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Over the past two weekends JrHoopsElite has seen many prospects in tournaments and we hosted our Annual Twice A Year ” Top Prospect Showcase” and boy was it fun, we saw a lot of talent from the Young Player Showcase- Fabulous Fresh/ Super Sophs, We would like to Thank everyone involved.

Standouts in  2021- 2022. 

Ahmad Bynum- Young Fella was terrific, as he showed his offensive package, scoring from every level and make it look easy at times going on offensive flurries where he scored 5,6,7 buckets in a row a few times. Had The crowd on their feet. When Young Fella Plays ” He Is A Show Stopper No Doubt About It!!”

Jaylin Gibson- The Big Pg, came in and showed he has worked on his long range shot knocking them down from N.B.A. range with ease and yes he still showed his ability to get past his defender at will. Young Fella is one of the elite in the class no doubt.

Darryl Reed – If there is anybody, who came in and turned heads and many people were unaware of it was this young fella, young fella earned the nickname ” Embid!!” as he showed footwork, ran the floor like a dear, scored in traffic and protected the rim. Young Fella will definitely make his debut in our Top 20 released in a couple of weeks.

Wesley Woods-  showed the ability gets where he wanted with the ball in his hands of the dribble he is ” cat quick”, He has the right frame and athleticism to lock up on defense as he showed in the 3 on 3 and also shows the ability to finish in traffic with his athleticism, we didnt get a chance to see much of his jumpshot, but if he gets that down watch-out, young fella will be updated rankings.

Norvell Meadows- He had a burrage where he went for 20 points in 8 minutes, he and BlackCat went at each other, with Norvell Meadows team coming out the winner, Young Fella is one of Top scorers in the class no doubt about it. “He Has A Different Will”

Phillip Cunningham- The ultra aggressive athletic guard came in and served notice he can play with anyone no doubt. Young Fella slashed his way to basket at will and was unarguable at times, he is a kid who likes contact and can finish at the rim against size and he has the ability to lock up his opponent. Came in and made a name!!!

Donovan Byrd- Talk about impact player, this pg is very effective at leaving his mark on the game, a savvy pg who dispite his size, attacks the rim and stays in paint creating opportunities for his teammates.

Leonte Lilly- Young Fella showed off the dribble he is unarguable, he is electric one on one or in the open court and has every kind of ” Kyrie Irving” finish at the rim.

Jalen Houston- Yes Indeed! young fella showed the game that earned him the showcase name ” Unfinished Business!! a couple of years ago. In the Championship game with his team down 8 with less than two minutes left, young fella took over nailing a couple of 3’s, a steal at half court for a layup and another basket to win the Championship Game. He’s Back!!! and ready to explode this upcoming season as he has “Unfinished Business!!!”

Lashun Glover- The Kid has talent, he showed the ability to get where he wanted on the floor and scored at all 3 levels, people ask is he a pg or a sg. I say young fella is a basketball player who competes and gets it done no matter. Yes Sirr!!.

James Hayes- Young Fella was dominant, If I didnt have 20 people asking me ” Who Is That?” They gave him nick names like ” Donovan Mitchell” and he is a kid whose stock rose as much as anyone and a player who is surely to be recognized by people everywhere very soon. Young Fella is a Player and will definitely be making his way into top 25 in update.

Enari Thomas- An attacking guard, who plays both ends of the floor and capable of making the winning play on either end of the floor and does it with equal pride. Young Fella tough as nails and a competitor supreme.

Sean Burress- A smooth pg, who showed his game is improving at all levels, young fella can hold his own with anyone and now plays with a swagger that he knows it. Some players are steadily getting better and people are noticing Sean Burress Is One Of Them!!!

Jaylin Dunlap- Young Fella Showed several good moves, if he ever gets that hunger to show game on every play, people will see a whole different player. Young Fella has real game and is smooth a little to smooth. make no mistake about it the talent is there.

Kevin Gentry- Young Fella showed his skill level is there, once his body strength catches up some people will be saying ” where he come from?” yep another guard in the class who has game.

Ricky Moore






 ” As Tough As They Come!!!”

Carson Brownfield 2024- No doubt about it young fella is a problem for opposing teams, talk about a force attacking the basket, talk a bout a relentless glass eater, talk about you want someone with a nose for the ball,”look no further, young fella is relentless!!!!” After watching young fella for just a short time you can see he wants it and is fearless. I personally watched young fella out rebound kids 5-6 inches taller, then slice and dice his way around smaller defenders and finish in traffic over bigger players for a bucket. playing a league against kids a grade older young fella is definitely holding his own. Right now it looks like Carson is a kid who played down low early as a kid, but someone who can transition to the perimeter down the road. Young Fella is a match up nightmare at his grade level right now for  as he is too quick for the slower bigs and too strong for the smaller wings. In  short sample size young fella has shown a quick burst to the rim and a tenaciousness to rebound at a high rate. There is no doubt about it young fella will be in the updated 2024 class rankings being released Sept. 1 and a prospect who we are sure to keep close tabs on.  

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


“Game Recognize Game”

Lamont Hamilton 2026

Lamont Hamilton 2026- Yes Indeed!!!! make no mistake about it, we have one of those young prospects who we figure to be talking about for years to come. The attacking pg who is virtually unstoppable at getting where he wants on the court Lamont Hamilton AKA ” Doodie” is a problem for opposing teams, We watched young fella shred teams last weekend in route to leading his team to the Jr Hoops Elite Nationals as he was M.V.P. of the 10U division. Young Fella showed every skill imaginable, he knocked the outside shot down a few times, he was slicing and dicing his way to the basket and spoon feeding his teammates, he showing the ability to lead, his vision and awareness was off the charts for his age as he was making length of the floor passes that kids 3 years his superior have a hard time making or even seeing for that matter and ” Nooooooobody Could Stay In Front Of Him Of The Dribble” Beware Racine Wisconsin Got “One Of Them Dudes”. Our class 2026 rankings do not come out until next year and as we see it right now young fella is right up there with the elite in the Midwest in his class no doubt about it. Young Fella plays with a swagger and a very competitive edge we look forward too monitoring ” Doodie for years to come, we also look forward to seeing young fella at the Young Player Showcase Aug 11th. where many of the talented players in the Midwest will be in attendance, I know young fella licking his chops right now.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


 All Inclusive Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin Class Of 2024 Top 60 Rankings

This is the initial 2024 Class Rankings There are many kids who deserve to be on this list but I haven’t seen them lately or haven’t seen them thus far, there are also several prospects who could be a little higher on the list or a little lower but this is an early stage for the class. Jrhoopselite will be in constant contact this Spring and Summer. The list is designed for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and I will not include on the list until I have actually seen them play. I will be out at various tournaments through out the summer. Again I want kids to understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you in person. Feel Free to contact me.

10 names and several pictures will be added in various spots Fri- Monday as I want to ensure name is spelled right and I have the right kid,so keep checking back and again there will be updates every few months, keep working and progressing. Again Remember I do not put a kid on the list until I have seen them play. 


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Nazir Beamon
Tayshawn Bridges



Willie Williams Jr.
Carlos Harris  Jr.
Antoine Glasper
Jehvion Starwood
  1. Tayshawn Bridges
  2. Nazir Beamon
  3. Matthew King
  4. Carlos Harris Jr
  5. Adrian Jones
  6. Sean Brown
  7. Antione Glasper
  8. Nazir Duncan
  9. R.J. Mckinney
  10. Willie Williams Jr.
  11. Kevin Iverson
  12. Mike Jones
  13. Lamonte Cross
  14. Askia Bullie
  15. Gianni Cobb
  16. Jashon Liggett
  17. Dorien Beatty
  18. Kyrien Childs
  19. Jalen Falcon
  20. Jehvion Starwood
  21. Mason Minor
  22. Dekwon Brown
  23. James Ty
  24. Tyshun Moore
  25. Quentin Demus
  26. Drake Washington
  27. Antione Thomas Jr.
  28. Landon Rivers
  29. Christian Brockett
  30. Dewayne Brooks jr.
  31. Tre Dowdell
  32. Robert Motley
  33. James Carr
  34. Fred Garner
  35. Tristian Ford
  36. Kenneth Hoover
  37. Bryant Hendrick Carter
  38. Rico Jackson
  39. James Wilson
  40. Doodie Samuels
  41. Emerson Davis
  42. Parker Sulaver
  43. Justin Brown
  44. Jaylen Carswell
  45. Levi Goad
  46. Wentrell Holland
  47. Garrett Smith
  48. Dennis Watson
  49. Mark Bell
  50. Khalil Washington

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Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



DJ Moss 2023

DJ Moss 2023- Here we go again, another prospect who is taking his game to a new level and adding to his repertoire, young fella has always been a player who could dominate a game, when he was young he was physically just too much for others to handle and used that too his advantage, fast forward a year later and we have a player who can dominate inside and now has showed he can attack off the dribble and score creating his own baskets or he can knock it down from deep. Last weekend at the Jr Hoops Elite Nationals young fella showed he has been working on his game and not relying on reputation or strength, he stepped outside to knock down the long range 3 on the regular and knocked down at least 3 in the Championship game in route to being named game MVP. Young Fella can be a handful for anyone to stop because he is relentless at getting to the basket and scoring on or over opponents, now the perimeter is coming along ” Watch Out” Look For DJ in the updated Jr Hoops Elite 2023  rankings coming out for his class 7/17. as young fella is ready to make his claim among the elite, we also expect to see young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Aug 18th. where many of the Top Players in His Class will be in attendance.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

” Sneaky Good”

Leirre Collier 2023

Leirre Collier 2023- Nice move to the cup, long range bomb, two dribbles to the left pull-up ” wait wait wait!! who is this?” then as you pay close attention you see that young fella can play. His name is Leirre Collier and he has a smoothness too his game, not a lot of talking, not a lot of show boating, just straight to the point a skillful wing who showed all the signs of a prospect you will get to know. What also impressed us was  young fella competed hard on the floor and showed great character and respectfulness when a few calls didn’t go his way he seems very coachable. Playing for one of the up and coming talent heavy programs in Illinois the Illinois Blaze, young fella is a player who many will be talking about soon as he has a very nice offensive package. We look forward to catching Leirre an awful lot and monitoring his progress, here is a kid who will definitely make his way into our updated class ranking coming out 7/17 as there will be a lot of movement.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Midwest United All Stars



Illinois Ice 11U


Butler Elite 11U

What Difference A Year Makes!!

Sean Burress

2021- Sean Burress- Sometimes it takes awhile to understand, Sometimes its takes maturity in the body and sometimes it just takes a change in attitude, well it looks like young fella is starting to put things together and has the attitude of ” I’m Just As Good!!!” In watching young fella this past week, there is no doubt in my mind young fella has a change in attitude. It use to be where young fella would lay back and fit in, sometimes looking a bit overwhelmed and giving a little to much respect for the opponents, No Sirrrrrrrrr!! Not Anymore, young fella is showing all the tools he possesses, he has gotten bigger and stronger and showed the ability to take his man off the dribble and finish at the rim, where before he would go in probing and basically looking to pass after taking a few dribbles in the paint. while others have had a stand still, Sean has blossomed and surpassed many of his classmates. Young Fella is definitely on the rise.

Dreqaun Williams

Dreqaun Williams 2021- If Somebody tell young fella he is not the best pg in the class a fight may occur immediately, I do not know a more fearless competitor who continues to rip apart the more celebrated guards in his class, I have witnessed young fella on a few occasions but his lesser talented team on his back and destroy 1,2 and even 3 defenders at a time. I personally watched young fella put on a show in Milwaukee at AAU event and playing shoe sponsored teams, he has come back and picked right up during the spring season with his school. If you need a poised under controlled, scoring pg who has the heart of a lion. look no further another kid whose stock is rising.



Jeffery Brazziel

Jeffery Brazziel 2022- Well here we go again a ” Prospect Alert!!!,” Here is one of those kids that speaks upside and next level potential as soon as you seen him walk on the court. It didn’t take me long to notice this 6″2 combo guard who has a silky smooth game, he can knock it down from deep with an effortless release, he can finish at the basket with his length, he can use his size to see the floor and pass over smaller guards and he uses his length well on the defensive end. When we look at players we see a lot of kids who can play at this level and dominate but that the things they do may not translate, well Jeffery is one of the kids we see doing well on the next level and his talents we see translating pretty well. Young Fella definitely fits the bill of Prospect!! Young Fella will make his debut in the all inclusive Jr Hoops Elite Updated All Inclusive Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin rankings being released all this week class by class. No doubt about it some people will be sliding down as young fella debut will be pretty high. We also hope to see young fella in the Fabulous Freshmen and Super Sophomore Showcase Aug. 11th  as many of the Top Players In the Midwest will be in attendance.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Nazir Beamon

Nazir Beamon 2024- ” Domination!!! was what I saw when looking at young fella this past weekend. It will be hard for someone to stop him in that 2024 class, young fella is what we call  ” A Dog!!!!” Yes, the first move he made was through 3 defenders, and I said ” it’s going to be a long night for the opposing team” because Naz as known by many was just too strong off the dribble for the opposing teams, then it’s was like young fella was trying to prove a point, as he nailed a 23, 25 and 27 ft 3 pt jump shot from the left wing, like don’t think I can’t do this too, then he set up his teammate with back to back assist. You could tell after young fella erupted for 15 early points he could do whatever he wanted on the court. The 2024 All Inclusive Rankings Come Out later this week and It will be very interesting. Jr Hoops Elite looks forward to covering Naz for years to come, he is another one of the long list of high talent prospects from the Silver Springs Community a hotbed for talent. We also look forward too seeing Naz display his talents at the Top Prospect Showcase Aug. 18th. where many of the Top Players in the Midwest will be in the Building competing and displaying their talents.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Solomon Mosley

Solomon Mosley 2023- Soft Hands, Wide Body, Good footwork and Imposing are just some of the adjectives to describe young fella, Solomon is a kid who can impact the game in a variety of ways. I’ve witness young fella score on the smaller opponents several times in a row and I’ve watched young fella close the whole lane in paint on defense where a team couldnt score a basket. Yes Solomon is a player who we see getting better and better the more touches and the older he gets. Here is another prospect who will make his debut in the class rankings when they are released for his class later this week and a player we look forward to watching over the next few years as we believe the more he plays against the tough competition the better he will be.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Tye Banks

Tye Banks 2022- Here is a kid who has transformed possibly more than any kid in middle school over the past 16 months, Tye was  5’7 post player who showed a nice touch and was a little slow a foot, ” WoW!!!” Young fella got in the gym, put in work on his body and has transformed to a wing guard who can create off the dribble, finish in traffic and create his own shot. When I say young fella has made a jump, that would be an understatement. Tye is a walking 20 point scorer and does it in a variety of ways, The once shy non assuming, shy, respecting his opponents game too much because of the bigger name or bigger city is out the window, Young fella is out here serving notice that he needs to be mentioned with the elites and people need to be asking Who he is where he from?” The updated Jr. Hoops Elite 2022 class rankings drop in the next few days and look for young fella to rise once again.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Parker Sulaver

Parker Sulaver 2024- Here is a kid who Jr Hoops Elite figures to be talking about over the next few years as Parker is a versatile player on the court an capable of being a match-up problem for opposing teams as his size allows him to hit the glass and finish at the rim over players and the slower bigs seemed to have trouble covering his on the perimeter as  he showed a nice touch from 15-20 feet. Parker figures to be a prospect to keep a close eye on as he looks like he is still growing in height and in game, we believe the more young fella plays against high level competition the better he will get. Look for Young Fella to Make his Initial Debut On Our Updated list this coming weeks and look for young fella to be move up as time goes on.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Jr. Hoops Elite Class of 2022 All Inclusive

  Illinois, NWI and Southern Wisconsin  Rankings

This list is for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids and provide exposure, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and will not include on the list until I have actually seen  them play. I will be out at various tournaments through out the summer. Again I want kids too understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you in person. Feel free to contact me about events or if you have any questions.

10 Names and emergency update on this class will happen @ 10pm a few people will move up a few slots.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Andre Casey Jr.
Amari Bailey
Amari Bailey
Jaylen Drane
Kyle Thomas
Leonte “le-le” Lilly
Jaylen Washington
DeVonte Cobb
Jared Badie
Jayden Dean
Trey Pettigrew
Jefferey Brazziel
Brylan Phillips 


  1. Amari Bailey/
  2. Andre Casey Jr./Jaylen Drane
  3. Jaylen Washington
  4. Kyle Thomas
  5. De’ Vonte Cobbs
  6. Trey Pettigrew
  7. Jeffery Brazziel
  8. Jalon Bullock
  9. Kameron Kraft
  10. Kaden Cobb
  11. Omarion Hatch
  12. Brylan Phillips
  13. Nick Harrell
  14. Aviyon Morris
  15. Jayden Dean
  16. Raleigh Roberson
  17. Donovan Jones
  18. Christopher Green/ Leonte Lilly
  19. Marshawn Sayles
  20. Christian Jones
  21. Steven Clay
  22. Xavier Ramos
  23. Mikell/ Miqkwon Jones
  24. Tye Banks
  25. DJ Star/Demetrius Dortch
  26. Curtis Smothers
  27. Jared Badie/ Tyler Faucet
  28. Terry Elias/ Phillip Cunningham
  29. Lamont Williams
  30. Vernon Henry
  31. Keon Richardson
  32. Daronte Peterson
  33. Christian Meeks
  34. Kanye Smith
  35. Tony Webb
  36. Marcellous Cohen
  37. Mikey Brown/ Mysean Vaughn
  38. Kevin Dela Paz
  39. Yusif Oliff
  40. Patrick Robinson
  41. Kamari Weatherspoon
  42. Jeremy Alderson
  43. Jaylen Brown
  44. Dentrell Jackson
  45. Toby Onyeknowu
  46. Eian Pugh
  47. Denim Juette/ Bryant Handley
  48. Shallah Davis
  49. Brennan White
  50. Connor Sukel
  51. Ahmad Henderson
  52. Mehki Shaw
  53. Markwan Adams
  54. Lavar Lindsey
  55. Tyler Morris
  56. Gabe Madej
  57. NAKA
  58. Brandon Jones
  59. Johnny Griffin
  60. Gavin Johnson Jr.
  61. Kennon Cook
  62. Tyqaun Butler
  63. De Andrew Powell
  64. Max Garcia/ Julian Acosta
  65. Kennan Abnar Jr./ Kaden Stork
  66. Martez Jackson
  67. Drew Cwik
  68. Trevon Thomas/ Terrion Langston
  69. Demontre Young
  70. Javon Johnson
  71. Jamauri Winfrey/ Erick Locke Jr
  72. Tyler Burrows
  73. Max Wilhemsen
  74. Deandre Berry
  75. Keshawn Smith/ Lerone Allen
  76. Donovan Byrd
  77. Kenyon Weekley
  78. Ryan Duncan
  79. Jaybari Moore
  80. Jaydin Dunlap
  81. Miles Casey
  82. Keynan Davis
  83. Mark Smith/ Kewon Harris
  84. Justin Mullins
  85. Alonzo Powe
  86. Byron Hobbs
  87. Deontrae Warren
  88. Lashaun Danzler
  89. DaMahrion Murrell/Aidan Mahan
  90. Iazerick Yates
  91. Devyn Williams
  92. Armoni Flowers
  93. Dajour Stephens/ Eugene Brown
  94. Lazarion Tyler
  95.  Stephen Hill
  96. Ashton Hutchinson
  97. Donovan Brown
  98. Levontrae Ford
  99. Alex Jackson
  100. Ralph Gordon
  101. Caleeb Spencer
  102. Donovan Eatman
  103. Ahmarion Hill
  104. Travis Grayson
  105. Devonta Freeman
  106. Solomon Earner
  107. Creshaun Hill
  108. Freddie Golden
  109. Calvin Nwosu
  110. Cale Steinbach
  111. Jshaan Richards
  112. Amari White
  113. David Geiser
  114. Devough McCullogh
  115. Nathan Moore
  116. Rashawn Bost
  117. Max Reese
  118. Alex Gutierrez
  119. Chi Chi Johnson
  120. Brian Akinyele
  121. Rommell Franklin Jr
  122. Erick Lynch
  123. Tyson Amoo- Mensah
  124. Gabriel James-Rivera
  125. Jamereon Dale
  126. Chrys Smyros
  127. Timaris Brown
  128. Addison Petrulis
  129. Christian Lorenzo
  130. Max Murray
  131. TJ Stevenson
  132. Amarion Fields
  133. Addion Petrulis
  134. Jabryn Anderson
  135. Orlando Thomas
  136. Joshua Kirksey
  137. Nico Brown
  138. Ashton Norful
  139. Javin Miles
  140. Jack Trent
  141. Jamarion Stubbs
  142. Terrance Patton
  143. Joseph Borishade
  144. Kevin Cobb
  145. Cameron Pickett
  146. Alphoso Betts
  147. Julian Villegas
  148. Mickey Schumacher
  149. Terez Richmond
  150. AJ Redd
  151. DiAngelo Strong
  152. Cahlil Morgan
  153. Drew Meyers
  154. Tyqaun Carson
  155. Phaybian Julius
  156. Tyler Westberg
  157. Austin Franklin
  158. Eric Washington
  159. Terrance Jones III
  160. Enyinnaya Nwagwu
  161. Calvin Smith
  162. Malik Morgan
  163. Demani Bass
  164. Nick Vuckovic
  165. Mark Feguson
  166. Jamal Keyes
  167. Parish Walker
  168. Ray Coffee
  169. Tyler Gumbus
  170. Daniel Hong
  171. Julien Chandler
  172. Valentino Hill
  173. Alex Fortson
  174. Mikey Asamoah
  175. Julius Brown
  176. Khalil Hall
  177. Timothy Bell
  178. Elijah Tiggs
  179. Laterrian Payton
  180. Jason Smith
  181. Kirk Lovett
  182. Wally Zminsky
  183. Eric Patton
  184. Cori Baker
  185. Marckus Pillows
  186. Rodney Pearson
  187. Mark Northside
  188. Jose Martinez Jr.
  189. Tristian Parker
  190. Lawrence Williams
  191. Hector Garcia
  192. Lonell Perry
  193. Talee Pugh
  194. Lonnie Smith
  195. Kevin Wilson
  196. Larry Moore
  197. Curt Morris
  198. Frank Wilson
  199. Jason Walser
  200. Alex Calswell
  201. Kelvin Smorher
  202. Josh English

“May Be Young, But Game Is Game!!!”


Ewell Clinton Jr. 2025

Ewell Clinton Jr. 2025- . If you want to talk about one of the more dominating players in their class look no further, young fella is a “BEAST!!!” this weekend I watched as young fella destroyed opposing teams, I mean it was clear he was on another level. Yes he is physically imposing for his grade level, yet that does not speak to his game, young fella ” has some tools!!! I watched as young fella used elite footwork in the post spinning off opponents with reverse lay-ups and up and unders, then I watched him slice his way through defenders off the dribble in traffic and make a between two defenders bounce pass that high schools kids have a hard time doing and to cap it off young fella knocked down long range bombs in a row, he showed a DeMarcus Cousins, Lebron James & Draymond Green in his game. Then I witnessed young fella put up 30 and seemed like every rebound that came off the board ” Wait, Wait, Wait!!! he can’t be in 5th grade is what I said. While I’ve seen many kids early and I’ve seen a lot of talent, it’s hard to imagine too many kids with the talent, size, ability that young fella has  and what impresses me even more is the understanding of the game. Sometime we look at a kid and say he is big or stronger, well Ewell is that with a skill set to match “Game Recognize Game” and young fella has it. Jr Hoops Elite will introduce our All Inclusive Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin Top 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025 starting June 1st and it will be hard to see many being ahead of Ewell when it’s released. We look forward to covering this prospect for years to come as we feel he has a bright future, we also expect young fella in attendance August 11th @ Top Prospect Showcase where many of the Elite Prospects in the Midwest will be in the building to showcase their talents.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Mike Jones Jr. 2024

Mike Jones Jr.- 2024-  Uh Oh we have a Prospect Alert!!!!  Yes sirr!! here is one of those late kids that people will be talking about, a kid who I saw several months ago and said “Hmm, He Has A Nice Frame!!!. Well now young fella has turned into one of the more promising prospects in the class. Young Fella is 6″2, long, wiry, coordinated and active which spells trouble for opposing teams. Young Fella is the kid who has grown by leaps and bounds, yet he is a kid who I watched listen to his coach, clap for his teammates and show the willingness to listen and except his coaches talking to him. “Whatever Mike Jones Jr is Doing, Keep Him Doing It”  Yes he made post moves, scored around the rim and protected the paint, but I could not believe how good his natural instincts were. Here is a kid that speaks ” Prospect!!! and a kid who we figure to be talking about a lot over the next few years. You better get him now while he is developing because in a few years he will have chance to be a nightmare for opponents  Jr Hoops Elite will introduce our All Inclusive Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin Top 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025 starting June 1st check back as Mike Jones Jr. figures to be pretty high on our board. We also look forward to Mike competing against the elite in the class at the Top Prospect Showcase Aug. 18th.

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Elijah Griffin 2025

Elijah Griffin 2025- We have another one, yes in a class that appears to be deep at the point guard position early add a name that will go right up there with the elite in the Midwest thus far. Here is one of 10 pgs I would trust with the ball in his hands and game on the line 2024 or 2025 class. Here is one of the kids I say “I want him on my team” Yes Indeed make no mistake about Elijah plays with a poise beyond his years and he sees the entire floor and has the ability to make others better. Here is another kid who uses the change of speeds and seemingly has the defense off balance at all times. I witnessed young fella get in the lane at will against more athletic and bigger players, yet he always made the right read whether it was shot or pass and he did what only a true pg would understand, ” He Played At His Pace, He Never Let The Faster Or More Athletic Speed Him Up” He did again what only true pgs understand ” He Looked Past His Defender And Was Comfortable With The Dribble At All Times!!” One thing I can say is I expect too see big things from young fella in the future. as his outside shot develops people will be in big trouble. Jr Hoops Elite will introduce our All Inclusive Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin Top 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025 starting June 1st and here is another kid who looks to be pretty high on the charts. We look forward to covering this prospect for years to come as we feel he has a bright future, we also hope to see young fella in attendance August 11th @ Top Prospect Showcase where many of  Elite Prospects in the Midwest will be in the building to showcase their talents.

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David Bolden 2025

David Bolden 2025- Smooth, Poised, I.Q., Leader, Coach on The floor Yes Sirrr!!!, Yes Sirr!!!! I got me one, young fella is that and some. I have found what i’m looking for. Here you have a kid who demonstrates and understanding of the game that kids 3 years his superior are having a hard-time understanding. David is one of those 10pgs class of 2024 or 2025 that I trust with the ball in his hands and game on the line. I watched young fella orchestrate an offensive, understanding the mis-matches, getting the ball where it needed to be, then get other teammates touches when needed, understanding when to push, when to slow down and when to get his own offense going(as it appeared he could have done at anytime) yet he kept everyone happy and sacrificed for the betterment of the team. Yep on a true pg would understand ” Young Fella Was The Orchestrater Of Everything On The Court!!” In terms of skill at the pg position here is another kid who in the 2025 class is right up there with Elite in The Midwest. Young Fella has the ball on a string where he gets wherever he wants on the floor and he understands how to shield his defender while looking for teammates “a la Chris Paul” Jr Hoops Elite will introduce our All Inclusive Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin Top 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025 starting June 1st and here is another kid who looks to be pretty high on the charts. We look forward to covering this prospect for years to come as we feel he has a bright future, we also hope to see young fella in attendance August 11th @ Top Prospect Showcase where many of  Elite Prospects in the Midwest will be in the building to showcase their talents.

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Promising Prospect # 33 ” Skilled up!!!! “

While others were getting all the headlines, there is a young fella who has been working on his game. Yes Sirrrr!!! Jalen Washington (AKA) ” Skilled Up!!”  has went from being a big, long, lanky kid who you would say ” he look like he gonna be good”, to one of the most promising prospects coming out of middle school. Talk about making a gigantic leap, look no further to see what confidence and hard work can do, there is no doubt about it young fella has gotten  ” Skilled Up!!”. Here is a kid who entered our rankings over a year ago in the mid 30’s, he looked at opponents saw what was needed and has competed, worked and progressed his way up our list.  I witness young fella on several weekends in a row show his outside perimeter shot knocking down 3-4 long range shots per game, then again at Midwest Mania a couple of weekends ago I witnessed in succession a jab step pull-up, followed by a two dribble spin-off reverse pivot move where he put the big in the basket with ease, then two possessions later he drilled the 3 from the baseline and followed it up with a back-down strong move through his defender that solidified me saying ” He right up there!!!” Young Fella was out there looking like a “Baby K.D” out there no defense could stop his good offense Standing 6/6 plus young fella is a serious problem. As of now there is not any prospect in the class that I would say I’d clearly take over Jalen. This kid has shown he has as much promise and potential as anyone. Yes there are others who had the early attention, but young fella has caught and on the verge of passing many of his classmates. If there was a draft he would be in consideration by many as a top pick canidate Currently a Top 5 prospect on the 2022 class rankings. Look for young fella to move up even further in the updated rankings coming out June 1st. To be such a talented kid on the court, I’ve yet to see Jalen taunt  or glow after destroying his opponent, he just quietly goes about his business Ala Tim Duncan Like, young fella appears to be a good kid that’s very coach-able which also speaks well to his upside and potential, as I’ve seen him take instruction and show a willingness to be coached. Jr. Hoops Elite believes Jalen Washington has a very bright future, a kid barring injury is D 1, no doubt in our mind and we would like to acknowledge him as our Promising Prospect ” Skilled Up!!!” 


Matthew King

Matthew King- 2024!!! Yes sirrr !! Make no mistake about in here is a kid who you will definitely being hearing a lot from over the next few years, Include him in the bunch where you mention the top kids in his class, talk about a torch young fella shoots it from the N.B.A line with ease and is capable of going on scoring runs of 15 or better in 3 or 4 minute spans. There is no doubt about it when the new class rankings come out(Sept 1) you will see Matthew name up there rather high, it’s so easy in his class that young fella plays up with the 14U and more than holds his own. Look for Matthew to display his talents at the next Top Prospect Showcase. All i’m going to say is “remember the name cause shorty has game!!!

Jordan Woods

Jordan Woods 2023- Here is a savvy pg who runs his team and makes things happen, Young fella can break his defender down and spoon feed his teammates for easy buckets or he can slice and dice his way past opponents and either finish at the rim or hit the lil floater. Yes Sirrr!!! here is a pg who does the things I like, he is capable of taking over games either way and is fearless. Jordan is the leader and head of one of the up and coming programs D- Elite 14U despite being in 7th grade he has lead his group to several big wins  at the older level. No doubt about it young fella will be in the updated 2023 rankings and Jordan is looking forward to the next Top Prospect Showcase event to show he can compete with the elite in his class.

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News and Notes

This past weekend at Midwest Mania we saw thriller after thriller with 6 last second shots for wins, the competition was off the chain, in the 16U the championship game went back and forth and ended on a last second shot as Young Ballers beat Stampede, in 14U the playoffs were super exciting as elite 8 contest between Fire and Hoops Ave- Meo went 4 overtimes before Fire escaped with a win, Meanstreets and Illinois Speed elite 8 contest also was a good one as the teams were close throughout and Meanstreets held on to win by two. In the Final Match-ups Mac Irvin Fire beat Meanstreets on a last second shot to advance to Championship while Paradise and Hoops Ave-MCray battled for awhile before Paradise pulled away with the win. In the Championship ball movement and nice perimeter shooting proved to be to much as Paradise beat Mac Irvin Fire. In the 13U division Wolfpack and AGB Select went at it, AGB using its size, ball movement and long range shooting and Wolfpack using its speed and quickness, the two battled and Wolfpack came away with a 3 pt win. You can ad those two names in hat when talking about the top 13U teams in state. 12U was another tough bracket that saw a few upsets and some players who will be talked about for awhile by Jr Hoops Elite. In the end Team Rock beat Hoops Ave. Both teams have prospects who will likely have Top 20 players when their class updates come out. 11U saw illinois Speed beat Hoops Ave in another game where several of these kids are Hot Prospects.


Paradise 14U

Paradise 14U- The group shows poise, patience and a continuity that propels them to achieving big things. They looked on top of their game this past weekend no doubt, coming away with Championship. The group plays very well with each other, they seem to know where one another will be before they get there and they also trust each other and play really unselfish basketball. Put some Respect On The Name!!!!!! great job guys and congratulations.

                                                                      Star Watch!!!!

Vernon Henry

Vernon Henry 2022- This power attacking guard is best when the games are the biggest, he is a kid who yearns for the movement, a kid who yearns to play against the best. Last weekend in a match-up of elite guards and Top Prospects all over the court Meanstreet vs Huskies, It was Vernon who stood out and was player of the game, the combo guard was attacking at a relentless rate and locking up on defense like he was a man on a mission. Young Fella was breaking his man down scoring in the paint over the bigs, locking up on defense and competing at the highest level trying to will his team to a victory. He finished with 18 and was the high scorer of the game on both sides. This comes on the heals of young fella scoring 25 plus in several games earlier this month with Old Gold. While there are many good guards in the class, put young fella down as one of the top 6 I would take on my team with the game on the line young fella is a competitor and now he is becoming known as a bucket getter.

                                                    “Doing It The Old School Way”

Sincere Malone

Sincere Malone 2021- Sometimes players develop at different rates, sometimes players catch on or something just clicks, sometimes a players just spends hours in the gym and gets better, sometimes a player just takes it personal and is motivated by the lack of respect given and is motivated to show what he can do. Well whatever the case maybe somebody better take notice Sincere Malone is a prospect who just ooooooozes with potential!!! here is a 6/4 multi-talented guard with a skill set that says young fella will be heard from. A silky smooth long wing combo guard that people need to be aware of, young fella played this year on the freshmen team at Simeon High School one of the premier programs in the country. Don’t let him playing freshmen fool you, if he were at any other program he would definitely played sophomores if not varsity and like I tell people all the time it’s not where you start at, it’s about getting better. I’ve coached several players who played freshmen as freshmen and ended up playing Professional or Division 1 including NBA Robert Covington and Reggie Johnson. Sincere has a lot going for him his frame speaks basketball player, yes he has the physical traits that makes his upside a lot higher than many of his classmates. While they are standing  stagnant or reached their peak young fella appears to be hitting his stride. Jr Hoops Elite feels this is a prospect whose stock is on the rise and a prospect whom people should get to know definitely.


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We would definitely like too thank everyone for making the Top Prospect Showcase such a successful event. There was so much talent in the building and the parents and kids were all great!!! I mean Great Competition and Great Sportsmanship we will be posting pictures and articles here and Instagram throughout the next 10 days.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Fresh Faces Who Have Game!!!

Omarion Hatch

Omarion Hatch 2022- This elite athlete pg is a problem for people, he is fast as ever with the ball in his hands, finishes through, on and above contact and can play with aggression yet young fella has a skill set and plays with poise and understanding. Young Fella has the tools and definitely displayed he one of the best guards in the Midwest this past weekend and playing amonst the elite. Look for young fella in the updated rankings for his class released this Sunday rather high. Here is a prospect we believe we will be talking about with college recruiters sooner than later.

Donovan Collins

Donovan Collins 2023- Here is a player who showed he can play with elite players, while playing in an environment with older players and elite players in the class above Donovan took awhile to adjust to his surroundings as the day went on young fella got comfortable finding open teammates getting the ball out his hands quickly avoiding several traps and showed the ability to  knock down long range shots nailing the 3 ball. We believe Donovan will be better for having attended the event and has qualities that speak he understands the game .

Jerl Allen

Jerl Allen 2023- I don’t know what is was but young fella came in on a mission and he displayed any and every imaginable skill in the 7th grade All-star game in route to winning M.V.P. of game. Yes indeed!! Media, Coaches and Parents a like were on hand as young fella banged down low with nifty post moves, brought it up the court in traffic and finished or dished it and then stepped outside to knock down the and this was against other top 10 players in the class. Young Fella clearly established himself as a prospect with a skill set and a prospect with upside. Look-out!!! Jerl Allen is in the conversation!!! Yes Indeed!!!

Tre Dowdell

Tre Dowdell 2024- Here is a combo guard that right now many will have trouble with in his class, young fella is a player who can player whose game can translate to playing with older kids right now. He has an outside shot with great rotation on the ball and if he gets a step on you he has a variety of moves to finish at the basket. Young Fella is also quick and decisive when he makes a move there is no extra dribbling or motion to get where he wants floor. Young Fella has some things in his game that speak he has been in the gym. Jr Hoops Elite will no doubt about it be keeping close eyes on young fella as we feel he is a player who will be mentioned on here quite frequently in the future.


Raleigh Roberson

Raleigh Roberson 2022- I don’t know what it is, but this young fella here intrigues me. Another one of the kids I say ” Prospect Prospect Prospect!!!” This is one of those kids I see such an upside a player who has all the physical attributes where he can be dominant on both sides of the floor. Raleigh again showed all of his talents and skills, A 6ft 1 pg who people will surely be asking ” who is that kid?” when he walks on the floor.

Maurice Thomas

Maurice Thomas 2023- No doubt about it, a player has hit the scene coming out of nowhere. Maurice is a relentless attacking guard who can get to the basket with the elite in his class, new to the scene people will definitely be taking notice as young fella plays with all out heart and effort. Young Fella showed he is capable of scoring around the basket, knock down the jump-shot and defend multiple positions. The versatility of young fella makes him one of the more intriguing prospects in the class.

Tristian Saunders

Tristian Saunders 2025- ” Young with a  baby face< but don’t let that fool ya!! Tristian showed he is a savvy guard who will hurt ya on the court if you not ready, young fella showed the ability to create off the dribble and I witnessed him knock the ball down with a quick release as he had the defender off balance on the left wing. Where I’m from we call that ” Mouth Shot!!!” Yep young fella doesn’t need much room to let it fly. Young Fella played many players a year older and held his own. Look out as Tristian is a kid who will be seeing a lot of over the next few years and the future looks bright.

Isaiah Torres

Isaiah Torres-2023- Yep a Steady Point guard who specializes in running the team, young fella came in and competed against the elite. Isaiah is a kid who we like his upside as he wants to be good and get better. Young Fella is a player we liked over a year ago and we have steadily seen him progress. This is another kid Jr Hoops Elite will be keeping a close eye on.

Donovan Brown

Donovan Brown 2022- Somebody better recognize Donovan has game. Yep he is such a non unassuming player on the court and lets the game come to him, never forcing anything and letting others get theirs, but his skill set is one of high caliber, he can knock it down from deep, he plays with poise and what the average eye doesn’t see is he is so instinctive and creative without effort. Where most players try to set-up a move or make a move they have been practicing with cones or chairs, young fella has that “react juice!!” in his game where if you run up he has instinctive handle and creativity. We feel that Donovan is one of the slept on prospects in the class when its comes to skill level. Young Fella showed glimpses of his talent that keeps us on edge wanting more.

Introducing Top Prospects Class Of 2024

Willie Williams Jr.
Carlos Harris  Jr.
Antoine Glasper
Jehvion Starwood



While this class is fairly new to us we are compiling a list of kids who are nice prospects and that we have seen, we will not do numbers in this class as we will be looking at these and other prospects thru AAU Season concluding in July and will come out with our initial number list for this class then. Here are 60 kids that are very early candidates and have showed promise.  Please remember if you are not on the list it does not mean you may not warrant it, it could be that we have yet to see you. Again the list is designed to promote, motivate and  acknowledge kids. Below are names in no particular order an * by the name means we believe the kid to be in strong early consideration of top 25 when the list of Top 150 comes out. Again others on the list maybe Top 25 even top 10 as we will be out looking at prospects and just because a player has the * does not mean they will enter the list top 25.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Willie Williams Jr.*

Antione Glasper *

Jaeshon Liggett*

Christian Brockett

James Ty

Antoine Thomas Jr. *

Landon Rivers*

Oscar Townes

Rashad Mckinnie Jr.*

Drake Washington *

Justin Coleman

Ricky Clement

Christian Robinson

David Givens

Bryan Walker

Dominick Hobbs

Levi Goad

Phillip Bell

Kenny Smith

Eli Harris

Emerson Davis

Ethan Samuel

Jake Hornok

Dewayne Brooks Jr.

Carlos Harris Jr *

Kyrien Childs *

Tristian Taylor

Charles Gordon

Leon Thornton

Jared Jackson

Tre Dowdell

Tony Hixon

Kevin Iverson*

Chris Taylor

Alonzo Allen

Trevor Moore

Juwaan Toney

Bryant Hendrick Carter*

Sean Brown*

Torrence Hardin

Carl Mcclendon

Rico Jackson*

Glenn Brown

Quetin Demus

Graham Lathan

Dekwon Brown*

Davarus Spann*

Jehvion Starwood*

Mason Minor

Doodie Samuels

Christian Brockett

Lamontrae Crockett *

Mike Robinson

Carlos Lemond

Nicasio Munoz

William Bell

Kenneth Hoover

Charles Clayton

Other Amount:
Player or Team Name & Grade: