“Doing It The Old School Way”

Sincere Malone

Sincere Malone 2021- Sometimes players develop at different rates, sometimes players catch on or something just clicks, sometimes a players just spends hours in the gym and gets better, sometimes a player just takes it personal and is motivated by the lack of respect given and is motivated to show what he can do. Well whatever the case maybe somebody better take notice Sincere Malone is a prospect who just ooooooozes with potential!!! here is a 6/4 multi-talented guard with a skill set that says young fella will be heard from. A silky smooth long wing combo guard that people need to be aware of, young fella played this year on the freshmen team at Simeon High School one of the premier programs in the country. Don’t let him playing freshmen fool you, if he were at any other program he would definitely played sophomores if not varsity and like I tell people all the time it’s not where you start at, it’s about getting better. I’ve coached several players who played freshmen as freshmen and ended up playing Professional or Division 1 including NBA Robert Covington and Reggie Johnson. Sincere has a lot going for him his frame speaks basketball player, yes he has the physical traits that makes his upside a lot higher than many of his classmates. While they are standing  stagnant or reached their peak young fella appears to be hitting his stride. Jr Hoops Elite feels this is a prospect whose stock is on the rise and a prospect whom people should get to know definitely.


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News and Notes

While the AAU season has gotten off to a great start with tournaments all over the State and Midwest, I mean talent is everywhere. Jr Hoops Elite has been to Romeoville, Milwaukee, Elgin, Hammond, Suak Trail, Chicago, Plainfield, Markham, Berwyn to name a few and players are making their marks and showing great improvement and some new under the radar teams and players will surely be written about along with some of the old primary heavy hitters. We will be discussing several topics this week and having player features on several kids. plus very interesting news with player movement!!!


                                                      Mid March Stock Risers

Marlo Moore

Marlo Moore 2025- Add young fella to the list of elite pgs in the class, yes sirrrrrrr!!!!! here is a fiesty quick guard who plays both ends of the court. He has that off the dribble slithery where he can get in tight spaces with the dribble, he has that first step where he can leave a defender in the wind and yep he can knock the outside jump-shot down with ease off the dribble or catch. I witnessed young fella pick up full court on defense, slice and dice his way past defenders and set his teammates up on offense and I witnessed young fella compete against any and everyone as if he belonged and there was nothing too it. When first looking at young fella one made be fooled by the calm appearance, but “No Way Jose!!!! Young Fella Is a Competitor Supreme!!” look for young fella to be talked about for a long time as Jr Hoops Elite has given him the nick name ” Young Package!!!” Because he has a lot in his bag, Yes Indeed!!! Marlo Moore Is Nice!!!! and no doubt in our mind, this is a kid who will have coaches lined up when the time comes!!!!

Daveon Mann

Daveon Mann 2023- If you didn’t know you better recognize, here is a player who is not talked about or an under the radar prospect who people will definitely get to know. Young Fella is a load in the paint with his active body and high energy. When you combine his length, size, constant movement and hard work you have a player who only a true coach can value how he impacts the game. ” Young Fella Is An Impact Player!! and no doubt about it a kid who will enter the rankings in the next update. Daveon Mann is a kid whose Stock Is On The Rise.

Yarell Greer

Yarell Greer 2023- Here is a kid who has that burst, that extra gear, the athleticism that makes him un-guardable at times. Young Fella has that stuff that can’t be taught, I have yet to see any one person be able to keep him from getting where he wants to go. ” He is tooooo fast toooo strong!!!!” Uwwww some people are in trouble ” Ya-Ya” as known to most plays with a competitive spirit and his relentless aggression when attacking the hoop is second to none in his class. When the updates come out his name will definitely be on the list as a matter of fact we may do an emergency update!!! because young fella was suppose to be on list already. Young Fella is a kid who we have seen and feel his Stock is Definitely Rising.

Bryce Coleman

Bryce Coleman 2023- Young Fella is definitely getting better and work in the lab has not gone un-noticed. Bryce known for being strictly a big a little over a year ago, has transformed his game tremendously. I witnessed young fella wrap a defender in transition, take two dribbles and spin off another defender and finish, then two plays later I witnessed a cross-over dribble at the top of the key and a euro-step around another for a basket (that the ref called a travel and it clearly wasn’t) and then knock down two long range bombs. All I could say was ” young fella been in the gym!!!” yep while other are stagnant and content, young Bryce is determined to get better. Having the size to  post the smaller forwards on the block and now the skills to take the bigger slower forwards outside makes young fella a capable mis-match for teams every night. Young Fella is a player whose Stock Is On The Rise!!!!

Devyn Williams

Devyn Williams 2022- Some players are good early, some take and work their way into it, Devyn Williams is a kid who is steadily getting better day after day and a kid who will surpass many of the kids who were thought about or talked about early.  Young Fella is just that, a young fella, he is ‘”one of the youngest players in his class and will graduate middle school and possibly start high school at 13 yrs of age. The skill set is there as Devyn can shoot it from long range, has a sweet pull-up game and can power his way through smaller defenders. A lot of players have reached their peek, while young fella appears to be hitting his stride. Here is a kid who a high school coach will be smiling once he gets there! He is a great Student, A Great Kid and a player who is Coach-able and puts in the work. Here is a kid whose Stock Is Rising and Rising Fast!!!

We would definitely like too thank everyone for making the Top Prospect Showcase such a successful event. There was so much talent in the building and the parents and kids were all great!!! I mean Great Competition and Great Sportsmanship we will be posting pictures and articles here and Instagram throughout the next 10 days.


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Fresh Faces Who Have Game!!!

Omarion Hatch

Omarion Hatch 2022- This elite athlete pg is a problem for people, he is fast as ever with the ball in his hands, finishes through, on and above contact and can play with aggression yet young fella has a skill set and plays with poise and understanding. Young Fella has the tools and definitely displayed he one of the best guards in the Midwest this past weekend and playing amonst the elite. Look for young fella in the updated rankings for his class released this Sunday rather high. Here is a prospect we believe we will be talking about with college recruiters sooner than later.

Donovan Collins

Donovan Collins 2023- Here is a player who showed he can play with elite players, while playing in an environment with older players and elite players in the class above Donovan took awhile to adjust to his surroundings as the day went on young fella got comfortable finding open teammates getting the ball out his hands quickly avoiding several traps and showed the ability to  knock down long range shots nailing the 3 ball. We believe Donovan will be better for having attended the event and has qualities that speak he understands the game .

Jerl Allen

Jerl Allen 2023- I don’t know what is was but young fella came in on a mission and he displayed any and every imaginable skill in the 7th grade All-star game in route to winning M.V.P. of game. Yes indeed!! Media, Coaches and Parents a like were on hand as young fella banged down low with nifty post moves, brought it up the court in traffic and finished or dished it and then stepped outside to knock down the and this was against other top 10 players in the class. Young Fella clearly established himself as a prospect with a skill set and a prospect with upside. Look-out!!! Jerl Allen is in the conversation!!! Yes Indeed!!!

Tre Dowdell

Tre Dowdell 2024- Here is a combo guard that right now many will have trouble with in his class, young fella is a player who can player whose game can translate to playing with older kids right now. He has an outside shot with great rotation on the ball and if he gets a step on you he has a variety of moves to finish at the basket. Young Fella is also quick and decisive when he makes a move there is no extra dribbling or motion to get where he wants floor. Young Fella has some things in his game that speak he has been in the gym. Jr Hoops Elite will no doubt about it be keeping close eyes on young fella as we feel he is a player who will be mentioned on here quite frequently in the future.


Raleigh Roberson

Raleigh Roberson 2022- I don’t know what it is, but this young fella here intrigues me. Another one of the kids I say ” Prospect Prospect Prospect!!!” This is one of those kids I see such an upside a player who has all the physical attributes where he can be dominant on both sides of the floor. Raleigh again showed all of his talents and skills, A 6ft 1 pg who people will surely be asking ” who is that kid?” when he walks on the floor.

Maurice Thomas

Maurice Thomas 2023- No doubt about it, a player has hit the scene coming out of nowhere. Maurice is a relentless attacking guard who can get to the basket with the elite in his class, new to the scene people will definitely be taking notice as young fella plays with all out heart and effort. Young Fella showed he is capable of scoring around the basket, knock down the jump-shot and defend multiple positions. The versatility of young fella makes him one of the more intriguing prospects in the class.

Tristian Saunders

Tristian Saunders 2025- ” Young with a  baby face< but don’t let that fool ya!! Tristian showed he is a savvy guard who will hurt ya on the court if you not ready, young fella showed the ability to create off the dribble and I witnessed him knock the ball down with a quick release as he had the defender off balance on the left wing. Where I’m from we call that ” Mouth Shot!!!” Yep young fella doesn’t need much room to let it fly. Young Fella played many players a year older and held his own. Look out as Tristian is a kid who will be seeing a lot of over the next few years and the future looks bright.

Isaiah Torres

Isaiah Torres-2023- Yep a Steady Point guard who specializes in running the team, young fella came in and competed against the elite. Isaiah is a kid who we like his upside as he wants to be good and get better. Young Fella is a player we liked over a year ago and we have steadily seen him progress. This is another kid Jr Hoops Elite will be keeping a close eye on.

Donovan Brown

Donovan Brown 2022- Somebody better recognize Donovan has game. Yep he is such a non unassuming player on the court and lets the game come to him, never forcing anything and letting others get theirs, but his skill set is one of high caliber, he can knock it down from deep, he plays with poise and what the average eye doesn’t see is he is so instinctive and creative without effort. Where most players try to set-up a move or make a move they have been practicing with cones or chairs, young fella has that “react juice!!” in his game where if you run up he has instinctive handle and creativity. We feel that Donovan is one of the slept on prospects in the class when its comes to skill level. Young Fella showed glimpses of his talent that keeps us on edge wanting more.

Introducing Top Prospects Class Of 2024

Willie Williams Jr.
Carlos Harris  Jr.
Antoine Glasper
Jehvion Starwood



While this class is fairly new to us we are compiling a list of kids who are nice prospects and that we have seen, we will not do numbers in this class as we will be looking at these and other prospects thru AAU Season concluding in July and will come out with our initial number list for this class then. Here are 60 kids that are very early candidates and have showed promise.  Please remember if you are not on the list it does not mean you may not warrant it, it could be that we have yet to see you. Again the list is designed to promote, motivate and  acknowledge kids. Below are names in no particular order an * by the name means we believe the kid to be in strong early consideration of top 25 when the list of Top 150 comes out. Again others on the list maybe Top 25 even top 10 as we will be out looking at prospects and just because a player has the * does not mean they will enter the list top 25.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Willie Williams Jr.*

Antione Glasper *

Jaeshon Liggett*

Christian Brockett

James Ty

Antoine Thomas Jr. *

Landon Rivers*

Oscar Townes

Rashad Mckinnie Jr.*

Drake Washington *

Justin Coleman

Ricky Clement

Christian Robinson

David Givens

Bryan Walker

Dominick Hobbs

Levi Goad

Phillip Bell

Kenny Smith

Eli Harris

Emerson Davis

Ethan Samuel

Jake Hornok

Dewayne Brooks Jr.

Carlos Harris Jr *

Kyrien Childs *

Tristian Taylor

Charles Gordon

Leon Thornton

Jared Jackson

Tre Dowdell

Tony Hixon

Kevin Iverson*

Chris Taylor

Alonzo Allen

Trevor Moore

Juwaan Toney

Bryant Hendrick Carter*

Sean Brown*

Torrence Hardin

Carl Mcclendon

Rico Jackson*

Glenn Brown

Quetin Demus

Graham Lathan

Dekwon Brown*

Davarus Spann*

Jehvion Starwood*

Mason Minor

Doodie Samuels

Christian Brockett

Lamontrae Crockett *

Mike Robinson

Carlos Lemond

Nicasio Munoz

William Bell

Kenneth Hoover

Charles Clayton

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