New Team Rankings Monday

New Class 2024 Class Rankings Released Mar. 1st.


                                                                           We Going Down State!!!

Urbana Middle School

Game Of The Week

Kankakee vs Urbana

In what had to be the game of the year so far. Kankakee Jr. High and Urbana battled to an instant Classic. I mean this game was back and forth and more action packed than and N.B.A. Finals Game. After last years double over-time battle for Sectionals this was an anticipated match-up that everyone was waiting for. Kankakee at their home gym came out furious with a trapping defense and forced several turnovers early starting the game 8-2, after settling down and dumping it inside Urbana came back as it’s crowd starting chanting and making itself heard going on a 10/4 run, matching basket for basket the teams entered half-time with Kankakee up 1. The second half was full of action, Urbana came out and looked like it was on a mission going up 8 as Marshawn Sayles was a force inside grabbing rebounds and showing all facets off his game hitting mid-range, scoring off the dribble and knocking down one from 25ft at the top of the key, but Kankakee would not go away, Lil Nate Hill started slicing and dicing his way through the lane hitting teammates for dimes and seemed to gain confidence that no one could stop him as he split defenders and assisted or scored on 10 straight points getting in the paint and Kankakee closed the 3rd on a run and it was 30/31 after 3. The start of The fourth here we go again Urbana goes on a quick 6 nothing run and appears to have the game under control as Jermontre Young knocks a floater down in the lane. With the momentum swinging and the Urbana crowd feeling good Coach K.T. calls a timeout, with the Kankakee crowd eager to cheer young  Alan Smith hits back to back shots in the lane and after a turnover and basket by Kankakee the crowd goes crazy as Kankakee regains the lead. With every parent in the gym yelling instructions to their child, Urbana has the ball with a minute and a half up 1they try to dump it down low, a blocked shot called jump gets the ball back to Kankakee, penetration in the lane by Nate and a kick out to Pierre Allen who knocked it down looking cool as a cucumber young fella had several key outside shots, never feeling the pressure of the moment. After a turnover, Kankakee had the ball with 45 seconds and a two point lead, playing keep away, Urbana then fouled with 26 seconds sending Kankakee too the line for 1 and the bonus, Kankakaee missed and Urbana called timeout. With 11 seconds left down 2, Coach Butler pulled a (Philadephia Eagles) rabbit out the hat drawing up a beautiful baseline down screen setting up a game winning 3 attempt(the whole gym standing as the shot went up- like a scene out of a movie), shocking the whole crowd as there was plenty of time to go inside where his team had been so dominant and force over-time Nope He WEnt For The Win!!! as the shot rimmed out and parents yelling about the play call Kankakee Rebounded the shot, they were fouled with 7 seconds left. The Kankakee Crowd feeling good and thinking the game was in hand after holding their breath on the last shot. Now again on the line 7 seconds up with another chance to seal the game at the line, young fella missed the front end of 1 and 1 Urbana guard Jermontre Young dribbled up the court and located 2023 Kylan Boswell who shot the game winning 3 pointer as time expired as tho he was shooting in his back yard, no pressure ” SWISH!!! a stunned Kankakee crowd could not believe it as Urbana and it’s crowd stormed the floor, UNBELIEVABLE!!! This was an incredible game, both coaches get an A+ for there adjustments, temperament and attitude under pressure. I was very impressed. Urbana head to state 19-0 looking like one of the favorites. Marshawn Sayles finished with 22pts and 18 rebounds and looks to be on a mission! State Tournament Tomorrow, Rain, Sleet, Snow The Show Must Go On!!


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Promising Prospect # 32

                                                                               ” He Has The Answer!! “

Dalen Davis

There is a young talented 2023 pg walking around that is ready to take this city by storm, a kid who has all the tools to be in the conversation as best in the class Yep!!! No matter what you do on defense ” He Has The Answer!! “. At his grade level he is virtually unstoppable. A smaller guard sticking him he over powers them and finishes with ease, a zone defense he knocks it down from deep 24ft effortless, man to man defense he slices his way around his man and spoon feeds his bigs for a basket, he has one of the best stop and go’s that keeps his defender off balance and I’ve yet to see someone be able to stop him from getting where he wants to get on the floor. ” Move Your Feet, Yells coach, Step Up Yells Coach” I shake my head and say to myself it don’t matter he can’t stick him ” He Has The Answer!!”  Young Dalen Davis 2022 is a talent that speaks D1 no doubt in my mind, while many guards at 7th Grade are wait and see ” I’ll Put My Stamp On This ONE, Barring Injury Mark It Down” While the talent is there sometimes the effort, appearance to play hard or maybe the disinterest sometimes gets the best of young fella. While still young and things to work on,  I say this is a kid who will flourish in high school and you will definitely be reading about. All City, All Conference, All-State hmmm, up to young fella and how hard he works “He Has The Answer!!”. While there are talented guards in the 2023 class Dalen and his talent match up with anyone, I’ve been watching young fella for 2 years plus and he has been handling his own against players 2 years older, it appears the light has clicked on and young fella is on a mission, right now he is nothing to play with and looking to destroy. Players Beware!!! In the updated class rankings coming out Mar 1st young fella will again be a Top 5 prospect and a candidate who definitely is in the conversation as one the best. Look For Dalen to put his talents on display at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. Young Fella isn’t just one of the better players in his class he is one of the elite players in Middle School period. Add to that Dalen is an Honor Student who has grades and test scores that will enable him to get into any high school in the Chicago-land area and you have one well rounded kid. Jr Hoops Elite would like to acknowledge Dalen Davis as our Promising Prospect, Yep!! ” He Has The Answer!!

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   Throwback Thursday Timia Ware Current WY Freshmen Varsity Star!!!

                                                         Promising Prospect # 26

                                                                                            ” It Don’t Matter”

Timia Ware

Here is one of the hottest prospect in Middle School right now!!! Introducing Timia Ware from Legacy Charter Yes Indeed!!!! That’s Teresa baby girl. When you look at a prospect who has been tearing it up on the court look no further. Timia has not only been tearing it up, she has been doing this while playing with the boys. Coming from the Westside of Chicago, there are not a lot of options for girls to play competitive basketball as much as she likes, so that forced her to play with the boys and when I tell ya she is a player, that would be an understatement. Playing in probably the most competitive fall league in the state right now (Best of The Midwest), with at least 30 of top 100 boys(Jrhoopselite rankings) in the league, this young lady is turning heads left and right. With games of 17, 15, 14 and 12 pts she does things with the ball that most can’t believe, forget she a girl, “game recognize game” “crossover, step- back- bucket” “split the double team, wrap around the back, underhanded bounce pass- Gotcha!!! Crowds goes crazy. Triple threat, jab step, quick dribble to the left pull-up gotcha!! TIME OUT!!! says the coach. “Who got her?” Next play down, cross over- stop on the dime 25foot pointer— basket!!!! Uuuuuuwwweeeee!!. Coach calls another time out and says “ she a girl, what’s yall problem, yall can’t stop her?” Let me tell ya something coach.” It don’t matter!!!” Tamia is a player; forget the fact that she is a girl, if you don’t recognize and recognize quick, you are in trouble. Barring injury or just plain I don’t want to play anymore, you can mark this one in the book Division 1 easy. This young lady has all the tools and is more technically sound and fundamentally sound than 90 percent of the players in Middle School regardless of gender. Gym after Gym, game after game, people are definitely taking notice. Referees, High School Coaches and Parents are all wondering and asking the same questions, “What’s her name? Where is she going to school?” All I know is that this young lady, has a lot of that “special” in her game and if you haven’t seen her you’re missing a treat. So before you start seeing it in the newspapers, on all the blogs and websites. Go catch a game of Legacy Charter  this season with the up and coming first class coach, “ Coach Troy” he also worth the price of admissions. Jrhoopselite  looks forward to seeing Timia at the Girls Top Prospect Showcase for girls coming this Winter after the holiday and school season. We would also like to acknowledge Timia Ware as our Promising Prospect “ One thing I know, there is a baller out west who is one of the elite players in the state, Yes she happens to be a girl, but you know what ” It Don’t Matter”.

     *****Timia has had numerous 20 point plus games against the elite girls teams in the state and is one of the best players in the city already future is bright.******

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Talented And Ready Stake Claim!!

Omarion Hatch

Omarion Hatch 2022- Talk about one of the most exciting players in the class, look no further Omarion is a blur with the ball in his hands, he is as tough a competitor, finisher and defender that you will find at his size and he has the ability to take over a game and will his team to victory as I have personally witnessed on several occasions. When I first got wind of young fella two years ago I said ” HE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION” hailing from Michigan City, Indiana some might miss out on his talent as out of sight out of mind. Well i did everything I could to get his Middle School Team here to compete and he has done nothing short of be spectacular, recently going the length of the floor baseline to baseline with 4.2 seconds to go and hitting a game winning lay-up after weaving through traffic against the then # 4 rated team. Yep this comes on the heals of giving number 1 & 2 rated teams 15 and 20 plus points in spectacular acrobatic fashion. ” rick where you find this team?” was all people kept asking me and who is that? well it’s time people start acknowledging Michigan City has talent. Omarion as well as a couple of his teammates will be included in our updated 2022 class rankings and some people are sure to be dropping because young fella will be entering pretty high. We also look forward to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th as some of the best players in the Midwest from Illinois, Indiana Wisconsin will be in the building competing and forming everlasting bonds. We at Jr Hoops Elite expect to see big things out of young fella in the very near future as he definitely is a nice prospect.

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Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett 2023- The young fella has a certain effect on the game that you really can’t understand until you see him. Young Fella is all out effort, he has one of the highest motors in the class and attacks at a relentless rate. Some players may look more refined at this stage, but there are not that are more impactful that’s for sure. When you talk about some one laying it on the line and impacting a win Jeremy is top 10 in his class. Young Fella is lightning fast with the ball in his hands and changes direction with out slowing down that’s something that can’t be taught and he rebounds just as good as any guard in the class. We expect to see Jeremy at the Top Prospect Showcase playing with and against the elite in his class. Is he ready for that next Challenge? we shall see soon.

Drew Cwik

Drew Cwik 2022 Here is a player that caught our eye a couple of weeks ago playing for Meanstreet Curtis 14U Drew looks to be just what the doctor ordered as he meshed in well knocking down perimeter 3pt shots off the catch and the dribble. Young Fella showed the ability to also create for others as he had a couple of pin-point passes. Drew definitely caught our eye and will be another kid we pay close attention too and another prospect who will be making his way into our updated rankings in the near future.

Jalon Bullock

Jalon Bullock 2022- We see you big fella, Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Here is a kid who is improving by leaps and bounds and when i say he is getting better he is getting better and better fast. Yep when they are young it’s always the smaller guards who often shine first because they have the ball in their hands and the smaller kids coordination and timing come easier and faster. Well Jalon game is catching up with his body and he is a force inside. Young Fella recently put on a show and had the crowd on their feet as his team played the current number team in our middle school rankings and Jalon blocked 4 consecutive shots out of bounds, two in which were blasted against the wall”Yes Sir Young Fella  Maybe The Best Inside Defender Around” now you add to that the way he runs the court, has perimeter skills with the ball and the ability to dunk it on your head or finish with a two hand buggy whip dunk in transition and you have a prospect that says next level. Yep there is no doubt in our mind that Jalon has Division 1 talent. When our updated rankings come out Mar 1. look for young fella to be among some of the top names in the Midwest. Top Prospect Showcase is Feb 24th. we hope to see young Jalon in attendance.

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Max Wilhelmsen

Max Wilhelmsen 2022- Sometimes people are seen late and people will say ” where he come from?” here is a player whom many will get to know very soon, Max is one of those kids that make you say Prospect. Yes young Fella stands 6/3 and doesnt look like he is through growing and he moves with great fluidity and has multiple skill-sets, he can shoot it from the perimeter, he can beat the bigger kids off the dribble and down the court and he rebounds outside of his area. When looking at Max we see a kid who will make a high school coach look good because he is versatile. Jr Hoops Elite will be keeping a close eye on Max and he is another kid who will be making his way into our updated rankings when they are released Mar 1st.

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Time You Found Out About These!!!!!

Carlos Harris

Carlos Harris 2024- Yes Sirrrrrr!!! In a class that appears to be strong at the top here is a kid who has the game to be mentioned among the elite. ” Lil Carlos” as known to some is a problem for defenders, When I first noticed young fella I said ” Uwww!!! shorty got game!!!” then they said you know he in 5th grade right I said ” you got to be kidding!!! Yep!! that was last year, fast forward to this year and its scary!!! young fella is a big wing guard who gets to the rim at will, can knock it down from the perimeter and has a first step that leaves most defenders looking dumbfounded, It’s like young fella has been playing against older players for years because he is comfortable with the ball in his hands against the pressure and he finishes in traffic without fear. When you think that Carlos is only in 6th and has 2 years of middle school left after this year it seems unfair. Young Fella will be in attendance at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the top players in the Midwest will be in attendance and our initial 2024 class rankings come out Mar. 1st and there is no doubt about it you will see Carlos Harris name pretty high, Yes Sirrrr!!! here is a kid who we look forward to watching over the next several years as we see a kid with a very bright future.

Ricky Moore 773 383-0972


Yusef Oliff

Yusef Oliff 2022- Here is one of the best pgs in the class bar none “Yogi” as known to many is a player that many aren’t aware of and is one of the prospects that people definitely need to know about, young fella has all the tools. He is a floor general like no other he understands the game, he can play fast , he can play slow, he knocks the outside jump-shot down on a regular, he can break his man down off the dribble making the play with the pass or shot going both ways equally effective and he has what most pgs are lacking at this stage he gets his bigs the ball in the right position. Due to his religion Yusef misses out on playing some of his teams games and we had’ not seen young fella in almost a year. We last year had Yogi ranked in our top 25 and moved him down as other were being included and we hadn’t seen young fella. Well make no doubt about it Mar. 1st when the updated rankings are released young fella will once again reclaim his spot as one of the elite in the class. When thinking of pgs in the class and the game on the line he is definitely 1 of 5 that I would want to run my team. You heard it here first at the next level young fella will be a problem. Here is a kid people will be shaking their head and saying” where has he been?” when you see the name Yusef Oliff  All conference in a few years remember you heard it here first.

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Aa” Reyon Munir- Jones

Aa’Reyon Munir- Jones 2022 – Another player who has slipped under the radar and we missed out seeing until late. This do everything wing forward has skills, last weekend at the Battle Of The Titans young fella displayed several skills that proved he is a player to be watched. Aa’ Reyon knocked down the jumpshot, he scored in traffic with ease both days and has the athletic ability and size to be a problem on both sides of the floor. While this is our first time seeing Aa’Reyon he made a nice impression and showed his talents, we look forward to seeing this young prospect more he will definitely be in our updated 2022 rankings being released Mar. 1st as we see him as a prospect who can play multiple positions at the next level.

News And Notes

This past weekend 20 of the top 30 middle school teams in area competed in the Battle Of The Titans where there were games like you wouldn’t believe, talk about an environment standing room only crowds, teams, fans and at last count 43 high school coaches saw some amazing games. A remarkable 6 games were decided by last second game winning shots, a record 8 games went into over-time I mean amazing moments that kids and adults will be talking about for years and 34 of 56 games were decided by 5 or less. I mean I got so many people telling me how great the competition was, that was great to see as that’s what the Battle Of The Titans tournament is designed to do. We would like to thank everyone involved for a successful event. Articles and Pictures Below!!!

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Battle Of The Titan 7th-8th Champions  2018               Ariel Storm!!!

Ariel Storm- This group came in and took care of business winning in dramatic fashion playing a tough as they come Krueger on opening day at Battle Of The Titans in an entertaining game in which had everyone on their feet and people saying this should be a Championship game not an opening day game, lol my comment to them ” This the Battle Of The Titans Opening Round Here is Title Games Elsewhere, All The Teams Good No Time To Relax!” yep and Ariel took care of business and went on to beat other Top 10 teams including the number team in the Championship. This is the first time a team has won the Best Of The Midwest(First weekend of Nov. every year 32 teams many of the best in Midwest) and Battle Of The Titans in same season, it’s un-precedent to run through that high level of teams and win both. One thing for sure is this team has never ran from adversity or competition. Yes their fans can be a lil rowdy, yes sometimes the players get a little emotional, but one thing you can not say is they don’t compete. Kudos to Coach Cordell he is one of the classiest young coaches around and handles everything with a smile and is even keel no matter the situation.  Now he can put on his list of accomplishments as well as players the only coach and school to win the 2 biggest and most talented tourneys in one season GREAT JOB STORM!!!

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JHE School Top 20 Power Rankings

  1. Ariel- This team here takes on all challenges and came away with the prestigious Battle Of The Titans Championship this weekend beating quality opponent after quality opponent.
  2. Biedler- A team that is Battle tested beat previous #1 this weekend before falling in a close one in the title game at Battle Of The Titans played 9 games this weekend including Monday short handed and reached Championship.
  3. Wendell Green- A great group and team, they a fearless, played in close games pulling out a game after being down 5 with less than a minute, these boys are tough as nails lost a close one in semi’s that could have went either way. Coach JD is one of the best out here getting it done.
  4. Grant( Springfield) Steady taking care of business looks to be on a collision course with Urbana. Still a perfect record, Banks, Richards and Smith are a heck of a trio!!! the team is balanced.
  5. Krueger(Ind) If you haven’t seen this team you are missing something they have 2 of the better players in the Midwest, went 3-1 at the Battle Of The Titans, won 2 games in spectacular fashion trailing with less than a minute to go. Gave Ariel all they could handle.
  6. Urbana Middle School- Will be intersting if they meet up with Kankakee is State two tough teams capable of winning state.
  7. Carnegie- This team here if they could ever close it out would be top 3, they again had Wendell Green down 5 with less than a minute and couldn’t but them away, team maybe the best in State for first 3 and 1/2 qaurters.
  8. Vanderpoel- Interesting to see what happens the rest of this season, their players feel they are the best and there is definitely talent in the building lead by Don Don, CJ, & Lashaun
  9. St. Agnes- Group made it to the final 4 at Battle Of The Titans, Chemistry and great coaching allows for this team to compete against anyone and its time to give them their props as a Top 10 team, the assembly of talent on this team works well.
  10. Herzl- This team lost two games on last possessions could have easily won both games as competition here was at an all-time high.
  11. Beasley- Coach Giles came in and shocked some people as his team pulled an upset in the first round and went on to go 3-1 at the Battle Of Titans and made people take notice that Beasley still can play with anyone and needs to be respected.
  12. Kankakee- This group has spirit and fight, after lsoing a close one in the first round they went on to win the Consolation Championship in a thrilling over time game.
  13. Huth- Matteson- Will be out there very soon as they are looking good in a tough south suburb conference
  14. Crete Monee Middle School- last week they showed they are deep, this group is talented  Steph is showing poise and ability, J.J. brings the energy two kids who are very key in the future success of the team, a big win last week against Colin Powell. Will be interesting to see who makes it down state out of their section.
  15. Wescott- This group came in and took care of business winning the Gold Championship in a thrilling last second game winning 3 point shot as time expired.
  16. Southwood- Came and represented as a school lost a tough one in overtime in Consolation Championship.
  17. Prairie Hills- Another tough team that proved they are legit State Contenders as they came to Battle Of The Titans and knocked off a top 10 team.
  18. Frances Parker-(Flosemore)- Ready for State run!!!
  19. Clissold- A team on a mission, they lost a close one in last minute opening round of gold then closed it by winning remaining games and Consolation Championship, a  team we will be keeping a close eye on for sure.
  20. Mac Arthur( Berkeley)- won District Championship last week, then competed at Battle Of The Titans short handed as season ended.
  21. St Cyril, McClure, Hampshire, Kennedy, Scullens all worthy of Top 10 consideration.

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Mid- Jan Stock Risers

Mikqwon Jones

Mikqwon Jones 2022- Yes Indeed!!!! one of my favorites and young fella is out here and ready to make his move. A versitile wing guard who has the ability to break his man down, find open teammates with pinpoint passing or finish at the rim going through contact is starting to his his groove. While game and talent have come along and young fella has shown flashes on the regular it’s his mindset and mentality that has stood in the way of him claiming the elite status. Well I think young fella is on the verge of doing just that. This past weekend young fella had the standing room only crowd on their feet. Mikqwon showed every skill imaginable in leading his team to the Championship game at the Battle Of The Titans. Look for young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where many of the Top Players in the Midwest will be in attendance. Look for young fella to climb up the updated rankings being released Mar 1st.

Sean Paige

Sean Paige 2022- The big 6″4 power forward is a prospect who many are sure to get to know quickly, with nice foot work and a soft touch that extends out to 20 ft with incredible accuracy. Some players are here and now and you se the best of them right now, Sean is a kid who is a talented player right now and has an upside that many don’t have. The old saying is ” you can’t teach height” but young fella is height with skill and potential. look for young fella to make his way in the updated rankings being released Mar. 1st and look for young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the best players in the Midwest will be in attendance, young fella is looking to cement his status as one of the better bigs in the class and display his talents against the elite. One thing we know is young fella Stock is Rising!!!!

Myles Walton

Myles Walton 2022- Yep add a name to the steady pointy guard who is tough as nails category, here is a break you down pg who just makes winning basketball plays, need a basket he can break you down and score at the rim, need a defensive stopper, young fella can lock you up off the dribble or pick you up full court with pressure. Yes, some people are numbers guys and some people are winning players Myles fits the category of winner. I witnessed young fella on several occasions where he could have been selfish and scored the basket and he got his teammates involved. Myles is a kid a coach can trust with the ball to make good decisions and that can’t be said about a lot of pgs at this stage. We look forward to seeing more of Myles as his Stock Is Rising and we will be out to see him in the very near future. look for young fella to make his debut on our updated class rankings Mar. 1st.

Ahmarion Hill

Ahmarion Hill 2022- here is a speedy attacking the rim power guard who when on is game is hard to stop. A fierce competitor is Ahmarion and that sometimes gets the best of him, but when he is playing his best the opponents are in trouble no doubt. I have witness young fella put his team on his back scoring in bunches. Here is another prospect who we look forward to seeing compete at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th against the elite in his class and a prospect who looks to be climbing up the rankings when the updated rankings come out Mar. 1st


Battle Of The Titans 7/8th Gold Division Champions           Wescott

Wescott- This group is tough minded after squeezing by in the first round in a hard fought game between new rival Clissold,in which the teams battled to the end Wescott won by 2, they showed their resilience once again winning the Gold Championship in overtime on a game winning 3 pt shot as time expired. Coach Khalil has this group playing their best basketball of the year and has several players who are making names for themselves.


Kankakee Jr High- This group came in and made a name for itself among the elite, after losing a close one in the opening round, the group rebounded and won out and captured the Consolation Championship in the Platinum division in a thrilling over-time victory against a gritty Southwood team. This team plays for one another they are very unselfish look for them to make a serious run at the State Championship. 



Clissold- Here is a team that has come out of no-where and has several nice pieces, they shocked a lot of people and made a name for itself with impressive wins and captured the Consolation Championship with a win over South Loop that no one gave them a chance. Put some Respek!!! on Clissold!!! as coach Nwagwu has this group playing well.

Hoopers 13U- Red Hawk Champions 2018

 – Midwest United All Stars and Hoopers 2023 ran thru everyone with ease and collided in the Championship game that went back and forth. MUA came out strong and Jaloni Johnson was impressive going on a quick 8-0 run by himself midway thru the first half finishing  2 acrobatic lay-ups, a pull up jump-shot and spin move in transition that had the fans saying Uwww, as MUA was starting to establish themselves Amir Robinson showed he is capable of taking over a game he came back and scored or assisted on 16 straight points and it looked like the Hoopers were going to take command, then all at once it seemed like all of the Hoopers players got into foul trouble and Noah (MUA) had a run by himself where he put on 3 straight nifty moves for buckets that had me a several others smiling ” good moves young fella!!” this put MUA up 6 with 2 minutes left to go in the half, another quick foul put Amire on the Bench. Isaiah Torres(Hoopers)then split the double team hit Jeremy Barnett for bucket and after trading buckets hit Keon Alexander for his only bucket and MUA went into half 25-23. As the second half started it was close for a good portion, but Amire Robinson went through a stretch where he showed every skill, he knocked down the 3, he finished at the rim in traffic, he rebounded and drove coast to coast and he through a couple of no-look assist and fed teammates finishing with 26pts. 10 reb, 5 ast and 5blks and his teammate Jeremy Burnett was a force, he is an athlete supreme guard, who impacts the game in a variety of ways, he can defend 3 positions,he hits the glass and rebounds with the bigs in traffic he finished with 15pts and 10 reb, Isaiah Torres was the consummate pg breaking his man down and spoon feeding his teammates young fella a throwback pass first pg who would rather make the assist than score himselfMarcus contributed knocking down a critical and the group looked good closing the game as Hoopers won 52-37. MUA was lead by Jaloni Johnson 16 pts and 7 reb and Noah finished with 11. Plenty Of Talent was on the Floor and these teams will see each other in again in a few weeks should be interesting.

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New Years Stock Risers

From left to right Dalen Davis, Prentice Young Jr. & Mike Davis Jr.

Dalen, Prentice & Mike played in the City/Suburban- State vs State two weeks ago and if this is any indication of things to come people are in trouble. Midwest version of a Big 3 could be pretty impressive if they continue to play together. You have the silky smooth quiet assassin pg Mike Davis Jr. whom I’ve personally witness take a game over and destroy his man scoring at will and I’ve  also have witnessed set up his teammates up with slicing and carving his way through the lane then spoon feeding them young fella is a one of those kids who can play with the ball in his hands or off the ball and make plays equally effective, Prentice Young the competitor supreme and known for putting up big numbers in big time games and who is an aggressive in nature high motor wing, who is has now developed his face up game in which he and showed at City/Suburban he can beat his man off the dribble and finish at the rim or hit the pull-up(“is this his new norm? hmm we shall see”) another kid who we see is putting time in the gym and then you have Dalen Samuels the elusive big pg who gets to the rim at will, punishes the small pgs and is at tough as they come on this level with the ball in his hands and making something happen off the bounce and another pg capable of taking over a game and putting his team on his back. Here are kids who are all ranked in our Top 7 and prospects who project well at the next level no doubt!!! Look for these players at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where the afformed players will be looking to make statements as some of the elite in Middle School not just their class. If Playground Warriors can pull-off these 3 players people are in trouble!!!!!!

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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith 2023- Wait, Wait, Wait a minute, sometimes you see a kid that speaks Prooooospect!!!!, Yes Indeed!!! here is a player who has a chance to be one of those dudes in a few years, here is a kid who speaks UPSIDE GALORE! and a prospect who may more than anyone else in the class right now speaks high major prospect down the line!!! yep Taylor the now 6/5 WF first made his debut at the Top Prospect Showcase this past fall where he showed he had talent and skill and we believe is where he picked up his confidence playing against top 10 prospects 2022 class AJ Casey, Jaylen Washington, Steven Clay, Chris Green, Terry Elias, Leonte Lilly and others young fella held his own. We had seen young fella previous to that but he never showed the confidence or motor, well he played here 2 weekends ago and showed his multi-talented skill level handling the ball outside on the perimeter setting up the offense at times and making plays facing up off the dribble. Yes his team lost, but his development is what is coming along, young fella seems more sure of himself and the light seems to be clicking. While he is not the finished product, young fella is the prospect with the tools and upside that has Jr Hoops Elite looking at a possibility of moving up and a candidate worthy of the number slot consideration hmmm are we a little to early or are we on to something Good Question!!!. We look forward to seeing Taylor at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th where talent will be in the building no doubt!!!

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De’Vonte Cobbs

De’Vonte Cobb- 2022 There are always kids you look at and say ” people will definitely be talking about young fella at the next level” a kid who will translate and have no problem fitting in. Yep!!! here is one of those kids and athlete who plays above the rim, a player with tenacity, athleticism and heart. Yes Indeed!! De’Vonte is hybrid wing who can defend all positions at this level and a player who capable of completely taking over at both ends of the floor. Look for young fella to be one of the more talked about players in the Midwest this spring and summer, There are a handful of kids who I see being immediate impact players on the next level and De’Vonte is one of them. We expect to see young fella at the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. In his mine there is no one in the class that can stop him and he is known to put it down in transition and shut the gym down!! Will he be able to do it against the talent in the building that day is a big question!!!!

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Amire Robinson

Amire Robinson 2023- Here is a kid who has been ripping it up on the court, a couple of years ago young fella was the most impressive big in his class, well fast forward to now and you have a dominant player who is showing he is versatile and his game is expanding. He still dominates in the paint with his strength and desire but he now has added the long range shot, play-making ability, ball handling and decision making to his game!! Currently our #1 rated prospect in the 2023 by Look for Amire the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. where many of the Top Players in the Midwest will be in attendance. Is Amire Top 10 prospect regardless of class in middle school?

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Christian Meeks

Christian Meeks 2022- Here is a powerful post player who specializes in buckets around the rim. This past weekend young fella matched up against 2 of the best bigs in the class and thought uhh ohh” Vikings in trouble, yet it was Christian who came out dominating in the paint scoring basket after basket over and through his 6/6 and 6/7 defenders. Young fella showed grit, tenacity and a will to control the inside and did finishing with 18pts 10 reb young fella also showed he is putting in work in the gym as he stepped out and knocked down the baseline jump-shot and brought the ball up the floor a couple of times in transition. His team ended up losing a close one by 2, but he out played the duo this time by himself. Here is a kid who will move up in the updated rankings being released Jan. 16th. we believe that the more young fella plays against better competition the better he will become there is a apparent work-ethic and will to get better and better. We look forward to seeing more of young fella!!!

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Dekwon Brown

Dekwon Brown 2024- Talk about a scoring machine, Dekwon came up from Central Illinois a couple of weekends ago and put points on the board in a hurry and lead his team to the Championship Game, this past summer he came out of no-where at the Top Prospect Showcase giving kids buckets after bucket and now everyone is asking me ” who is that kid?”  Well young fella is known to do that on a regular he is currently averaging better than 30 a game right now in Peoria and right now looks to be a player who will make his entry in the 2024 class rankings rather high, when they are released March 1st. Right now Dekwon is a mis-match for most because he can over power the smaller guards and he is to quick for the bigs down low add to that he his quick feet and lateral speed which helps him rebound and get shots back at the rim before most can react. Yep Young Fella is a scoring machine at this level.

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Isaiah Torres

Isaiah Torres 2023- A smart savvy pg who I’ve always had a liking too is starting to show his talent, Isaiah is a slick ball handler who specializes in breaking his man down and hitting the open teammate. While I thought he initially needed to play with more confidence he appears to be stepping his game up. I heard him say this past weekend “they weak” not in a disrespectful way but in a way where he was sure of himself and ability. Yep!!! I like It!! Young Fella is another who looks to be moving up and with his play earned an invite to the Top Prospect Showcase Feb 24th. Yong fella is an emerging prospect can he handle the pressure against the elite? we will shall see, but young fella has definitely gotten better and his Stock is on the Rise!!!

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