Mid-Jan. Stock Risers and Champs Below

2019 All State & End Of Year Awards Below!!!

Updated 2024, 2025, 2026  Class Rankings Below!!



New Years Stock Risers

Battle Of The Titans 8th Grade Champs


21st Century

21st Century- The group came in and stormed through the competition and winning the tournament where 14 of The 16 teams in their age bracket had a serious chance of winning, the group used tough inside play and possession by possession defense that had many of its opponents lacking enough scoring punch to overcome their grittyness. Congrats to on a great showing!!!

Prairie Hills 7th


Prairie Hills 7th- This group showed heart, togetherness and poise, winning the 7th Grade Championship in dramatic fashion, squeaking out games in overtime and coming from behind by double figures in the Semi-Finals & Championship Game. Coach Boyd made adjustments and motivated his kids very well in an intense atmosphere. When most people picked 3 other teams as the favorites to win on Sunday. This group showed that “Us vs World!!” Mentality. Great Job!!

Yaris Irby

Yaris Irby 2025 – Young Fella put on a show this past weekend @ The Battle Of The Titans and clearly, I mean clearly showed me that he was disappointed in being slighted in the 2019 All State Awards. Yaris scored every way imaginable playing on the 8th grade level, he is the definition of “Unstickable At This Level” he is crafty as ever with ball, he can shoot it from deep, he hs a mean pull-up game and he finishes over bigs at the rim like no one else in the class. Currently rated in our class ranking top 7 Yaris is a Stock Riser. Young Fella has definitely put his name in the conversation as ” Best In The Class!!!” when the updated rankings come out young fella will definitely be moving up. “Will He Be #1? Is The Question” Yaris thrives and loves the big games and competition and will be in the building Feb. 22nd @ The Top Prospect Showcase where he will be making a statement that he is one of the best players in the Midwest!!! No Doubt About It.

Bryant Hedrick

Bryant Hedrick- Yes sirr!! we see it time and time again the evolution of a player and it’s great to see a player whom you watched over the years add to his game. Well young fella has always been one of the best as an attacking wing player who uses his physical size, strength and body to finish at the rim on and through defenders, I have now witness young fella improve on his play-making and ball handling skills as he was breaking his man down and dishing off  too teammates left and right for buckets playing the pg spot and enhancing his game. Yep young fella is a Jan. Stock Risers and will be in the building Feb. 22nd @ The Top Prospect Showcase to compete against many of the elite in the Midwest.



James Stampley Jr.

James Stampley Jr.- 2025 Let me say this ” Young Fella Is A Problem!!!” here is a combo guard who is one of the players that instantly catches your eye, as he gets where ever he wants on the court, he plays with a confidence and poise that few his grade level display, add to that young fella is too powerful for the slight framed guards to stop him from getting in the lane and he finishes at a high efficiency rate and  you have “one of the toughest guards in the class” This past weekend at the Battle Of The Titans, James showed a in tough situations vs tough teams that he is a player. Here is a  prospect who we acknowledge as a Stock Risers and make no doubt about it, his name will be included in the updated class rankings next month pretty high. We also expect to see young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd. Where many of the elite players from Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin will be in the building.

A Shaugnhn Boyd

A Shaughn Boyd 2025- Young Fella showed ” Big Time Clutch- Genes!!” hitting shot after shot the had the crowd on their feet in Semi-Final & Championship. Down 3 in the semi finals “Young Fella- Pump Faked, Got The Defender In The Air, Side Stepped Him and Swished It Through The Net & Nailed The Biggest shot of The Game!! That came after he hit a defender with a cross over at the top off the key and knocked down the floater, Young Fella showed up big in every game and was the leading scorer this week for Prairie Hills 7th, and definitely showed he has ice water in his veins nailing clutch shot after shot when his team needed it the most. Look for young fella name to make our list in the update as he is a New Year Stock Riser.


Jr. Hoops Elite 2019 Player Of The Year Tevonta Jackson!!

Tevonta Jackson


Tevonta Jackson- Young Fella has been nothing short of spectacular this year, the 6ft plus pg lead his Middle School Team to best record in years, he is a smooth combo guard that makes the game look easy, he can facilitate and make others better, he contributes on the glass with his size and his jump-shot has improved so muchover a year a lot of people think he is on the verge of becoming an elite shooter. Here is a kid who has the attributes to dominate, but the personality of selflessness, I’ve witnessed young fella put a team on his back and carry them, I’ve watched young fella play his role and let his teammates get there’s if they have it going. Yep here is a kid who doesnt play for numbers he plays to win, yet his skill and plish on the court make him Stand-out even when he not trying too. one of my favorite sayings is ” YOUNG FELLA HAS GAME!!!” no other way to say it, the future is so bright for young fella. Jr.Hoops Elite would like too acknowledge Tevonta Jackson as our Player Of The Year!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Jr . Hoops Elite All State Team 2019

1st Team

Javonte Taylor(2023)

Tevonta Jackson(2023)***Player Of The Year!!

Raeshom Harris(2023)

Cordy Johnson(2023)

Jalen Griffith(2023)

Dalen Davis(2023)

2nd Team

DaMahrion Wyatt(2023)

Ronald Chambers(2023)

Jeremy Fears(2023)

Marcus Piagram(2023)

Darrin Ames Jr.(2023)

Jaloni Johnson(2023)

3rd Team

Bryce Coleman.(2023)

Jeremy Harrington(2023)

Terrell Craig(2023)

Mehki Cooper(2023)

Xavier Sulaiman(2023)

Bryce Tillery(2023)

Sonny Williams(2023)

4th Team

Jabian Acosta(2023)

Kamarion Cobb(2023)

Emmet O’ Shaugnessy(2023)

Lierrr Collier(2023)

Diamante Meeks(2023)

Kaden Space(2023)

Marquez Kelsor(2023)

Derrion Baker(2023)

Honarable Mention

Isaiah Giles(2023)

Mike Jones(2024)

Sean Brown(2024)

Jerl Allen(2023)

Donovan Younger (2023)

Keon Alexander(2023)

Ray Maurchie (2023)

Luke Williams(2024)

Adrian Martinez- Jones (2024)

Top 25 Shooters Regardless Of Class

Jordan Brooks
Christian Giles

Collin Wainscott(2023)

Mekhi Cooper(2023)

Cordy Johnson( 2023)

Matthew King(2024)

Amari Edwards (2025)

Samuel Lewis(2023)

Darrin Ames Jr. (2023)

Noah Gorman(2025)

Jordan Brook(2024)

Jakob Blakely(2024)

Tai Coleman(2025)

Davarus Spann (2024)

Antione Glasper(2024)

TJ Lee(2024)

EJ Mosley(2025)

Christian Cummings(2025)

Marcus Mcqueen(2025)

Mikai Harris (2025)

EJ Breland(2025)

Chris Thomas(2025)

Rico Delassandro(2026)

Christian Giles(2026)

Champ Parker(2026)

Keshaun Vival(2025)

Alijah Little Jr. (2026)

Ethan Samuels( 2024)

Top 5 Floor General PGs Regardless Of Class

Christian Brockett

Jeremy Fears(2023)

Jalen Griffin(2023)

Christian Brockett(2024)

Marquis Clark (2026)

Antione Glasper(2024)

Bryce Tillery(2023)


Top 10 Wing Scorers Regardless Of Class

Emerson Davis

DaMahrion Wyatt(2023)

Sean Brown(2024)

Dekwon Brown(2024)

Cordy Johnson(2023)

Jaloni Johnson(2023)

Luke Williams (2024)

Brendale Stewart(2024)

Emerson Davis(2024)

Gianni Cobb(2024)

Bryant Hendricks (2024)


Top 10 Finishers Regardless Of Class

Carlos Harris Jr.

Ronald Chambers(2023)

Carlos Harris Jr. (2024)

Luke Williams(2024)

Marcus Pigram(2023)

Howard Williams(2026)

Xavier Suliaman(2023)

Yaris Irby(2025)

Nas Rankin (2026)

Drake Washington(2024)

Damion Porter(2025)

All “Most Versatile Team”

Bryce Heard

(Scoring, Rebounding, Facilitating, Inside-Outside, Defending And Playing Multiple Positions)

Germaine Benson(2024)

Bryce Heard (2025)

Bryce Coleman(2023)

Kassidy Nelson(2026)

Christopher Riddle (2024)

Kevin Iverson(2024)

Malachi Johnson

Antwan Mosley (2025)

Adrian Martinez Jones(2024)

Elijah Lovemore(2025)

Anthony Munoz(2025)

Peter (PJ) Champbers(2024)

Carson Brownfield(2024)

Derrion Baker(2023)


Top 10 Post Players Regardless Of Class

Nazir Duncan

James Brown(2024)

Jeremy Harrington (2023)

Donovan Younger(2023)

Mike Jones (2024)

Elijah Simon(2024)

Howard Williams(2026)

Time Winkler(2025)

Keon Alexander(2023)

Morez Johnson(2024)

Jalen Falcon(2024)

Nazir Duncan(2024)

Top 5 Scoring Pgs Guards Regardless of Class

DeMarjay Richardson


Darrin Ames Jr (2023)

Dalen Davis ( 2023)

Mehki Cooper (2023)

Antione Glasper (2024)

Jeremiah Fears (2025)

Damarjay Richardson (2025)

All Defensive Team

James Brown

James Brown(2024)

Zerrick Johnson(2025)

Nehemiah Folkes(2024)

Mason Minor(2024)

Davyion Johnson (2024)

Elijah Embry (2025)

Top 10 Uwwweee Move Players


(Known For Making The Crowd- Say Uweee ” What A Move!!!”

Tim Handy

Terrence Roebuck(2024)

Antione Glasper(2024)

Alijah Lovesmore (2025)

Mike Robinson Jr.(2024)

Kassidy Nelson (2026)

Julius Hamlin Jr. (2026)

Yaris Irby (2025)

Deontae Miller(2024)

Kristian Flowers (2025)

Lorenzo Shields( 2025)

Jevari Jackson (2024)

Tim Hardy (2024)

Top 10- And 1 Crew.

Germaine Benson

(Finish the bucket and get the foul)

Germaine Benson ( 2024)

Devon West ( 2024)

Nas Rankin (2026)

Martin Ryne (2025)

Melvin Embry (2025)

Howard Williams(2026)

Top 10 Clutch Small Guards

Jamari Thomas


Getting That Late Game Bucket – Fearless Gamer’s With Big Heart!!!

Jordan Walker (2026)

EJ Mosley(2025)

Noah Mister(2026)

Jamari Thomas (2026)

Chris Thomas (2025)

Ashton Flowers (2026)

Rykan Woo ( 2026)

Torrence Tate (2026)

Tony Horton Jr. (2026)

Amare Pryor (2026)

Tyjuan Hunter (2026)

Top 5 Attack The Rack

You can’t stop me from getting to the basket,

Ramsey Momon

Adrian Martinez Jones (2024)

Ramsey Momon (2025)

Jett Jones (2024)

Oscar Johnson(2024)

Rajuan Roberts (2026)

Damian Bolden (2024)


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


December Stock Risers Pt. 1

James Ty

James Ty 2024- Right now if you want a versatile combo guard who is capable of making your team go, look no further. Young Fella is a do everything wing that has his middle school team looking to make a big splash at the State Tournament next month. James is the player who can take you off the dribble and score slashing to the rim, he has a nice pull-up game, his long range shooting is solid and he makes plays for his teammates add the fact that he has length to play and defend multiple positions and you have one of the more versatile players in the class. Here is a kid whom Im getting calls about and a players whose Stock is Rising!! Look for James @ The Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd. where many of the elite will be in the building. I know one thing young fella can hold his own against anyone.

Gianni Cobb

Gianni Cobb 2024- Here is a young fella who always leaves an impact on the game, make no mistake about it young fella finds a way to put that ball in the bucket, he has range out to 25ft, he understands how to move without the ball and get open, he has crafty finishes in the lane over and under the bigger players, he has an uncanny way of contorting his body in traffic where he forces the defense to run into him so he can get too the line and he knows when to take off after a rebound to get those fast-break layups! He knows “HOW TO PUT THAT ROUND THING IN THAT ROUND THING” no matter when I see him play he always puts points on the board, but what I love about young fella is he has that itch to  too play In that Big Game!! yes indeed young fella has that “Big Heart!!” he is fearless and one of the kids I want in a closing moment because he believes in himself, there is no self doubt. Gianni is one of our Dec. Stock Risers and look for him at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 22nd where many of the elite will be in the building from Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin.

Jada Tatum

Jada Tatum 2025- Here is a young lady who showed poise handing the ball against some of the elite players in the city, she was steady and moved the ball with precision, but what caught everyone’s eye was that Jada, let the rock go from N.B.A. range like it was a free-throw, Swish, Swish after Swish like this ain’t nothing, this what I do!!!!!after her team got off to big lead things looked good, then in the second half when her team appeared to be reeling and losing control of the game Jada stepped up big time and hit the go-ahead 3. Jada is one of our December Stock Risers and we hope to see her Feb 22nd The Top Prospect Showcase. Where many of the elite players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Josh Anieto

Josh Aniceto 2024- Yall sleep, well let me wake ya up, here is one of the best pgs in the class, young fella plays the game so efficient as he makes all the right reads, he never forces a shot, he lets the game come to him and he makes others better. ” Well there is an extra burst to young fella that adds a little separation when he had the ball in his hands that others just don’t have, I mean Josh can be a blur with the ball.  While his appearance and demeanor on the court speak shy, his game speaks Big Time Player!!! Josh is one of our December Stock Risers and we look forward to watching him compete against elite.

David Thomas

David Thomas 2024- Athlete supreme, a kid who you will be saying watch ya head in a couple of years, a kid who will be going down the lane dunking on people, a kid whose athleticism is top 3 in the class right now and a kid who will be better as he plays against top notch talent. We saw young fella make some acrobatic and incredible plays that speak well as a down the line prospect. When you have all the tools and frame at your disposal that David does its only a matter of time before you catch many of the prospects ahead of you. We see young fella a a diamond in the rough and a prospect whose stock is definitely on the rise. Look for  David @ The Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd where many of the elite in the Midwest will be in the building>

Jr Hoops Elite  Top 20 Middle School Team Rankings,



21st Century


1. 21st Century-  They pulled off a close one today winning by 1. against Eggers, boy oh boy. Team has knocked off all the heavy hitters, will they be able to claim the title Jan. 11th/12th. will be interesting.

2. Prairie Hills- Tough loss vs 21st Century, still favorites to win 4A State, and they will be anxiously awaiting Battle Of The Titans Jan. 11th & 12th.

3. Ariel Academy- Two Battle tested wins this past weekend, The fearsome 4 backcourt is back together Rj, Christian, Jashun, Mason bring the pain and Kevin brings the intangibles, the gang is all back and will be interesting to see at Battle Of The Titans.

3. South Loop- Getting better and better, played super tough this weekend, Elijah Simon was an absolute stud this past weekend.

4. Eggers- A nip and tuck game against Numberone team  21st Century came up short by a point. But definitely capable of beating anyone see them at Battle Of The Titans Jan 11/12

5. Learn 8-  Plays city rival Webster tomorrow at home.

6. CJA- It’s time for Reggie, Devon, Caleb & Malachi to bring it, in middle school they have enough talent to beat anyone.

7. Washington-Naperville-. The group has legnth, size and one of the best players in the state in Luke Williams

8. Brooks-Bolingbrook-  Big Win over Yorkville, the road down state, will be very interesting this year !

9. Coolridge- Big win the past weekend at Kanakakee, 

10. Decatur- Robertson- Group is tough and capable of winning State this year.

11. Kankakee- Tough loss this past weekend vs Coolridge, its early they have plenty of time too bounce back.

12. John F Kennedy- Plainfield-  when is next test? I’ll have to find out, tam needs to be Challenged.

13. Washington( Riverdale)- Morez Johnson is a problem!!

14. Kipp- The group is rounding back into form and will be a problem come city playoffs.

15. Brook( Oak Park)- That district championship will be interesting, Will, Sam, Mehki & Danny can play with anyone!!

16. Julian- Got a big win over rival this past weekend. Oscar & Antione are good players who both can take over a game.

17. Roosevelt( Bellwood) Lost a tough one with players missing, so its back to the lab.

18. Mckinnley- A candidate too make a run down state no doubt about it.

19. Legacy- The group has been playing well and together lately, this team is usually best at the end of the season, Coach Brown is intense.

20. Beasley- A new group that’s trying to Blend in together, down a little but not out


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Rykan Woo

Rykan Woo- 2026 Wait a minute, we have a “A Top Player In Class Alert!!” Yes sirr here is a kid who has the ability to break down 1, 2 or even 3 defenders at a time and either make a play for himself or spoon feed his teammates. Rykan  plays the game with an understanding 2-3 years advanced, he see’s the play before it happens and may have the best court vision in his class. Young Fella is so talented and very hard to stop with the ball in his hands, but what impresses me even more, is young fella  never gets rattled under pressure and seemingly always makes the correct play(his teammate can miss 3 in a row, if he’s open he will get it to him again) Young Fella Has A Special Gift!!! . If there is one person I trust in the class with the ball in his hands and game on the line to make a play it’s  Rykan. Few have his skills as he deceptively quick and finishes through contact. Young Fella will make his debut in the Jr Hoops Elite 2026 Class Rankings coming out Dec 1st or Dec 25th  and Rykan will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd where many of the elite in the Midwest will be in Attendance.

Darryelle Smith

2026 Darryelle Smith- Is a long wing who excels in transition, can shoot it from deep and looks to be a prospect whose’s upside is tremendous, Darryelle recently has been playing with the boys and she has been one of the better players on the court. In a game where her team was down 2 pts with less than 7 seconds she calmly got the pass from her teammate dribbled to the left and dropped a 30 ft 3 pointer winner in the defenders face as time expired. This young ladies name is about to be heard in this city. look for Darryelle @ the first annual All Girls Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd.


Nas Rankin

Nas Rankin 2026- Here we go as the 2026 class is starting to take shape, here is hybrid wing who can get to the rim and finish with the best in the class, Nas can be unstoppable at times, At this level he blends a combination of speed and athleticism thats hard to stop, add to that his competitive spirit and drive to be good and you have a problem on your hand if you are an opposing coach. Feb 22nd 2026  best will be in the building and we expect Nas to be in attendance, Currently a Top 15 prospect in the class, the official numbers with updates and new entry will come out in the next 2 weeks.

Noah Mister

Noah Mister 2026- Young Fella has always been a player, the fiesty pg is starting too round into form, he is growing in size by leaps and bounds as well as his maturity and understanding on the court. I personally watched him on consecutive plays in crunch -time wave off the play called by coach, the first he through a perfect entry pass to his big for a bucket from the wing  recognizing that his big had the mismatch to give his team a 1 point lead as his coach was yelling throw it up top and the next play down from the same wing and his coach yelling same thing ” throw it up top” young fella ball faked and drove the lane and finished with the opposite hand in traffic!! ” Yes Sir!! young fella showed just what I wanted too see ” Big Heart!! Playing up can sometimes take kids confidence to do them, but young fella mixes a blend of understanding the physical limitations at times and using his high IQ to get to spots and be effective. The actual numbers for 2026 come out Dec 1 or Dec 25th. make no mistake about it young fells is one of those kids who you will not have too look very far before seeing his name no doubt about it.



Metrell Habin 2026

Metrell Habin 2026- Standing 6-2 plus in 6th grade it doesnt take much too stand out, but you fella packs a soft touch out to 15ft feet and he his fundamental skill set is good, he keeps it high, he uses pivots well and he is a rim protector, when talking about a propsect who coaches will be drooling over look no further. Metrell will enter the class rankings a Top 10 prospect when the update comes out and Metrell will be in the building Feb 22nd. @ The Top Prospect Showcase where many of the elite players in the class will be in the building.


Chistopher Riddle

Christoper Riddle 2024- Here is a young man who has all the physical attributes and skill set to be one of the very best in the class.  I’ve witnessed young fella knock three 3 pointers in a row down, then dribble in traffic around defenders and spoon feed hand-off too is teammate for a lay-up, following that up seconds later with a power dribble spin off his opponent for a layin Whoa!! displaying power and finess all in one move.   Chris is a 6/2 plus wing who can shoot it from the perimeter, facilitate and make plays for teammates and hit the glass and rebound in traffic with the best of them. Yep!!! Look for Chris to make his debut in the class rankings next week and also look for young fella at Top Prospect Showcase Feb 22nd as he will be in the building competing against many of the elite prospects in the Midwest.

Jalen Falcon

Jalen Falcon 2024- Here is a kid who is sizzling hot right now, young fella has come transferred to Prairie Hills this year and has taken his game to another level. Young Fella is tenacious on both sides of the ball as he has shown the ability to take the bigger slower bigs off the dribble and score as he is too quick and has an explosive first step, he has shown the ability to out power the smaller forwards dominating on the block and young fella  has shown the ability to lock up the smaller and what appeared at the time quicker guards. We see Jalen as a hybrid athlete who’s skills are catching up with his athleticism. This is a kid unlike many who should have no problem adapting to the physicality of high school basketball and a player who will be moving up our updated class rankings being released next week. At his level young fella ” Is A Stud!!

All Inclusive Illinois, N.W.I. & Southern Wisconsin Top 100 Class of 2026

This is the initial list for 2026, there are many kids who will emerge on the list as time goes by, there are many kids this young who have not been seen and we do not include kid unless we have seen the kid play. We will be out at School games , Club games and tournaments throughout the Fall and Winter, The list is designed for Promotion Of kids and should be used as Motivation and inspiration, Since this is the initial list it will be done in groups and the individual numbers will be put up after a little more observing in our next Update. There also are times where I mistakenly do not put a kid on the list, feel free to contact me. Again, this is for Motivation “I’ve Coached Numerous Division 1 Kids, who were not in anyone’s rankings in middle school or this early stage,  you are preparing yourself for down the line. Stay focused continue to work and get better.



Thanks & God Bless

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

Kassidy Nelson
Lamont Hamilton
Howard Williams
Carter Newsome

All Inclusive 2026 Top 100 Class Rankings

  1. Noah Mister
  2. Metrell Habin
  3. Lamont Hamilton
  4. Nas Rankin
  5. Jamson Coulter
  6. Kassidy Nelson
  7. Howard Williams
  8. Rajuan Roberts
  9. Marquis Clark
  10. Rykan Woo
  11. Rico Delassndro
  12. Champ Parker
  13. Terrence Hayes
  14. Kyjuan McCutheon
  15. Yusef Gray II
  16. Amir Danforth
  17. Larry Harris
  18. #########
  19. Jordan Walker
  20. Tyjuan Hunter
  21. Cedrick Terrell
  22. Ashton Flowers
  23. *********
  24. Rashaad Davis
  25. Christian Giles
  26. Amare Pryor
  27. Tyshawn Smith
  28. Carter Newsome
  29. Rashaun Porter
  30. Alphonso Fincher
  31. Jaylen Griffin
  32. Aidan Horton
  33. Justin Hamlin Jr.
  34. Bobby Cooper
  35. Travis Marks
  36. Lil Mike
  37. Charles Barnes
  38. Tony Horton
  39. Chase Bradord
  40. Alijah Little
  41. Avian Thomas
  42. Daniel Jervier
  43. Demetrius Cooper
  44. Torrence Tate Jr.
  45. Amari Smith- Holley
  46. Troy Adams
  47. Ahmad Lee
  48. Kenneth Hoover
  49. James Sorrell
  50. Prince McCord
  51. DJ
  52. Karson Thomas
  53. Braylon Walker
  54. Justin Oliver
  55. Jah-Mir Brown
  56. Catrell Moses
  57. Rocco Pagliocca
  58. Jamarion Raines
  59. Allen Fillmore
  60.              Walters
  61. Torrence Drowning
  62. Torrence Hardin
  63. Bam Whitehead
  64. Letrell Kelly
  65. Valentino Pertruda
  66. Kijonna Mayfield
  67. James Mason
  68. Mark Bell
  69. Will Occomy
  70. Ricky Shelton
  71. Bradley Morton
  72. Nathan Knight
  73. Torrence Drowning
  74. Jaiden Henry
  75. Myair Thompson
  76. Jolani Walker
  77. Carter Hart
  78. Johnathan McGowan
  79. Teddy Fogel
  80. Prim May
  81. Christopher Perry
  82. Keith Parker
  83. Cameron Smith
  84. Pat Irvin
  85. Zyair Harris
  86. Bradley Morton
  87. Jamir Ratcliff
  88. Chauncey Carson
  89. Derrick Piney
  90. Tony Hixon
  91. Curtis Lee
  92. Glenn Brown
  93. Ricky Brunson
  94. Albert Brown
  95. Carl Norton
  96. Kshun Smith
  97. Ethan Jackson
  98. Joseph Blanton
  99. Christian Terry
  100. Carlos Lamond


All Inclusive Illinois, N.W. Indiana & Southern Wisconsin Top 200 Class 2025

This is the  2025 class list and this is the beginning stages. There are many kids who deserve to be on this list but I haven’t seen them thus far, there are also several prospects who could be a little higher on the list or a little lower but this is an early stage for the class. Jrhoopselite will be in constant contact this fall & Winter. The list is designed for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and I will not include on the list until I have actually seen them play. I will be out at various tournaments and school games through out the  winter. Again I want kids to understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you play in person. Feel free to give me a call or text sometimes I omit a kids name while in the process of moving them up or down on list by mistake. Again I will say, use for motivation and keep working. Kids get better at different stages. If you are playing somewhere and want me to come check you out feel free to text or DM me. I’m out 5 of 7 days looking at kids all over. Again I do not put a kid on the list until I have seen them.
Thanks & God Bless Ricky Moore 773 383-0972                
Jeremiah Fears
Yaris Irby
Noah Gorman
Bryce Heard


  1. Damian Porter Jr.
  2. ChristianCummings
  3. DaMarjayRichardson
  4. Jeremiah Fears
  5. Bryce Heard
  6. Ewell Clinton
  7. Yaris Irby
  8. Tim Winkler
  9. Elijah Embry
  10. Antwan Mosley
  11. Levell Jones
  12. Dominique Murphy
  13. Aleksander Ryan Alston
  14. Elijah Lovemore
  15. Emmanuel Mosley
  16. Noah Gorman
  17. Keshaun Vival
  18. Martin Ryhne
  19. Damreay Davis
  20. EJ Breland
  21. Anthony Munoz
  22. Khalil Jones
  23. Tai Colenman
  24. Marciano Johnson
  25. Chris Thomas
  26. Amari Edwards
  27. Emmanuel Hines
  28. Melvin Embry
  29. Isaiah Pickens
  30. Nate Marshall Jr.
  31. Kendall Richmond
  32. Ramsey Mormon
  33. Mikai Harris
  34. Kristian Flowers
  35. Cameron Thomas
  36. Lorenzo Shields
  37. Armon Augustus
  38. Danyil Taylor
  39. Damarion Denson
  40. Zach/ John Mikrut
  41. Jamarion Bardwell
  42. Anthoni Kosi
  43. Jaydon Watts
  44. Lavarius Bowers
  45. Knowledge Carter
  46. Marcus McQueen Jr
  47. Marlo Moore.
  48. Dontae Bell
  49. Cal Mckay
  50. Levarus Grayer
  51. Barack Young
  52. Nate Cannon
  53. Isaiss Duarte
  54. Terrion Benson
  55. Isaiah Robinson
  56. Zerrick Johnson
  57. Arnestis Hadjistamalou
  58. Caleb Burgins
  59. Donovan Starr
  60. Darien Green
  61. Synceare Simons
  62. Ian Miletic
  63. Al Brooks
  64. Davion Teague
  65. Anton Mosley
  66. Tristian Saunders
  67. Jackson Hupp
  68. Michael Zaleski
  69. Jaylin White
  70. Lashaun Stowers
  71. Tynell Walker
  72. Chase Turner
  73. Ryan Jackson
  74. Joshua Pettigrew
  75. Malichi Nelson
  76. Zion Gordon
  77. Cameron Pitts
  78. Rashad Wilson Jr.
  79. Kendall Webb
  80. Travis Murray
  81. Aidan Robinson
  82. Larry Brown
  83. Brady Sehlhorst
  84. Milli’on Riley
  85. Kelvion Brown
  86. Shawn Mason
  87. Jamal Carson
  88. Terry Ricks
  89. Daniel Green
  90. Kendall Cutler
  91. Marcus Bond
  92. Erick Hughes
  93. Kendall Wilson
  94. Naveah Hawkins
  95. D’Monte Meeks
  96. Jory Crocker
  97. Fernando Rodriguez
  98. Marcus Jackson II
  99. Cornell Peterson
  100. Marco Gonzalez
  101. Willie Stephens
  102. Emmanuel HInes
  103. Damarion Denson
  104. Mason Walsh
  105. Brian Sercy Jr.
  106. David Riverton
  107. Kelly Williams
  108. Keshaun Smith
  109. Drayton Williams
  110. Kijohnna Brown
  111. James Watson
  112. Scooter Jenkins
  113. Paul Howard
  114. Carlton Brownfield
  115. Mark Murrell
  116. Booby Watson
  117. Alex Marshall
  118. Morris Alexander
  119. Phillip Mark
  120. George Collins
  121. Austin Lathrop
  122. Willie Felton
  123. Frank May
  124. Shawn Wilson
  125. Al Brooks
  126. Charles Howe
  127. Kenton Brown
  128. Deontae Hill
  129. Dennis Small
  130. Torrence Small
  131. Ricky Peters
  132. Lamont Hinton
  133. Joel Tunnat
  134. Marcus Bell
  135. Thomas Swartz
  136. Phil Johnson
  137. Malik Wilson
  138. Travail Hollins
  139. Parker Towns
  140. Terrell Mosley
  141. Alphonso Homes
  142. Keshaun Williams
  143. Michael Page
  144. Collin Miller
  145. Julius Penny
  146. Da Marcus Jordan
  147. Erick Millison
  148. Khalil Person
  149. Deng Awour
  150. Michael Thompson’
  151. Lazar Nozinic
  152. Phillip Hall
  153. Cooper Kavanaugh
  154. Marcus Bell
  155. Julius Smith
  156. Antwon Thomas
  157. Justin Goins
  158. Mitchell Rucker
  159. Laurence Smith
  160. Michale Jagileski
  161. Isaac Curtis
  162. James Balston
  163. Colter Walters
  164. Craig Lentz
  165. Heberto Ramirez
  166. Bobby Morton
  167. Collin Miller
  168. Xavier Marshall
  169. Tony Shields
  170. Kenneth Sullivan
  171. David Walton
  172. Jesus Torres
  173. Jason Polowski
  174. Ricky Young
  175. Franky Tillman
  176. Charles Thornton
  177. Chris Johnson
  178. William Bell
  179. Juan Ramirez
  180. Micheal Spellman
  181. Justin Robinson Jr.
  182. Clarence Houston
  183. Thomas Small
  184. James Carpenter
  185. Ken Walters
  186. Joshua Smith
  187. Kiki Carter
  188. Lonnel Dorsey
  189. Elijah Venegas
  190. Carter Forrest
  191. Quentin Walker
  192. Justin Peoples
  193. Nick Folkes
  194. Henry Dorris
  195. Michael Porter
  196. Brian Smith
  197. Ricky Nichols
  198. Jimmy Torres
  199. Timothy Pierce
  200. Sam Johnson


All Inclusive Illinois & NW Indiana, Class Of 2024 Top 200

2024 Class Rankings There are many kids who deserve to be on this list but I haven’t seen them lately or haven’t seen them thus far, there are also several prospects who could be a little higher on the list or a little lower but this is an early stage for the class. Jrhoopselite will be in constant contact this fall and Winter. The list is designed for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and I will not include on the list until I have actually seen them play. I will be out at various tournaments and School Games through Fall and Winter. Again I want kids to understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you in person. Feel Free to contact me.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972

New Names Will Be Added This Tuesday as I Confirm Spelling

Mike Jones
James Brown
Carlos Harris Jr.
Matthew King


  1. James Brown
  2. Carlos Harris Jr.
  3. Mike Jones
  4. Matthew King
  5. Sean Brown
  6. Luke Williams
  7. Elijah Simon
  8. Kevin Iverson
  9. Antione Glasper
  10. Dekwon Brown
  11. Germaine Benson
  12. Christopher Riddle
  13. Christian Brockett
  14. Dayvion Johnson
  15. Adrian Martinez-Jones
  16. Emmanuel Fooley
  17. Tim Handy
  18. Davione Doty
  19. Jakob Blakely
  20. Joseph White
  21. Nazir Duncan
  22. Fontain Thomas
  23. Jevari Jackson
  24. Gianni Cobb
  25. Grayson Young
  26. Keyshawn Harvey
  27. Willie Williams Jr./ Carson Brownfield
  28. Shaheeb Solebo
  29. David Thomas
  30. Brendale Steward
  31. Peter(PJ) Chambers
  32. Damon Davis
  33. Jalen Falcon
  34. Bryant Hendricks
  35. Jett Jones
  36. Morez Johnson
  37. Drake Washington
  38. Qauvion Hoover
  39. Malachi Johnson
  40. Emerson Davis
  41. Jason Jakstys
  42. Lebron Williams
  43. Mike Robinson Jr.
  44. James Ty
  45. Kyvon Thomas
  46. Lamonta Cross
  47. Jarvis McNeal/Josh Aniceto
  48. Devon West/Anthony Williams
  49. Philip Erickson
  50. Tyshun Moore
  51. Samuel Townsend
  52. Nehemiah Folkes
  53. Mason Minor
  54. Antwon Jones
  55. Marvin Stephens
  56. Max Johnson
  57. Jashon Liggett
  58. David Jones Jr.
  59. Dorien Beatty
  60. Mekhi Austin/ Reggie Ray
  61. Carmelo Taylor
  62. Brayden Burgher/Stefan Cicic
  63. Jacqsen Bentley
  64. Terrence Roebuck
  65. Antwan Smith
  66. Damion Bolden
  67. Javon Tolliver
  68. Lavaryous Spann
  69. Doodie Samuels
  70. Landon Rivers
  71. Joshua Pickett
  72. Jehvion Starwood
  73. Marvin Stephens
  74. Tre Dowdell
  75. Fred Garner
  76. TJ Lee
  77. Eric Werner
  78. Antione Thomas Jr.
  79. Jerimaya Sims
  80. Jalin Jackson
  81. Parker Sulaver
  82. Elijah Harris
  83. Avian Abrams
  84. Tristian Ford
  85. Askia Bulley
  86. Dewayne Brooks Jr.
  87. Keondre Pitts
  88. Dominick Hobbs
  89. Tashean Gates
  90. Ethan Samuels
  91. Lee Marks Jr.
  92. Rico Jackson
  93. Kyrien Childs
  94. Maurice Carswell
  95. Jordan Brooks
  96. Quentin Mckoy
  97. Mario Parker
  98. Davion Wright
  99. Justin Brown
  100. Caleb Greer
  101. George Wolfpack
  102.  Graham Lathan
  103. Jayquan Brown
  104. Garrett Smith
  105. Oscar Townes
  106. James Carr
  107. Sam Gray
  108. Deontae Miller
  109. Markeise Williams
  110. Bryce Yates
  111. Darshaun Thomas
  112. Khalil Washington
  113. Payton Kamin
  114. Jordan Hall
  115. Justin White
  116. Demari Jordan
  117. Graham Lathan
  118. Nick Purnell
  119. David Cundiff
  120. Greg Williams
  121. Angel Cintron
  122. Jackson Labkon
  123. Ulise Cardenas
  124. James Graham
  125. Kristopher Hills
  126. K’Shaun White
  127. Sincere Cooley
  128. Trevor Curington
  129. Jaydon Wright
  130. Dupree Cooper
  131. Justin Holmes
  132. Levi Goad
  133. Julius Johnson
  134. Keyonte Thompson
  135. Phillip Young
  136. Douglass Strong
  137. Richard Robinson
  138. Victor Green
  139. Johnnie Dumont
  140. Larenz Walters
  141. Derrick Smith Jr.
  142. Herberto Fuentes
  143. Jeremiah Johnson
  144. Enoch Gibson
  145. Collin Cawley
  146. Jesus Rodriquez
  147. Talik Walls
  148. Cameron McCullough
  149. Charlie Robin
  150. Harold Mooney Jr.
  151. Marcus Roberts
  152. Quincy Hudson
  153. Prentice Johnson
  154. Alex Gutarra
  155. Jake Hornok
  156. Thomas Copperwood
  157.  James Flores
  158. Malcolm Hall
  159. Malachi Davis
  160. Deashawn Murray
  161. Devin Fields
  162. Greg Trenton
  163. Phil Sobowloski
  164. Trevor Currington
  165. Greg Lilly
  166. Kenneth Walters
  167. Joshua Pierce
  168. Brad Fowler
  169. Marcus Grant
  170. Peter Lawson
  171. Greg Williams
  172. Julius Gage
  173. Richard Watson
  174. Brian Glenn
  175. Carlton Hill
  176. Jake Hornok
  177. Alex Guetierrez
  178. Quentin Drowning
  179. Keshawn Davidson
  180. Yusef Downing
  181. Chasson Carter-Webb
  182. Julius Dempster
  183. Michael Frost
  184. Julius Thompson
  185. Kyle Withers
  186. Brian Thomas
  187. Greg Timmos
  188. Klay Hawkins
  189. Marquis Haynes
  190. Kaden Coppage
  191. Reid Turner
  192. Alozo Crothers
  193. Jason Jordan
  194. Julian Fernandez
  195. Yusef Muhhammad
  196. Tristian Bolden
  197. Tyrese Miles
  198. Cole Jungwirth
  199. Brandon Clemmons
  200. Juan Sotelo
  201. Carl McClinton
  202. Zachery Person
  203. Eric Williams

Destiny Jackson 2025

Destiny Jackson -2025- Wait, Wait, Wait!!! Prospect Alert!!!! Split the defenders, stop on a dime at the elbow, pull up jump-shot money!!!!, Wrap around dribble on  defender cross-court one handed bounce pass in traffic for an assist Dime!!, Jab step, over the top swing one dribble to the right Swish!!. Right Corner Pump Fake, Slide to the Right 3pt Jumpshot Money!!!! Dang!!!!! There are certain kids where you say, Yep they can play, they will be good, then there are certain kids that make you say Uwww!!! She Has Game!!! Yep Destiny Jackson is definitely one of those kids that make me ” SHE HAS GAME!!, here is a kid that has the tools I don’t see in high school kids. Young Lady has range well beyond the 3, she has a yo-yo with the dribble and the poise and understanding  that you rarely see in a player her age. When you see a 7th grader know when to get her own shots, when to get her teammates involved and always plays in the flow of the game that speaks volumes. What Destiny also does that you rarely see in a player her age is she never lets the defense speed her up, she never let them dictate what she wanted to do. Under defensive pressure, tight game, trash talking and physical play, the defender did not bother her at all, she was poised and never rushed into anything or never got rattled. Yep The West-Side Of Chicago Has A Special One Brewing!! I rarely make a statement about kids this early. I did it in the case of Timia Ware( WY Current Girls Player) when she was young look at article in Promising Prospects Section an I’m going to go on record with Destiny, This kid here is a Division 1 Prospect barring injury. We look forward too seeing Destiny compete in our in Inaugural Ricky Moore Top Prospect Showcase For Girls In Feb. Where Many Talented Girls From Midwest Will Be In Attendance and we would like to acknowledge Destiny as our Promising Prospect # 35 ” She Has Game!!!

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Danielle Brooks 2026

Danielle Brooks 2026- ” Yes Indeed, Yes Indeed!!! Star Alert” Young Lady here has “That Special” in her, here is a kid who can do just about any move imaginable with the ball, she has it on a string, can shoot it off the catch or the dribble and she breaks her defenders down at will keeping them off balance with handles girls 3 or 4 years her superior cant do. When you say advanced for her age that’s a big understatement. I have yet to see a kid at this early stage in their career be able to go left, right, shoot with consistency going both ways, handle in traffic and hold her own against the elite middle school area players in 5th grade. The sky is the limit for young Danielle  Chicago get ready for a treat the next few years. We look forward too watching Danielle this up and coming season and we look forward too seeing Danielle compete in the Top Prospect Showcase In Feb. Where we will have many of the elite in the Midwest in the building.

Zariah Green 2025

Zariah Green 2025- Make no mistake about it here is a kid who is extremely talented, Zariah plays the game with an understanding that goes well beyond her age, when you see her on the court you scream ” No Way She 2025 Class!!” Yep young lady out there playing up two years in age and is one of the best on the court despite being young. It amazes me watching her court vision as she sees plays two steps before most and is a thread the needle passer, good perimeter shooter, has good size for the position, knows how to use her body when creating in the paint and finishes well in traffic. The skill set and size is already there. This is easy, Zariah is a no brainer D-1 prospect and definitely one of the best in her class in Midwest. Hell if she were a sophomore in high school right now she would be a prospect, 6 years of growth before college, ” WoW” That’s Scary”  Milwaukee has talent and we expect Zariah in the building in Feb. Top Prospect Showcase. 

Liliana Magana

Liliana Magana 2023- Introducing one of the best shooters in the state regardless of class,Liliana is smart basketball player who makes the game fun to watch, she advanced the ball, moves without the ball and is all about the team but the special skill she has is why I call her “Lady Curry” its my new nickname for Lilly as known to most, when I say she has a knock down 3 pt shot, yes indeed it’s Lethal. I’ve watched young lady play at least 20 games and it’s incredible how accurate she is, yep she shoots it like NBA player Steph Curry. I know one thing the next 4 years a coach will be definitely happy because Lilly can play and will no doubt in our minds make an impact.

Barack Young

Barack Young 2025- Here we go, we see a kid who is problem on the court for opposing coaches as young fella is a combo wing who is to big for the average wing and too fast for the bigger slower forwards. Young Fella displayed an ability to finish at the rim easy, and handle the ball in tight spaces which others his size struggled with, combine that with a nose for the ball and ability too rebound against elite athletes and now we have a kid who made us go watch the film extra close and thus Barack is definitely a kid who will make his way into the class rankings  on Sept 1. and a kid we definitely have to catch again and look forward too monitoring over the next few years. This Kid can play.

Kassidy Nelson

Kassidy Nelson 2026- Here is a kid who showed he is a player, young fella shot it from deep, handled the ball effectively against the older kids pressure handing out assist with both hands equally effective, he used the floater against the bigger and older players in the lane after leaving defends behind. Kassidy fit in as if he were a class older like it was nothing. here is another player who checks all the boxes, athletic frame, length, body type and potential. Sept 1st the initial class rankings for 2026 come out and I tell ya one thing, you wont have to look to far before seeing this kids name, there definitely aren’t many who have the ceiling of Kass. This is one of those players I say Uwwwwweeee if I had him. A combo guard who can impact the game in sooooo many ways, here is kid who people will be talking about for years to come.

Bryce Heard

Bryce Heard 2025- Yes indeed here is a kid who fits the build as prospect, the long wiry wing ( who plays the post because of size at this level most of the time) showed his activity and relentless motor the past two weeks playing in both showcases his age and the level above and showed his versatility with nice ball handling. shot blocking and ability to manuever around the smaller defenders under control. Make no mistake about it, young fella will be climbing his way up the rankings Sept 1st.

Zerrick Johnson

Zerrick Johnson 2025- Young Fella has a motor, while everyone was is concentrating solely on scoring young fella is full court up in ya picking his man up, Zerrick showed the ability to finish with either hand, guard multiple positions and handle going both directions. Zerrick made it look easy putting the smaller guards in the bucket and out quicking the bigger forwards. Here is a kid who is c, getting better and better and I mean fast. look for young fella to make his debut on the class rankings list Sept 1st and we think in two years he will have done passed up many of his classmates they way this kid is progressing.

Antione Glasper

Antione Glasper 2024- The electrifying pg showed a  glimpse of his talent setting up his teammates and spoon feeding the big in team play, then in the one on one he made it look too easy beating several other of our Top 20 players, here is a kid who has things you can’t teach he is so reactionary. He is the player you don’t want to wake up with your talking, they were talking in the one on one and he quickly made a few people look bad. another kid whose stock continues to rise.

Deontae Miller

Deontae Miller 2024 Young Fella showed his speed with the ball and his elusiveness as he was able to break his defenders down off the dribble. Deontae started off slow letting things come to him as this was his first showcase type setting, but as he got comfortable he showed he plays both sides of the floor, here is a kid we figure will be better for the experience and the more he plays against talented players the more his game will rise. Look For Deontae to make his debut in the class ranking when they are released Sept 1.

Tim Winkler

Tim Winkler 2025 – There aren’t many bigs in the class that want to play against bigger and be challenged, young fella wants that, he went up against 2 top 5 players in the 2024 class and wasn’t a bit bothered. Young Fella has been working on his face up game off the dribble and it showed. I tell ya here is another kid who fits that build as “Prospect” One of those kids you hold the van for until he gets there. I can see it a few years from now people at the next level will be all over this kid. Tim Solidified if not enhanced his Top 10 Status in the class wait for the update Sept 1

2025 Collin Miller

Collin Miller 2025- Young Fella came out the gate a little slow and picked things up as the day went on, has the ability to knock it down from deep as evidenced by winning the 3 pt competition with over 80 participants in which young fella final round he was extra outstanding nailing he last 5 of 6 to win. We look forward to watching Collin more and think young fella will be better from the experience.  Young Fella Stock is on the rise.

Marcus McQueen

Marcus McQueen 2025- How you want it, Long range bomb, hesitation dribble and finish in traffic or a subtle pull-up jump-shot, young fella can give it too ya. He fools you with deception, he has a change of speed and change of direction with the ball that’s advanced for his age. Marcus showed he is a combo wing that people will be surely be talking about soon. just remember ya heard it here first ” Shawty Got Game!!” Look for Marcus to make his debut in the class updated rankings being released Sept. 1

Elijah Lovesmore

Elijah Lovesmore 2025- The combo guard continues to raise his game and show improvement as he displayed pinpoint passing leading his team by making the players around him better, it was refreshing to see young fella show the understanding of the game as he picked his spots, here is a kid who can play with anyone in the class, when you walk in the gym with him at the pg you aren’t worried or care who is the opposing pg, you feel you have the advantage. If Elijah continues to improve the long range shot the sky is the limit, here is another kid we have see tremendous growth the past couple of years by leaps and bounds and a kid whose stock is high.

Noah Gorman

Noah Gorman 2025- This kid here just knows how to play, he never forces a bad shot, he moves the ball to the open man, he moves without the ball, he’s about winning, he is crafty off the dribble, one of the best shooters in middle school regardless of class, his basketball IQ is high and he plays with a winning spirit, definitely one of my favorite players to watch in Middle School and one of 4 or 5 kids that make me say, ” Man I wish I Had Him!!!” No Doubt About it Noah Gorman Stock Is High!!!!! This kid has a knack for timely big time plays.

Samuel Townsend

Samuel Townsend 2024- Young Fella is tough, with his superb athleticism he is a kid who can do a variety of things on the floor, he plays bigger than his size list, he has excellent foot speed that allows him to get in the air before others can even get off their feet and he finishes in traffic with ease. Here is a kid who we had not known about and a kid who will make his appearance on our updated class ranking list and a kid who we will be monitoring closely.


Carson Brownfield

Carson Brownfield 2024- Young Fella is a wing who attacks the basket with force, having a physical build young Carson does a lot of damage in the paint, which at this time he has too do for most teams. If and when young fella starts knocking that jump-shot down on a regular he will be a handful for the opposing defenses, as I’ve yet to see anyone in his class keep him from finishing in or getting in the paint, the lefty is crafty.

DeMarrea Davis

2022 DaMarrea Davis- Young Fella is a load, he attacks the basket relentlessly, rebounds over bigger defenders, plays in traffic and has a motor, Here is a kid a coach says “I Want Him On My Team!!” this is a player that people refer too as ” A DOG!!!” on the court.We see DaMarrea as a powerful wing, who is a mis-match for most as he is to big for smaller wing/guards and way way too fast for smaller stretch wings. As Young Fella improves his perimeter shooting he will have coaches heads spinning. Look For DaMarrea to make a big Splash In Our Final 2022 Class Rankings Being Released  8/27. Young Fella is a Monster!!!

Dajuan Bates

2022- Dajuan Bates- Yes Indeed!! Here is a combo guard who ” Has Game!!!” There aren’t many in the class that have the offensive arsenal of young fella,  Dajuan is crafty with dribble (and able to get virtually anywhere on the court he wants) shoots the long range shot well off the bounce or the catch and has the confidence with the ball like ” You Can’t Guard Me!!” we have been lookin for young fella for awhile and no doubt in our mind this is a ” Prospect Who Will Be Making Noise!!!” Dajuan has a smooth game,  his frame and long wiry arms are something that intrigues us even more it could be very interesting for people in a few years, I can see people saying ” Where He Come From!!”  Look for Young Fella to land his name on our Final 2022 list rather high on 8/27


Dominique Murphy

Dominique Murphy- 2025 – Here we go another prospect who we see growing right in front of our eyes, Yep a kid who plays the post early, but has the skill set and talent to become a wing in the future. Dominique or DJ as most call him has been an imposing player in the post for the past year or so, giving kids fits with his footwork, and imposing size to smaller teams, but what amazes us is young fella isn’t just a big kid for his age dominating smaller teams, young fella has a skill set, where he can put it on the floor, face up attack the basket along with taking the undersized players in the post. Look For ” DJ” To rise In our updated rankings being released later this month!!!

Jamin Brown

Jamin Brown 2022- Yep!! This is a kid who is fearless on the court and plays with high intensity and a high motor. as I know him is a combo guard who can score in bunches as I’ve witness young fella go on scoring outburst where he hits 3-4 long range bombs in row and puts points on the board in a hurry young fella is streaky “When He Hot, He Hot!!!”, he has always been able to take a hit and finish as he has been a superior athlete but his skills are catching up to that athleticism. This is a kid who loves to compete, “The Bigger The Game The Bigger He Plays”. With his physical build and fast twitch muscles Jamin has the capability of being one of the elite defenders in the class. Look For Young Fella to Make a Jump In the final 2022 Class rankings being released 8/27

Khalil Ross

2023 Khalil Ross- Yes Sirrrrrrrrrr!!! ” Prospect Alert!!!!. Here is a kid who is hitting his stride, a kid who is getting better and better, a kid who has what a lot of kids in his class don’t and checks all the boxes, Khalil whom I’m finna give my nickname Special K is a 6/4 wing with sooo much versatility. Young Fella can rebound in traffic, push the break, score at the rim and has a knock down 3 that he shoots with range-out to 25ft like he shooting a free-throw. I witnessed young fella knock 3 in row down with a defender hanging all over him. Uwwww. I ve seen this before a kid who is constantly working wasn’t given anything young and now is hungry, improved and on a mission. No Doubt about it Young Fella will make his Debut Top 10 in the 2023 Class Rankings being released next week. I’ll say one thing if you’re looking for a prospect here you go!! Young Fella Has the Right Body Type, Length, Frame that speaks down the line good.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



A Look Back!!!

Promising Prospect # 34

” He Has What They Don’t!!!”

Jalen Griffith

I said it two years ago to several of my ” Breakfast Club Members” when he was in 6th grade, ” shorty the truth!!! and if he was in 8th grade he would be one of the Top pgs right now, I don’t care he two grades younger”. Yep I saw a young kid who played with a poise and understanding of the game that just doesn’t come around often. Jalen Griffith is the best pure pg I’ve seen in Middle School in last 5 years. Yes there have been guards who played the point but they were more combo guards to me. Young Fella plays the game where he makes everyone around him better, he has the ball on a string, he has the best vision in the class, he can break any defender down off the dribble, he makes plays where all his teammates have to do is hit a layup because he has collapsed the defense and he has those crafty Kyrie Irving finishes, Yep ” Pg Supreme!!” I’ve witnessed young fella put the team on his back scoring in bunches like 20 in one half and I’ve witness young fella put the team on his back by leading and creating easy baskets for his teammates the ladder of which makes him different and special. Yep ” He Has What They Don’t!” Here is a kid that faces the pressure, never shies away, he is built for the moment and more times that not comes out on top. Yes some are go- getters when they are the favorites and stacked and some go getters because they want it and want the challenges of playing on that big stage. For my money, game on the line give me this kid here. ” He Has What They Don’t!!” I’ll Put My Stamp On, Barring Injury Mark It Down D 1!!” The only thing I see is a debate on, is what D1 level and the only question I have with that is the final height because he has pg skills that mirror  some High D 1 guards right now, Jalen was born to play the position, young fella has the talent too walk in ” ANY HIGH SCHOOL and be on the floor. Young Fella has that ” Special” in him, he has that confidence with the ball in his hands and he is able to see the play before it happens. In watching young fella over the past few years, the think that I’m impressed with is that despite all the attention he gets he still plays for his teammates and it’s all about the team, Yes young fella is truly emerging as a leader. Rated as a Top 3 prospect in the class and moving up by Jr Hoops Elite, we expect to see big things in high school from young fella and we are proud to  acknowledge Jalen Griffith as our Promising Prospect # 33 ” He Has What They Don’t” Look For Jalen The Top Prospect Showcase Feb 23rd where many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Ricky Moore


Promising Prospect # 28

” He Can Do It All “

Amari Bailey

If you haven’t seen this young player play you are definitely missing a treat, I suggest you call around, get a schedule and make it your business to go see a “once in a few year player” yep the name is Amari Bailey and he one of the players that I’ve seen at a young age and I give that label ” He Has That Special In Him” a kid who plays the game with the poise of a senior in High School, not a 7th grader. I’ve watched young fella countless times put his team on his back and carry them to victory or lead his team to a close game against an opponent they had no business being in the game. At this level they don’t come around this good that often. I stated last year when young fella was in 6th grade I thought he was one of the Top 10 kids in middle school and had as much potential as anyone and people thought I was crazy. Well young fella is a as poised as they come with the ball in his hands, he always seems to make the correct play, he can set up his teammates, he can get to the paint and finish in traffic and he is knocking the 3 down with incredible accuracy from NBA range. Give me this 6ft 2 point guard to run my team and I have a chance against anybody, I saw Shaun Livingston at the same age and what I thought about him then is the same thing I think about Amari-” Future Big Time College Prospect!!!! “Amari  is special nothing seems to faze him, I’ve seen players try to ruff him, I’ve seen teams put 2 or 3 defenders on him, I’ve seen him in hostile environments where parents and players were going crazy and he never lets a situation take him out of character, Young fella is so so good but you would never know it by how he carries himself on and off the court. I was at a game where everyone in the building were on their feet, Amari and his team were down close to double figures with about 4 minutes to go, young fella took over the game hitting a 3 pointer, knocking down 2 midrange jumpshots, then finishing with a lay-up and a free throw. Then on one of the final possessions his teammate appears to take a bad shot when Amari was open, he missed bad and the opposing team called time-out, with everyone in the gym yelling at the kid “why didn’t you pass the ball”, Amari walks up to his teammate as they were walking to the bench and shook his hand and patted him on his back saying something to the effect don’t worry about it, you could see in his teammates face the way he felt after Amari talked with him, it was just another moment where he displayed to me his leadership and showed he wasn’t above everyone else. Now don’t get being calm as lack of competitiveness spirit because thats in no way the case because young fella is the ultimate competitor as  he excepts the challenge of carrying his team and putting them in position to win and never backs down. Young Fella currently rates as JrhoopsElite# 1 rated prospect in the class of 2022 and as we see it now one of the Top 5 prospects regardless of class.  Shooting, Rebounding, Passing, Leading and Competing ” He Can Do It All “I haven’t seen many doing at this level the way he does it and we would like to acknowledge young fella as our Promising Prospect # 28.”Keep up the Good Work !!!”

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Promising Prospect # 26

                                                                                            ” It Don’t Matter”

Timia Ware

Here is one of the hottest prospect in Middle School right now!!! Introducing Timia Ware from Legacy Charter Yes Indeed!!!! That’s Teresa baby girl. When you look at a prospect who has been tearing it up on the court look no further. Timia has not only been tearing it up, she has been doing this while playing with the boys. Coming from the Westside of Chicago, there are not a lot of options for girls to play competitive basketball as much as she likes, so that forced her to play with the boys and when I tell ya she is a player, that would be an understatement. Playing in probably the most competitive fall league in the state right now (Best of The Midwest), with at least 30 of top 100 boys(Jrhoopselite rankings) in the league, this young lady is turning heads left and right. With games of 17, 15, 14 and 12 pts she does things with the ball that most can’t believe, forget she a girl, “game recognize game” “crossover, step- back- bucket” “split the double team, wrap around the back, underhanded bounce pass- Gotcha!!! Crowds goes crazy. Triple threat, jab step, quick dribble to the left pull-up gotcha!! TIME OUT!!! says the coach. “Who got her?” Next play down, cross over- stop on the dime 25foot pointer— basket!!!! Uuuuuuwwweeeee!!. Coach calls another time out and says “ she a girl, what’s yall problem, yall can’t stop her?” Let me tell ya something coach.” It don’t matter!!!” Tamia is a player; forget the fact that she is a girl, if you don’t recognize and recognize quick, you are in trouble. Barring injury or just plain I don’t want to play anymore, you can mark this one in the book Division 1 easy. This young lady has all the tools and is more technically sound and fundamentally sound than 90 percent of the players in Middle School regardless of gender. Gym after Gym, game after game, people are definitely taking notice. Referees, High School Coaches and Parents are all wondering and asking the same questions, “What’s her name? Where is she going to school?” All I know is that this young lady, has a lot of that “special” in her game and if you haven’t seen her you’re missing a treat. So before you start seeing it in the newspapers, on all the blogs and websites. Go catch a game of Legacy Charter  this season with the up and coming first class coach, “ Coach Troy” he also worth the price of admissions. Jrhoopselite  looks forward to seeing Tamia at the Girls Top Prospect Showcase for girls coming this Winter after the holiday and school season. We would also like to acknowledge Timia Ware as our Promising Prospect “ One thing I know, there is a baller out west who is one of the elite players in the state, Yes she happens to be a girl, but you know what ” It Don’t Matter”.


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972