Top Prospect Showcase (Aug 19th)Recap 1

I would like to say Thank You to all the participants and parents for this past weekend you all were great and Jr Hoops Elite would also like to give a special thanks to Varsity Coach Matt Monroe & St. Ignatius High School for allowing us to host this annual event. Everyone has had nothing but positive things to say. The games  were great and competitive, the skills challenges were fun and all the kids had a chance to participate, meet new friends and compete in an environment  that was fantastic. I will be posting recaps on website and Instagram for next few days.


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Showcase Champs

Team Syracuse- This group was a team that jelled from the very beginning, when first looking at teams by the naked eye no one in the gym gave this team a chance, yet they rolled on to win the Championship in overtime after going undefeated through-out. The team played as a team, they had spirit, moved the ball well together and didn’t care who scored. 3 of the players on the team came up to me afterwards “this is the best showcase team I’ve been on”  ” we got a sqaud and everybody can shoot!!!” ” make sure if there is another showcase, put us all on the same team so we can go back to back Champions” Yes the team was complete and everyone contributed Ahkeem Crivens 2023, Collin Wainscott 2023, Cameron Pickett 2022, Cordy Johnson 2023, Daronte Peterson 2022, Richard Barron 2023, Christopher Green 2022, Taylor Smith 2023, Devyn Williams 2022, Terrion Langston 2022. This group was nice and a joy to watch.

Terry Elias

Terry Elias 2022- Young Fella is back and ready to reclaim his status as one of the elite in the class, young fella was a force attacking the basket and showed he has been working on his game as he was shooting and knocking down the with confidence. His shot looks effortless and he was at another level in the 1 on 1 competition winning his level with ease. Some are in trouble as young fella appears to be on a mission. He is sure to rise in the updated rankings coming out next week.

Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith 2023- Rising Prospect Alert!!!! Young Fella has potential this long wiry 6/3 forward ran the floor like a deer and finished well around the basket, matching up against several of the top post players in the class 2022 young fella held his own and looked like he belonged, there is no doubt Taylor will enter in the class of 2023 class rankings be put out next week and he will definitely be making his debut rather high. Jr Hoops Elite will be following this youngster rather closely this winter.

Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson 2022- Slick with a handle, quick and athletic, ” Yes Indeed” young fella came to the showcase where no one knew who he was and he came to make a statement, he quickly did  that blowing by his man on consecutive plays like they were standing still the first few minutes of his first game. Young Fella played well the enter event slicing and dicing his way to the basket and finishing at the basket on and over several of the bigs. In the 1 on 1 as well as playoff games young fella showed he good knock down the jump-shot, defend and compete. Here is a kid who left having done exactly what he was suppose too make an impression. Jr Hoops Elite will be carefully keeping a close eye on Alex and he will definitely make his way into the updated rankings being released next Monday.

Mehki Shaw

Mehki Shaw 2022- Yes Indeed!!!!! A savvy floor general who displayed every skill you want in a pg, he showed poise with the ball in his hands delivering several passes that I couldn’t believe he got the ball through the defenders, he showed the long range ball, he hit mid range shoots and whats most impressive is he plays at his own pace and doesn’t let the defense speed him up. Mehki is a pg who knows the game, he understands speed and change of pace. here is another prospect who came in unknown to most and left making an impression. Add young fella name to the list of quality point guards in the Midwest. Young Fella will make his debut in updated rankings being released next week and a prospect we look to be getting out to see more of.


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Missing Several Teams Individual Pictures If you can or want too because you left before taking send one to 773 383-0972 with correct spelling  please.

Again I would like to Thank everyone who participated in event this past weekend, it was fun and exciting for me but I do understand and appreciate all who helped make it a positive event. I will say to this point I have received again nothing but positive responses from parents and kids a like saying how much they enjoyed the event, and boy you that makes me feel good you all just do not know how much stress I was under with the last minute forcing of having to switch gyms this past Wednesday Night at the last minute for unseeable circumstances Shout Out To Collins high School and Coach Steve for bailing me out I’m always grateful and appreciative of your efforts. I have received 52 personal text or emails saying how much they loved the event I only complaint I had all weekend. There was a question of why a team had to play there next game in the hot gym immediately after playing back to back in that same gym and guess what they were right they weren’t on the schedule to play in that gym at that time it was the other Blue team, they sat out and played in the main gym the next couple of games and problem was solved. ” When is Next One” My Son Needed That” He Learned How They Play Hard In The City” Ricky My Kid Needed This” ” I’m Bringing My Sons Friend Next Time” ” Now we can get to the drawing board” ” He Needed To See Whats Out There” ” There are some kids from Central Illinois who got real game Ricky where you find them?!!” ” That Orange Team Need To Be An AAU Team By Themselves” are just some of the quotes I received Sunday. There will be updates and player synopsis on website and Instagram over the next few days. If anyone has any questions or comments you can always call or text.


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Final 4 Game

Great Atmosphere, Standing Room Only In Final 4 game at Young Player Showcase!!!!

Julian Coates

Julian Coates 2026-  Can you say tough as nails? Can you say ultra competitor? Can you say will to win and compete? ” Young Fella Has Heart In That Chest” here he was one of the younger players in the class and playing on one of the more polished and complete showcase teams with older players, yet he found a way to be a vital component of the Championship Team  hitting several big shots along the way, including the go ahead lay-up in which he did his Incredible Hulk strong man pose and roar and he also went on to win in the individual competitions. You can tell young fella has been playing up with older kids by his poise and disposition, here is a kid from Peoria whom Jr Hoops Elite  will be talking about for years to come.



JD 2025- Here is a kid who showed high skill level as he set his teammates up rather well, has a 3 pt shot that ranked right up there with the best of them at the showcase and young fella finishes well in traffic with either hand equally as effective. JD had several plays at the showcase that showed he is definitely one of the better players in his class and a prospect who Jr Hoops Elite will be making it our business to keep up with.

Kaden Johnson

Kaden Johnson 2026- Yes Indeed!!! here is a player who is non stop all over the court, he has speed with the ball in his hands that other defenders his size had trouble keeping up with, he showed the ability to get past his defenders and finish with the floater and he knocked down a few shots, It will be very interesting to see Kaden as time progresses because young fella has game and spirit and when you mix the two it spells trouble for opponents.



Kristian Flowers 2025- Kristian played with energy he was a player who was running all over the floor, he gave you a little of everything, he rebounded , he hit a few shots and he played within the team. He is a kid who appears to have a good upside as his frame and athletic ability are noticed right away. He played on a team where touches were limited and still found a way to be effective, here is a kid who I believe will benefit greatly from the experience of seeing the speed and aggressiveness of other players. Kristian is a player Jr Hoops Elite will carefully be keeping an eye on.


Ky Cornish                                                                                                                         

Ky Cornish 2026- Young Fella was solid, one of the younger players at the showcase Ky seemed to play at an easy going pace, he was a kid who did a lot of the small things on the court and a player who we feel now understands better how to play in this environment. young Fella showed that he can shoot the ball as his form looked really good in the 3pt contest.

Cedrick Terrell III

Cedrick Terrell III- 2026- Here is a young shifty point guard who gets where he wants on the court with the ball, he has good speed and a quality handle, his vision appears to be above average for his age as he can find his open teammates. I witnessed young fella split defenses left and right, I witnessed young fella finish in traffic, the talent is there, now if he can get a little stronger with the ball and take the bumps in traffic players will be in trouble. Cedrick is a young guard who we see getting better and better as he plays the tougher competition and a player who is on Jr Hoops Elite radar.

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