick He Got To Be Best Guard In Class!!!” I say “I told ya that shorty and that team can go” Reggie is a one of those hard nose guads who can take over a game with his offense or lock down the opposing teams best guard on defense, if you want a tough pg look no further they don’t make them any tougher at this level. Yep Reggie Abrams is JrhoopsElite 2021 # 30 rated prospect and we look forward to seeing young fella compete at the Top Prospect Showcase June 30th where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance

Daronte Patterson

Daronte Patterson 2022- Talk about being able to change your game and change it quickly, young fella has transformed from a straight bruiser and put back machine, to a well rounded offensive weapon in a matter of months. It’s been said by Jrhoopselite before that Daronte is the toughest player in Middle School bar none!! But now he has added that leadership and he has been given free reigns to create off the dribble and shoot the long range 3, Young Fella is on a tear. He still competes at both ends and has become a leader no doubt. Several people have said ” he like a Draymond Green” well you know what I can see that. Look for young fella to make a jump in the updated rankings are released his stock is definitely rising and also look for Daronte at the Top Prospect Showcase June 10thhe loves to compete against the best.

Parker Reynolds

Parker Reynolds 2021- Sometimes you see a kid and you say catch him in 2 years, well every-time I see young fella he shows me a little more and a little more, this weekend I saw young fella finish in traffi, I saw him knock down a few mid range shots and I saw him shoot it from deep. It appears all the tolls are there and getting better and when the light and constant confidence kick in some people maybe in trouble. While others are hitting their peak, young fella appears ready to be hitting his stride. Parker earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase June 10th where many of the Top Players from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and St. Louis will be in attendance.

Nick Owens

Nick Owens 2021- I don’t know what to say except ” Special” young fella played 4 or 5 games each day with virtually no rest playing in the 14u and 15U divisions and both grade levels made it to the Championship when at neither age group was it expected by anyone except maybe the coach and myself. I’ve watched young fella for years and have said it many many times before Young Fella Special.. racking up 24 in championship against a box and 1 and having 31, 21 and 18 in others coming on the heals of me witnessing young fella hit 11’s 3 in one game after scoring 30 in a 15U game an hour earlier and please  don’t get it twisted this aint no shoot the ball every-time I get it, this is being a consummate guard getting everyone involved and taking over when needed, young fella is as  efficient on this level as Lebron is on his level. ” Young Fell Special” and stock still on the rise.

Timaris Brown

Timaris Brown 2022- This long lengthy wing is an active force in the paint with his quick release and long arms, young fella has the ability to hit the mid range and he runs the floor pretty nice. Timaris is a prospect who will be in the updated 2022 class rankings and is a prospect who we look forward to covering for awhile as we se a nice upside. Timaris is a prospect we would like to see at Top Prospect Showcase competing against many of the elite players in his class.

Chandler Schmidt

Chandler Schmidt- 2021 No doubt about it here, young fella is a player. I saw him do just about everything on the court. He was knocking down the long rang 3’s with ease, he was rebounding and pushing the ball finding the open player and he was a beast finishing in traffic and battling the longer bigger players. Chandler is another kid who just competes and plays all over the floor, he is the kid who doesn’t complain. You need a rebound coach” I gotcha!! “You need a basket coach?” I gotcha, Need a Screen, Need a defensive stop? yep young fella is a basketball player he plays all over the floor. Chandler will also be in the updated 2021 class rankings and has an invite to Top Prospect Showcase.

 Pound For Pound-  Top 5 Teams Regardless Of Class Below!!!!

Ready To Breakout!!!!

Kanye Smith

Kanye Smith 2022- Here is a kid who is sitting quietly and know one is talking about, a kid who has the combination of size and skills that are on par with just about anyone in the class, the 6/3 plus forward is ready to break-out, playing on possibly the states pound for pound best AAU team (Meanstreets- Curtis 2022) and the talented group of Jaylen Drane, Amari Curtis, AJ Casey, Terry Elias, Dentrell Jackson, Keion Richardson, Mikey Brown and Dajour Stephens among others  young fella plays his role for the betterment of the team and sacrifices or doesn’t care about individual numbers, but make no mistake about it this JrhoopsElite Top 10 prospect has a chance to emerge as one of best when it’s all said and done, the talent is there. Kanye can put it on the floor with the dribble, he has a perimeter game and has shown the ability to knock the jump-shot down from deep and he scores over the top of the smaller post players. Kanye and his team will be on display this weekend at the Chicago Jam Fest. A lot of people haven’t heard as much about Kanye Smith get ready because this is a kid who will be having coaches lined up at his door. JrhoopsElite figures to be talking about young fella and awful lot in the future as his upside and potential are right there with the elite in his class no doubt about it.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Here is a new section that will be updated every 2 weeks in which we will rate top teams in the state regardless of class, meaning they are good in their grade level and how they compare with other teams who are at other grade levels. The section will be called Pound For Pound.

Pound For Pound Top 5 Teams  In The State Regardless Of Class

Illinois Speed 2022

1. Illinois Speed 2022

This team here has been wrecking shop for quite sometime, the group has been playing together for over 5 years and it shows as they are a well oiled machine, each player knows where each other is on the floor at all times, this is one of the best executing teams that you will see in the country. They have been everywhere and played against any and everybody also racking up  The group can appear to be undersized and over matched at times, but then you look up and they have knocked off another team with and won another Championship. The group of Trey Pettigrew, Reggie Flurima, Kaden Cobb, Tyson Amoo-Amensah, Bobby Durkin, Tyler Morris, Zeke Williams, Max Reese and Dylan Mcgiveny enter week number one as our pound for pound number team in the State.

Hoops Avenue Manimals 2021

2.Hoops Avenue Manimals 2021

 When you talk about talent and loaded, here is another team that has assembled some of the finest talent in the class, they have stellar pg guard play with the super talented Khamari Wilson and coach on the floor Jermale Young, arguably two of the top shooters in the class in John Poulikadis and Blake Peters, The trio of wing guards that are as good as any in Nathanael Hoskins, Jaylin Gibson and Tevin Smith, a lock down defender in Devin Miles and nice play in the post with Vytas Valincius and Dylan Ingram.. This group is talented and vying for the number 1 spot, it was close but we feel this group has been untested thus far and could possibly take that title next week or so. We shall see as this team is stacked.

Meanstreets 2022

3.Meanstreets Curtis 2022

– This group here has all the pieces, size, solid guard play, elite players who can take over the game at any-time and a group who is hungry.  Looking for a challenge and clicking on all cylinders seems to very close. Could be very interesting at JrhoopsElite Nationals  June 30th- July 2nd as a showdown with # 1 Illinois Speed could be looming. With the talent on this team it will be interesting to see how things shake out. Coach Darryl has assembled an impressive group and enter week one  as our pound for pound number # 3

4. Made Men 2023

This group here was quite impressive when I saw them, they combine size at each position, their guard play is very effective Mehki Lowery, Caiden Lecce, Mantas Zilys, Josh Oraegbu  can play with anyone,  they have an athletic post player in Davius Loury(Top 10 prospect and rising) who can dominate a game on both ends, and bost a pair of solid post players including Bryce Coleman who know their roles and make this group a complete team who plays as a unit. Shocking to some but looking good to JrhoopsElite This group has hit the scene running and enter as our Pound For Pound # 4

Illinois Matrix 2023


Illinois Matrix 2023- Central and Southern Illinois Teams have talent and deserve some Respek!!!. Matrix has been putting in work, they are fiesty, competitive, ready to make a point and fear none. Led by Top 5 Prospect Tevonta Jackson the ultra smooth do everything ” big guard”, Jvoen bardwell- the energetic, darty combo guard, Austin Robinson- the big fella in the middle,along with Randy Kyles, Elijah and Richard Jackson. Coach motto is ” we coming where they at ” This group will in attendance at JrhoopsElite Nationals June 30- July 2nd where the hitters will be in the house. Illinois Matrix make there debut Pound for Pound # 5 can they hold on

   Promising Prospect # 30

                   ” The Tools Are There!!!!!”

There is a kid in Romeoville, Illinois  who every-time I see him walk in the building I look and say ” Easy D 1″ ” THE TOOLS ARE THERE!!!!!”, while most kids in middle school are wait and see how they develop type players there are several whom I say ” done deal!!!  (barring injury or sickness). Well my eye tells me Mr. Isaiah Barnes fits the bill. Here is a silky smooth shooting guard who stands 6/3 with long arms, big hands and upside as high as just about anyone in the class. Young Fella has a game that translates on all levels, he is one of the top shooters in class. He can knock it down off the catch, he can dribble too a spot and rise up and he gets his shot of with ease making everything looks effortless. Right now his size over the smaller guards make him virtually un-bother-able on his shot. I’ve personally watched several games where young fella hit more than 5 3point shots shots in a game, I’ve witnessed  Isaiah put the team on his back and carry them to victory scoring 30 plus and I’ve witness young fella set his teammates up dishing the rock when he saw them with the hot hand. When looking at things on a prospect level Isaiah grades off the chart as he has excellent size, length, frame and a skill set. Young Fella has been recovering from an injury and currently ranks as JrhoopsElite # 6 prospect in newly released rankings coming out 4/16. It will be interesting to see how things play out because here is another kid who will put coach in a tough situation Yes Indeed!!! as young fella if completely healthy could be vying for varsity minutes rather quickly. Boy Oh Boy Romeoville has a lot of talent and Mr. Isaiah Barnes is definitely one of them. JrhoopsElite would like to congratulate young fella as our promising prospect ” THE TOOLS ARE THERE!!!!” 

Ricky Moore


Hot Prospects Alert!!!!!

Tyler Burrows

Tyler Burrows -2022 Here is a ball control pg who specializes in understanding the game and making the right play, young fella rarely turns it over under pressure and when he gets it going from behind the arc, he can knock 3,4 or 5 in a row with little effort. Tyler is currently playing up a grade on the 14U Team Rose and is holding his own. JrhoopsElite will closely be monitoring Tyler as his stock is definitely on the rise.

De’Vontes Cobb

De’Vontes Cobb 2022- Oh my Goodness!!! this is a kid who plays as hard as anyone in the class, talk about playing with and edge or being a fierce competitor there aren’t 3 kids in middle school who have what’s inside of young fella(Heart Of A Lion!!!!)De’Vontes is a wing who specializes in slashing to the basket and finishing in traffic or getting out on the break and dunking with ease.Yet young fella can effect the game in all kind of ways, I’ve personally watched young fella take over a game with his defensive prowess, I’ve watched young fella battle much bigger players and lead his team to victories no one thought were possible on shear effort and will power. Young Fella is the heart and sole for one of the  elite programs in the Midwest Wisconsin United 2022  and recently made his debut in the JrhoopsElite all Inclusive 2022 rankings.  De’Vontes will be at the Next Top Prospect Showcase to compete against the elite and we look forward to catching more of young fella this summer.

Martez Rhodes

Martez Rhodes- 2022 Wait a minute, there is a kid out here ripping it up in the post, he is athletic as they come for his size. Young Fella footwork is nice and he is very explosive at the rim. Introducing Martez Rhodes one of Central Illinois Finest, a secret to most but JrhoopsElite is letting the cat out the bag right now!!!! Young Fella For Real!!!!!! In a class where size is limited Martez has the ability to dominate in the paint, we maybe jumping out the window a little early because we have only seen a sample size but we believe the tools are there. It will be interesting to see how things play out this season for him and his Manimals 2022 team, they are stacked with talent. Martez makes his debut in the rankings as of today and JrhoopsElite will be on hand to catch many of young fella’s games this summer.

Jabari Sawyer

Jabari Sawyer 2021- Here is a kid who has a variety of skills as he can score off the dribble getting to the rim, he has a nice mid range game and he is a solid decision maker. Jabari is the kid I see and say ” why you being so nice on the court?” He is the kid who refuses to leave his teammates behind even tho he may have the superior talent. I’ve watched young fella go on runs where he score 3 or 4 baskets in a row and then not take another shot the rest of the game. There have been times when I wanted to say “ young fella you have game, takeover!!!” but Jabari is such a team oriented, do whatever the coach says good kid. JrhoopsElite has been watching young fella this season and like his versatility, here is a kid who is on the rise and will catch and surpass many of classmates when it’s all said and done. Keep up the good work young fella your stock is definitely on the rise.

Anthony Torres

Anthony Torres 2021- A couple of weeks ago young fella showed he is worthy of being mentioned as a quality player in the class, Anthony was named the M.V.P. of  My Man Sterl The Pearl Annual All-Star Game. Anthony used his high I.Q. and vision to dish out 13 assist in leading his team and showing that he can play against anyone on any stage out playing several of JrhoopsElite Top 20  players and putting on a show in front of a packed gym if people didn’t know who Anthony was they know now. Young Fella can shoot that rock with the best of them and now he dishing that rock at pace like that people are in trouble. Young Fella is a Hot Prospect right now!!!!

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March Stock Risers

Rashele “Zee” Nicks

Rashele ” Zee” Nicks 2021- Here is a combo guard that spells trouble for a lot of people in the future as the young lefty has a nasty jump-shot that extends far beyond the 3pt line. Zee is quite the teammate as she loves to get her teammates involved, I’ve witnessed this young lady break the defender down and throw several eye-popping assist, I’ve also witness her takeover a game in the crunch-time and lead her team to victory scoring game a game winning shot in the FAAM league. Jrhoopselite would like to acknowledge Rashele Nicks as one of our March Stock Risers.

Marcus Rule

Marcus Rule 2021- Here is crafty point guard who just doesn’t understand how good he can be, young fella has an old school game as he likes to break his defender down and get his teammates involved. Marcus is 1 of 5 kids who impact a game or has the talent to impact a game without putting up huge numbers, there aren’t many pgs who have his versatility to rebound at a high volume, shut-down the smaller guards and play amongst the bigs without having to change his shot. Here is another quality pg who can play with anyone and a prospect who should have been on the JrhoopsElite class rankings this was a clear oversight. look for young fella inclusion this upcoming week as we feel Marcus one of the most slept-on prospects in the class.

Rebekka Robinson

Rebekka Robinson 2021- Yes Indeed!!!! We have a prospect who is emerging as quite a talent, Rebekka is a wing who can knock down the open jump-shot with consistency, handles the ball in traffic well and scores in transition easily. Not only is she a offensive weapon but this young lady has the skill-set and frame to be  dominant on both sides of the floor. JrhoopsElite has seen Rebekka several times and each time we’ve been impressed and feel she has a tremendous upside, we look forward to seeing this young prospect in the future and would like to congratulate Rebekka on being a March Stock Riser.

Aaron Bagley

Aaron Bagley 2023- Here is a west-side tough gaurd who can get to the basket on anyone, Aaron has a crafty handle and keeps his defenders off balance, and he a has a burst with the ball in his hands that should be out-lawed by a kid his age. I’ve witnessed young fella score points in bunches for years as he has been playing up a grade and sometimes 2. Young Fella is a baller as I watched him lead his team to victories no one thought would be possible, he is a competitor supreme and plays with that fire in his belly. Aaron is a prospect who will be in the updated rankings for sure and and a player who will be at the next Top Prospect Showcase as he is eager to show his game against the elite in the class.  Get to know the name Aaron Bagley as his stock is definitely on the rise.

IMG_0342 (1)
Taj Brunson

Taj Brunson 2023- Young Fella showed several skills at the Young Player Showcase. He showed that he can play several positions on the floor, he play down low and rebound in traffic, he can step-outside and knock the jump-shot down with little effort. Young Fella passes the eye-test the moment he steps on the court as his frame speaks athlete. He did not disappoint as he scored from all over the floor and walked out having made the All-Showcase Team. This is a prospect who has quite an upside and we look forward to seeing him compete against the elite players in the Midwest at the next invite only Top Prospect Showcase later this year. Taj is a prospect who Jrhoopselite looks forward to monitoring as we see a lot of upside and potential.

 Team Rose Guards Have Game!!!!!

There are several underrated guards who have game and can play with anyone, they have been out of site for awhile yet they have emerged once again, Davione Gunn has been a prospect who Jrhoopselite has been high on for quite sometime and been in gym after gym looking for this past season, well we got that look this weekend and young fella has progressed just like we thought as he still finishes in traffic well, he still is an elite shooter and now he has more patience and understands how to use his teammates and picks his spot, Davione is one of those guards capable of putting a team on his back and was quite upset he missed the Top Prospect Showcase well Young Fella will be at the last one this year in Aug. Another guard on the team Jacobi Millhouse is the guard who made quite a name for himself this weekend knocking down long-range bombs and attacking the rim with a fearlessness and finishing through the contact like this is something he does on a regular was impressive. JrhoopsElite will definitely include Jacobi in the updated rankings as we feel he definitely deserves to be on the list and Kobe Reed is the kid whom I’ve also liked for quite sometime as he has always had skills easily getting around his man creating. He is the guard who can play the pg or he can play off the ball equally effective and has the leadership skills that makes this group potent when playing well they have that headed monster in the backcourt like Illinois had with

Davione Gunn

Davione Gunn 2021- The combo guard is a problem, I’ve witnessed young fella knock down 6 3Pt baskets down in a row during a game, I’ve witnessed young fella finish at the rim with ease on and above the bigs, and now i’ve witnessed the maturity in his game to let everything come to him and not force things, He use to be a player who had incredible skills now he is learning to make the winning plays. There aren’t many guards who will be able to step into high school and have the same type of impact they had in grammar school. Young Fella is the kid who will come in and have little time adjusting. Davione Gunn Stock is on the rise and one of our March Stock Risers.

Jacobi Millhouse

Jacobi Millhouse 2021- This is a young prospect who showed this past weekend he deserves attention, young fella was all over the court knocking down jump-shots, hounding people on defense, coming up with steal after steal and overall having a certain toughness on the court when things were getting tight. Jrhoopselite will be out next weekend to get a more complete feel on young fella as he will be in our updated rankings and invited to our invitation only Top Prospect Showcase this summer. Young Fella is definitely a prospect who’s stock is rising.

Kobe Reed

Kobe Reed 2021- It’s in his genes, young fella is in a long line of talented Reed’s and the talent is definitely in Kobe as he can make a defender look real bad real quick as he has the ball on a string. Young Fella is the player who gets where ever  he wants to get on the floor at all times. He is the kid who can handle on ball pressure and still run the offense, I’ve yet to see the defense speed him up. Young Fella is also the kid who understands the importance of his teammates and has leadership qualities at this level that only are possessed by a few in his class, mix that in with his fierce competitive spirit and you have the recipe for one of the most underappreciated players in the class. Jrhoopselite is letting it be known now KOBE REED HAS GAME!!!!!!!

Rodney McGraw

Rodney McGraw- 2021 There is a 6/4 plus athletic post that’s drawing plenty of attention these days on the West-side of Chicago. Rodney is a kid who you look at and say ” Oh Boy!! Some People In Trouble in 2 years” Young Fella runs the court like a deer, has hands and strength of a player 2 years his superior. Right now Rodney is an imposing force with his size but a little raw with his post moves, yet he can still dominate some school teams by just sheer strength and size. Being a little raw and untouched at this time bold’s well for his potential as he seems eager to learn and if he lands with the Ultra- Skill developer Coach Nelson as he is expected too teams can get ready to see a significant improvement. Young fella will definitely be in the updated rankings and a prospect JrhoopsElite will be paying very close attention too as we see a player with a tremendous upside and his stock is rising and rising fast. We look forward to seeing Rodney at the Top Prospect Showcase @ the end of the summer.

Game Time

Game Time 2021- Here is one of the Elite teams in the Midwest, Game Time has been winning tournaments and making a name through-out the United States for several years and are off to a nice start this season, led by several of the classes top players Julio Montes Jr, Jalen Butler, Kyonte Thomas, Anthony Sayle, Troy DiMico and missing from the picture Patrick Baldwin this team is back and their stock is definitely on the rise.


HoopAve/Manimal 2021- With a merger of powerhouses IllinoisTruth and HoopAves this team has started off the season undefeated and is definitely one of the Elite teams in the Midwest this team is stacked with talent from top too bottom there isn’t a player on the team that can’t takeover the game Nathaneal Hoskins, Kamarhi Wilson, Jemale Young, Devin Miles, Deshun Sanders, Blake Peters, Jaylin Gibson, Dylan Ingram, Tevin Smith, Vito Valincius and John Poulakidas make up a line-up that is sure to cause teams problems and their stock is definitely on the rise.

Spring Tip Off & Young Player Showcase Recaps Below

April 8th

In the opening tournament for most teams the action was hot and heavy in several games, some rivalries have been created as well as some rivalries have been renewed. This up coming AAU season is sure to be an interesting one.


13U- JHE beat an up and coming Illinois Ignite team (who shot lights out in their first games beating opponents by 20 points or better) for the Championship and were led by Damhrion, Juravius, Daronte, Donavan, Corey, Lazerick, Devyn, Leonte, Bryan, Mikqwon, all played well  Denim Juette was 13U MVP as he knocked down NBA 3’s as if they were free-throws in the first 2 games. The team as a whole looked very good with pressure defense and and accurate 3 pt shooting.

Coaches Selected All Tournament teams listed below!!!

14U- Meenstreets won the division in a close first half which saw Meenstreets trailing to All In and heading into half with a 1 point lead, Meenstreets quickly came out and put the peddle to the meddle and won going away. The team played a feistier style as they were missing some size. They were led by Isaiah Holden, AJ Casey Jr, Desmond Dunn, Elijah Bull, Grant Newell, Brandon Hall, Kenyon Coates, Kai Evans. The team looked comfortable, moved the ball well and never seemed fazed by anything, they played with poise.

14 U All Tournament Team

1st Team

Isaiah Holden  Meanstreets- MVP

Rocco Probst- All in

Malik Williams- Illinois Heat

Kai Evans- Meanstreets

Trey Spires- Roadrunners

2nd Team

Fredrick Poole- All In

Dewayne Walton- Illinois Icemen

Michael Harges- Illinois Heat

Dashawn Hubbard- Springfield Lions

Charles Winters- Illinois Icemen

Illinois Heat

15U Division-   This division here was off the train and had many sub-plots and intriguing match-ups where many of the players know each other and go to the same schools or have played on the same teams before. We saw little guards make big plays, we saw wings doing incredible dunks and we saw intense play through-out. Windy City Trendsetters showed they are a team to reckoned with playing close games and showing a never quit attitude even tho they were missing a couple of their bigs, Illinois Road Runners showed they can play with anyone and are a cohesive group, their system works the coaches move players up and down and they don’t miss a beat. In the Semi-Final the team lost a heart-breaker in overtime as a questionable tip in at the buzzer sent them home.

Championship Game- The action was intense from the beginning as players from the same neighborhood had been anticipating the match-up. With Moms, Girlfriends and family in the building for the Main-Show!!! things did not disappoint. H2G the smaller of the two teams came out with a vigence putting all type of pressure on Illinois Heat, forcing turn-overs and getting out to 18/9 Lead after consecutive steals and H2G coach yelling ” they scared”, A quick time-outwas called and adjustments were made from the Heat coaches after two consecutive missed lay-ups by H2G, The Heat knocked down consecutive 3’s and instead of going into half-time with a big lead the game was close,  in the second half the game went back and forth before Illinois Heat size started to wear on H2G the Heat got several put backs and H2G could not counter their size. In the final few minutes players got heated and a little emotional  but in the end another couple of rivalies were renewed and a couple of rivalries have begun. Everyone Please remember this is a game, a sport and we will win some and we will lose some, let’s continue to compete hard , have fun and cherish moments.

15 U All Tournament

1st Team

Colby Weekly-  “MVP”   Illinois Heat

Reggie Strong- H2G

Jimarius Sneed – Illinois Road Runners

Demarius Splunge- Illinois Heat

Roland McCoy- Windy City Trendsetters

2nd Team

Dashaun Glover- H2G

Nick Owens- Illinois RoadRunners

Daniro Bolden- Illinois Heat

LaShaun Glover- H2G

Omari Bender- Windy City Trendsetters


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Young Player Showcase Recap 3

This is the age where kids are just starting to show signs of things to come in the future and if this is any indication, then things are in good hands. I saw kids knocking down long-range bombs at with incredible accuracy at such a young age, I saw nice decision making, athleticism, ball handling and incredible effort. These young players competed hard yet their sportsmanship was incredible. I would like to Thank all the parents who were patient and understandable dealing with the Time & Location Change you guys were great. I’ve had numerous calls and text from people saying nothing but great things, again I want you all to know I truly appreciate it. I will be providing a synopsis over the next few days and will definitely be seeing many of these players in the upcoming months.

IMG_0280 (1)
Eric Werner

Eric Werner 2024- Talk about playing hard, talk about ” Lock Up!!!!” Man oh Man no one was more impressive than Eric Werner on the floor, this kid was all over the floor sticking everyone who he thought was good, he handled the ball well and scored himself just as many others did he can get to the rim off the dribble and , but what made him stand out was his relentlessness he has steal after steal,was diving on the floor and put ” in your face pressure” every time he stepped on the court. Yes Indeed Give me Him!!!!!!  This is a prospect Jrhoopselite will definitely be monitoring, Eric left making the All- Showcase Team and was the Defensive Player Of The Showcase by a landslide. We look forward to catching young fella in action.

Antione Thomas Jr.

Antione Thomas Jr. 2024- Here is a player who is emerging as a talent and  he keeps getting better and better. Young Fella showed he has game as he was handling the ball in traffic like a ball handling wiz, making several passes that made me say ” no he didn’t”. As the day went on young fella seemed to get better and warmed up. He is a combo guard who plays well with the ball in his hands as he showed very good decision making. Having being AJ’s first showcase Jrhoopselite see’s him as an emerging prospect and a player who has made so much progress in the last 6 months it’s scary because his potential very high, look for Antione to be in the 2025 released rankings in the fall. Also give me a call and I’ll get you another shirt over there young fella as this one is rather big.

Kyrien Childs

Kyrien Childs 2024- This fast electrifying point guard was all over the place, he can stop on a dime and pull up for the jump-shot, he can finish at the rim and has very nice ball handling moves. Here is another kid from the talented Peoria area that will be in the newly released 2024 rankings when they are released this fall and a prospect who JrhoopsElite will be keeping a close tab on in the future. Kyrien is a player who’s name will be mentioned in the future quite often as he has a chance to be one of the better guards in his class young played well and left being selected as an All- Star.

Jalen Crowder

Jalen Crowder-2026- Young fella was 1 of 4 players who were in 3rd grade playing up a level and he showed no signs of his age on the floor, as he played with a confidence on offense and used a variety of  crafty moves on the older players to score. Jalen knocked down jump-shot after jump-shot, he had the quickest release of any kid in the gym with very nice accuracy on his shot. He was in the group labeled ” Young Gunners” as they out scored every group by a far margin as their mission was to score points in a hurry and that they did. Young Fella is sure to be a name mentioned on this site for years to come.

Chase Turner

Chase Turner 2025- Young Fella played well after he got adjusted, he knocked down several shots in the 4 on 4 shwong he has a variety of skills as he can shoot and handle the ball he also in game action showed the ability to actually play defense he used his foot speed to keep several of the little quick guards in front of him this was Jrhoopselite first look at Chase and we left impressed with his ability to compete and potential skill-set we look forward to seeing more of Chase and think he is another who is better from this experience.

Antwon Agee

Antwon Agee 2024- Don’t let the quite demeanor fool you here is another kid to keep a close eye on as he has an offensive package, knocking down jump-shots, using his wrap-around dribble and nifty in traffic finishes. Antwon is a player who showed versatility to play wither with the ball in his hands or on the wing, he is another kid who showed the willingness to play with his teammates as he never forced a shot. Here is a kid the coaches will love, because he has game and will do whatever asked. Young Fella is definitely a prospect JrhoopsElite will be monitoring in the future. Antwon made the All- Star Team in his first appearance at a showcase.

Jerrod Gee

Jerrod Gee 2023- Finishing at the basket was easy for young fella at the Young Player Showcase as he was the tallest payer there. This long wiry wing has a bright future, he runs the floor like a deer, he has a tremendous wing-span and he finishes o the break rather well. Jerrod is usually one of the taller players on his team and plays a lot in the post, but his frame suggest he play on the wing . Intriguing as a prospect Jrhoopselite will definitely be at more games in the very near future as he is clearly a player who will be in the updated rankings. Young Fella left the showcase having been selected to the All-Star Team


Antione GlasperAntione Glasper 2024- This young poised combo guard has a lot of that ” special” in his game, sometimes it takes a while for him to show it to you because he is so nice and team-oriented but he always does a move or two that make you say “uuuuwwwweeee shorty has game” in his usual self he played under control got many of his teammates involved and showed a variety of skills, he can shoot it from deep, finish over the taller players and has  uncanny vision that he see’s the play before it even happens. Young Fella is clearly a Top 10 prospect at this stage and will definitely be in the new released rankings rather high when they are released in the fall.

Noah Gorman

Noah Gorman 2025- Another one is here!!!!! yep it’s Noah the always smiling, free- spirit combo guard with major game. Young fella has a slick handle and had defenders standing back 3 or 4 ft in fear of him crossing them over. In the 4 on 4 young fella made jump-shots, threw dimes to his teammates and several of the kids came up to me and siad ” who is that? can I be on his team?” Young Noah left the building showing there is definitely talent on the North Shore as he and several of his teammates made waves and believers. This kid is a a player and one of the elite players in his class Jrhoopselite looks forward too seeing this prospect play for many years to come. ” Noah Has Game!!!!


Nnamali Vbawike 2025- Yes sirrrrrr!!!! here is one of those kids who passes the eye test as soon as he steps on the court, he is ultra-athletic and plays both ends. Young Fella has several plays that had the crowd and me on their feet. He is a nightmare to guard as he showed ability that made me ” wait a minute he shouldn’t be playing on this level” Nnamali came in and showed that Evanston definitely has talent at the lower levels. He left a player that’s regarded as “Elite!!!!” in his class and was selected a member of the  All Showcase Team. Now JrhoopsElite will definitely be keeping a close eye on this prospect as he has a chance to be very very nice in the future.

Jeffery Brown Jr.

Jeffery Brown 2023- Here is another kid who showed he is improving as a prospect, he ran the floor well, rebounded in traffic and showed he can has good hands catching several passes that were a little off target. Jeffery can hit the open mid-range jumper and shows the ability to pick up things rather fast. This was Jeffery first time in this event where guards usually dominate the ball a little more. jrhoopselite believe young fella will be better for the experience and come in next time knowing somewhat of what to expect. Jeffery Brown is a prospect that has our attention and a prospect we look forward to covering in the future.

Young Player Showcase Champs

This team here is loaded and had all the ingredients, Bigs who could handle, wings who were knock down shooters, fiesty defenders who locked up, guards who could get past defender at will, pgs who loved to get the assist and players who played to win and didn’t care who got the points. I’ve had plenty of showcases from 3-12 grade levels and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group who just wanted to win and worked so well together congrats NNAMBI UBAWKI, JEREMIAH PICKENS, MARCUS JACKSON II, BRYAN DIAZ, JAKE HORNOK, ANTWON AGEE, JALEN CROWDER, ISAIAH PICKENS, SEAN BROWN, MILES HODO and MAKAI KVAMME job well done and I’ll be seeing you all soon.

News and Notes

Things are about to get hot and heavy as School Season comes to and end and AAU season is about to start, JrhoopsElite will be out every weekend looking at teams and players as we are always looking to share information on our future stars, many All-Star games will be underway as a few have been already taken place, to those kids and congratulations and good luck, there are many kids looking forward to AAU season I say to those kids good luck and have as much fun as possible remember this is a game. To the parents who will be  spending weekend after weekend in the gym watching countless amount of basketball you’re appreciated and deserve an applause. To the younger players and young ladies who play you will start to be featured more, thanks for all the calls, email and text I respond too all as soon as possible. Starting 3/13 I will have a Topic Of The Day Special each Monday.

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Remember The Names!!!!!!! Pgs Deluxe

Top 10 2021 pg  in no particular order there strength and one of there defining moments as a player.

Isaiah Weatherspoon
Ishmael Habib
Jemale Young

Elijah Bull 2021- Known for being a combo guard because people see him scoring a lot of points he has produced big time scoring performances against the elite teams in big time games, well folks he is a pg who can score for those who don’t understand the new age pgs. Young fella has scored 50 in a game, he has carried his team to a State Championship, has won the Pretigous FAAM league championship and has given just about every supposedly elite team in the Midwest 20 or better A defining moment that made me realize young fella was for real he scored 28 or better on Meanstreets and St Louis Eagles in back to back wins like he was playing in park. It looked really easy.

Kamarhi Wilson-A smooth do it all, make his team better first point guard who has the ball on a string and loves to see his teammates succeed. Has led his team Kessel Heat  to being one of the best in the Midwest. When I first really knew he was special was when he led his team a year younger over a Top 3  Mercury Elite 14U team at the time, out playing several of the Top players in the 2020 class then follow that up by putting on a show at the State Tournament and beating a heavy favorite and past State Champ All IN. Young Fella is a future All Area and Division prospect no doubt in my mine.

Drequan Williams- A wizard with the ball in his hands, can get anywhere on the court he wants. He is the guard that I’ve never seen get the ball taken from on any circumstance. When I knew he had that elite player status came last year at the Best of The Best young fella was matched up against elite pg Ishmael Habib and McClutcheon, young fella with a team full of lesser players put his team on his back scoring 30 on impressive move after impressive move. Many people are sleep on Drequan or he sometimes doesn’t get the attention he deserves because his team doesn’t play as much as others but JrhoopsElite recognizes his talents and ” Young Fella Has Game!! “

Isaiah Weatherspoon- A 6 ft plus pg right now, that plays the game a different speed, A big pg who plays in the mode of LBJ he makes the correct play no matter the situation. Will be a handful for people this Summer, as he gets more aggressive and understands he can take over people are in trouble. I’ve had 4 coaches say ” if he lived here he would be a star” When I first knew young fella was stud, he came to Top Prospect Showcase as a 7th grader, he was 1 of 3 7th graders who put on a show and held there own,young fella was playing so well people were coming up to me saying ” Is that Adam Miller(2020 # 1 player in JHE rankings)?”  Nope he from Peoria too a year younger, but has major game. It will be very interesting to see how young fella progresses.

Ishmael Habib- This versatile smooth dribbling, long jump shooting pg is as good as any when healthy and yep he is back healthy, “Ish” as most call him is someone you want on your team he is one pg who’s on a mission. look for young fella to be playing some varsity ball real quick when he gets to high school, here is a player that I’ve received at least 10 calls from High School and AAU Coaches. Talk about in demand, young fella is wanted. A memorable moment, young fella was looking forward to his match-up with Kevin ” Boopie Miller” young fella said I’m going for 30 tomorrow and guess what, he and Boobie went at it in a Classic and Ish finished with 32, then went and gave City Heavy Weight Ariel Academy 20-25 before the game was stopped in a heated battle where young fella showed the gym he is “one of those dudes!!!!”

Kenton “KD” Wright- This ultra speedy pg is a blur all-over the court, there are not to many who can stop him from getting where he wants on the floor, he plays both ends of the floor and capable of shutting down an opponents best player. The day I knew young fella was the truth. Best Of Midwest Classic (2016) playing one of the elite teams in the State Springfield Grant ” KD” was a one man wrecking crew he scored every way imaginable, looked like a man among boys finishing with 25+ blowing out Grant. The coaches and fans coming up to me after the game from Springfield. ” If There Is A Better Player Than Him In The State I ain’t sen him” Yep young fella put on a show. Don’t be surprised to see young fella getting varsity minutes early in his career because he has ultra athleticism.

Nick Owens- Here is a pg who if you have a kid in 2nd or 3rd grade you want to get your player to come check out, talk about a gamer there are not enough superlatives I have for young fella as he does everything I want in my pg on the floor. He gets everyone involved, he is a leader and understands the game and he can knock down the open jump-shot as if its a free-throw from deep. I’ve watched this young man take -over 10 or more games in which he did the unthinkable but the game I knew he was something special was in 6th grade playing against 8th graders and the youngest on a team full of 8th graders down 7 with less than too minutes young fella took over the game and won it. Down 3 with 2 seconds left young fella takes a dribble pump fakes draws a foul as time expired in a standing room only gym “Lil Nick Looks Over Winks Then Swishes ALL 3 – Free-Throws To Force Over-Time” In over-time he gets  steal, wraps a defender hits a reverse lay-up for the win. This kid maybe the most talented pg only time will tell if his body matures as well as his game, but make no mistake about it. ALL CITY is in his future.

Jermale Young- People think he solid, people think he nice, naw young fella is the real deal. There may not be a better floor general in the State that understands the game, knows how to win, knows whats needed in what situation. Jermale has led his team to a State Championship. He is the ultimate run my team pg, who has the offensive capablities of most the guards in his class but chooses to sacrifice is game for the betterment of team cohesiveness, but the trained eye sees ya young fella as the jumpshot is there, along with the finishing in traffic and pull-up jumpshot, add the fact that young fella plays defense and you have one of the elite pgs in the class. The game I knew young fella was the truth. Chicago Pre-National Jam-Fest 2016. Down 1 with 8 seconds left Jermale charges forward and picks the pocket of Boopie at half court and then proceeds to score game winning lay-up against T.T.B. Remember the name because Central Illinois has talent and young fella will be doing damage down there in Urbana.

Kyonte Thomas- A put them on my back and carry ya point guard who is known for winning games and closing the door with crucial plays at crucial times. No one lives in the lane more than Kyonte. He gets around his man with ease and either finishes in traffic or makes the defense commit and feeds the bigs. Once his jumpshot becomes a little more consisitant poeple will be at young fella mercy. When I knew young fella was the truth!!! Playing against T.T.B. and former Crane Player Great Sherron Collins coaching. Kyonte was unstoppable game tight through-out teams going back and forth fans going crazy, Kyonte putting on a show carving the defense to pieces scoring and diming. Sherron calls time-out ans say ” Damn Shorty A Beast, We Can’t Stop Him He Look Like Me Out There” Yes Indeed!!!! it was one of those you had to be there games young fella finished 25-30 plus over 5 assist. Another future Division 1 guard.

Kevin “Boobie” Miller – Showtime and talked about for years, there may not be a more talked about player in middle school in last several years, I’ve been hearing the name way before i ever saw the game. young Fella has played all over the United States against some of the more celebrated opponents and more often than not been the kid putting crowds on their feet. i’ve seen young fella put on a show so many times its unfair to name just one, but what solidified him a s a big-time player was at the Best Of The Midwest (2014)tourney his team playing the number 1 pg in the class at the time Kejuan Clements 2019 and a packed gym. Boopie had the crowd on their feet as he knocked down shoots and scored 15 points in 3 minutes, the kid has a knack for that I’ve witnessed that again at Whitney Young and Collins(3 times) this year. Here is another kid whom as his body matures he will be even better and that scary because it’s coming.

Isaiah Holden- Tough as Nails “Leader Supreme” talk about the ultimate winner, there maybe none- who had that will to win like “Itchy” Need a big play here is your guy because he will come up with it on both ends equally effective and it’s afraid to get down and dirty. In a n era where everyone is friends on the court here is a throwback competitor who is friends off the court and at your head on the court. When I first knew young fella was the truth. I watched young fella in two consecutive games not take over 2 shots the entire game only to hit every basket for his team the last two minutes including a game winning over one of the top teams in the nation Gametime. I can’t wait to see young fella in high school as they don’t make many like this anymore.

               2017 Jrhoopselite Nationals

Early March Stock Risers Below

Wendell Green 7/8th

Having recently won their District Championship over a talented Vanderpoel team this young group has built on a solid season  Coach Jeffery Daniel has his team prepared and they hit their stride at the end. They are solid from top to bottom and were led by the under-appreciated but effective and talented back-court mates Torrence Cox 2021- a bonifide bucket getter and Mikey Brown 2022 who is quickly emerging as one of the top guards in the city class of 2022, the versatile big Jason Garcia who has range that extends past the 3 point line. The hardworking rebounding machine Javon Moffett, and the solid contributing 2022 players Jamarion Dale and Sky Golden all of which have have played key roles this year. Congrats to Wendell Green their stock is definitely rising.

Davon McCullough

Davon McCullough 2022- After seeing Davon run the floor and finish in traffic the way he did last weekend he definitely is a prospect whose stock is rising, he has nice game where he can play inside or out, he protects the rim with his length and is every quick off his feet, look for Davon to make hiw way in the updated rankings being released this week with an opportunity to move up as we see him more. Young Fella Stock Is rising.

Tye Banks

Tye Banks 2022- Young Fella has had quite a season leading his team to a perfect record and State Championship. Tye has been phenomenal in school games this year posting several games of 25 or more, 10+ games where had double doubles and game where he had 20 points and 20 rebounds. Tye understands the game and right now his stock is rising, look for young fella to make a jump in the updated rankings being released starting tonight.

Resean McMiller

Resean McMiller 2021- Here is a prospect who goes back and forth, he teases you with potential handling the rock, playing the wing, hit open jump-shots and then he reverts back too hiting the block and playing 3 or 4ft in because of strength. Well he is back showing the promise of a future athletic wing that coaches are calling about. Last weekend young fella displayed at the Top Prospect Showcase he can handle the rock slipping past opponents with different combination dribbles and knocking down a couple open jump-shots, he further proved he is working on his game by winning the 3 point contest a week earlier when no one gave him a chance. Young Fella is working hard and it’s showing on the floor look for Resean to move up in the updated rankings as his stock is rising once again.

Mar’Keise Irving

Mar’Keise Irving 2021- PLAYER OF THE MONTH There is no one who has been hotter than this kid here, he was been on a tear leading his team to a State Championship Game, scoring 42 points in the Championship and over 30 several times to get his team there this young fella back is tired. You talk about a fierce competitor who plays both ends of the floor for the entire game!! Heart Of A Lion!!!! He again showed at the Top Prospect Showcase he is a force. Young Fella is definitely moving his way up the list, some people are definitely to move over or slide down. ” Bucky” Stock is at an All-Time High and he did it the old fashion way he put on his hard-hat and earned it. Look at the Updated Rankings sometime this week for his class.

Deontrae Warren

Deontrae Warren 2022- This crafty smooth pg is definitely a kid who has a feel for the game, everytime you see him he teases you with his ability, as he is a floor general who gets where he want to and has a terrific understanding of the game. This is a player who we see down the line in high school giving players fits as he is one o the to passers in his class and many times his teammates aren’t ready. Young Fella showed at the Top Prospect Showcase he is Nice!!!!!!

Kevin Cobb

Kevin Cobb 2022- Another prospect who showed he has game last weekend at the Top Prospect Showcase a smooth ball handler who shifts speed well with the dribble, had a few defenders shifting as he made several nice crowd pleasing moves. Another kid who will make his debut in the updated rankings and another kid who Jrhoopselite now has on the radar of must go see!!!

Final Top 25 Top Prospect Recap Below.

We would like to Thanks everyone again for the Great event that took place Feb 25th. We would also like to thanks those who wanted to participate but couldn’t make it. Jrhoopselite will be out this spring and Summer at AAU events and will be hosting another event this Summer/Fall. There are many kids who played well last weekend and we wrote about many below, some are on instagram and others will be up on site in future articles so Again Thank You for contributing to a wonderful event.

Ricky Moore

Updated Rankings 3/8 10pm

Final Top 25 Top Prospect Recap Below.

We would like to Thanks everyone again for the Great event that took place Feb 25th. We would also like to thanks those who wanted to participate but couldn’t make it. Jrhoopselite will be out this spring and Summer at AAU events and will be hosting another event this Summer/Fall. There are many kids who played well last weekend and we wrote about many below, some are on instagram and others will be up on site in future articles so Again Thank You for contributing to a wonderful event.

Ricky Moore

Diamonte Meeks

Demonte ” Lite-Bright” Meeks 2023- Well Well Well, Ive found him. Talking about a pg who gets everyone involved, gives the ball up as soon as his teammate is open, makes the correct play no matter who the teammate is, understands the game and situation and knows how to lead “Lite Bright ” this is your guy. Not many are as poised as young fella, not many can handle pressure of a defender, while surveying the floor, not rushing and waiting for a teammate to get open or run the offense under duress, Yes sirrrrrrrr!!!!!! when i’m watching shorty I’m watching him do things that the average eye wouldn’t understand. Look for young fella in the updated rankings being released Wednesday.

Jayden Dean

Jayden Dean 2022- Young fella can in and showed in flashes he is one to watched, here is a kid who has a nice stroke from deep and can score in bunches, add to that he has those fast twitch muscles that elite athletes have and coaches drool over. look for Jayden to make his debut in the updated rankings being released later this week.

IMG_0187 (1)
James Hayes

James Hayes- 2021 A combo guard that showed he is one of the best combo’s in the State. Last year young fella let the game come to him and left thinking he could have faired better, this year he was on a mission to show his game and that he did. One of 5 players that the staff were raving about when the event ended. Look for this power guard to move his way up the list later this week.

IMG_2553 (1)
Trayton Trice

Trayton Trice 2021- Here is a player who when looking at the film you saw how hard he plays, he battled with many of the bigger players in the class and held steady, on the offensive end he showed he can finish in traffic and can face up and get to the basket off the dribble. With the showcase style and limited touches for many of the post players Trayton played relentless and did not effect his effort on both ends of the floor. Young Fella will make his debut in the updated rankings this week with the possibility of moving up as jrhoopselite see more games this is one of 8 prospects who were there that we had never seen before.

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson 2021- Highlight waiting to happen, young fella put one down last week and had several high-light moves. Sam has a pretty stroke from 3 and is an intriguing prospect with upside, upside, upside, but young fella is also one of the most sought after football prospects in the State, things will be getting very interesting shortly because the talent is there at both sports.

Brandon White

Brandon White 2021- Here is a prospect who will make his debut in the updated rankings, he has good upside as his body-frame projects well, he can guard 3or 4 positions at this level and he has offensive versatility as he can shoot it and slash to the basket. Brandon took time to get adjusted to the showcase atmosphere but will be better for the experience. i look for him to come back in the fall and showcase more of the skills he has and Jrhoopselite will be at plenty of his games this Summer.

Jaylin Gibson

Jaylin Gibson 2021- Jaylin came in and quickly showed his skill grabbing rebounds in traffic and finishing at the bucket. He is one of those kids you look at and say WoW!!! He has all the physical skills of a kid 2 years his superior, he can get to the rim at will and has next level moves and athleticism. This is a prospect that people will be talking about for years to come. He is a kid that has a chance to be All State before he leaves High School, it will be interesting to see how young fella progresses as he is one of those kids who has the game to go anywhere and play varsity right away with his size and skill.

Andre Casey Jr.

Andre Casey Jr. 2022 Young Fella showed his potential handling the ball bringing it up the court several times, he put it down in a game and rebounded against elite 2021 players, sometimes young fella will try to a move and he doesn’t have it down just as of yet but you understand he is just in 7th grade and say ” did he just try to do that?” see sometimes you have to go thru-it to get it, I love the fact that he has the no-fear of failure attitude because his ceiling of this prospect is very high and if I say I say I had less than 10 coaches who asked about him I’d be lying. This is a red-hot prospect and will hold as Top 3 when the updated rankings come out next week.

Brylan Phillips

Brylan Phillips 2022- Somebody about to move over, top 10 in the class is what young fella will be when the update comes out. Young Fella showed he is one of the top players in the class easy as he battled it out with the several of the top 2021 players in the class, ” Shorty Got Game!!!”  “Rick Where He From? He Nice” “Light Skin Kid With Red Shoes Just Put In Work!!!” yep that’s what my staff said about Brylan. Respect was earned and game was showed as young fella showed there are players from Central Illinois with game. As I’ve been known, many from the rest of the  state found out. An ultra-competitor young fella takes to every challenge. while playing against several of the top known 2021 players a little trash talking occurred after a player made a move, little did they know they would wake a sleeping giant. Young Fella tore a lining out of the team now he will be talked about by staff for years to come in one of those ” you remember when!!!!

Prentiss Young 2023- Here is a long wiry big transitioning to the wing that has plenty of upside, young fella showed the ability to pop out and shoot the jump-shot and handle the ball going coast to coast a few times. He seemed a little winded or slowed by injury but no doubt the skill set was shown. This is Prentiss first showcase and look for him to comeback knowing what to expect. Young Fella will make his way into the updated rankings for his class rather high with the potential and skill he possesses  being released this coming Tuesday. Here is a prospect JrhoopsElite will definitely be keeping a tab on.

Kentrell Weekly

Kentrell Weekly 2023- Here is a bucket getter for sure, this young fella was knocking it down from long range off the dribble or catch, he had several drives with show-time finishes and just puts points on the board in a hurry. If your looking for a guard who can score holla the name “Buckets Weekly” young fella showed at the Showcase he can score against anybody!!!!!

Donovan Brown

Donovan Brown 2022- Here is a kid who came to the showcase a relative unknown and left as a prospect to keep an eye out for. Donovan has a nice handle, showed he can knock down the jump-shot if left open, gets where he wants too with the ball in his hands and left his first Jrhoopselite event an all-star. Look for young fella to make his debut in the updated 2022 rankings next week when they are released. He is a prospect who showed in a very little time he understands the game, after looking at film he was even more impressive,as he understood the total game he knew when to help on defense, he moved without the ball and he showed a high I.Q.

Ricky Moore


Recap 2

There was so much talent in the gym last Saturday, I mean there were players making plays all over that many had never seen or heard of, I witness Justin Potts (Bloomington) pick a kid pocket then come down give his defender a Tim Hardaway cross over and hit a Tony Parker floater, I witnessed kids compete one on one then shake hands an give hugs, I witnessed Elite players dunking and throwing no look passes like seniors in high school, I witnessed one of the elite girls in the country Tamia Ware get the best of some elite boys. All in all I witnessed people having a good time. Thanks again and here are a few more players and synopsis, there will be 2 more recaps then Updated rankings will be released next week with 1 grade per day.

20 Players who definitely improved their status with their showing and caught the eye of Jrhoopselite. They will  definitely will be on the go see list in the very near future and were under the radar to some degree by us.

2021 Almondez Stewart

2022 Brian Akinyele

2021 Vito Valincius

2023 Emmet O’Shaughnessy

2022 Christian Jones

2023 Prentice Young

2022 Kevin Cobb

2021 Connor Enright

2022 Donald Brown

2023 Diamonte Meeks

2022 Jack Trent

2023 Jeremiah Pickens

2022 Eian Pugh

2022 Chrys Smyros

2023 Kentrell Weekly

2023 Bryce Tillery

2022 Mikey Schumacher

2021 Kameryn Harris

2021 Mitch Mileusnic 

2021 Brandon White


Ricky Moore


Kyonte Thomas

Kyonte Thomas 2021- This kid here is one of those lead by example and let your game do the talking on the court pg, young fella right now is focused and starting to take his game to another level. Always having the ability to make people around him better is his trademark so playing with talented players around him Kyonte has no problem sharing the ball and being a true pg this past weekend. This is a kid who will be making a lot of noise on the next level.

Raleigh Roberson

Raleigh Roberson 2022- Young Fella showed in spurts what he can do, this was his first time and seemed like it took him awhile to adjust to the showcase environment, but there is no denying the talent is there this long versatile wing did display he can handle in traffic and get to the rim off the bounce,  this is another kid who’s upside and talent is definitely there. Look for Raleigh to make his way in the updated rankings released next week. This kid has Top 20 talent no doubt!!! Another player  whom I say “very nice prospect!!!” 

Chase Devito

Chase Devito 2021- The 6ft plus forward showed the ability to play inside and out, he is a mis- match waiting to happen as he can he strecth the floor and take the bigger players outside, go around the bigger slower post players off the dribble or take the smaller players in the post. young fella played well and showed game. Look for Chase in the updated rankings being released next week.

Jalen Butler

Jalen Butler 2021- This young fella here has one big upside, young for his class he stands a 6/4 plus athlete who is transitioning from a post player to a wing,in the 4 on 4 Jalen showed nice ball controll, knocked down a few pull up jump shots off the dribble, took it coast to coast through traffic and finished with nifty moves. An explosive athlete who can put it down on an opposing players head young fella teases you with his talent. If and when Jalen decides to dominate people will be in trouble for sure the talent and potential are there.

Terry Elias

Terry Elias 2022- When you say strong to the basket, virtually unstoppable at times look no further, this young fella here has burst with that ball and takes bumps in traffic like no other in the class and finishes strong. sometimes young fella looks to be in coast mode, but when he wants to turn it on your in trouble, after watching the games and 4 on 4 on film I saw  a player who plays with a swagger and confidence and then backs it up. As his jump-shot becomes more consistent people will be at his mercy, young fella cemented his status as Top 5 player in the class right now.

Dalen Davis

Dalen Davis 2023- Young fella came in a showed no doubt he belongs mentioned with the elite in the class, who is the top pg in class can be determined by the day of the week, but I tell you one thing young fella is the player on one of those days. Here is a big pg who makes things happen he lives in the paint, I’ve yet to see a defender stay in front of him. Look for young fella to make his way into the Top 5 when the updated rankings are released next week. High School coaches are already contacting me about young fella. The future is very bright for Dalen.

Lil Nick Owens

Nick Owens 2021- Again showed he is one to reckoned with, probably has the most well rounded offensive package of any small guard, he combines the ability of shooting from deep, is an A+ passer, and understands how to get and keep all his teammates involved. Had several highlights including passes that were outstanding and a move or two that almost had the defender needing surgery on their ankles. Point Guard Supreme!!!!!! Several people had never seen young fella play and all they kept saying is Ricky Moore you were dead on with the article you wrote about him. Well I guess seeing is believing and now young fella has several more believers.

IMG_0115 (1)
Emmet O’Shaughnessy

Emmet O’Shaughnessy 2023- Yes sirrrrr!!!! We have a player here, young fella is a stud. Emmet is a combo guard that showed he is hard to stop. He has a wicked handle, one of the kids whom I say  He Got Them Thangs” he can shoot it with range and his vision well above average, seems to me young fella came to the showcase to prove a point. Well point proven and taken, I thought he played extremely well and after watching the film there is no doubt about it I didn’t see anyone who could stop him, young fella will be making a major move in the updated ranking being released Next Week.

Almondez Stewart

Almondez Stewart 2021- Introducing 6/3 plus guard from East St. Louis this lefty came to the showcase after leading his school team into the State tournament, he quickly showed he is to be mentioned with the elite as he was dominant early. Here is a kid who fits the build of prospect as he handles it like a pg, shoots it like a shooting guard and plays above the rim in transition. Almondez is a talent and will be making his debut in the rankings rather high when they are updated next week.

Vito Valincius 2021- Talk about coming in making a name, young fella did just that, being a terror on the glass, knocking down open shots when they were available and scoring inside at will, He showed he is definitely on of the best post players in the state and among the elite in the entire class . Some people will definitely be dropping when the updated rankings come out because Vito will be making his debut. He left Saturday being an all-star and a prospect that jrhoopselite will be out to catch at many up coming games.

Amar Aguillard

Amar Aguillard 2021- UUWWEEE – A post player with an aggression, young fella showed up last year and he was a little under the weather and left early after not showing everything he could do, Well he came down this year and he definitely left having showed he is worthy of being in the discussion of elite post players in the class, Amir was a monster and was unstoppable in the lane, here is a kid that is getting better and better. There aren’t many who can stay in front of young fella and keep him from getting where he wants too go. He came in with the mindset of destroy who ever is in front of me and he did.

Jamari Ward

Jamari Ward 2021- Young fella got started rather quickly showcasing his skills in the 4 on 4 as he scored on 2 consecutive trips with nice moves then dropped a dime to a teammate on the 3 rd possession, Jamari is another in the lines of talented pgs in the class. He came in to the showcase with many not knowing who he was, he broke through and left as an all-star and somebody jrhoopselite has to get teams schedule, this kid can play and will make his debut in the upcoming rankings

Blake Ellingson

Blake Ellingson 2021- After watching all the game film there were 3 players who stood out to me that others probably would’nt recognize. Blake  is a player that does all the things a coach admires, he can shot the ball but won’t force a shot, he can make a move around his man but makes the open pass when a teammate is open. Young Fella played on a team that didn’t fair well in a couple of games but he is a player who I saw on film that stood out. He also showed better athleticism than most would think and his frame speaks good potential down the line. I hadn’t seen Blake in over a year and he is another kid who will make a big jump in the updated rankings being released next week.

Donavan Younger

Donavan Younger 2023- I like what I see, Yes Indeed!!! Donavan is a post player who has a nice ceiling, he showed excellent activity around the rim and a willingness to stick his nose in there in get rebounds in traffic. here us a kid I believe the more he plays the better he will get, but this is definitely a player who has a higher ceiling than most his age. Jrhoopselite will definitely be monitoring the the progress of this prospect. Look for Donavan to make his debut in the class rankings next week.

Young Player Showcase Recap 2

This is the age where kids are just starting to show signs of things to come in the future and if this is any indication, then things are in good hands. I saw kids knocking down long-range bombs at with incredible accuracy at such a young age, I saw nice decision making, athleticism, ball handling and incredible effort. These young players competed hard yet their sportsmanship was incredible. I would like to Thank all the parents who were patient and understandable dealing with the Time & Location Change you guys were great. I’ve had numerous calls and text from people saying nothing but great things, again I want you all to know I truly appreciate it. I will be providing a synopsis over the next few days and will definitely be seeing many of these players in the upcoming months.


Makai Kvamme

Makai Kvamme 2025- Can you say unstoppable, Makai was just that. I had at least 8 parents come up to me asking  ” who is that ?” yes young fella put on quite a display, he was destroying defenders with nasty cross-overs, stop and pop pull-ups and giving mouth-shots (knocking the 3 pt shot down in the defenders face) from long range. Making it look easy is what young fella did he won the 3 on 3 championship, the 1 on 1 championship, Team championship and made the All- Showcase Team. Here is another prospect who you will definitely be seeing a lot of on jrhoopselite as he is a special talent. One of those kids you definitely say ” Remember The Name!!!!”

IMG_0288 (1)
Taurus Baugh

Taurus Baugh- 2024- This athletic combo guard is the straight truth, He possesses the skills to play either guard position he came in an unknown to many and left with AAU coaches asking and saying to me “where he from? shorty got game!!!!” Yep young fella made me look good as I’ve been telling people about the young talented prospect from Peoria. He is so skillful with an array of offensive moves and smooth at the same time making itv look effortless, he won his level 1 on 1 competition by a landslide and made All-Showcase Team this is a  prospect whom jrhoopselite  will be keeping a close eye on and a prospect whom we see making his way rather high when his class rankings come out this fall.

Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson 2025- I like him Yes Sirrrrrrr!!!!! Lil Ryan is fiesty, competetive and clutch all while keeping that lovable smile, he was knocking down the 3pt shot as if it was a free-throw including a super clutch, super long game tying with less than 25 seconds which was one of he knocked down during the game, talk about fearless. ” I want Ryan!!! shooting my ball with the game on the line. Young Fella came in with his baby-face and unknown to most he left an All-Star and made a name on the court. Jrhoopselite will definitely be monitoring the progress of this young fella.

Sean Brown

Sean Brown 2024- This kid here is super skilled, all I could keep saying is ” He can’t be in 5th grade, No Way!!!!! Young Fella is  big who bangs the glass with relentless effort, has post moves like a kid 2 or 3 years his superior yet he has the perimeter skills of a shooting guard. Young Fella was knocking down the 3, throwing no-look passes across court and slicing and dicing through the lane in traffic as if the defenders were stuck to the floor. Impressive is exactly what Sean was as he left making the All- Showcase Team and a prospect who looks to be among the elite in the class with-out a doubt. We look forward to watching Sean and his progression and he will undoubtedly be in the class rankings rather hi when they are released this fall.

Kristopher Hills

Kristopher Hill 2024- Young Fella showed grit and grime and as he was all over the court, Kristopher displayed incredible speed getting to the basket, and wasn’t afraid of taking the ball to the basket despite the size that was down low. A prospect who also showed the will to win as he was more concerned about winning than his personal stats passing the ball on several ocaasions where he could have forced the shot. A prospect who was unknown to JHE before the event, but a prospect who garnered attention with his play at the Showcase. JrhoopsElite will definitely be at several of Kristopher games this Spring.

Landon Rivers

Landon Rivers 2024- Here is one of those smooth heady pgs, who teases you with his talent. Young Fella plays a cerebral smooth game where he takes whatever the defense gives him, he is the kid who never forces to much ” A smooth operator” who has a nice stroke from deep, finishes with either hand and has vision. The skill set is there no doubt!!! as is the potential. Jrhoopselite will definitely be keeping close tabs on Landon this Spring and Summer. He is another kid we project to make his way in the Top 40 rankings for his class that will be released this fall.

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Illinois Jrhoopselite Top 100 prospects    

Class of 2019  As of 8/15/15 Updated rankings being released in June after AAU

Super Sophomore Showcase coming this Fall.

Lance Jones

This class is absolutely loaded, there are so many kids that can play in this class, The difference between a top 10 and a top 40 are not that far off. I will be out to different events to see prospects. My calendar is full. I will be updating frequently.

Kejuan Clements
Kejaun Clements
Mike Salter
Perry Cowan
Khalil Whitney
Khalil Whitney
  1. Perry Cowan
  2. Kejuan Clements
  3. Mike Salter
  4. Khalil Whitney
  5. Lance Jones
  6. Marquise Walker
  7. Isaac Stanback
  8. Markeese Jacobs
  9. Lamond Johnson
  10. Gerald Hunley
  11. Tayeon Neal
  12. Johnny Roeser
  13. Deion Jackson
  14. Spence Boeheim
  15. Andre White Jr.
  16. Tyrese Shines
  17. Marcus Wright
  18. Pavle Pantovic
  19. Bryant Brown
  20. Jaheim Holden
  21. Joseph Yesufu
  22. Chris Brunell
  23. Ryan Bost
  24. Deshon Enoch
  25. Detallion Brown
  26. Johnsel Harris
  27. Jordan Myrick
  28. Demari Nixon
  29. Miles Baker
  30. Tyreon Hardin
  31. Nicholas Kosich
  32. Ryan Kielsen
  33. Kennon Jones
  34. Collin Reed
  35. Jamal Fomby Jr.
  36. John Cison Jr.
  37. Chris White
  38. Treavon Brown
  39. Glenn Rubio
  40. Kameron Battle
  41. Zuriel Mason
  42. Mark Carter
  43. Ray Dennis Jr.
  44. Jeremiah Hernandez
  45. Tyler Cochran
  46. Antonio Reeves
  47. Malik Tidwell
  48. Malik Anderson
  49. Aaron Strong Jr.
  50. Keyvon Mayers
  51. Tyler Cochran
  52. Clyde Benton
  53. Nate Ortiz
  54. Trevon Hamilton
  55. Eric Cohn
  56. Demari Grant
  57. Daniel Filippone
  58. DeMarkus Williams
  59. Artese Stapleton
  60. Kyel Grover
  61. Desaun Ratclif
  62. Deandre Vortes
  63. Jeremiah Stamps
  64. Charlie Hoehne
  65. Trevon Delaney
  66. Demari Grant
  67. Kameron Lenard
  68. Erik White
  69. Marquise Kennedy
  70. Chase Robinson
  71. Jeremiah Washington
  72. Fred Cleveland Jr
  73. Devin Spencer
  74. Semagi Henderson
  75. Anthony Thompson
  76. Adrien Gonzales
  77. Robert Sanford
  78. Jaylen Snell
  79. Josh Steinhouse
  80. Aaron Sykes
  81. Tyriel Nelson
  82. Ethan Helwig
  83. Kendrick Moore
  84. Kasean Pryor
  85. Ryan Verhulst
  86. Aaron Walker
  87. Edmund Saunders
  88. Andrew Stewart
  89. Jaylen Carlswell
  90. Evan Taylor
  91. Marcus Schaeffers
  92. Earl Boston Jr.
  93. Elijah Basnight
  94. Jakob Medina
  95. Marquel Porter
  96. Timmeon Gamble
  97. James Hobson
  98. Tim Ervin Jr.
  99. Jaylen Thorpe
  100. Kobe Mitchell
  101. Martynas Macenis
  102. Elijah Stewart
  103. Antione Palmer Jr.
  104. Romante Walker
  105. Justin Baez
  106. Michael Taylor
  107. Christian Washington


Mike Salter

Jaheim Holden

Marquise Walker

John Cison Jr.

DeMarkus Williams

Ricky Moore


Recap 3 released tomorrow.

Battle Of The Titans Champs

Ariel 5/6 Grade Champions


Kenwood 7/8 grade Champions

Getting The Job Done!!!!

Khoi Thurman

Khoi Thurman 2023- Well if you haven’t seen young fella play, you may want to get to a game. Here is what I call a ” Floor General Supreme” This is a pg would understands the game years beyond his age. Here is a kid who’s understanding of the game is on par with the top pgs in middle school regardless of class. He is a the ultimate get his teammates involved and he puts  team before himself. Young fella would rather get the assist any day of the week. I’ve witnessed young fella have it going in a game where he hit 4 consecutive shots, his big man was struggling a little missing several post moves and appearing frustrated. On consecutive fast breaks following  Khoi had wide open layups on fast breaks but rather than take the bucket and continue his impressive scoring half he slowed down and waited for his big in transition and got him a couple of easy baskets to get him going. Yep!!! ” Floor General Supreme!!!! He understands when to do what, and what to do when!!!!! If you want a coach on the floor, the kid who recognizes defenses, recognizes mis matches and knows what the right play is this is your guy.  In a class that’s appears to be one of the stronger classes in guards at this stage in recent years young fella stands as one of the best no doubt.  Young Fella earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. where many of the elite in the Midwest will be in attendance. JrhoopsElite will be looking forward to watching the progression of this young prospect as we see a bright future ahead. 

Real Deal 11U

Real Deal 11u- Here is a an up and coming Travel/ AAU team that is definitely fun to watch, they play hard and fight nail and tooth from start to finish, I personally watched this team down by more than double figures in the second half, give everything they have and tie the game driving the crowd wild before eventually losing on the last possession of a action packed game.  This team has a couple of nice young prospects Keshaun Vaval and Anfernee Anderson both of whom scored in double figures and can put points on the board rather quickly. Coach Ali is a new up and coming coach who teaches his gets to play hard and never quit, I’ve seen the improvement rather quickly in the this team and look forward to seeing Real Deal in the near future. Several Of Real Deal  players will be at Montini High School March 5th for the Young Player Showcase. 

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


This past year jrhoopselite saw over 1000 games and host showcases and skill events, there were kids everywhere that had so much talent and potential, Here is a list of our end of the 2016 awards, acknowledgements and accolades,  we look forward to seeing as many kids as possible and want to remind everyone that the list and information should be used as motivation.

2016 JrhoopsElite All State Teams

Joel Watts
Joel Watts

1st Team

G.  Joel Watts (2020)

G.  Adam Miller (2020)

P.  Colin Crothers (2020)

W. DJ Steward (2020)

G. Luke Scheffers (2020)

Elliot Sieger
Elliot Sieger

G. Tyler Beard (2020)

G. Bryce Hall (2020)

P.  Tyrelle Hunt (2020)

G. Elliot Sieger (2020)

G. Nimari Burnett  (2020)

2nd Team

d brooks
Darius Buford

G. Antione Bloxton (2020)

G. Marcus Watson Jr..(2020)

G. Darius Buford (2020)

W. Jayden Johnson (2020)

W. Damarius Splunge(2020)

Destin Whitaker

G. Tevin Smith (2021)

G. Davion Rogers (2020)

W. Jadon Williams (2020)

G. Destin Whitaker (2020)

G. Ramean Hinton (2020)

Top Scorers Regardless of Class

Antione Bloxton

Antione Bloxton (2020)

Luka Balac (2021)

Norvell Meadows (2021)

Darius Buford (2020)

Kevin “Boopie” Miller (2021)

Willie Bradley Jr. (2021)

Top 5 traditional pgs in no order.

PJ Edwards
PJ Edwards

Markus Watson Jr. (2020)

Arhon Ullis (2020)

Alec Millander(2020)

P.J. Edwards (2020)

Christian Henry(2021)

Top 6 Playmakers in no order.

Luke Scheffers
Luke Scheffers

Joel Watts (2020)

Kamari Wilson (2021)

Nick Owens (2021)

Luke Scheffers (2020)

DJ Steward (2020)

Bryce Hall (2020)

Top 10 Shooters

Micah Schnyders

Blake Peters (2021)

Alijah Nelson (2020)

Patrick Baldwin (2021)

Elliot Sieger ( 2020)

Bryce Hopkins (2021)

Destin Whitaker (2020)

Trey Baker (2021)

Nimari Burnett (2020)

Micah Schynders (2020)

Christian Czerniak (2020)

Will Wainscott (2020)

Most Athletic 

R.J. Ogom

R.J. Ogom (2020)

PeeWee Johnson (2020)

Kenton Wright (2021)

Scotty Edube (2021)

Jadon Williams (2020)

2020 Players making a heavy impact on varsity at the beginning of their freshmen year.

DJ Steward
Adam Miller
Collin Woods
Collin Woods
Colin Crothers
Colin Crothers
Damarius Splunge
Damarius Splunge

Adam Miller- Peoria Manuel- Young fella has started off his high school season playing for a traditional powerhouse and has fans excited with anticipation with his stellar play thus far, young fella regularly scores in double figures an is one of Manuels top players. U of I has offered and many other big time schools are lurking.

Colin Crothers – Benet-The big 6/7 power forward/ center has stepped right into traditional power house and appears to be inline as a the next bigtime div 1. prospect to follow Sean Omara and Frank Kaminsky at the school. Young fella has come right in and played a major role look for Colin to be getting plenty of attention this spring by big time programs.

Elliot Sieger- Depaul Prep- A fierce competitor, there was no way JrhoopsElite didnt see this coming we actually predicted he would do this, young fella has stepped in and meshed well with 2019 stud Perry Cowan to form one of the youngest deadly dynamic duos in the state. book it down, all state is in the future.

Joel Watts- St. Rita-All young fella has done is step in an show he is fearless, down in Kentucky Kentucky Bluegrass, Joel had 18 against the number 11 team in the country, shot 70 percent from the field and led the entire tournament in free throw shooting, shooting 100 percent. Another kid we predicted would have success.

Collin Woods – Heritage – A silky smooth 6ft 1 plus pg who is just starting to scratch the surface of how good he can and will be, while others were ahead of him a year ago, young fella has caught and surpassed many of his counterparts and will catch many more. Young fella is a kid we said would figure it out, well he is definitely showing that with several double figure games.

DJ Steward- Fenwick A wiry combo guard that gets it, his versatility and understanding of the game has made him one of the elite players in the class, Playing for one of the Top teams in the state young fella is coming off a 20 pt performance at Proviso West Holiday Tourney. look for DJ to emerge as the next star at Fenwick.

PJ Edwards- Springfield Lamphier – A traditional powerhouse that has produce the likes of major division 1 and N.B.A. players. P.J. has stepped in to play major minutes and contribute heavily  as a freshmen. He looks to be a name that you can add to the list of division 1 talent. look for colleges to be in attendance the next few years hoping to add this young talent.

Alijah Nelson- Glenbard East The combo guard is off to a stellar beginning of his freshmen year, having scored 27 in holiday tourney and being one of the top 3 pt shooters in the event. Glenbard East has a young player who will have people in the gym with excitement for next few years. Look for Alijah to gain more recognition and attention as the season progresses.

DaMarius Splunge- Michelle Clark – If there is a freshmen playing better or raising their stock, I haven’t seen them. here is a 6/5 wing that has been shoeing every skill imaginable on the court, having to lead right away and having the ball in his hands, young DaMarius has flourished, young fella has had several games of 25 and better and is the hottest prospect in the class right now. Jrhoopselite gave him the nickname ” He’s Got a Chance” last year and he definitely has been playing that way. Been getting calls and look for young fella to be visiting some pretty impressive school this coming spring and summer. stock is shooting thru the roof.

Destin Whitaker- Romeoville- The future is bright in Romeville,  Destin is showing coach some things that has him smiling and licking his chops at things to come, a knockdown shooter with length and ability to guard several positions, young fella has established himself as one heck of a prospect, and  having scored in double figures on a regular so early i’d smile too.

Reggie Strong- Farragut-Young fella has stepped right in and started at pg in one of the most known conferences in the nation “red west’ and looks the part of another division player from a school that is known for producing talent. watch for the little known pg to make waves this spring, another prospect who jrhoopselite featured last year and said he would be a handful in the future.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Players Putting In Work

Eddie Niles Jr.

Eddie Niles 2021- Here is a kid who has ice-water in his veins, here is a kid who never shy’s away from the big moment, here is a player who has been playing some good basketball this season and Jrhoopselite has definitely taken notice. Playing for one of the elite basketball programs in the city the spot lite is on quite often. LiL Eddie is definitely a kid who welcomes the big stage. This past weekend when his team was on the verge of losing in the final minutes, young fella came up with 2 nice assist and a couple of baskets including a 28ft 3pt that sent the crowd in an uproar it proved to be the pivotal basket, A couple weeks ago on the big stage at UIC young fella did the same think including burring another 28 ft 3pt basket in a decisive moment. What impresses me about young fella is he understands the game, he knows how to take the extra dribble or extra step in order to set his teammate up for a wide wide open shot as opposed to a contested shot, he knows where to deliver the ball so his teammate can get a clean look and more than anything he is always on to the next play and never lets something linger or effect his confidence. I saw young fella early on in the season play against rival Beasley, he missed 3 floaters in the last 4 minutes that all looked good, but just didn’t fall, his team ended up losing by a basket, I heard a lot of people saying why did young fella take those shots he had a bad game, I was like “my oh my do some people not get it”. “young fella had a good game and great tournament” I was there every game, the fact that he missed those shots were just how it went on those shots, but they were all great shots and never did he not have the confidence to shoot the next one, never was the moment too big. Now fast forward, the same kid has now knocked down big shots in big games and help propel his team to victory, if you are going to play this game on the stage young fella is playing and be effective you have to have heart and confidence, I saw it last year and I’m seeing it again this year Eddie Niles has heart and definitely isn’t afraid of the moment, good job young fella.

Resean McMiller

Resean McMiller 2021 If there is one player in the class that makes you scratch your head it’s this kid here, young fella is a kid who is sometime caught up in the crossfire. At this level he is so strong and aggressive he can dominate down low and just bull his way through the non aggressive defenders, so some coaches have had him down low because he is so effective at it, On the flip side young fella is actually a guard at the next level and has the frame that’s not to far from a sophomore in high school right now. So the coach sometimes says we need the here and now Sean go down low. This season young fella school coach has been letting young fella play the point sometimes while mainly playing the sg, so now young fella is being able to go through some of the growing pains and becoming better for it. Earlier in the season young fella appeared frustrated when I saw him, he is now getting more and more comfortable. This past weekend Resean looked really comfortable, playing against one of the city elite he knocked down 4 of 5 from long range including 3 in a row and finished with a game high 17pts. Like I tell people all the time “its not what you do , it’s how you do it” if young fella is able to knock down the long range ball on the catch and off the dribble people are in trouble. Young fella was on a high and confidence in his ball handling and perimeter play was starting to show 10 months ago, he went through a drought where he stopped working on that skill and started back banging down low or stopped displaying it, he appears to be back on track and his stock is rising once again. Young fella will be one to watch as his team prepares to make a state title run

Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson 2021- Well well well young fella time has come, I’ve said many many times there are several kids that will catch and pass many of his classmates, here is Tyler Johnson “TY” as known to many and the nick name I call him. He is the player whom every-time I’ve seen him play for the last 2 years I pull him to the side and give him words of advice words of what I tell him coaches will be expecting of him down the line, little advice that I feel could help. I mean every-time I’ve seen him play no exaggeration, Well what i thought I’d see later I’m starting to see now Tyler is one of the elite pgs in the city and alongside of Christian Henry, They are in the argument along with a couple others as being the cities best back court. What makes TY so valuable is that he can not only create for others and do it well, he can stretch the defense like other elite guards in his class Boopie, Lil Nick and Elijah that allows for others to create and operate in the paint, young fella has a skill set that translates very well to the next level. Let it be known right now Tyler Johnson is  a name you will be hearing about in a few years and asking where did he come from? Look for Tyler to make a huge huge jump in the updated rankings when they are released I’ve held back as long as I could, now the secret is out. Now continue to put in work and continue to lead young fella.

Kenric Wiley Jr.

Kenric Wiley Jr. 2022- young fella is part aof a trio of guards at Colin Powell that have a chance to make a run at regionals and possibly get down state this year. Last week I saw Kenric in an intense rivalry game in a hostile enviornment have suberb floor game in which he made the correct play just about every-time, young fella doesn’t force anything and takes advantage of whatever the defense gives. I personally watched Kenric knock down 4 long range bombs from the outside, hit his defender with counter moves and finish with a floater, and use his change of speed with his dribble to get by his man and finish at the rim,  I was very impressed. But what showed me that this is prospect to keep an eye out for was that he played for his team and never tried to force anything everything was about team. JrhoopsElite will be keeping close eyes out for Kenric and look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Nick Jefferson

Nick Jefferson 2023- Add another name to the list of quality point guards in the 2023 class, he is a fierce pg who backs down from no one, Nick has a slick handle in which he gets to the basket with ease. I’ve yet to see one person keep him from getting to where he wants to go. What also impresses me about young fella is his I.Q. he understands exactly whats needed at what time. Having the ability to knock down the shot from distance nick can play with the ball in his hands or off the ball. Young fella is battle tested having played for one of the powerhouse programs in the city over the past two seasons in hostile environments against top flight competition. Young fella will be in the updated 2023 rankings when they are released and JrhoopsElite looks forward to seeing young fella compete against the top players in his Feb 25th. @ the Top Propsect Showcase where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

David Lucas III

David Lucas 2021- Talk about a force in the paint, well the south suburbs have a young fella who knows how to use his size as a force while using his nifty and craft moves around the basket. David is player who JrhoopsElite finds as a prospect with a nice upside because he has physical features that many just don’t have and his foot speed for his size means that he will get better and better the more he plays against and with top flight competitions. I watched young fella use power against the smaller defenders scoring down low with ease, I then saw a play where he showed skill and finesse. JrhoopsElite will be out to see David in future events, we do not know how he has flown under our radar. Young fella will be in our updated rankings when they are released and earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. Where many of the Top Players in class will be in attendance.

Mason Jones

Mason Jones 2021- young fella appears to be hitting his stride and is on fire leading his team to quite a few impressive wins this season, Mason has been out playing several of the highly acclaimed players in his class and this past weekend he lead his team the Championship over at Walter Payton in route to earning the M.V.P.  award. young fella stock is rising and rising fast. JrhoopsElite will be out in the next several weeks to check young fella out in more action as he and his team compete in several marquee games.

Rodney Walker Jr.

Rodney Walker Jr. 2021- Here is a kid who is getting better and better every-time I see him, it’s not the skill that I was waiting to see because I noticed that instantly a year ago, but now I see that aggressiveness, the assertiveness the unafraid of making a mistake, the believing that I’m the best player on the court. Yep I saw what I was looking for, RJ came out and missed his first 4 shots of the game, but kept his aggressiveness, he kept his assertiveness he showed big heart, he finished strong scoring 20 hitting several big shots down the stretch and knocking down the game winning free-throws in route to leading his team in a hostile environment to a 41/40 victory @ the SkyWalker International Holiday Classic, and being named tournament M.V.P. having averaged 19.6 and 10 reb. Young R.J.is definitely a player whose better days are ahead of him, while many kids tap out and are great early and loose their fizz, here is a young player that will continually progress, he is being groomed at a nice pace and has a tremendous upside.

                                                    Weekend Champions

                               Champions @ Skywalker International

Decatur, Illinois-Johns Hill 8th

                                   Champions @ Walter Payton

Chicago -Kenwood 8th

                                          Champions At OPRF Village Tourney

Oak Park- Julian 8th

                                                         Champions @ Hyde Park

Lil Village


JrhoopsElite Power 10 Team Rankings(

Put Some Respek On My Name!!!!!

Jake Dimovski
Jake Dimovski

If you haven’t seen young fella play your missing a treat, here is the small, diminutive guard who just keeps doing the amazing. Well last year Jake came to the city and put on quite a shooting display at the Best Of The Midwest as a 7th grader. We then extended an invite to the Invitation only event Top Prospect Showcase, at the time I remember saying to myself” I hope he can handle the level of competition” Well it didn’t take long at that event for young fella to get the fans on their feet with his nifty ball handling and long range shooting. Young fella was on a team with several top 20 players in his class yet he was the best performer on his team and earned an all star birth over several of the highly rated players( 2 of the players to this day are still fuming lbvs) Young fella then made the trip downstate this past fall to play in the regional event where he scored 9 points in 53 seconds against Ahmad Bynum and Kevin “Boopie” Miller to bring his team to within 1 in the last minute that had fans running around in shock. Now young fella is the leader of a talented Jefferson team that has a chance of making it downstate. the last two days against a couple of tough opponents Jake has made it look easy and effortless. His stroke is one of the very best in the class and he is crafty and smart with the ball in his hands. Look for young again this year at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. The difference is everyone will be saying ” there he is” young fella is now known and Respek has been earned. In the updated rankings young fella will be moving way up. Young fella you doing a great job. Jrhoopselite can’t keep saying asking” is this a fluke?” We have to say “Put Some Respek On Young Fella Name.

Put Some Respek On My Name!!!!!

Jake Dimovski
Jake Dimovski

If you haven’t seen young fella play your missing a treat, here is the small, diminutive guard who just keeps doing the amazing. Well last year Jake came to the city and put on quite a shooting display at the Best Of The Midwest as a 7th grader. We then extended an invite to the Invitation only event Top Prospect Showcase, at the time I remember saying to myself” I hope he can handle the level of competition” Well it didn’t take long at that event for young fella to get the fans on their feet with his nifty ball handling and long range shooting. Young fella was on a team with several top 20 players in his class yet he was the best performer on his team and earned an all star birth over several of the highly rated players( 2 of the players to this day are still fuming lbvs) Young fella then made the trip downstate this past fall to play in the regional event where he scored 9 points in 53 seconds against Ahmad Bynum and Kevin “Boopie” Miller to bring his team to within 1 in the last minute that had fans running around in shock. Now young fella is the leader of a talented Jefferson team that has a chance of making it downstate. the last two days against a couple of tough opponents Jake has made it look easy and effortless. His stroke is one of the very best in the class and he is crafty and smart with the ball in his hands. Look for young again this year at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. The difference is everyone will be saying ” there he is” young fella is now known and Respek has been earned. In the updated rankings young fella will be moving way up. Young fella you doing a great job. Jrhoopselite can’t keep saying asking” is this a fluke?” We have to say “Put Some Respek On Young Fella Name.

    Hot Players Players on the Scene

Jaydan Dillard

Jaydan Dillard 2021- Here is a player that has been tearing it up all season, he forms half of the dynamic duo along with Ishmael Habib that has to be in the conversation as best back-court in the city. Jaydan is a player, he has an explosive first step that leaves defenders in the dust, he is a lock-down defender and has the size to help out on the boards. Young Fella has flown way under the radar for far to long, having not played AAU basketball last year and playing at a school on the north side of the city, many have not noticed. But I have,  “SHAWTY GOT GAME!!!!” Earlier this year young fella was destroying people at the Ronnie Fields Tourney, he followed that up with a great showing at the Best of The Midwest, where he and his buddy where making quite the statement and putting there names in the hat as best back-court. Jayden will definitely be in the next updated rankings and has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. Let it be known now, the secret is out Jaydan Dillard is a force. JrhoopsElite look forward to seeing he and his teammates at the ” Battle Of The Titans” Jan 14/15 where the elite teams will be in competition.

Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett 2023- Here he comes, there is an ultra athletic guard that’s just ooooozing!!! with potential. Jeremy this past weekend played against several of the elite pgs in his class and let me tell ya what, he left making a statement at no time did young fella look out of place.  While others have been in the gym playing year around, you fella is a two sport star which makes him an even more intriguing prospect with tons of upside. Jeremy has some natural gifts that you can not teach, his speed and quick change of direction are of the elite athlete status. Jrhoopselite will definitely be in the gym to catch young fella more this season and he is definitely a prospect who will be included in our updated rankings. There were several moves made this weekend that had the fans on their feet players in the stands screaming as he made several defenders shift and loose their balance. The invitation only Top Prospect Showcase will be Feb 25th. we hope to see Jeremy compete against many of the elite players in his class, this is a kid who many will know about very soon.


D Miles
Devin Miles

Devin Miles 2021- Young fella has quietly emerged leading his team to an undefeated season so far. Devin is a player who was a football player first who played basketball as a second sport. Well if this is his second sport people are in trouble because young fella is excelling. Devin takes pride on both ends of the floor and is a treat to watch. Will he be able to lead his team to a state championship is the question we will be waiting to see here at Jrhoopselite.

Billy Muldrow

Billy Muldrow 2021- Here is a player that every coach would want on their team no doubt about it. He is a kid who can play 4 positions at the middle school level and has the frame that allows for an easy transition to the next level. Billy is a player who can get you a bucket when needed, he is a player who can guard the opposing teams best player, he is a player who sacrifices for the betterment of the team, yet a player who has come up  clutch in crucial big game situations. I’ve personally watched young fella knock down a clutch deep 3, then use a wrap around dribble and quick bounce pass to his teammate for a bucket, follow that up with a steal and a bucket all in span of a minute to put his team up after his opposing team had cut the lead to 3. Young fella is a player that seems to be getting better and better and a player who will make his debut in the JrhoopsElite player rankings  in the next update and also a player who has earned an invite to the invite only Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th where many of the Top players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Jebaree Bass

Jabaree Bass 2021- Talk about a tough gritty in your face guard who is ready to emerge, look no further than 1 of the unknown duo, he and his buddy Terrell, are 2 pgs who are making waves, If you like the in your face defense and constant attacking of the dribble on offense from start to finish look no further, young fella is ready to make his claim as one of the better point guards in the city. Be on the look out for Jabaree as he and Terrell will make their way into the updated rankings also look for young fella too be making headlines and to be in future articles as Jrhoopselite looks forward to monitoring young fella progress.

Tre Vion Gordon

Tre Vion Gordon 2021- My oh my, sometimes I can see a kid and say ” in two years people will be in trouble!!!” that’s because I’m looking at a kid whose upside shows great potential, well Tre Vion definitely fits the mold. I’m talking about a kid who has improved so much over the last several months. Young fella has something that many don’t have and thats his athleticism and burst., he is quick off the dribble with an explosive first step. You add to that he can shoot it with range, he is blocking peoples shoots of the glass on run downs and he is steadily improving with his handle, that the coach allowed him to bring it down and run the point in an intense game. While others are topping off Tre Vion is hitting his stride. Look for Tre Vion in the updated rankings, Tre Vion is also a kid who will get better and better the more he plays against high level talent. Tre Vion earned an invite to the invitation only Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th with his stellar play this weekend.

Conor Sukel

Conor Sukel 2022- Young fella has game no way around it, When you first look at young fella you say he is technically sound in all areas, then you say wait wait wait!!! this kid here is way more technically sound he is a player who has every skill, he can shoot it, he can run the pg, he can play in the post, he can play on the wing, just put him on the floor and he does whatever needed. young fella knows how to be the go to player and he knows how to be a supporting player. If there is kid in the class that can play any role it’s Conor. young fella has been suberb this year and definitely has positioned himself to be a top 10 player in the class when the updated rankings are released.

Isaiah Giles

Isaiah Giles 2023- Part of a dynamic duo over at powerhouse Beasley. Isaiah is a floor general that is emerging as one of the elite in his class, this past weekend he and his back-court mate help lead his team to team to victory over powerhouse Ariel Academy 5/6 in what has become one of the most heated rivalries in the state. Giles is a very intriguing prospect and we look forward to covering and monitoring young fella for the next several years, we hope to see young fella compete against the best in his class Feb 25th at the Top Prospect Showcase. young fella was at the all guard combine with prospect 2 years his superior looking quite the prospect.

Kros Barrett

Kros Barrett 2023- Part of a dynamic duo that’s trying to stake their claim as the best school 2023 back-court. Kros has been playing up this season some on the 7th grade level and more than holding his own. i’ve wtched young fella personally put in a couple of double digit efforts, well it has paid is dividends cause young fella helped guide his 5/6 grade team to a victory over the rival and powerhouse Ariel Storm. Young fella is craft with the ball in his hands and a leader on the floor. Jrhoopselite will be in the house the next super match between the 2 city elite 5/6 grade programs and look forward to watching young fella this rest of the school season.

                                                                  Champions of the Winter Classic@ Michelle Clark

Runner up

                                                                           Champions of the Winter Classic @ DeLasalle

Aspire 8th

                                                                        Champions Of Fenwick Holiday Classic

Julian 8th


                                                          Team Of The Month


North Ridge(Danville, Illinois) This group has been quite impressive this year they are currently 15-0 and just have been too much for opponents. They are led by the Big 3. “Big Boy, Devo and Tevo” known to some. Yep thats Nathaniel Hoskins, Devin Miles and Tevin Smith all of which have been giving teams 20 plus on a regular. Tevin is the do it all combo guard who is rated as one of the top players in the Midwest, Nathaniel is the underrated do it all smooth combo guard who has shown he can let it go from long range, handle and dish in transition and shown he too is an elite player in the class, Devin Miles the two sport star whose competitive spirit is second too none and who has basically willed himself into being one of the better players at his position(All of Which we look forward to seeing at the Invitation only Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th). Add to that the solid contributions of Keyshon Hampton  who is an energizer and relentless all over the court and Ahmad Davis who defends multiple positions and contributes on both ends, and you have a nucleus of a team that is on a mission, so far this season North Ridge has more than doubled its opponents in scoring, after 12 games the tally was like 900 to opponents 320, add to that a victory by 60 and 45 and you get the picture this team has been dominant. JrhoopsElite was in the house at Urbana last month when they took on their rival in what many anticipated would be a very close game. Nope !!!North Ridge won going away. The rematch will be next Tuesday, Deshun Sanders, Jermale Young and crew are eagerly awaiting. The game will be held at the community college because fans from Danville, Urbana and Champaign will crowd the place as the heavy hitter square off. We look forward to monitoring North Ridge as they are currently ranked number 1 in our Power 10 rankings.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


                                                                                                   Hot Prospect Alert !!!

Armani Williams

Armani Williams 2021- This sweet stroking, smooth wing looks like he is definitely going to be moving up in the next updated rankings and a prospect who will definitely have me visiting the south suburbs in the very near future. Armani has an understanding that makes him look like he is really playing hard, it’s because he can see a play happen before it happens. this past weekend young fella showed a lot by doing a little, he kept it simple, made the right play and let it go from long range. Young fella moved up 20 slots and could very well move up another 20 in the next update. It appears that Armani has top 30 talent and potential it will be interesting to see how he evolves. JrhoopsElite will definitely be monitoring young fella and his progress.

Lashun Glover

Lashun Glover 2021- I do not know if I’ve seen a kid improve as much as young fella in 5 months as anyone in the class, young fella is as fast as anyone getting from end to end with the ball in his hands, add to that he drives to the basket with some of the craftiest, most unorthodox and entertaining finishes I’ve seen in a long time. Lashun can be a little out of control at times, but his energy is something a coach would rather have than not any day of the week. You can tell that young fella wants it he is a fierce competitor that appears to be working on his game, young fella recently showed his stroke is coming along knocking down 3 after 3 in clutch situations the last 2 games and going 3 for 3 this past weekend in a a super tight intense game where every point was needed. Young fella moved up 20 slots in the updated rankings and if I know him he is still thirsty and awaiting to see all the names listed in front of him. right now Mr. Lashun Glover you are a red hot prospect.

Kendall Brasfield

Kendall Brasfield- 2021 young fella has patiently waited his time, playing for a powerhouse Beasley Bees is not easy there is constant pressure to perform and constant games where the gyms are packed and people are waiting for your downfall. Well Kendall playing the shooting guard spot has handled things rather well in the beginning of the season. having witnessed young fella knock down the biggest pressure shot of the season. With his team trailing by 2 with less than a minute against Kenwood(Best of The Midwest final 4 game) everyone in the gym was waiting for Kenton Wright to get his hands on the ball, instead young fella showed the courage to take the last shot, he set his feet and let go a that was like a scene from a movie, swish, game set and match. Yep young fella had shown he was ready for the moment. Great job Kendall!!!you deserve it and JrhoopsElite looks forward to monitoring your progress and young fella has made his debut in the updated rankings. How far he climbs as time goes on will be interesting.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


                                                  JrHoopsElite School Of The Month

Aspire Charter Academy

Aspire is a Charter School from Gary, Indiana in which it’s basketball program is starting to make a lot of noise around the Midwest. Aspire is coached by the young energetic ” we will play anyone anytime!!!” Deon Tolliver who has accomplishment after accomplishment in Middle School and High School basketball in the state of Illinois and Indiana and the ever so supporting principals  Dr. Sophia Hughes and Dr. Rasheeda Green whom do anything and everything they possibly can do to support her kids and insure they have as many opportunities as possible. This tandem appears to be a match made in heaven for Aspire as they have brought N.W. Indiana a lot of attention over the past several weeks basically destroying there competition on the court. My phone has had costant text and phone calls asking me for info. Last week the team went 3-1 at the Best of The Midwest Classic losing in the semi final against 2 year champ Beasley Academic Center by 2 in a game they appeared to have under control for most of the game. This weekend they avenged that lost and won a Championship rather easily. This team is loaded with talent and very well rounded, Coach Tolliver has a team that can play multiple styles and defends with the best of them. They are led by the ultra athletic John Lytle who will put it down on your head if your not careful, he is ultra athletic and quick off his feet, the dynamic super handles, long range bomb shooting point guard Quimari Peterson, the silky, smooth, versatile wing Deshon Burnett and the do everything energetic Billy Muldrew all of which have had an impact in leading Aspire to being named the school of the Month and all have earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th where many of the top players from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri will be in attendance. Aspire will open as the #1 team in our Super School rankings being released this Nov. 20th barring any kid of upset this coming week. The rankings include teams from the Chicago-land Area, N.W.I and State of Illinois. Things are looking good for Aspire… KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!!!! and Jrhoopselite looks forward to watching this team through-out the basketball season and looks forward to monitoring the prospects on their team.

                                                             Mid Nov. Stock Risers

John Lytle

John Lytle-2021-Talk about a kid exploding on the scene, young fella has been seen taking breakaways and tomahawking in a game, he has also been slashing his way to the whole rising above a defenders and finsihing  at will. John Lytle is quickly making a name for himself throughout the Midwest. Hailing from Gary, Indiana young fella has competed against some of the elite players in his class on both sides of the border and he doesn’t mine mixing it up. A tenacious rebounder who is a force inside is now taking his defender off the dribble and causing plenty of havoc. John has earned an invitation to the invitation only  Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. where many of the elite players in the Midwest will be in attendance, John Lytle stock is definitely on the rise.

Ishmael Habib

Ishmael Habib 2021- young fella is on a mission, having had trouble with his knees due to a growth spurt Ishmael was unable to play like himself for several months during the summer, well he is back to rare form and has been destroying the competition over the last month. young fella will definitely be making his way back up in the updated rankings being released next week. Look for Ishmael to be present at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th. were many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance. Young fella Stock is definitely soaring right now how high is something only he knows.

Nicholas Owens

Nicholas Owens 2021- Talk about a prospect who has been constantly improving look no further. The long wiry wing had heads turning and my phone ringing after the ” Best Of The Midwest” tourney. Nicholas upside is higher than most because of his natural gifts and his long frame, young fella will make his way into the rankings being released next week and JrhoopsElite will be closely monitoring young fella this season as we expect for him only get better and better. Nicholas was the star of the day on the opening day of the tournament and his stock is definitely on the rise.

Kameron Kraft

Kameron Kraft 2022- Young fella has been playing extremely well over the past several months and Jrhoopselite has definitely taken notice, this gym rat is a long wiry wing who shoots lights out, can rebound and is now showing the ability to score off the dribble. Regardless of class young fella has been one of the hottest players on the circuit. look for Kameron to move up even further in next weeks updated rankings. Kameron has also earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th were many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Ti’Ree Ferrell

Ti’Ree Ferrell 2021- Unkown and will be no longer, this athletic wing has the goods, playingh in the Best Of Midwest Fall League. young fella matched up against the some of the top players in his class at his position and he more than held his own. Ti’Ree is at his best when he is attacking the basket, his length and foot speed allow him to be able to guard 4 positions. We look forward to seeing more of Ti’Ree in the coming weeks, he is another prospect who will be added in the rankings next week as we find the class is getting deeper with qaulity players.

James Hayes Jr.
James Hayes Jr.

James Hayes Jr. 2021- This combo guard is a handful, he is strong as a bull and has the ability to get to the rim at will, but he also has the skill and poise to play point. When you first look at young fella you say no way does he handle the ball like that, but as you watch him you say “uh oh!!!!” here is one of the kids that people will be saying where did he come from in a few years. He is a kid who you will be reading about in high school. Let me break out a secret” northwest suburbs have some hoopers” Look for James to make his way up in the updated rankings being released next week. Also look for James to be at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 25th and he is on a mission to show he belongs in conversation with the elite in his class.

Mason Jones

Mason Jones 2021- Young fella made his debut on the scene this past weekend and more than held his own in a pressure environment. Having not played ball this past season on the AAU circuit many have not had the chance to see the combo guard in action. Mason showed he has a nice touch from distance and showed the ability to get to his spots and raise for the mid range jump shot. JrhoopsElite looks forward to monitoring young fella’s progress in the near future, here again appears to be a prospect that has flown a little under the radar and a kid we see as having the potential to play with many of the elite in his class. Mason Jones is a prospect whose stock is definitely on the rise.

Christian Henry

Christian Henry 2021- He is Back, Yes Indeed!!!! After playing a little uninspired and possibly just tired in a long AAU season, Christian has been a man on a mission these past 2 months proving that he is one of the elite pgs in his class. He is masterful sometimes at understanding the game situation and controlling the tempo. Having grown at least 4 inches over the past several months it’s seems his confidence level has grown with it. Christian led his team to several big time victories at the Best of Midwest Fall League in which 63 of the Top 100 rated players in his class were in attendance earning all league honors, young fella stock has skyrocketed and he will definitely along with teammate Willie Bradley Jr, be making the biggest movements up when the updated rankings are released next week.

Charles Winters Jr.

Charles Winters Jr. 2021- This 6 “3 plus developing post player is an intriguing prospect who gets better and better every time he steps on the floor. Young fella has great motor skills and a soft touch around the rim, he is another kid who will be 10x as good in two years and people will be saying he was a sleeper or where did he come from? JrhoopsElite will be closely monitoring young fella progress and he will be making his debut in the updated rankings being released Nov. 18th. Young fella also has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 25th where many of the top prospects in the Midwest will be on hand. All I can say is you better take advantage of young fella right now while he is raw because down the line Charles Jr. could be a big problem.

Jamarion Stubbs

Jamarion Stubbs 2022- here is a prospect who features a lot of talent with the ball in his hands while this class appears to heavy at the pg slot, add another name to the list of players with game. this past week while watching young fella he was getting in lane at will and blowing by defenders as if they were standing still. Another prospect who hails from the Northwest suburb of Elgin is definitely a prospect to keep an eye out for. We look forward to seeing young fella in the near future. With his superb play last weekend young fella earned an invitation to the Top Prospect Showcase in Feb. where many of the elite players will be in attendance. Young fella stock is definitely on the rise and he will definitely make his debut in the class ranking next week


Tyreon Hardin
Tyreon Hardin

Tyreon Hardin 2019– Has been a standout in the summer and fall leagues for Bogan. Coach Goody has him another in the line of guard prospects. Young fella has the vision, court awareness and ability. Look for him to be one of the elite guards in the city in a few years. He is definitely a player in class who will make some noise. Class of 2019 has the most talent of any class in high school. Bogan has brought in a nice group Keyvon Mayers, Jeremiah Washington and Marcus Schaeffer are also included in that loaded bunch. Look for Bogan to be good for a while.

Willie Bradley Jr
Willie Bradley Jr.

Willie Bradley Jr. 2021- Can somebody say buckets, this young fella is a scoring machine he lights it up no matter the opponent or the grade level. Young Willie is scoring at will at the South Suburban fall league and has been torching the net the past few weeks at various camps and open gyms. This kid has a sweet stroke from the outside, his 3pt shot is pretty pure and he has a handle that gets him where ever he wants to go. Willie was a standout last year at the  Best of the Midwest fall league along with Kejuan Clements, Khalil Whitney, Kevin “boopie” Miller, Perry Cowan, LJ, Ideary Mooney, Arhon Ulis, Nick Owens and Norvell Meadows to name a few and he will be back and is one of the  front runners to be the leading scorer this year.

Christian Henry
Christian Henry

Christian Henry- 2021- The savvy point guard is starting to grow into his body, he has a great feel for the game and nice court awareness. He is a team first kid who usually makes the right decision. I look forward to watching young fella play this school year at Vanderpoole for Coach Jones as they will be one of the most talented teams in the city and will be one of the favorites at the Best of the Midwest Grammar School Tournament. November 6-8th.

PJ Edwards
PJ Edwards

PJ Edwards 2020- This big point guard has  been playing well over the past month, He was one of the top players at John Lucas earning a national invite, He followed that up with a good showing at Buckeye Prep and then just received his national invite to future Phenom  150 camp next August after stellar play this past weekend. PJ has been in the Chicagoland Area competing against the best all year. Living in Springfield the people up north do not see him as much. But his mother makes sure he comes up to every event possible and competes against the Midwest best talent. This is the same young fella that carried his team in the state championship game to the win while one of his main players Tyriele Hunt was sick. PJ is always mentioned as one of the states best guards. He plays both ends of the floor and is constantly working on his game. Everyone can see PJ at the Best of the Midwest Nov. 6th – 8th as young fella bringing his team up here to once again prove he is up to the challenge.

Rashawn bos
Rashawn Bost

Rashawn Bost 2022- Talk about a young kid with a handle and vision look no further. This young man plays with a flare and has the poise to handle pressure. Rashawn has learned from watching his older brother Ryan who is one of the top players in the 2019 class. Look for Rashawn to show he too is worthy of being mentioned with the best players in his own class, he can handle, shoot and pass. I look forward to watching more of Rashawn as he and Markwon Adams have caught my eye as two very good play makers in the class of 2022 to keep my eye on this fall as I will be starting to evaluate that class.

Miles Baker
Miles Baker

Miles Baker- 2019- Some kids are good early, some take their time and put in the work and progress. Well Mr. Baker is getting better day by day. While watching Miles at the Team Rose and Whitney Young Fall leagues I have been quite impressed with his progression. It looks like Tyrone Slaughter underclassman has a bright future. Miles shows ability to produce on the floor right now and more importantly he shows the ability to pick up on things and get better, he is an emerging player in the class who 2 years from now will be that much better.


                           TOP FRESHMEN INCOMING CLASSES



SimeonKejuan Clements– One of the most electrifying talents the city has seen in a while coming out of grammar school, Deion Jackson- a student of the game who is a very hard worker, Deandre Vortes– a Speedy guard who attacks the rim, Jordan Myrick another attacking guard who is very difficult to keep from getting to the basket and Joshua Stamps the tallest player in the freshmen class who also has a good upside and can play multiple positions.



Tyeon Neal
Tyeon Neal

St. Mel- Tyeon Neal-rimt 7 Big Fella with a nice touch and potential off the charts, Tyriel Nielson a scoring guard, Jason Mason the long armed versatile do every player(whom I missed seeing last year, shame on me)Kameron Leonard the long arm versatile big/ wing who can also play multiple positions  Tim Irvin Jr. the solid pass first pg who playshard, gives effort and looks to be just what’s needed to keep all this talent happy. Coach Tim not only got talent he got a nice blend and these kids have a chance to be the best class in 4years when it’s all said and done.



Lance Jones
Lance Jones

Evanston- Lance Jones best scorer in class right now range on the shot makes it easier for him to get to the rim, Ryan Bost a warrior guard who does whatever needed,  Jaheim Holden a scoring guard with a handle second to none, Glenn Rubio a big bruiser who has the tools inside right now.




Keyvon Mayers

Bogan- Tyreon Hardin a future all city guard, Jeremiah Washington  a nice pg who picks up on defense and slashes to the basket, Keyvon Mayers- a big body who is getting better day by day, Marcus Shaeffers-  a skilled big wing who will get better by playing against the older kids in practice.





St Viator- Jeremiah Hernandez a big guard/ wing who does a little on everything and still growing, Ryan Verhulst a lights out shooter who stretches the defense and has good size to guard the wing position, Will Riley post player and J.R. Cison the point guard from the north suburbs who will have everyone talking about his game and the St. Viator program in the next couple of years.



Marquise Walker

St. Joseph- Marquise Walker the ball handling and pin point passing ability make him a special talent from day one, Malik Anderson a  knock down shooter who will open up driving lanes and spacing for the post players, Desaun Ratclif a do everything wing, who has lock down capabilities, he is an athlete who will be playing above the rim, E’lisha Basnight a tenacious do everything team player that a coach would love to have on his side.


Others include.

 Kenwood, Bolingbrook, DePaul Prep, Fenwick, Morgan Park to name a few.



Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Over the next week there are several topics that will be included in a series, where players will be put in the spot- lite for a specific skill or talent that they possess on the floor.          

                                                               I SEE YOU COMING !!!!!!!

Raymond Berry
Raymond Berry

Raymond Berry- 202o– This kid is big standing close to 6/5, most people don’t understand it takes bigs a little longer to catch up with guards in learning the game, sometimes their bodies have to catch up. Raymond is a kid with his size has an absolute advantage that I see him excelling better and better each year.

Collin Woods
Collin Woods

Collin Woods- 2020– Is a multi-talented kid who in another  a couple years people will be asking where did he come from ? Collin has a nice skill set, once he realizes and focuses on giving his all and playing with high energy and confidence his game will sky-rocket. I see him being 5x better in a year or two and he is already good, so watch-out. The seeds are being planted right now for the blossoming down the road.

Jakob Medina

 Jakob Medina-2019 – One of the more under heralded players in the class of 2019. This kid has done nothing but get better, Jakob is an absolute gym rat. He is in the gym as much as any kid in his class, spending as much as 10-12 hours a day. If you want a hard worker who wants to get better look no further. I see ya coming young fella. St. Patrick got an excellent kid who people will be asking WHO IS THAT? In the near future.

Marcus Skeete

Marcus Skeete2020- Everyone getting ready!!!! Marcus just recently moved here from the state of Missouri, young fella has fit in quite nicely showing his talents. As Marcus plays more and more against the high caliber talent I believe he will do nothing but get better. He has shown the combination of strength and skill> We look forward to seeing Marcus more as we believe he is one of the better prospects in his class.

DeMarion Cobb

DeMarion Cobb2021– A kid who his ability to do many things on the floor. While at showcase everyone was trying to score and showcase individual skills, # coaches asked me Who is that Kid and what team does he play for? after watching the film again I noticed that DeMarion took advantage of his opportunity to score, while contributing in all other areas of the game. Good job young fell I see ya, Now if you get a little more aggressive I think you will be even more of an impact.

Marquise Walker

Marquise Walker- 2019- Coming off a year in Kentucky and playing High School Basketball, Marquise has returned home and will enroll at St. Joseph High School. Marquise has been known throughout the nation for more than a decade. He makes his debut as Jrhoopselite # 4 prospect in the 2019 class. We look forward to covering Marquise as he looks to prove he is one of the elite players here in his home state. Marquise has displayed he is ready to contribute for the defending State Champs the day the season starts.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972








Jeremiah Oden
Jeremiah Oden
  1. Jeremiah Oden – Mac Irvin Fire is one prospect to keep an eye on. Young fella is a kid who is developing now, but in a few years you will be saying where did he come from? Remember you heard it here. He has an excellent basketball frame with a nice skill set. He is also very young for his class and wants to get better. The upside and ceiling is very high for Jeremiah. He is definitely a prospect Jr.Hoopselite look forward to watching grow. St Rita look out!!!!

    Tevin Smith
    Tevin Smith
  2. Tevin Smith 12U- The kid is multi-talented, he is one of the kids who passes the eye test, then shows his talent on the floor. He will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase June 13th. I look forward to keeping an eye on young fella because he definitely has skills and looks to be one of the elite prospects in his class. We shall see.

    Mac Irvin
    Mac Irvin
  3. Mac Irvin 13U- Won this weekend without two of their key players, Coach Teri Sampson is a coach who believes in teaching and wants to prepare his kids for future endeavors. His results are to be shown down the line and not always with immediate gratification.

    Jonathan Robinson
    Jonathan Robinson
  4. Jonathan Robinson 13U-Memorial Park- is constantly getting better and it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows about him on the circuit. Jonathan was scheduled to be at Top Prospect Showcase, but had a prior engagement that he cannot break. He will definitely be at showcase in the fall.

    Wisconsin Elite
    Wisconsin Elite
  5. Wisconsin Elite 12U- Coming off a strong performance and winning the Milwaukee BATTLE OF THE RINGS, there key players Tyrese Hunter, Jameer Barker, Demarion Cobb, and Kamari Mcgee are all coming down to Top Prospect Showcase to play with areas best before heading to Nationals.

    Team Prodigy
    TEAM Prodigy 13U
  6. TEAM Prodigy 13U- The team proved they are one of area best beating another areas best IMVP in the championship at Toi Baylor this weekend. Coach Mike Powell, Asst. James Shelton and Ms Foster have the kids playing at a high level. They have been in the Championship game in their last four tournaments.



Ricky Moore 773 383-0972






  1. Illinois 12U class is loaded and on any given night or weekend a team can get beat. Kessel Heat beat Gametime by 20 plus but lost to Meanstreets by 20 plus, Train to Ball beat Kessel by 20 plus, then lost to Gametime, Meanstreets lost to Gametime by 20, then lost to This 12U will be interesting to follow as All in Athletics, Outlaws, Aurora Lightning, Hoop Ave and Illinois Truth among others are all talented.

    Blake Peters
  2. Blake Peters 12U- Hoop Avenue is a warrior and ultra-competitor. Young fella plays as hard as anyone and has talent. This young fella is definitely on Jrhoopselite Radar.
    Jack Baldridge
    Jack Baldridge
    Luke Scheffers
    Alijah Nelson


    Elliot Sieger
    Elliot Sieger
    Micah Schnyders


  3. 2020-13U Who is the best shooter? I mean these young men can flat out shoot the ball. Jack Baldridge, Alijah Nelson, Luke Scheffers, Micah Schnyders and Elliot Sieger are all capable of knocking it down from deep. If I need a big 3 in a clutch situation give me either they are all good. Text Me who you would want to shoot the game winning 3 point shot of theses young men. Results may be posted at later date.

    Carlos Johnson
    Carlos Johnson
  4. Carlos Johnson 13U- Mac Irvin Fire- Is an absolute talent. He is 6/4 who can dribble coast to coast in traffic, shoot the 3, post you up,  protect the rim and all without saying a word. Coach Teri Sampson has a kid with a great attitude and a monster game. Could he be the number 1 player in 2020 class rankings? stay tuned

    Markwan Adams
    Markwan Adams
  5. Markwan Adams 12U- Young fella has game., he is only 10 years old and he played up in the 12U age bracket this weekend, What’s so surprising is young fella was not only one of the better players in the toughest age brackets. He played point guard and was the most poised player and understood game situations. Young fella will definitely be invited to top prospect showcase for 2022 class in fall. I’m tempted to give him an invite to Showcase June 13th. I really believe he can hold his own. GREAT JOB YOUNG FELLA!!!!




Ricky Moore 773 383-0972




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