” Stock Risers Below!! JHE Preseason Top 10 Schools Coming 10/19

Mid October  Stock Risers

Jaloni Johnson

Jaloni Johnson 2023 – Yes Sirrrrrrr!!!! here is a player that Jr Hoops Elite has been missing for quite some time, Jaloni is a kid who has been playing up the past two years and we always were like is he in 2022 or 2023? Well some people are in trouble and definitely will be moving down when we update our rankings, young fella is a  nightmare for opposing coaches, Jaloni is long combo forward who has tremendous foot work, foot speed and a quick jumper off the floor, he makes it look too easy against the big slower forwards, then young fella has that face-up game where he can take you off the dribble and  finishes in traffic over players with his length, “Yep!!! We Have A Prospect!!!!”  The versitilty of playing both ends of the floor effective make Jaloni Stock Riser and  definitely a kid who will make his debut Thanksgiving Day in the updated rankings rather high. We expect too see Jaloni at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance.

Miles Casey

Miles Casey 2022- Talk about a crafty, hard working, competitive and fiesty Looooooook Nooo Further!!! They don’t make them like this anymore. “I want him on my team”is what every coach would say about young fella. Miles can knock the open shot down off the catch or off the dribble, he can hit you with a nice pass setting up his teammates or he can slice and dice his way to the basket among 1,2 or even 3 defenders if necessary. I know for a fact a couple of high school coaches are hoping young fella is in their uniform when the season starts next year. Miles is the player who leaves everything on the line and gives his all every single game. Miles earned an invite to the invite only Top Prospect Showcase Feb. 24th and another player who will definitely make his debut in the Jr Hoops Elite Updated rankings released Thanksgiving @ 10pm

Jeremy Alderson

Jeremy Alderson 2022- Sometimes you see a player and you say ” he is getting better and better” Yep that’s Jeremey a player who not many were talking about to now a kid who high school coaches will be at games saying ” wait a minute, I need to speak with his parents” Jeremey is an attacking combo g/f who finishes strong at the rim, he has the ability to take the bumps and put opposing players in the basket. Young Fella also has the frame where he can be a lock down defender. It will be very interesting over at Ariel this year as they are loaded with talent. Jeremy is another who has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the Top Players in The Midwest will be in attendance with his play the past few weeks and another who will be making his debut in the updated rankings,

Amare White

Amare White- Somebody better get out too the South Suburbs there is a slithery point guard with them ” thangs” talk about a magician with the ball in his hands, I watched young fella put on two moves that had me and the crowd in amazement one week, then watched young fella come back and have defenders shifting all over the floor as they couldn’t stay in front of Amare. Well young fella Jr Hoops Elite is well aware now and will be making some schools games for sure. Amare is a player who will be making his debut in our updated rankings Thanksgiving and a player we hope to see compete against the elite at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th.



WoW is all I can say about the Jr Hoops Elite Fall League, talent is everywhere as over 50 of the top 125 players in the class of 2022 are in participation and many who will be entering in the updated released rankings on Thanksgiving. When I say there are teams stacked with talent playing each week that’s an understatement. Action is intense. This past weekend I watched back to back to back games come down to the last possession and at the other site we had single point games including a game winner.

Mac Irvin Fire 14U v Meanstreets- The Fire came out hot and jumped out to an early 8 point lead  behind Kameron Kraft who was on fire from deep knocking down his first 3 attempts and hitting 4 of 5 in the first half, as the Fire looked to extend  a double digit lead, Jaylen Drane scored 6 straight and dished out two assist to take a 2 point lead with 4 minutes to go in the half, after a couple of baskets by Andre Casey Jr,  Ryan Duncan answered with a and after a  basket from Derrick the Fire held a 22- 21 lead at half. It looked like Meanstreet had a size advantage and was about to impose its will inside, but a feisty defense and scrapping forwards held Big Andre to 4 points in the second half. Nick Harrell had several slithery moves to the basket and scored over the length and was a force in the paint. After runs back and forth by both teams it looked like Mac Irvin had the game in control, but wait a minute a pull-up jumpshot and a by Keon Richardson it appeared that the Meanstreet had snatched back momentum as the game was again tied, with two chances to take the lead for Meanstreets  went by the wayside as they turned it over. As the game went on Terry Elias  got stronger. more comfortable and was relentless, he  refused to be denied every-time his team needed a big bucket he provided an answer he was unstoppable in the second half  scoring 15 of his 18 in the second half doing it inside and outside, young fella was masterful stopping in the middle of the lane and finishing through the big bodies as Mac Irvin Fire went up 3 possessions. Kameron Kraft finished up with 17 hitting 5 from deep mark it down “Best Shooter In The State”Jaylen Drane  did what he had been doing the whole game attack one man, split one man, wrap it around his back and finish at the rim with a basket and a foul, young fella was Unstoppable the whole game!!! This kid here uses the correct dribble every time, and no one seems to be able to stop him from getting where he wants. He scored on 3 straight possessions in between missed free-throws and finished with a game high efficient 24. Fire 46- Meanstreets 44 

And One 14U- Fire 14U- When I say these two teams came out roaring it was crazy they were knocking down shots at a rate that most high school teams would noy have kept up with. And One came out looking like a sophomore team with 6/4 and 6/4 up front and a pair of 5/10 guards. There were 10 3’s hit in the first half including 3 in a row by Ahmad Henderson who personally went on a 9-0 run in the first half in a minute stretch that gave his team the lead as they walked into half time with a 39-34 lead Kameron Kraft f had 15 in the first half also of the fire. Tyler Faucett had 10 and Raleigh Roberson had 8 for And One. In the second half the teams went back and forth before and it appeared that And One was in position to take the lead then Nick Harrell came down the lane splitting defenders and reverse laying it up in traffic, then got a rebound, pushed it up the floor, zigging and zagging around defenders with the nifty dribble before again finishing thru one 6/4 and around the other that put the crowd in a roar. And One did not go away and finished strong despite being with out  its leading scorer and tournament leading scorer thus far in the tournament Lil Toby. Several players played big in this game for both sides and contributed Fire were lead byKameron Kraft 17, Nick Harrell 12, Ahmad Henderson 9  And One we lead by Tyler Fawcett 14, Raleigh Roberson, Jared Badie 11 Fire 54- And One 52


Tyler Fawcett

Tyler Fawcett 2022- When looking at Tyler all you can say is “they don’t come around like this very often” here is a player who is a force in the paint, I had been out to see young fella play several times last year but he was never dressed to play, well I finally got to see this talent in action and let me tell ya young fella “ IS THE TRUTH!!!!”. Young Fella has great balance, uses his base, post moves and great foot-work you do not see much on this level, and his catch and shoot mid-range jump-shot is money in the bank. There is no doubt about it, when mentioning best post players in the state Tyler will definitely be in the conversation somewhere no doubt. This is a prospect who Jr Hoops Elite will be monitoring carefully and definitely out at school games this winter to see. Tyler definitely has earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance Feb 24th. Young Fella will definitely be making his debut in our updated rankings being released Thanksgiving Night @ 10pm.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Prospects Who will entering or Moving Up in New Updated Rankings For Sure!!!

Tony Webb 2022

Lamont Williams 2022

Tyler Faucett 2022

Brandon Jones 2022

Jeremy Alderson 2022

Kameron Kraft 2022

David Geiser 2022





News And Notes

While many have been getting settled in school and others playing football and enjoying the beginning of fall, JHE has been out watching other prospects get an early jump in the season playing in fall leagues and late summer tournaments. Below you will see several stand-outs, in the JHE fall league. I will have a series of articles and topics being posted several times a week and coverage will be updated daily on prospects and new upcoming prospects to be on the look-out for. The Next Updated Class rankings for 2022 & 2023 will be Thanksgiving Day.


Jayden Dean-(MVP) UCONN

Mikell Jones- Syracuse

Donavan Jones- Duke

Christopher Green- Kentucky

Demetrius Dortch- North Carolina

2 nd Team

Shallah Davis- UCONN

Mikwon Jones – Kentucky

Leonte Lilly- UCLA

Damahrion Murrell- UCONN

Trevon Thomas – North Carolina



Jayden Dean JHE Youth League MVP

Jayden Dean 2022- If there is a hotter prospect in the class let me know where he is at, this young fella ripped up the JHE fall league averaging 20 plus and showing the whole package, as he was knocking down the 3, hitting the pull-up and finishing thru defenders powering his way to the basket with little ease. Young Fella dominated in Championship game scoring 30 leaving no doubt as M.V.P. and lead an undermanned UCONN squad along with Shallah Davis & Damahrion Murrell they were the 3 headed monster in the Championship!!

Samuel Lewis Jr.

Samuel Lewis Jr. 2023- Yes Indeed!!!!! talk about a smooth operator with a sweet stroke ” Lil Sam” is going on the list of top shooters in the State, he and young Collin Wainscott are 2 of the top shooters regardless of class in Middle School and young fella does it all over the court, off the bounce, the catch and shot or shot fake bounce and pull-up from deep it doesn’t matter, but make no mistake about it young fella is more than just a shooter he has game and plays with a confidence and poise that says “Nice Future” young fella will definitely have Jr Hoops Elite  at his games this winter and is definitely a prospect who will be entering the updated rankings very high when they are released Thanksgiving Day. Here is a prospect who earned and invite to the Top Prospect Showcase where many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance Feb 24th.

Reggie Taylor

Reggie Taylor-2024 Here is a player who  showed a tremendous ability to shoot it from deep and have confidence in his hot despite playing against many players 2 years his superior in the past fall league. in his first game of the league young fella was pretty quite and shot wasn’t falling, but young fella never let his confidence waiver as he was always hunting his shot even against the bigger kids he showed no fear and in his last two games including playoffs young fella knocked down at least 3 3 pointers and was the teams most consistent outside threat. Reggie is a player who Jr Hoops Elite will be keeping a close eye on at his travel and school games as he is definitely a prospect we figure to be talking plenty about.


JHE Class of 2022 Top 175 All inclusive Illinois, NWI and Southern Wisconsin

  1. This list is designed for promotion of our youth and designed to motivate kids, there are a lot of kids at this level that I have not seen yet and will not include on the list until I have actually saw them play. I will be out at various tournaments through out the summer. Again I want kids to understand that you are preparing yourself for down the line, continue to work and get better,  Again if your name is not on the list it maybe an oversight or I have not have seen you in person. Feel free to contact me about events or if you have any questions. 


Ricky Moore 773 383-0972



Amari Bailey
Amari Bailey
Jaylen Drane
Andre Casey Jr.
Jared Badie


Terry Elias
Donavan Jones


Mikell Jones
Christian Jones
Leonte Lilly
Brylan Phillips 


  1. Amari Bailey/Andre Casey Jr.
  2. Jaylen Drane
  3. De’Vontes Cobbs
  4. Terry Elias
  5. Steven Clay
  6. Kaden Cobb
  7. Kanye Smith
  8. Brylan Phillips
  9. Christopher Green
  10. Jared Badie
  11. Trey Pettigrew
  12. Leonte Lilly
  13. Donavan Jones
  14. Mikell Jones
  15. Christian Jones
  16. Daronte Patterson
  17. Aviyon Morris
  18. Marshawn Sayles
  19. Kamari Weatherspoon
  20. Eian Pugh
  21. Jayden Dean
  22. DJ Starr
  23. Kameron Kraft
  24. Raleigh Roberson
  25. Dentrell Jackson
  26. Nick Harrell
  27. Jalen Washington
  28. Mysean Vaughn
  29. Kevin Dela Paz
  30. Conner Sukel
  31. Mikqwon Jones
  32. Keon Richardson
  33. Demetrius Dortch
  34. Lavonta Ash
  35. Tyler Morris
  36. Ahmad Henderson
  37. Mehki Shaw
  38. Jamol Molten
  39. Markwan Adams
  40. Curtis Smothers
  41. Alex Jackson
  42. Reggie Fleurima
  43. Lavar Lindsey
  44. Martez Rhodes
  45. Vernon Hill
  46. Tye Banks
  47. Mikey Brown
  48. Gavin Johnson Jr.
  49. Trevon Thomas
  50. Kennon Cook
  51. Kenyon Weekley
  52. De Andrew Powell
  53. Toby Onyeknowu
  54. Yusef Oliff
  55. Kennan Abnar Jr.
  56. Bryant Handley
  57. Demontre Young
  58. Donavon Eatmon
  59. Deandre Berry
  60. Jaumauri Winfrey
  61. Bobby Durkin
  62. Brian Akinyle
  63. Ryan Duncan
  64. Alonzo Powe
  65. Denim Juette
  66. Shallah Davis
  67. Tykwon Salley
  68. Lavontrae Ford
  69. Justin Mullins
  70. Jevon France
  71. Deontrae Warren
  72. Lashaun Danzler
  73. Lerone Allen
  74. DaMahrion Murrell
  75. Dajour Stephens
  76. Lazarion Tyler
  77. Tyler Burrows
  78. Jaydin Dunlap
  79.  Stephen Hill
  80. Ahmarion Hill
  81. Keshawn Smith
  82. Travis Grayson
  83. Mark Smith
  84. Christian Meeks
  85. Solomon Earner
  86. David Freedman
  87. Calvin Nwosu
  88. Sebastian Mack
  89. Eric Locke Jr.
  90. Cale Steinbach
  91. Jshaan Richards
  92. Samuel Lewis Jr.
  93. Lamont Williams
  94. Jevon Johnson
  95. Devough McCullogh
  96. Nathan Moore
  97. Tony Webb
  98. Devyn Williams
  99. Rashawn Bost
  100. Max Reese
  101. Rommell Franklin Jr
  102. Erick Lynch
  103. Eugene Brown
  104. Tyson Amoo- Mensah
  105. Caleeb Spencer
  106. Devonta Freeman
  107. Johnny Griffith
  108. Gabriel James-Rivera
  109. Chrys Smyros
  110. Timaris Brown
  111. Max Murray
  112. Jevon Johnson
  113. TJ Stevenson
  114. Malik Morgan
  115. Amarion Fields
  116. Aidan Mahar
  117. Keynan Davis
  118. Jabryn Anderson
  119. Orlando Thomas
  120. Joshua Kirksey
  121. Ashton Norful
  122. Donavan Brown
  123. Javin Miles
  124. Jack Trent
  125. Jamarion Stubbs
  126. Terrance Patton
  127. Kevin Cobb
  128. Freddie Golden
  129. Terrion Langston
  130. Cameron Pickett
  131. Alphoso Betts
  132. Justin Williams
  133. Mickey Schumacher
  134. Terez Richmond
  135. AJ Redd
  136. DiAngelo Strong
  137. Ashton Hutchinson
  138. Tyler Westberg
  139. Austin Franklin
  140. Eric Washington
  141. Cori Baker
  142. Torrence Hardin
  143. Ben Jackson
  144. Calvin Smith
  145. Kimeon Spence
  146. Nick Vuckovic
  147. Mark Feguson
  148. Kenneth Smith
  149. Parish Walker
  150. Justin Carswell
  151. Phillip Bell
  152. Julien Chandler
  153. Valentino Hill
  154. Alex Fortson
  155. Julius Brown
  156. Khalil Hall
  157. Timothy Bell
  158. Nico Brown
  159. Carlos Small
  160. Ke’ton Wilson
  161. Jason Smith
  162. Kirk Lovett
  163. Wally Zminsky
  164. Eric Patton
  165. Marckus Pillows
  166. Neamiah Pipkins
  167. Mark Northside
  168. Jose Martinez Jr.
  169. Joeseph Borishade
  170. Lateerian Payton
  171. Tyler Gumbus
  172. Kimmeon Robinson
  173. Tyrelle Baker

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